In My Head

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  1. Benjamin Karr says:

    So cool! love it.

  2. adam says:

    wish I had this one….

  3. sam k says:

    so meditative and cool! Wish I picked it #1 in the mystery lottery!
    is it too late??

  4. Zach says:

    Are any of these available for a later release or were they all sold through the release game?

  5. Kenny says:

    I feel like that when I’m working out what’s in mine sometimes 🙂

  6. Patrick M. says:

    …mothership connection…

  7. Capt Kirk says:

    Beam Me UP SPUSTA! P

  8. Hightime says:

    fingers crossed that we’ll have another chance @ some of these and the Smeeeez! – cheers

  9. Travis Bridges says:

    So dope.

  10. Lynnie says:

    all the time!! love it!

  11. Steve says:

    Hi Marq,

    are the magnets today also available (timewise) for your European fans?
    Thanks 🙂


  12. mitchell seyfer says:

    Groovy, baby!

  13. Willow Licari says:

    Thank you so much Marq and Gnomes!! It is in its forever home. ?

  14. Hightime says:

    oh well, wish I’d been paying closer attention… In my head I know ya can’t Smeeez everyone. (but the heart wants what it wants!!!) will be eagerly awaiting some March madness my friend. – cheers!

  15. Tread says:

    Very nice

  16. Stewdaddy says:

    Does this represent the id, ego and super-ego?

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