Widespread Panic Austin Variant Purchasing Lottery

This is the lottery post to comment on if you’re interested in purchasing one of these two Widespread Panic Austin Variant Posters. There is an Old Gold variant and a Red variant, both are in an edition of 13, and a portion will be made available in through this lottery. Please note, a Purple Artist Edition (of 95) will eventually be made available in the Shop, and will be much less expensive.

Here’s the straight dookie on these two:

• Each variant poster will cost $150 + shipping. Most of the variants have slight dings on the edges that should flatten out and not effect the art (visible in the photos posted)- if you’re not happy with them, of course refunds will be offered.
• Choose either Red or Old Gold to try for.
• If interested, post a comment here with your variant choice, and be sure to use your Paypal email address. (Also, mention if you’re International shipping)
• Customers will be selected randomly, and invoices will be sent through Paypal.
• This lotto will be conducted quickly and we’ll move onto the next one, so enter right away.

• If you’re comment doesn’t show up, it got caught up in our extra-tight spam filter. We will dig you out before we start picking “winning” customers.

139 Responses to Widespread Panic Austin Variant Purchasing Lottery

  1. Atrain says:

    Red please 🙂

  2. Jacob stanley says:

    Old gold please jacobtstanley@gmail.com

  3. Nate says:

    Aged 79th element,,,,,please (old gold)

  4. postergeek says:


  5. Jeff says:

    Old Gold Pleas

  6. Brian Turner says:

    Gold!! Come on lottery gods 🙂

  7. Travis says:

    Hoping for an Old Gold please and thank you!

  8. Ernie Dodd says:

    Awesome Austin Red Rider please!!

    “You’ll shoot your eye out!!”

  9. Jerhemy says:

    Old Gold please and thank you!!!

  10. John Brooks says:

    Gold Please Sir!!!! I would love you forever and ever, Amen!

  11. Todd says:

    Old Gold please!!

  12. Jesse says:

    Red please. Thanks for the chance at some awesome wall candy!

  13. Daniels says:

    Let the gods be good to me on that old gold

  14. Glenn Colbath says:

    Red please!

  15. DC says:

    Old Gold please!

  16. Hightime says:

    In it for the gold! Cheers!!!

  17. Jeff Coriell says:

    Old Gold, please! Thanks!

  18. Ryan Detlefsen says:

    Red please. Thank you.

  19. Matt says:

    Red! Thanks!

  20. Hoots says:

    Rolling the dice for that red

  21. David C says:

    Marq as always thank you for the chance and opportunity to purchase your amazing art work… I would love the Red Variant….

  22. Jay says:

    Old gold looks incredible… Fingers crossed!

  23. Christopher Dennis says:

    Old Gold is so bold!!! So I choese GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD!!!!!

  24. Michael Hendon says:

    Gold Please Sir!

  25. Haney says:

    Old Gold pretty please!!

    With sugar!!

  26. Steve S says:

    Would love a chance for the RED please. I jut received a mini on this paper (at least I think it’s the same). One of my favorite color papers!

  27. chris says:

    Red please!!!

  28. Gypsy Lady says:

    I would like the old gold please. Thanks Marq.

  29. Jon says:

    Red, please.

  30. Lilly stone says:

    Gold is the standard….one old print please and thank you

  31. David C says:

    Shop has summer AE up !!

  32. JT says:

    love a shot at the red ! thanks

  33. Chuck says:

    Gold please!

  34. Brian says:

    Red for me please!

  35. Royale With Cheese says:

    Old Gold Please.

  36. John Kushmerick says:

    Gold please!

    Thanks Marq!

  37. Adam Budd says:

    Red please! thank you!

  38. Brooks Poole says:

    Red for this guy please!!

  39. Jason E says:

    Gold please!

  40. Steve says:

    Oh man! Old Gold for me please!
    Daddy like!

  41. Seth says:

    Old Gold please.

  42. Kym Carlisle says:

    I’ll put in for the Old Gold

    Crossing my finger and toes… Again!



  43. Shaun says:

    Red Please. Thanks Marq

  44. Nick says:

    Gold for my goldmember please. thanks!

  45. Art says:

    I’d love a gold please. Thank you.

  46. John says:

    Red please 🙂

  47. Alan says:

    Old Gold please! The Barstool Rodeo’s in town! Thanks!!

  48. Sally says:

    I’d like a shot at a red one.
    Would make a friend’s day.

  49. deborah says:

    Red please and thank you but i wont be fussy!##

  50. Ryan Palko says:

    Would love a gold!

  51. CHRIS says:


  52. jay says:

    gold please

  53. Seth Berman says:

    old gold 🙂

  54. Tiffany says:

    Old Gold Please!!!

  55. charles j robinson says:

    I have been sitting around skipping lotteries on this site for a good one I REALLY want and the wsp gold is the one

    Thanks Marq for the chance, good luck to all

  56. Nick Campion says:

    Old Gold! Thanks!

  57. Marz says:

    Gold sounds good!

  58. John says:

    Old Gold for the win plz!

    Thanks 🙂

  59. Scott says:

    Old gold pls

  60. C Brown says:

    Old gold please

  61. Justin Hudson says:

    Pure Gold Jerry…er Marq!

    That is one slick print. Thank you sir.

  62. Ken Dozier says:

    Red please. Thanks! Hopefully have some luck !!!

  63. Kimberly says:

    Gold for me, pretty please.

  64. Chuck Nemfakos says:

    Red Please 🙂

  65. Ben Clarke says:

    Would love a GOLD please.

  66. Carter says:

    Interested in red

  67. Ann Hollins (Conner) ;) says:

    Red red Red

  68. Andrew Provencher says:

    Red for me please!

  69. Jeff Kushmerick says:

    Sorry – just realized I put my hotmail instead of gmail, and gmail is the one linked to my Paypal.

    Not trying to enter twice. Would like a red if possible

  70. Matthew says:

    Old gold please

  71. Ben says:


    Please & Thank You 🙂

  72. Bob J says:

    GOLD please

  73. Katharine P. says:

    Pretty please for GOLD

  74. earl says:

    red please!

  75. Lance Ohnstad says:

    Gold!!! Gold!!!

  76. Mark says:

    love me some gold



  77. ghettoblaster says:

    Old Joe, err Gold

  78. McIntosh says:

    Red red wine !

  79. corey shade says:

    Goin for the gold!

  80. Kelly says:

    Gold please and thank you!

  81. Jim LaFemina says:

    Gold please and thank you good sir!!

  82. Jarrett says:

    Gold please!

  83. Ryan says:

    I’d love an old gold Marq !

    Those look awesome!

  84. chris mcbee says:

    I would like the gold first and then the red second.

  85. Tim says:

    going for the gold.

  86. rich says:

    old gold!

  87. richard morsa says:

    gold please

  88. Joe says:


  89. dustin says:

    red please, i love red stock, like my the puke i’ve been throwing up all day

    my emai/paypal address is avalon67@suddenlink.net

    Thank you for the chance, i appreciate it!

  90. Jim Girard says:

    Put me on for the red!

  91. Steven says:

    Gold please, thanks

  92. Ron says:

    Red variant pls.

  93. Chase B.. says:

    Gold please..Good luck!
    Awesome Print!!

  94. david says:

    any old gold panic will do ya

  95. Cliff says:

    Red Sir.

  96. Gavin O'Donovan says:

    Gold pls!!! Late seeing this as at cricket!

  97. Smitty says:

    Please please please let me get that gold!

  98. I would be happy with either variant but gold if I win!

  99. Dave Bentley says:

    I love that gold

  100. Jason says:

    I want I want! Great work as always!

  101. kmac says:

    the wise owl..says Old Gold pleez 🙂

  102. Dustin says:

    That gold would be nice!

  103. FroDawg says:

    Red please!

  104. morgan says:

    GOLD because, well its GOLD!! Come on lotto gods 🙂

  105. Bzad says:


  106. Brian Andrews says:

    red please

  107. Ryan G says:

    Gold Please!

  108. mic says:

    Red please

  109. Craig says:

    Ol’ Gold my man!

  110. Andrew says:

    Looks great as usual. Red please

  111. Samantha says:

    Red please 🙂

  112. Ryan says:

    Love to have a red.

  113. robert alboher says:

    Red me up, Marq-y!

  114. Tim Steinlein says:

    Red Please

  115. sz says:

    I think it is really sad that most of the people who buy these works of art; which they are, immediately sell them on ebay. Marq you have fans that certainly value your work and don’t do this to make a dollar off your hard work.


  116. Michael Lombardi says:

    GOLD, Please! Thanks!!

  117. brian burkus says:

    rojo por favor

  118. Jeff says:

    Red please

  119. John Gomes says:

    gold one please…got a purple one at the show but really like the gold as I already have the NOLAWEEN 2010 in purple. I will make sure the purple goes to a good home without a profit.

  120. Hunter says:

    (R)Old Gold…these posters are making me thirsty!!!

  121. Goodlkngbear says:

    Red Variant please!

  122. Rebecca Steinberg says:

    gold please!

  123. David Lawrence says:

    I love red posters : )

  124. Bryan graves says:

    Red please!

  125. James J says:

    Gold please!

  126. Brett T says:

    I’d love the gold variant please & thank you!

  127. dustin says:

    i grabbed that gold, and left his dead ass there by the side of the road

  128. Gold Please Thank You Danny Beautiful:)

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