Widespread Panic – Wood Tour/Denver Artist Edition Release

Widespread Panic – Wood Tour poster

The Fillmore, Denver, CO
February 10th, 11th, 12th, 2012
Artist Edition of 95
printed on metallic pewter paper
(the paper for the artist edition has suffered a few minor dings on the edges. If customers feel their poster is damaged, they can return it for a refund, but not replacements.)

SOLD OUT – The rest of the inventory will be released in next weeks lotto.

Sorry the site was so rocky for the sale, we’ll be changing things in the future. But we got hammered with traffic and sold out of the inventory in just over a minute.

The remaining inventory of the AE and some other goodies will be released in a purchasing lottery next Wednesday, March 7th. So, if you miss out on this sale, or want to try for a rare variant, check back next week for more info on the lotto.


147 Responses to Widespread Panic – Wood Tour/Denver Artist Edition Release

  1. Mike S. says:


  2. John C says:

    Sweet Marq! Thanks again for another opportunity for a lottery. Going to roll the dice come March 7th and hope i can win big.

  3. Rick Caldarella says:

    Looks like us east coast peeps will be staying at work late for this 5pm-6pm drop.

  4. kmac says:

    Thanks Marq for the headsup+3/7~that’s
    Awesome! I hate staying after quitting time but i wouldn’t miss this 4 nuttin!

  5. Shannon Kiss says:

    Thank You, Marq!

    Looking fwd to Lady Luck being on my side today. Very excited.

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  7. Smitty says:

    Woot woot!

  8. johna609@yahoo.com says:

    Fingers crossed!

  9. dustin says:

    so they will be released right here then Marq?

  10. Hightime says:

    Great news! Hope I get lucky today!

  11. Lucas says:

    Awesome! DON’T TELL ANYBODY ELSE!!! 😉

  12. Andrew says:

    Thanks Marq. I cannot wait for these to go on sale. The metallic will look so good

  13. Ben Manley says:

    Excited to grab this one!

  14. lynn says:

    I’ll be waiting just put apple bread in oven so now I’ll sit at my p’/c til drop

  15. dut says:

    I want this one and a rare variant! nooooo! I’ll still be stuck to the computer between 2&3

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  17. Simon says:

    Very Cool Marq, Thanks for the lottery option too

  18. Jeff says:

    …..still waiting!

  19. Bill - MoonSet says:

    nice marq.. your a saint among men

  20. iain says:

    I see a post above this about double shipping charges, did I miss the drop?? If I did the drop was early?

    • marq says:

      The drop is at a random time today between 2-3 p.m. PST, look for an update to this post.

      • iain says:

        Sweet, that is what i thought I got nervous when I got back from lunch and saw the new post about shipping double charges…. Is a pay pal buttun just going to pop up under the pic of the print like on Squirts site?


  21. gary says:

    Thanks so much. Hope to get in!! 🙂

  22. CHLYH2O says:

    I want that badly!!
    Does anybody know how the payment process work on the Spusta site??
    I was shut out on the Sperry…..I was able to click ‘add to basket”, ,but it was gone by the time I logged into paypal.

  23. John C says:

    Yea that email had me worried too about the double shipping charges that said were applied. I didn’t go to make a purchase so this had me thinking a missed the 1st drop. Thanks for the info and hope to be lucky enough to get one if not this drop then maybe on the 2nd/lottery drop?

  24. John C says:

    Great work as always Marq!

  25. jeff says:

    How about a slow or when the mammoth leaves town as some of those goodies on the 7th?

  26. LAZK says:

    So we have to sit here for an hour and constantly refresh? I do not understand.

  27. shawnmac64@yahoo.com says:

    kmac see your waiting it just like me lynn

  28. John C says:

    My guess is 5:20 p.m anyone else have a guess as to when these will be released? Just a guess?

  29. troy goode says:

    can we purchase over iOS devices like iphone / ipad?

  30. RonV says:

    10 seconds ago!

  31. LizB says:

    Dont see a PP link 🙁

  32. Rick Caldarella says:

    Halfway there

  33. Charles says:

    Did they drop yet????

  34. Rick Caldarella says:


  35. bsattell@yahoo.com says:

    +1 thanks Marq

  36. gary says:

    Thank you so much!!!

    Got mine!!


  37. Jason says:

    Got one!

  38. Corey says:

    Thanks! Are variants being randomly added to these orders Marq?

    Or can we at least enter in the lottery for one when you do release them?

  39. kmac says:

    Well that SUCKED!! all the way thru
    paypal-then told me SOLD OUT!

  40. Carter says:

    Not the most iPhone friendly drop…oh well try my luck the 7th. Props to those who scored 1 !! Thanks for the chance Marq

  41. John says:

    Seriously…all gone in two minutes? I think folks need to be limited to one per person. As a bighorn biologist in Colorado and big time Widespread guy, I was really looking forward to this. So disappointed.

  42. Haney says:

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  43. coolriver says:

    Well that was sure different. +0

  44. wsp says:

    You are a poor excuse for an artist. Nice drop k00k. I see why nobody buys most your shit.

    • coolriver says:

      Man, that is totally uncalled for. Yeah the drop may have sucked but Marq is trying the best he can. He’s an artist not a computer geek.

      • Jeff says:

        It only sucked to those whiners who didnt get one. People need to get a grip…I propose both of you go get yourself some artistic talent-get some gigs doing posters for bands and build yourselves a website to sell through..

    • Anna says:

      That’s mean to say man. Marq’s a great guy and even throws in free variants to those that purchase from him, if you happen to be one of the lucky ones that scores a variant. It is bitter when the site goes down and then when it is back up they are gone. But Marq I am sure did not let too many get sold today for that very reason and can be assured it was only one per person but I don’t know for sure. Pretty sure if someone tried to buy two of them then they would have been sent back and by then they would have lost the poster.

      I know Marq sold way less then he had planned on today due to the site going down and all.

      Is this the case Marq? Did you hold more prints back because of the site being down or was it the same amount of prints/posters that were designated to be dropped today? Answer when you have the time as I am sure you are quite busy right now. Thanks as always for the opportunity and here’s to the lottery drop being a good one.

  45. Jason says:

    Lets see site goes down, then sold out when back up. Classic!

    • Jeff says:

      Do you people always cry like children when things don’t go your way? This quote is hysterical,

      “You are a poor excuse for an artist. Nice drop k00k. I see why nobody buys most your shit.”
      -wsp (effort scoring poster = creativity choosing handle)

      15 minutes prior to this post, this guy was day dreaming of this cool new poster, from one of the better artist in the poster game, all sparkling in the sunshine just placed up on the wall, straightens out the brand new frame one last time, takes a step back and perfect, thinks to self, “Golly, I am so cool, just like my new post……..” and than he snaps out of it, scrabbles to click back to the site that was dropping the sweet poster, but unfortunately by the time he got back to it, he had already maximized & immediately closed so many other web-sites and applications, by the time he arrived at the correct page and hit refresh, guess what…….SOLD OUT!!!!!

      It’s cool put that old shitty poster back up on your wall and stop lashing out at other people because of your own inadequacies and failures.

      In all seriousness, next time you end up losing out, which I assure you will be sooner than later, instead acting like a child, try to expend the energy that you used crying after this poster drop, in a more positive manner like asking some of us, WINNERS, what we did different to land the poster we wanted? Maybe even go crazy and Google it? All us Winners were once losers like yourself, the difference is we didn’t cry about it, we worked at it and got better, more educated and prepared for next time.

  46. slk says:

    Shut out AGAIN – just like trying to actually get tickets to the show! Sad sad sad. Cool poster though and congrats to those who got through!

  47. Charles says:

    your kidding me really

  48. John says:

    To: WSP

    While I’m also very disappointed that these sold out in like 1 or 2 minutes, your post is way out of line. Shame on you. There is no excuse for that type of behavior and using profanity is a childish online version of tantrum throwing.

  49. LizB says:

    Thank you for all that you do for us crazy freaks Marq. Hopefully my order went through. Fingers crossed!

  50. Sean says:

    Hey John,
    it was only 1 per order. No one got more than 1 on any order.

    Jason, the hosting provider couldn’t handle the traffic…shoulda just kept hitting refresh like i did.

  51. Ben Manley says:

    Thanks for the opportunity, Was hoping to replace my creased one that I got from the merch table. Maybe Wed

    Thanks for sharing your amazing artwork Marq!

    In the future I would suggest a 1 poster limit but thats just my advice!

  52. Paniccorn2525 says:

    i got one!!!!!!!!!!

  53. wsp says:

    Seems like with all the money you make that you could find somebody that could fix your website

  54. Patrick says:

    Damn. Thanks for the chance. Trying my luck next week…

  55. Lisa says:

    Shut down again – I tried before, at, and after these shows. Oh well, at least I was lucky enough to have been there! Thanks Marq for giving us the opportunity and for making this gorgeous edition. Such beautiful art!

  56. Tyler A. says:

    Jeez folks…Y’all had to expect this. Some of you need to lighten the heck up…I didn’t get one either. Thanks for the chance Marq, we Panic People are a rare bunch.

  57. Bruce says:

    Wow, lot of sore losers on here. wsp sounds about as emotionally stable as my ex-wife, didn’t get a poster so you’re gonna bad mouth Marq? Get over yourself.

  58. Derekdemarchi@yahoo.com says:

    Couldn’t get through, trying next week. Thanks for the chance.

  59. kmac says:

    Marq~thank you even tho i didn’t score 1 -lynn-hope u did! Maybe I will
    have Luck in the Lottery~Still a Huge
    Spusta Fan-boy- some are spoiled BRATS!!! aka U LOSERS know who u r

  60. dut says:

    Site was a little rocky to say the least! I mean I refreshed every minute or two, saw it up, got to paypal and SOLD OUT! Really! I was disappointed in Denver but this is even worst! This poster is all I’ve thought about the last week! And if people could get more than 1 per order then shame on the seller!!!

  61. Jesse says:

    Man, I didn’t even see a buy it now button. Congrats to those who scored, crossing fingers, eyes, legs, and anything else I can for the lotto….

  62. Patrick says:

    That’s why we refresh wsp. Quit throwing a tantrum and blame lady luck. She can be a real bitch sometimes

  63. Lawson Thompson says:

    Paypal robbed me on this one. Such an inconvenience to have to go thru log in then get nothing

  64. JB says:

    Enough of these amateur hour drops. You are a big boy now making screen prints for big rock bands. Time to get a website that can handle the traffic or your wasting my time.

  65. Simon says:

    To WSP
    Giving the artist grief because you’re not quick enough on the button, sucks dude, grow up. They sold out quick because that’s what majority of Marq’s stuff does.
    I missed too, give the lottery a go,if your that bothered

  66. Jeff says:

    Yeah the shipping is what got me Marq. I saw I was about to buy it with the existing order shipping-went back to the page to correct it and BAM-they were gone. SHoulda just clicked through with the existing and paypaled you the otherr 3 bucks!

  67. Keith says:

    Sounds like you’re the amateur JB, better luck next time “big boy”

  68. Modiggiddy says:

    Thanks Marq, I got mine!!! +1

  69. Jesse says:

    I cant believe all the people bitching about how they got so close to the check out but didn’t score. Is this your first try at buying a poster, this happens all the time. Its all luck with these drops, stop blaming MS, and stop crying and try for the lotto….

  70. dut says:

    My only real aggrivation with posters these days, WSP ones in particular. Are the crazy limited numbers printed! I understand people want rare shit, but the fillmore in denver holds like 4500 people and was super sold out. So why only make 600 event posters? Just one more thing for the ebay sellers to get rich off of!!! Ive seen these going for $300 on ebay already!! It wouldnt happen if enough were made in the first place… Jus sayin

  71. Trav says:

    There’s nothing else Marq could have done to make this easier. Any high demand artist’s site will have issues with an online drop- you’re either going to click at the right time or wrong time, it’s all luck. It was either this or a random lottery (which he’s also doing, so everybody who didn’t score you still have a chance!).

    wsp is a troll- don’t feed him…

  72. shawnmac64@yahoo.com says:

    nope….didn’t get one.this time…..oh well.Congrats to all that scored ..This is a real nice piece. Karen Paypal has screw’d me before.

  73. chlyh2o says:

    damn scalpers already have them on ebay for $349.
    I was lucky enough to get one,and its going nowhere but to the frame shop, and then on my wall.

  74. lynn says:

    NO kmac Didn’t score but that’s the fun sure are many pissed off people not your fault marq try next time lynn

  75. marq says:

    Hey now, let’s simmer down. I am very sorry this sale was so clunky and that many experienced aggravation and disappointment. We are working on a new server/store situation for the future. We have saved a decent amount of these posters and the variants for a lotto sale next week, so please come back and try again then. (There will be some other Panic variants as well)

    • Lucas says:

      Thank you so much Marq!!! I’ve got huge plans for your artist edition poster, I’ll be sure to send you a pic on FB when i’m done…

      I just hope you get my email about my incorrect shipping address!!! sent it to the email posted on my paypal receipt…


    • kmac says:

      yeah-yall should listen to song-MOS DEF
      “simmer down now – simmer down!”
      wow-what a bunch of HOTHEADS..
      i feel for u marq~

    • Anna says:

      I hear ya Marq, thanks as always for the chance and a second chance come lottery time! This happens to all well known artists out there and I hear what Jesse is saying. It really all depends on when you hit refresh and if you can have smooth sailing when it comes to the PayPal side of the purchase. Congrats to all those that scored this poster and wish everyone the best of luck come March 7th when Marq has the lottery for these and others.

      Marq you rock as an artist and I will always be back to try and make future purchases from you!

  76. Sk8nshoot1 says:

    +1 Thanks Marq

    Makes up for missing the Eddie Vedder print

  77. wpanic says:

    You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. LizB says:

    The site did handle purchases differently. I live in the PNW and didnt see a PP link till a few mins after someone posted ’10 secs ago’ I got a PP confirm. I didn’t see an option for more than 1 poster. Still waiting to see it go through PP & my bank. I don’t count my chickens till they hatch 🙂 Hoping to uncross these fingers sometime today.

  79. Jason says:

    Hey Marq-

    Do you have to process any refunds at all?

  80. dylanmatheson@gmail.com says:

    was the poster released in the shop? or on this page?

    dont they usually pop up in the shop? i never even saw it.

  81. kushmeja says:

    Darn it! I was refreshing the shop page for last hour thinking it was dropping there! Oh well. Guess I’ll try my luck in the lotto.

    Grats to those that scored one, and piss on you whiners ragging on Marq!

  82. shawnmac64@yahoo.com says:

    lotto……sweet. So you’re a telling me there’s still a chance ? Yeah

  83. Carl says:

    Thanks Marq! Really love the way you do drops. Do not apologize. We are lucky to get a smallish window of time for randomness. Add to that, how many artists actually give variants randomly as well. Keep up the excellent work on all fronts.

  84. dut says:

    I thought when the guy posted “10 seconds ago” it was a joke! It took 2 or 3 minutes of refreshing before I saw a PP link! Im on the east coast so maybe that was it? I still think artist should kinda get off the high horse and make more prints available. The supply should match the demand!

    • marq says:

      I understand your point, but It’s not that simple. This is a project I did with Widespread Panic, they printed 600 to sell, I just do a the smaller artist edition and a few variants.

      • dut says:

        Hey Marq, I’m not talking about the AE being only 95. That makes perfect sense to me. It’s there only being 600 at the show that gets under my skin. Are you saying it was the bands idea to only have 600 at the shows? They should know better!

        • Tyler A. says:

          Get in line early @ the show man. Always end up meeting good folks and getting what you need @ the merch booth. I have never once missed out on a print I knew I wanted. I have spent many an hour in line just to get the print I wanted, but it’s always worth it. Cheers!!!

          • dut says:

            Everything shouldn’t be such an event at a Panic show. Back in the day if you wanted a show print you just made sure you got it before the music started. It’s only been the last couple years that all the prints at good shows are super limited releases. We already have to freak out when it comes to tickets, why add prints to the fray? Musicians and artist know the demand, so they should print an adequate supply! My 2 cents

            • Steve says:

              If you let the presses run then there’s nothing special about being able to secure the print… If you want one, you gotta do the work…

              • Tyler A. says:

                In my opinion, the prints 10 years ago weren’t nearly as nice as they are now. Don’t get me wrong, JTL’s work was super cool and demand was low, but it was also printed on flimsy poster paper and was easily damaged. As far as tickets go, the only tickets that are hard to get have been La Playa & Wood tour. Apart from those shows, I never have ticket issues. Maybe Red Rocks, but again, you gotta play to win…I got shut out on tix for the denver woods, but still somehow managed to see fridays show, get a Sperry and this wonderful print, and be 5 ft from the stage. Just had to make it happen. No freak outs neccesary. Cheers.

  85. Steve says:

    Looking forward to the lottery. Missed the drop today. Thanks Marq, and fantastic work on the print! 🙂

  86. RonV says:

    Hey, you gotta play or win…..or lose. I’ve had good luck with the lottery’s so will put my mojo into that next week.

  87. RonV says:

    The 10 second thing was a joke, just before the CRASH!!!!!!!

  88. ang says:

    Hey Marq,
    Will there be any variants sent out to the lucky people at random who got a poster today?

    • marq says:

      Yep, a few variants tossed into the orders from today. I guess no one had time to read the for sale info that went with the button.

      • ang says:

        Were they for sale today, the variants? If so what was the price for the variant? Thanks for the quick response.

        • jgc912@gmail.com says:

          The variants weren’t for sale today but as Marq stated a few posts above that “Yep, a few variants tossed into the orders from today. I guess no one had time to read the for sale info that went with the button.”

          I didn’t notice this either as i was trying to make a purchase as quick as possible so if it was there at that time i must have missed it. Thought it said “if you miss out on this sale, or want to try for a rare variant, check back next week for more info on the lotto.”

          So that’s great news to hear Marq. Good luck to all that got one in hopes that you get a bonus variant!!

      • Scottmac says:

        marq, really appreciate your hard-work!!

  89. dut says:

    Were panic variants sent out? Or randoms? If panic variants could we get some pics posted?

  90. Haney says:

    Thank you again!

  91. Carl says:

    Thanks people. This thread solidified my passion to teach people to read, and also read between the lines. 😉

  92. Fro says:

    I love the refresh game. Nerves spike with every Alt R. The buttons are suddenly there…and you’re right Marq, no time to read when you have tunnel vision on that PP Buy button. Pray tell, please tell us what it said/what we missed. I love the original on pewter but that antique gold variant is SWEET! Thanks again for a fun sale. See ya next week for the lotto…

  93. WanderingWonderer says:

    I had a pretty good practice today with the ’01 Kicks club soccer team this evening. Young dudes worked hard on their usual ball control skills, some one-touch passing drills and core strength exercises. Hate I missed the print release, but thats the way the cookie crumbles…err…that’s the way the poster drops. 🙂 Besides, there’s always next week! Else, feeBay in the weeks & months/years to come. I nabbed an awesome Spusta A/E from Chucktown off the feeBay for a hundred bones a week or two ago. That was ’08, I was there, our show prints were destroyed by rain…but you know, I kept my eyes open and eventually got what I needed. Que sera sera people.

  94. David says:

    Reading all this just made my night, wow! Marq you rock. Unbelievable

  95. Daylan says:

    I sent $5 more for shipping via Paypal as I was clicking like a maniac. I apologize for being such a tweeker.

  96. Jack says:

    To everyone bitching & moaning take a hike over to eBay and get all you want. All you had to do was follow the instructions and refresh your browser every minute and get lucky. No different than a ticketmaster sellout.

    Thanks for the great art Marq

  97. Nuggets says:

    Marq don’t let the “wsp” guy get you down. That’s just Chris Sessom or Charity Dees. Google them, convicted felons awaiting trial for a vehicular fatality who buy art prints and flip for profit. Glad the k00ks got shutout

  98. troy goode says:

    got to the paypal page, and then it was sold out, i guess better luck next time and maybe i shoulda not been on my iphone and stayed on my pc … sigh oh well

  99. LizB says:

    Got confirmation finally last night! Thank you!!!! Empty wall space waiting for it.xo

  100. Modiggiddy says:

    Got my poster today!!! Looks great!!!

  101. Rockbridge says:

    Got my AE today..Fast damn shipping, beautiful stock and minty fresh…Thanks Marq!!

  102. Alan says:

    Marq – thanks for what you do. Missed out on the drop but love the minis!

  103. Sierra says:

    Is it possible to buy with an iPad? I couldn’t find the link. I was shut out of la playa because of this device.

  104. HighPlanesDrifter says:

    Sierra, should be no problem at all. I don’t believe Jeff sold the La Playa prints yet. Also, if you’re referring to the original on-sale for those tickets – they were in high demand. I’ve never met a single fan of the band that wasn’t trying to nab those!

  105. Daylan says:

    Got my AE today and it is a beauty. What was even more beautiful was the 10/15 Old Gold variant that was in the tube!! My wife is gonna kill me when she finds out how much $$ I just spent on getting the old gold framed.

  106. Chuck says:

    How do you enter the lottery?

  107. Carl says:

    Thanks Marq. I love that paper. A beautiful gig-poster that wants to be an art print! 😉

  108. lynn says:

    plan on winning this lotterywant that ram

  109. dut says:

    Yea, how do we enter this lottery?

  110. John says:

    Hi Marq. I’m fairly new to your site and the process you use for things like the lotto tomorrow. Is there a place where I can sign up for the lottery? This is my last hope for one of these beautiful AEs so I don’t want to screw it up. Thanks!

  111. John Scott says:

    I would like to be entered into your weekly lotto.


    John Scott

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