If you missed out on Spinning Our Soul print, here is a second chance to enter to get one… We will be sending some random invoices to customers for these prints over the next few days.

Please read the instructions if you missed out on Spinning Our Soul and want to throw your name in the hat for a possible invoice.
to Enter you must :
• be a Spusta Studio Shop customer already
• have missed out on the Spusta Studio Shop Spinning Our Soul sale
• comment on this exact post with interest in getting invoiced for Spinning Our Soul
• use the email registered with our shop when commenting on this exact post. (email is not posted publicly)
• We have a few Gold Fleck editions to send invoices for as well. If you want to go for the Gold Fleck you must mention it in your comment, and you will be taken out of the running for the main edition.

309 thoughts on “Spinning Our Soul purchasing lottery sign-up

    1. Chip Forte

      I love this print! I have to go for the gold fleck, that’s unbelievable! Please invoice me! Thanks for the second chance!

    2. Joseph Callaway

      PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE, enter me in to receive the Gold Fleck edition of “Spinning Our Sale”!!! I LOVE ❤️🧡💛💚💙 your work Marq in general and especially all of the work you do for Dogfish AND Phish! I hope to meet up with you one day! Cheers! Joe

    1. Kmac

      Makes my SOUL SPIN just seeing these LOTTO’s!!! Way to give us folks a Fair chance for your art!!! Love it!! & Thank YOU Marq for all you do!!!
      Of course I would love an invoice for Spinning Our Soul!

      1. Adam

        I am gutted I missed this one and am very interested in getting a gold flec print if possible. If not I’d be happy with the regular. Please invoice me. Thanks

    1. Shaun Mahoney

      I would love a chance at a gold fleck print please. If not a gold I would gladly take a regular. Thanks, Shaun

    2. Justin Petruff

      Thanks for the second chance! My favorite as of recent! Ill take an invoice for either but I really like the color and odds of the regular edition. Thanks Marq! My Plootuffel needs friends!

    1. Arthur Seltzer

      Pardon my language. I am just so sick of getting blocked out of drops its like no matter what i try o always loose. And i waoupd much rather give you guts my $ then those flippers. I wouod be honored to be choosen for a gold ed. Please invoice me. Your getting very popular you guys. Marq, Monolith , and Gnomes you should be proud . thanks

  1. Jessica Stone

    I would love either print. Swung and a missed on this one.

    Thanks for another chance and sorry about all the bots. Hopefully all your trickery tricked them.

  2. Robert Nauman

    I missed on the drop, but I’m still hoping to land a gold fleck edition of Spinning Our Soul. It’s perfect!

  3. Becky

    Well here I am. I struck out, and the husband is driving through the great state of Kansas without phone service😐. We would love a gold fleck variant. Thanks so much for offering a possible second chance. You are the best🤓💓

  4. David P

    Huge Spusta and vinyl fan, both. Would love to frame and hang in my vinyl room. Gold Fleck or original run would do the trick. Thanks so much for the opportuntiy. Huge Fan, David

  5. Ryan Nichols

    was trying to avoid the trick prints intended for the bots and missed the drop lower on the page! gah. Would love an invoice Marq!

  6. Alex Angam

    I thought I had it! Tough times on the internet. At least we have some more beautiful Spusta to hunt down!

    I would love a surprise invoice though!

  7. Mark McLees

    This print is a party I want to go to everyday. Thanks for the lottery option giving us all a second chance to spin!! Invoice me please 🙂

  8. Nick Bearman

    I waited around from the hour refreshing my page with it all set to go. The goldflek was there and then gone in 5 seconds after it came up!!!!!!!!!! please help!!!! I snagged a regular, but would be willing to swap it and send it to a good home.

    Sending good vibes to the universe

  9. Randy

    Missed out on the spinning our soul drop. Would love to be entered in for a second chance at purchasing a print. Thank you

  10. Garrett

    i had the gold fleck in my cart and went to pay and was told there was inventory issues. so close. invoice me, please and thank you

  11. Chad Swiercinsky

    I would love to be entered to get invoiced for this new spinning our soul print…as yet again I missed out 🙁

    Thanks for the second chance!

  12. Wesley Teichmiller

    I haven’t hit a Spusta drop since August!
    This was the first one I was actually near a computer for though since it was after work.
    thanks for the chance. would love any version!

  13. Felix Nau

    We are interested in getting an invoice on Spinning Our Soul, regular would be great for my daughters room, thank you kindly for the opportunity and the art

  14. Jonathon Oswalt

    How cool is this? Thanks for making some folks super happy! I had to change my account address and didn’t get back in time to the drop, so here flies nothing!!

  15. Sam Ross

    Hello Marq and gnomes. We have many music themed prints framed and hung in our music room. I would love to add this one to the family

  16. andrew long

    Fat fingers not fast enough. I did get texted the code though!
    Would love the chance at a regular. Appreciate the chance!


    Would love an invoice for either! After hitting refresh for over 30 minutes, I somehow didn’t even see it when it dropped – though I loved the Flipper Bait! Hope it worked

  18. Chad Grill

    Missed out on the spinning our soul drop. Would love a second chance to add either the gold fleck or regular to my small but growing collection Thank You!

  19. Dave Schwartz

    My wife is a nurse and we have a 1 and a 3 year old. She left for work at 6pm eastern so I had no chance. Not that it matters I have terrible luck with these things, I don’t think I’ve ever successfully made a drop or got picked in a lotto. Thanks for the opportunity.

  20. Max Thomaschefsky

    In the cart, chose delivery and gone ☹️. Would love another shot at this beauty I have some amazing plans for it! Thanks

  21. Chad Corcoran

    Hi Marq,
    Still looking to be a first time customer! I’m interested in entering the Gold Fleck lottery please. Thank you sir!

  22. Ben

    Woah that was crazy, there’s no way these sold to humans. It’s so sad that these robots eat everything up…I’d love a gold one! I love my Her Window In, this would be a great second piece for me!

  23. Jeremy Schreiber

    Send me an invoice for a GOLD FLECK Spinning Our Soul ASAP! Or whatever paper… so long as I get an invoice.

    Thanks for the chance!

  24. Stebbins Miller

    Missed the drop and would love a chance at a Gold Fleck SOS……especially after the wife and I just hooked up our old turntable! Thank you for the opportunity.

    1. Matt Frock

      Purchased the “Flipper Bait” thinking that was a sneaky way for you guys to list the print, I was mistaken. By the time I realized the actual print had it’s own posting, It was too late. Already paid for something…lol… I would be grateful to see an invoice for this beauty. Will go great with your RSD and Lil’ Listeners print on the wall. Thanks brother

  25. John Goodwin

    Being from Memphis, this print means a lot to me. My absolute favorite so far. I would really LOVE a gold fleck variant of this. Was bummed I missed on the drop but hope to have one someday!

    1. Angela C

      I would love an opportunity for a gold fleck please and appreciate the 2nd chance. Keep on creating and sharing your amazing art!

  26. Nate Severson

    Appreciate all you do for your fans, I was driving home from work when the drop happened. Would love to be in the lottery for a main edition

  27. Cory Rase

    I would love a chance at the regular! Missed out on scoring on the drop. An invoice would make a great Birthday present for myself on the 21st

  28. Angela C

    I would love an opportunity for a gold fleck please and appreciate the 2nd chance. Keep on creating and sharing your amazing art!

  29. Paula Pisarek

    I absolutely Love your work and would love a chance of getting one of these spinning our soul standard prints! You rock Marq thanks for beingsho cool!!!

  30. Steve Shuff

    Would love a chance at that beautiful gold fleck! Thanks! Going to spin some vinyl right now to emit those positive vibes…….

  31. Nicholas Stock

    Would love one for the record player wall which is my next endeavor…. was out all day working and just missed this one. Would take a gold fleck or reg… thanks for the second chance and Cheers!

  32. Chad Hamden

    For the record, I’m the little turtle 🐢 above the spinner. Keep the vinyl prints coming, I gotta plan ;). Thanks for the chance sir 🥃

  33. Colton Gillmore

    I knew I would miss out on the way home from work! Would love a chance to purchase either edition. Thanks for all the hard work you do!

  34. Drew Alderman

    Would love either variant. I’ve had a hard time scoring any Spusta prints with all the competition. Keep up the amazing work!

  35. Kara Lashea Dishman

    Unfortunately I missed out on the drop today. Was watching closely all day but missed it anyway. 🙁 Would love to frame and hang a regular edition “Spinning Our Soul” above my Spusta record player! Thank you for all of your amazing work. It is much appreciated! Fingers crossed!

  36. Michael Downing

    This is such an amazing print! Would love to own a regular! Thanks you very much for the opportunity! Invoice me please!

  37. Daniel Gramarossa

    I would love the chance to buy a print!! I missed out due to a night full of parent/teacher conferences at work. Cheers and love keep up the amazing work!

  38. Chris

    Was at the doctors without a chance to even try. Would love this print to go along with all of my other vinyl related Spusta! Thanks for the second chance!

  39. Chris Santiago

    Love your work. My first prints were from your last drop. Would be cool to ad this to my collection as well. Thanks for the awesome art, keep creating!


  40. Ben

    I would love a chance at a Gold Fleck. I’m having twin boys in a few months and think this would be cool to add to their nursery. Loved the Stax poster you did for Mr. K! Thanks for the chance. All the best regardless!!!

  41. Chris Jewel

    Sometimes you have to shoot for the moon! A lottery isn’t always a sure thing so I’m gonna try for the GOLD FLECK;). Thank you for the chance

  42. Cindy Hoffman

    Oh yes please😊🤞I should know by now to check for chances like these….(bloody awesome of you by the way) but still I think I am always last to find out 🤣

  43. Mandy Isaac

    All work and no play makes Mandy a very dull girl. It also makes me miss drops. I would love an invoice for a gold fleck! So sparkly!!! Thanks Marq and gnomes.

  44. Adam welton

    Well yes please, gold fleck is what I’d like if possible. I was out at olbrich park here in Madison sledding with the kid after school (betting Marq knows the place here in Madison, Wisconsin). If not it’s not a big deal enjoy your evening folks!

  45. Dustin Edwards

    I’d be happy with whatever you got for this guy. Preferably a Gold Fleck or Variant. Hoping I don’t have to feed the flippers….

  46. Richard Bogart

    Hi Marq and Gnomes! I would love the opportunity to get the regular edition please. I’d be most grateful!

    Thank you for doing this added step for your fans and collectors!
    Have a great rest of your evening.


  47. Ann

    Yes, yes, yes!! I definitely want a chance at this spectacular piece!! Please and Thank you Marq for looking out for all of us enormous fans!!

  48. Ramon Aviles

    I appreciate the effort in what you are trying to do. Either one gold fleck or Regular! Why not a glimpse of hope!
    Good luck folks

  49. John Budny

    This is what happens when you live under a rock, totally missed this release. Love the vibe on this one (especially the cardinal flying high!) I prefer the regular colorway if selected. Thanks!


    I’d love to grab a copy of the regular edition if possible! For some reason, I didn’t get an email about the sale, so I didn’t even know that there was a drop yesterday ;(

  51. SpustasWorkBlowsMyMindEveryTime

    I missed out on the release and just learned of it today. I would love to own this and frame it next to my RSD silkscreen. Please put my name in the hat for the main edition. Thank you for giving us a 2nd chance here!

  52. Dustin Watkins

    Tied up all day and I just saw this. Hope I am not too late. I’d love to receive an invoice for Spinning Our Soul.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  53. GoBlue

    Went to the bathroom and missed the drop lol

    Not sure if you’re still sending invoices but some great friends just did my family a HUGE favor and I would love to frame either version to give them as a thank you gift.

  54. Ryan H

    I missed out. I am only signed up for the newsletter and this release was not included.

    Lil late but thank you for any chance at this beautiful print.

  55. Nathan Payne

    I would love a regular version of this print since I work all the time and hardly get time to try for your amazing art!

  56. John M.

    I would love a chance to own either version!!! Thank you for the second chance!! Don’t know if this is even too late, but I figued it was worth a try!

  57. Derek R

    Would be more than pleased to add another piece of your art to my collection. The main edition would do just fine it I were lucky enough. Thanks again and keep up the awesome works!

  58. Benjamin Leffelholz

    I would give a small piece of my heart to have that print. Your art brings so much color and joy with it. I missed out on the sale and was heartbroken as I was going to get this one for my girlfriends birthday which is on the 19th. Thank you for your consideration and of course the art. With ❤️ Ben

    1. Benjamin Leffelholz

      I apologize I was hoping for the main edition, but if gold was all that is left I would happily opt for that at a chance to snag!

  59. Dan Pegues

    This will go perfect with my dogfish record player. Please invoice me and take my money! Either way thanks for ask the amazing work and the second chance!

  60. Tom Ashton

    A friend and former co-worker passed away this morning wearing a Marc Spusta t-shirt. His wife, Julia, said you were his “favorite artist.” Would love to win the gold fleck Spinning Our Soul print for them to remember him by – the title makes it all the more meaningful as he went quietly into the afterlife.

  61. dylan matheson

    pretty late to this party just wanted to toss my name out there for a variant though!
    Thanks for the positive vibes Marg and Gnomes!


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