There is a build up of unreleased prints in the Studio, and it is time to get the art to the people. This coming Monday, sometime after 2pm pst, many different posters & prints will be made available in the shop. All are signed, limited edition screen prints. View the gallery to get previews of most of the prints.

Here’s a run down of what will be included in this print drop:

Jerry Garcia “Bed of Roses” Artist Edition of 100 on Silver. 17″ x 21″
-It was an honor to have the opportunity to create this artwork commemorating the music, the magic, the myth, the man. The black main edition of 420 was sold through Also check out our Bed of Roses Gold Variant Charity Auctions on Ebay.

Widespread Panic Summer Tour Poster – Artist Edition of 100 on dirty mustard. 24″ x 18″ screen print. It’s always a blast making art for Panic, and this year’s summer tour poster’s happy flower character even got called up to be projected ginormous as the stage backdrop. Along with the mustard edition, there will also be a very limited amount of a bright green variant edition made available.

Dave Matthews Band – Alpine Poster. Artist Edition of 50 on Silver. 18″ x 24″
Happy Wisconsin cows and DMB sunshine coming your way.

Secret of the Sacred Scarab – 14″ x 14″ Black Edition of 100.
This imagery was also used for the recent Black Keys – BottleRock poster. Along with the Black, look for a few Crystalized Variants to show up in the shop as well.

Though Pets – 10″ x 10″ Black Edition of 100.
This print was originally just a 5″ x 5″ mini from a few years ago, but got called up to become a big boy print edition.

Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration – San Francisco Poster – 18″ x 24″ Edition of 500 (a small fraction of the edition will be sold in the Shop on Monday)

There are a few more things to note for Monday’s sale. Firstly, many of these items are expected to sell out very fast, but there may still be some opportunities to purchase “Out of Stock” items in the Shop for a few days following the drop. If you wanted to purchase an item that is “Out of Stock”, place a review of the product in the Shop, stating your interest. A handful of prints may be held back and sold to random customers who post with the desire to purchase.

It has been evident in our previous sales, that many customers place multiple orders on drop day. These multiple orders are always combined into one shipment when possible. The customer has 3 main options on how to handle the shipping for if they order many times. The “comboship” discount code can be entered on the 2nd or 3rd orders and this will relieve the shipping costs on those subsequent orders. Of course, if the comboship code is missed, but the customer would like a refund for extra shipping costs, they can just email the Shop. If extra shipping costs are paid because of multiple orders, and no comboship code was entered or requested, the default of the Spusts Studio Shipping Gnomes is to just include some goodies in the package to make up for the extra monies spent.

That’s the scoop. We look forward to packing up all these prints and shipping them to your homesteads.

Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia! We continue to bask in your lovelight, thank you.

14 thoughts on “Many posters and prints to be released in the shop on Monday (8/5)

  1. Jerry Rhodes

    I’m searching for a Primus poster from the 3D tour that came through Dallas, TX earlier this year. They played at the Majestic Theater. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. dustin

    yes! love the jerry’s so much!!!
    i like those 2 so much i’d be sick if i went for more like the panic also but i’d love to get the jerry’s of course…i love these days between, wish i was in the park…

  3. Mike T.

    Will we need to have an Account set up in the Shop in order to checkout or can we do so as a guest and not lose our items in our cart?

    1. Spusta Gnome

      Mike T.
      You do not need an account to check out. You can do PaypalExpress Checkout. It may save a second or two to go through an account to checkout. Customers do tend to lose things in the cart when there’s a mad rush . . . that’s just kind of been the way the cookie has crumbled. I welcome any customers to add to this reply with their experiences….

      1. Mike T.

        I signed up for an account and then tried to check out using PayPal but it all crashed. then I heard it was working best to use a credit/debit card. oh well, still very fortunate to win the grand fazooli tube (which included a black scarab)…just wanted to pay it forward and purchase a Bed of Roses AE.

        1. Spusta Gnome

          Whoa….the Shop just got pounded. We realize there were some issues, and apologize to those that missed out because of them. The gnomes at the studio tried making some purchases and had issues with the Paypal Express checkout as well.

          A few of the items couldn’t handle the intensity of purchasing, and more inventory was let out than intended. The Crystalized Scarab likely oversold a bit…. a few of you may need to accept a Gold one instead. The Garcias and Panic Green also oversold, but we’re hoping we can honor all those orders…but “after sale” random invoices will be minimal.

          Thanks again, we’re doing our best over here….

  4. meta

    Really love the Symphonic celebration print. wonderful work! hope I can make it happen today. thanks for sharing the things in your head!


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