Widespread Panic and Umphrey’s McGee Variant Lotteries

For this Wednesday’s drop we will be doing things a bit different. There will be two separate poster variant purchasing lotteries posted here, at the marqspusta.com news feed. Along with these lotteries, a limited inventory of a few previously “sold out” prints will be released in the shop.

The Widespread Panic poster for  the Austin City Limits shows will have an artist edition on metallic purple paper as well as the Red and Old Gold variants that will be in this lottery. The AE won’t be released in the Shop until December.

The Umphrey’s McGee Halloween Mash-up poster will not have a usual artist edition. Instead there are these Red & Purple variants and a mini-thingy to come. The artwork from this poster is also being reworked into an art print that will see a proper release in the Shop, hopefully before the holidaze.

Both of these Humpday Variant Lottos will be posted at random times on 11/20, and will only be open for a few hours.

The next humpday sale, the day before Thanksgiving, will be minimal due to the holiday. Look for the release of the Widespread Panic Austin Artist Edition, along with many new prints in December.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here. All orders from the previous two humpdays sales have been shipped (Internationals are going out today).



26 Responses to Widespread Panic and Umphrey’s McGee Variant Lotteries

  1. Lilly Stone says:

    love the WSP variants….good job

  2. Mcintosh says:

    Always a pleasure sir – thanks for the update ! HUNP DAY !

  3. Eye Guy says:

    It’s always cool to see where all these minis on rad papers are coming from.

  4. Ernie Dodd says:

    I’d like consideration for the WSP red and old gold variant lotteries please. Thank you.

    “Whose leg do I have to hump to get a print around here….?”

  5. Daniels says:

    Let the lotto gods shine their light on me!!!

  6. Eric Murray says:

    Can’t wait for that UM print to turn art print!

  7. Derek D says:

    Nice, thanks Marq for the info.

  8. Hightime says:

    raise another glass… looks like I’ll be dreaming in black, white, and old gold tonight! Cheers

  9. Karl Spitzer says:

    always love your stuff!

  10. andy pro says:

    Great job once again Marq- Im so psyched for these UM variants I might wet myself!

  11. Mark P. says:

    Wish I could have gone to the Milwaukee show but work got in the way…….Go Old Gold…….Thank you

  12. Benjamin says:

    The Austin WSP shows were great! Hoping for a Red or Gold.

  13. Deborah says:

    Today feels like Christmas. I will keep checking back hoping Santa got here!

  14. TB says:

    ACL Red for me please.

  15. Thegreatplainsman says:

    “The artwork from this poster is also being reworked into an art print that will see a proper release in the Shop, hopefully before the holidaze.”

  16. Wes says:

    Can’t wait. Been out of “the loop”. Can’t wait to get some of the new stuff.i have been instructed my wife wants a Spusta Christmas.

  17. Seth Berman says:

    variants variants variants!

    old gold if i could be so bold

  18. Zu says:

    What Time will the store have the “sold out” prints for sale? or totally random? Thanks ~ 🙂

  19. dustin says:

    i gotta go for the gold here, as i finally have the scratch this week, you know i love purple, but i must go for the gold, though red stock is my favorite, so either would do, i’m just hoping to get lucky when i have the funds, that’ll be all i’m done losing i need to win one time, i’m due, thank you!

  20. Sally says:

    Looking for a Red Austin…want to make a friend’s day.

  21. nikki says:

    I would die for the Purple Umphreys McGee!!! 😀

  22. Michael Lombardi says:

    Purple…is spectacular! Thanks!

  23. Ben says:

    can i please get a varient, purple…or whatever is left

  24. Ben says:

    umphreys mcgee varient please that is

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