Mystery Mini Packs – Drop in the Shop on 2/19

Greetings Friendly Onlookers!

I have been keeping busy working on the usual mix of prints, posters, graphics, album covers and also developing some of my weird little drawings into mini screen prints. The latest batch of these minis were exquisitely printed on a diverse array of specialty papers and are now ready to be sent out to the good people.

In order to maximize speed and efficiency in selling, packing and shipping these prints, this upcoming shop drop will be streamlined to include just one item: Mystery Mini Packs. We realize it’s unusual to sell artwork without showing the customer what they will be purchasing, but the mystery and surprise has the potential to be kind of exciting as well.

Each Mystery Mini Pack will include a unique variety of 3 7″ x 7″ screen prints, 3 5″x5″ prints, 3 stickers and 2 magnets. The very random assortments may include a few old prints mixed in with the latest batch – check out many of the previous minis here. The price for these packs will be $72 ($8 shipping in CONUS) with a limit of two packs per customer.  You probably won’t dig every print/item included, but we’re hoping you really love a few of them, the rest of ‘em you can gift, trade, stash, stick or recycle.

These Mystery Mini Packs will become available in the Shop this Wednesday, 2/19 sometime after 2pm pst. There will be over 200 packs made available in this drop, and more coming in the near future. (there’s a bunch of new 5″ x 7″s being printed)

Stay tuned for more art sales in the near future…

Thanks for the interest and support. Any questions?


18 Responses to Mystery Mini Packs – Drop in the Shop on 2/19

  1. Atrain says:

    Yeah more goodies to spend my money on!

  2. Mcintosh says:

    cannot wait !!!

  3. AlpineDood says:

    Bring it!

  4. John Brooks says:

    Love this way of doing it!!! Can’t wait for Thursday.

  5. Hightime says:


  6. corey shade says:

    Too early to start refreshing?

  7. John Brooks says:

    Meant I can’t wait for Wednesday, :)

  8. Richie Rich says:

    It has been too long. I been jonesin for a drop.

  9. Becker says:

    Got a freshly painted Wall ready for additions. Can’t wait!

  10. Neil H Mullin Jr says:

    Excellent idea Marq!!!

  11. Derek D says:


  12. Kmac says:

    Sounds Exciting! Can’t wait until hump day! :)

  13. Jim LaFemina says:

    Between 5 and 6 p.m. in the east on a work day….hmmm….stay at work or try to score on a mobile device….challenge accepted.

  14. Jesse from Spustaland! says:

    Shipping conf already! nice, can’t wait to look through the goodie grab bag of minis.
    It’s always a good day when you get a Spusta package. ;-}

  15. Christy Pierce says:

    Thanks so much for the mystery packs!! Love the new prints and not knowing what’s coming!!! Hope there are more next week ;)

  16. Dannie says:

    Just recieved my prints today! Spustacular as always! Thank you my friend! :)

  17. Jody Shaul says:


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