Recently we went through our studio and pulled out all the posters that were damaged, left-over and even returned. The photo shows some of the posters that we threw into a pile to make our 26 Tubes of Disappointment.

Each Tube of Disappointment has at least two screen printed posters , one litho print and few extra pieces of crap in it. Most of the posters are damaged in some way, some were just left-over from previous sales, and some are posters that we just never sold through the studio (ie: Dogfish/RSD poster). Some of the damages are bad enough that the posters would have no real value, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to scrap these posters – so instead we shoved them into these tubes. We hope these damaged posters can just be enjoyed for the art and we encourage people to tack them up in their garages or playrooms, and we request that those that receive them do not attempt to sell these damaged goods. These tubes mostly include posters and not art prints or minis…there are not too many gems in here – that’s why they are called Tubes of Disappointment.

Each Tube will be $60 + shipping. There are only 26 available, so interested customers are asked to comment here and we’ll pick some folks to send invoices to today.


Lotto Instructions:
• Interested customers may enter the purchasing lottery only once by posting a comment based on these instructions. Follow the instructions carefully and go for one successful, clean post the first time instead of making amendments to your original comment.
• You can comment anonymously, but be sure to use your email address (not posted publicly). (Also, mention if you’re International shipping)
• Your comments should include the following things…..
1. Each tube has either a Widespread Panic, Gov’t Mule, Moe. or DMB poster in it – which of those bands’ posters would you like in your tube. (only pick one – that’s part of the game) 

2. About how much Spusta art do you own already?

• Customers will be selected through a random number generator system operated by the gnomes, anyone who follows the instructions is eligible.
• We will begin sending invoices from our shop soon.
• Please enter the lottery as yourself…using extra emails aggravates the gnomes – you don’t want to piss off the gnomes.



631 thoughts on “26 Tubes of Disappointment (customer lottery)

  1. Nick

    I would be interested in a moe. tube.

    About how much do I personally own? That seems like a loaded question. Is this an intervention? But seriously I have a few hard earned full sizes and a dozen or two minis. It’s been a fun ride.

  2. Ben

    Hello! I would love some DMB in my tube!

    I have a full set of offerings and a mini CC. All reg, no variants. I would love to grow my collection some more! Please disappoint me!!

  3. Matt

    would love is WSP

    Think i’m up to approximately 15 pieces of art, 5 stickers and a number of micros

    Two framed pieces (black TT and charcoal Smeezy)

  4. Alan

    1. I would love a disappointment tube of Widespread Panic
    2. I own several art prints, many gig posters and quite a few minis (many of which are on the wall)

    thanks for doing this!

  5. Jeremy Schreiber

    1. The band that changed my life…Widespread Panic!
    2. I own Pro Hoop Oop, 2 Balwa, and mini flowering eye and bloomer, plus Panic Nola 2010!

  6. Bryan Challener

    1. Moe
    2. I have a bunch of plootuffels but have been trying to diversify my bonds if you know what I’m sayin

  7. Michael

    Thanks for the awesome lottery!

    1. DMB
    2. Analog Fuzz Friend, a couple of Bliss Bugs, and a full set of Bug’s Offerings.

    Thanks again!

  8. Josh H

    DMB for me please!

    As far as how many pieces I own… Too Much! But always on the look out for some more fun ones to keep and giveaway!

    Thanks for the chance ?

  9. Jonathan

    1. This moe.ron would love more moe. posters

    2. We own about 10 gig posters, one full size art print, and a couple dozen minis – always looking for more.

    Thanks again for the lotto opportunity!!

  10. Scott

    Id love some Widespread Panic in a tube.

    I own a couple full sized prints and about 20 minis,
    I know. Im slacking! Im working on it tho…. 🙂


  11. Chason

    Any Spusta is good Spusta

    2. 5 mini.prints is all ive managed to on so far

  12. Jess

    1. Each tube has either a Widespread Panic, Gov’t Mule, Moe. or DMB poster in it – which of those bands’ posters would you like in your tube. (only pick one – that’s part of the game) Widespread Panic please!
    2. About how much Spusta art do you own already? Never enough Spusta!

  13. Jessi Link

    1. I would like a Widespread Panic poster in my tube if I’m lucky enough to be selected!
    2. I own a pretty good bit of Spusta art already. If I had to guess I’d say 50 or so minis and maybe 15 full sized prints? I was lucky enough to get into Spusta at the tail end of prices being reasonable and drops not requiring every-second-F5ing. 🙂 Hopefully that doesn’t disqualify me in this lotto as I would certainly not be disappointed to get to buy a tube of disappointment!

  14. Randal

    1. I would love Govt Mule please
    2. 40 to 50 pieces of Marq’s artwork

    Thanks for the chance Marq and the Gnomes
    Have a great one

  15. Chris

    Widespread Panic….?

    I own a few pieces of Spusta art…..?

    My life is full of disappointments so i am a perfect candidate!

  16. Jesse

    WSP please !!

    my Spusta Stash isn’t too too big. i own (3) different mini CC colorways, a couple of your Night Owls, large 7 birds, & a few mini’s & micros. i’m sending either 7Birds or Blue Night Owl to Further Frames as soon as we embark on a New Year !

    need.more.spusta. thanks Marq & Gnomes 🙂

  17. Neil H Mullin Jr

    Would love some WSP – thanks for the chance Marq!!

    I’m lucky to own a few portfolio pages worth of minis and a fridge full of magnets!!

  18. Sascha

    1. DMB or WSP
    2. I do own some Fuzz and a Mini Caravan, 2x Listening, 2x Tasty Tears and some 5×5’s. My collection is on a growth path as you know :p

    Ah…I am International.

    Cheers Marq

  19. Mark Hanson

    1. Widespread Panic
    2. 1 Mini CC

    Thank you for the Mini CC – Looking to add to it! Have a great holiday season!

  20. Jason Wickham

    Great idea! I would love a tube of WSP.
    I own a mini cc, a fuzz friend and 3 5x5s.
    Thank you for the opportunity, hopefully I’ll get “disappointed ” ?

  21. Stacey L

    1:WSP boom ya!!
    2:I’ve got 15 frame ups and few full size and minis that are in Que for framing and let’s not forget the fridge magents and stickers. Ok so I have a small addiction

  22. David Bennett


    Currently own only 3 prints (GD50, a moe., and a govt mule print) ans some magnets, and a Dino Jr. album.


  23. Oiver Troup Pence

    Woupd be awesome to get a Dave Mathews band poster! I have 1 full size art print, a couple minis and 1 gig pister bu Marq :). Would love to add more.

  24. david

    i am not really big on any of those bands to be 100% honest and i dont think i would frame a piece from a show i didnt go to.. so maybe i shouldnt even enter this as i would be after art prints, not show prints….

    and now for the sad part…… i own zero spusta prints.. no magnets, no stickers, no nothing.. que the tears…

  25. Richie Rich

    1. Moe Moe
    2. I cannot tell a lie. I have been collecting your stuff since 2007 and I have mucho Spusto’s. HOWEVER, I havnt scored anything since WSP set months ago.

    Richie Rich

  26. foodrap

    Those 26 dissapointed tubes gonna make 26 people feel annointed.
    3 and trying to add pepperland to make it 4 🙂

  27. Corey W

    1. Widespread Panic
    2. Estimate about 15 framed prints (art and gig) and about 30 in the framing queue.

    Thanks Marq and Gnomes!

  28. daniel hardt

    1) I would love A dmb gig print in my tube
    2) My spusta collection currently has 1 framed 5×7 1 framed 5×5, 5 mini prints, and no gig prints. Thanks for the shot would love to snag a tube!

  29. Kenny

    Thanks so much for the chance! DMB is my favorite band and I own 2 minis, an Analog Fuzz Friend and a few micros. Thanks again & happy holidays 🙂

  30. Ryan Lawson

    1. Widespread panic
    2. I have a couple full sized art prints and a handful of minis. Would live to add anything to it.

  31. Nate

    1. I love me some WSP!

    2. It all started with the DFH RSD print and I’ve struck out on every lottery since! This one will be mine, I’ve acquired 5 minis (CC, bugs offerings, and a ghost owl) and a few gifted micros, sticker, magnet 🙂

  32. David Wilhelm

    1) WSMFP
    2) I own more than I should (says my wife) & I own exactly what makes me happy, a lot (says me)!

    Would love some weathered gems for my grow room! Thanks gnomes!

  33. Brooks Poole

    Would love a Wsp poster in my tube, and I have around 70 pieces of Spusta art from playing cards to art prints to gig prints and minis.

  34. Beth Behr

    1. Gotta go for the Mule!
    2. It’s going out faster than it’s coming in! But even after sharing for the holidays, I’ve still got a whole wall covered!

    Thanks Marq + gnomes!
    Hope your holidays are filled with disappointment everyone! :p

  35. Jason smith

    Hello, I would like some DMB. I currently have 0 spusta beauties and today is my 39th birthday. Birthday present please…

  36. Lucas White

    1. Widespread Panic

    2. I have hundreds of Spusta pieces, but I can never get enough!

    Thanks for the opportunity Marq and Gnomes!

  37. Atrain

    Widespread Panic

    I own a great amount of Spusta. I have been collecting mini’s since 2012. I have given away a lot and traded a lot, but my total collection number is unknown and I am at work

    Thanks as always

  38. Shawn Mcintyre

    I haven’t scored on one of the shop’s drops in a long time. i think that’s enough disappointment for me this year. thanks and happy holidays.

    own a shit load of Spusta.

  39. Chad

    1. Widespread Panic please
    2. Not enough, never will be…I have about 7 full size (that cost more than my car) and a 5-6 minis

  40. Erica Hollister

    1. Govt Mule please!!! 😀
    2. And for the amount of Spusta art I have…well right now I’m not really sure haha! My hubby and I have been out of the US for the last year…so, many tubes await us when return for 2 weeks this month…so hopefully many new exciting additions to our collection!!!

  41. Scott

    1) DMB please 🙂

    2) A mini CC that came with a couple of little fellas!

    Would love to add some more!! 🙂

    Happy Holidays Gnomes!!

  42. John

    Hi! I’d like a WSP poster, but really looking for that dfish RSD!

    I have a few pieces of your art, and they all kick ass.


  43. Kevin Christian

    !. I would love a Gov’t Mule print

    2. I have 4 or 5 mini packs and several full size prints, Marq is my fav artist

  44. Amanda poole

    You’ll have to excuse my husband he forgot the first first rule of marriage, what’s his is mine, at least half, so according to his answer I own around 35 pieces! And would love a dmb poster in mine!

  45. Ty Shoe

    Where’s my Mule?

    Nine total prints from Marq 2010 Panic Summer>Fall>Halloween scene of the butterfly changing then trapped in a spider’s web on 10/31 is my favorite wall in the house!

    At last my love has come along!

  46. Josh

    1. DMB everyday and all day!!!
    2. About how much Spusta art do you own already?
    Not much just started collecting this year. Had to buy almost all things from ebay 🙁 expensive. Love your work! Thanks for the opportunity!

  47. DavidSouth

    Thanks for the lottery… love the title!!
    1) DMB or any (all good!)
    2) 5 prints and a few mini-prints, stickers, and magnets

  48. Steve

    1. DMB, even though I don’t like em much, they’re some sweet gig prints!

    2. Last time I counted I had 26 framed Spusta on the wall. 27 and 28 coming soon. ??

  49. Nick

    1) Dave Matthews Band – always!!
    2) I own a CC, and that’s it!! Would so like to add some more 🙂 🙂

    Not a chance that this tube disappoints 🙂
    Have a great holiday season Marq and gnomes.


  50. Victoria

    This is such a cool idea!

    01. Mule

    02. None…yet :). I just missed buying your Mule poster earlier this year and I’ve been checking back to see if you’d be releasing more. Hoping this will be my first!

  51. Billy

    1) DMB
    2) I have a few Art prints from back when you did lotterys. And some minis that came with. I cherish greatly 😎

  52. Drew Lang

    The trashist dMb print you can find! (ok it doestnt have to be the worst)

    And saddely I own none of your art and that doesn’t sit well with me. I, I mean we, need to change that. 🙂

  53. Mark

    I would love a WSP print please!

    I have a Wolf’s Symphony framed, a mini CC grey and variant, a few different Bug’s offerings, Listening, Analog Fuzz, Plootuffels full size, Bliss Bug, a whole gang of mini prints…probably some I am forgetting.


  54. Matthew gasper

    1). WSP pleas!!

    2) never enough!! I’m a print/poster newbie on a budget so a little dent and ding doesn’t bother me. Just want to put some more nice art on my wall

  55. Jeffery

    1. Widespread Panic
    2. 2 minis, about 15 micros, and a few stickers.

    Thanks for another chance to own some of your art! Happy Holidays!!

  56. Ann Sullivan

    DMB please and thank you.

    Have 4 posters and shirt and RSD record player. Would be happy with others disappointments. Cheers

  57. Krystal

    1) I would love to see some DMB in my tube!
    2) Lucky to own a couple gifted minis, a purchased mini Caravan, full size Moe, Tasty Tears & Dripples and grabbed the GD 50 in Chicago at the show! Love all your work so much!!

  58. Trey Edwards

    1. Moe
    2. 5 minis and my pride and joy a full size buggin that my bank account loathes…and of course the sweet bliss bug sticker i got with the offerings

  59. Autumn

    A) widespread pleaseeeee!

    B) I only own the regular version of the Beatles print from Dark Hall Mansion and it’s my absolute favorite!

    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  60. Anastasia

    #2- @ 2 Dozen minis, a few concert prints and #’ed minis also.. Plus the Grail an Un-cut Furthur at the Greek print, and a partridge in a pair tree… 😉

    Happy Holidayz…!!!

  61. Mike Downing

    I would love to have some Widespread Panic in my tube!

    I have one full size ploots and about a dozen smaller and micros.

  62. Austin

    Howdy gnomes,

    I’m a diehard DMB fan and not afraid to admit it! We have about 8 of your pieces on the wall and a few in the portfolio for our enjoyment. Thanks for your consideration!

    Eat drink and be merry!

  63. Matt

    DMB!! That Alpine poster is great!! I just got into collecting Spusta Art recently, I have the mini caravan and the 3 bugs…plus a few smaller pieces.

  64. Nicholas Garrett

    1) Widespread Panic!!!
    2) I own one mini creature caravan, 1 bugs offering, 1 #11 gnome, & a bookmark. Thanks so much!

  65. SetH

    1. Widespread Panic

    2. I have a fair amount, but no where close to enough!!!! Especially the full size gig posters!!!! 🙂

  66. Lawrence

    1.Dave Matthews Band
    2. I have 3 Spusta prints and 2 mini-prints. Small but I am trying to grow my Spusta collection and get more on my walls!


  67. Rick Brickley

    Widespread would be first choice but really any of your art is a pleasure to see. Very little Spusta in this home. It would fine a forever place here!

  68. Nicholas Day

    1. DMB
    2. I own 3 spusta . Including one I just got framed and one I sent back to the shop due to damage 🙂

    Thanks marq and gnomes for the chance!

  69. David P

    I have only 3 Spusta prints. Would love to get my mitts on the Gov’t Mule! Thanks in advance Marq. Keep cranking out the goods

  70. Anthony


    “about” 12 full size prints and at least 40 minis. Oh and a ton of magnets all over the fridge!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  71. Scott Hale

    1. WSMFP, please!

    2. about 6 or 7 full sized pieces in frames and on the wall, another 3 or 4 waiting to be framed or possibly traded, and around 25 minis

  72. Lori

    Dave Matthews Band Please.

    I own zero Gig and art work, Mini’s. I just got into it very recent and own nothing yet but it’s been really cool to see your show work at Alpine and the Gorge.

  73. Dixie Ellis

    I’m on my way home from having a baby that needs the DMB in his room! We love your work and our first child’s walls are coated in spusta so the new guy needs some!

  74. Leah zensen

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

    Widespread Panic

    My collection is a living breathing entity and thusly cannot be quantified.

  75. Chris

    1) WSP!
    2) 1 Print from last year’s WSP Show in LA. It’s hanging in my living room and puts a smile on my face daily : )

  76. Cole

    Widespread Panic
    2 Panic show prints
    1 Phish show print
    1 Festival CA print
    4 minis and full size listening

    Sounds like the exact opposite of disappointment to me

  77. jake

    1. Dave Matthews Band
    2. About 10 killer magnets on the fridge, a WSP LA, a few minis and a killer TRPS foil you did with Matt (sadly, I was number two in line and missed out on the beautiful Sparkle Foil)

  78. michael cavazos

    1. widespread Panic (but i wouldn’t mind any)
    2. just one. got lucky and got a pepperland for my mom. she loves it


  79. Tara

    1. moe.

    2. I own on full size red bloomjangles, full size thinkin on it, 2014 Lockn poster (brown variant), moe. from 2015 summer camp, umphreys from halloween 2013 (my favorite!!!) and about 12 minis. I have a small collection but the variety in paper color/texture and critters is what I’m after!

  80. Chris Kostecki

    I would have to choose DMB from that list.

    I have a few of Marq’s gig prints for Moe, Govt Mule, and Symphonic Jerry, as well as just under a dozen minis, 1 framed and two others on display at work

  81. Carey Wallace

    I would love a tube of your art, and I don’t care if it’s busted up!

    1. DMB please

    2. I have a mini cc, a Thought Pets mini, two mini Bug Growths, 2 micros, and a sticker.

    Thank you!

  82. Stevemeister


    Realized what I’d been missing at GD50… Since then I have 2 large Spusta pieces and 3 smallers bug pieces.

  83. Brian WIlson

    Your comments should include the following things…..
    1. DMB (but I LOVE all those bands)
    2. 8-10 pieces, some framed, other waiting on frames.

  84. Andrew Katz

    Gov’t Mule.

    I own: Gold Pepperland 2015, Phish 2010 Columbia. MMW 2011. Dead Chicago 2015. Primus Detroit 14 Gold. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Metallic 13. Bed of Roses 13 1st.


  85. Brian Cox

    1 DMB Would be real nice in my art room Thanks . 2. I have about 8 posters and about 3 dozen minis . I have BottleRock framed and up on my wall along with 6 minis framed on tables around the house. Much love and respect . Brian

  86. Sean Johnson

    1. Moe. is one of my absolute favorites!
    2. Don’t own a single piece of Spusta at the moment. Would LOVE to change that.

  87. Chris dobens

    Moe, and I have a couple of posters my favorite being the whale and squid battle from moe Portland on the pier.

  88. Eric Carr

    Thank you Gnomes!

    1. A DMB print would be far from disappointing.
    2. 7 pieces of the most highly imaginative characters known.

  89. Andrew

    Hello Gnomes 🙂

    1. DMB

    2. I own a few gig prints….a couple art prints and a small collection of minis and magnets….just enough to make me want a lot more!! 😛

    Thank You!! <}:^)

  90. Nicolas gerold

    WSP please!
    Only have 2, a Pepperland displayed prominently over my living room TV, and a GD50 litho. Need more!!!
    Thanks a lot!!

  91. Connie

    1. Widespread Panic would be great.
    2. I have countless minis. Not too many art prints and only a couple of gig poster.

    I am in Canada, so international shipping 🙂

  92. Talbot

    1) moe. would be awesome
    2) one glorious micro and a giant hole that will hopefully be filled when phish, inc pulls their collective head out of their collective ass.

  93. Theresa Stephan

    Love all the artwork! Can’t get enough.
    1. DMB
    2. Have three of the Dogfish goddesses. Missing Festina peach. Plus two others.

  94. Ed Coombs

    1) DMB please

    2. I own 6 gig posters obtained at shows, 8 secondary market, from shop I’ve obtained stickers, buttons and 1 record day variant.

  95. Todd Stotts

    Mule please
    8 magnets, 5 or so minis, 10 stickers, and 10 or so show pieces.

    Nothing disappointing about a tube full of Spusta!
    Losing all lotteries and missing out on drops, that’s disappointment!
    Thanks for all the beauty!

  96. Bryan Dukes

    1) Panic please
    2)maybe about 10 pieces total, not counting the minis thrown in here and there.

    Love your stuff, really appreciate you giving opportunities like this.


  97. Deb Kocan

    Would LoVE a DMB poster. They’re my favorite. I currently have 7 Mini’s, a few micros and 2 stickers but hope to add to that soon!

  98. justin

    1 would have to say moe because they have the most sea creatures and i would make a killer backdrop out of it for my saltwater tank.
    2 tpns but none are damaged enough to put behind a fish tank

  99. David Selwitz

    i would like a widespread panic print in my tube. I currently own two prints. I have a framed furthur print from the NYC run a few years back. I also was lucky enough to get a pepperland which will be framed up soon.

  100. Robblee

    1. Moe.

    2. I currently do not own any prints from the one they call Spusta. I would love me some disappointment in a tube for the holidays.

  101. Danielle Jarock

    1. Widespread Panic PLEAS
    2. 3 Framed Posters (Wood, Bed of Roses, RR Symph), 2 Framed Minis(BB & Smeezy), and about 5 Minis unframed, 1 Record Player,…need some more kid-friendly art as my daughter is perpetually jealous by my obsession and has limited me to 1 piece of art per month (I think 1 tube would be OK)

  102. Todd Schreckengost

    Widespread panic or Govt Mule I would be incrediblely grateful for either. And I have zero spusta in my small art collection so added even a damaged print to the wall would still make me extremely happy!

  103. Justin Faso

    1. I pick .Moe because they started in my home state of NY, if you did another print for Phish I would have picked them, so sad they don’t allow artist variants.

    2. I have around 7 pieces total and a couple stickers. Favorite is my Black Listening!

  104. Ben Overton

    1. Widespread Panic

    2. 2-3 band prints, 25-30 minis most are in a portfolio, but a few of my favorites are in frames now.


  105. John Holler

    I’d be disappointed with DMB and I have a miniprint by you and I’ve purchased a t-shirt. Thanks for the opportunity.

  106. Oleksa


    I own a RSD poster, 2 bugs offerings and a grey mini cc

    would love to grow the collection and thanks for the chance

  107. Jason Fialkin

    2. Currently own only 1 that I obtained from a show that was damaged in a move. Looking to build up my collection. Huge fan. Thank you for the opportunity.

  108. Jesse

    1. Widespread Panic please
    2. A bunch of minis, the fare thee well litho, a bliss bug, and tasty tears

    Keep up the awesome art

  109. Chris Cousins

    1. Moe
    2. i got lots of spusta prints 🙂 I have no idea how many, but a few more on the wall wouldn’t hurt.

  110. Daniel Halfstep Horton

    Hi Marq:) WSP is my choice and I Have 1 print of yours and he is very lonely. Have a Grateful Holiday Season and keep up the Beautiful Work:))))))) Thanks Danny

  111. Tim

    1) Dave Matthews and more Dave Matthews! That Alpine looks niiiccce.

    2) I was introduced to you through Dave Matthews posters and now own a couple of your art prints.

    Thanks for the good work and always taking care of your fans!

  112. Paul getman

    I would love to have anything from your studio!! If you have any Jerry garcia bed of roses that would be killer!!

  113. Johnathan

    Would love some Dave Matthews Band prints!
    I currently own two Spusta DMB show posters and the RSD Spusta print from this year.

    Thank you for running this lotto!!

  114. Jeff Fernandez

    Widespread Panic

    15 or so minis la and vegas show prints and a few bigger prints.. sunny and 7 birds

    sorry for the mispost earlier!

  115. Con

    1. PANIC!
    2. Three. I received a love cluster for my first from a friend as a wedding gift and I haven’t looked back. I love your stuff and hopefully my collection will continue to grow!!


    1) Widespread Panic
    2) Been collecting for a few years if I had to guess, I’d say somewhere between 10 and 100 😉

  117. Ashli Gornall

    1. Widespread Panic!
    2. I have 0, my boyfriend has 6ish. This would be a gift for him or better yet one for each of us.
    Thank you!

  118. Matt Brady

    1) WSMFP

    2) a bunch of minis Marq hooked me up with, and a few gig posters

    *long livfe the spusta gig poster! sorry for the double entry, got excited and failed to read instructions the first time

  119. David

    I have 4 of your beautiful pieces but am always looking to add to my collection. Thanks for the chance. Love your work. Gov’t Mule please

  120. David Burger

    1.Would love some Mule, named our youngest after Warren, his middle name is Haynes.
    2. I own about 10 pieces of your art.

  121. Cynthia

    1. Widespread Panic, please! 😀

    2. I have the Mini Creature Caravan reg print and Thought Pets, both purchased second-hand since I haven’t been able to score on a lottery or a drop thus far. 🙂 Love em and want more!

  122. Michael Rothrock

    Have a Cc mini, and rsd release, and a ratdog colab
    Really love the style and would be honored to be picked
    Thanks again!

  123. Cara Lynn Teague

    I could use a Widespread Panic, please! I own a RSD Doghead print and I love it 🙂 Thank you so much for the chance!

  124. Holly D

    I would love a Moe. Tube!

    I only own 4 or 5 full sized prints, and maybe 15 minis and a few micros.

    I feel the Spusta itch!!

  125. James Fennell

    1. I’d love a government mule poster please!

    2. I own only one piece so far and I got it at the mtn. jam. festival. I’ve been to 7 mountain jams and have a poster from everyone. Yours is honestly my favorite!

    Thanks for doing this!

  126. Conor Boyland

    1. Moe.

    2. I have one lockn Conscious Alliance poster, one Dogfish, and one moe.down poster, totaling three Spusta posters.

  127. TB

    1. Widespread Panic!!!
    2. More than my girlfriend knows about! But seriously probably 30 or so prints without mini’s included.

  128. Michael

    Govt Mule would be sweet

    I have two framed mini spring swings, a full size fuzzy, a mmw print, a mini creature caravan, a mini bliss bug, a pro hoop oop, and one or two other minis. I would love some disappointment.

  129. Danielle

    I would love some piece of crap spusta poster 😉

    1.DMB for sure!
    2. A decent amount of spusta graces my walls and Files…I’m actually suprised I don’t have a number count.

    Thanks marq and gnomes! Happy Cleaning!

  130. Stephanie Tullos

    Widespread Panic please & so far I have an orange mini 7 birds. And a perfectly purple creature caravan & a mini guy….luv the little size. So officially 3 starts the collection. THANKS for the opportunity to add more.

  131. Karl houfek

    Widespread panic.
    I own a couple mini prints, a mini caravan, and that awesome nirvana in utero print you put out years ago.

  132. Patrick Barger

    1. DMB would be my choice for the print
    2. I own a couple show prints, and a collection on Mini’s of wading and some various bugs (my fav!) Always adding when I can 🙂 Love the community too!

  133. Benjamin Yarcho

    Widespread Panic

    Not much, a few minis, a Bed of Roses and a couple lithos! Never scored on a drop.


  134. Frank S

    Widespread Panic!

    About 8 pieces, including 4 larger prints, a couple of 5×5’s and stickers. They would love some company!

  135. Jonathan

    Please disappoint me with a tube Marq!
    MOE. would be Awesome!
    My gold Pepperland looks great on my wall and have the 1st Furthur poster you did!

    Thanks !

  136. Taylor

    1. Widespread Panic
    2. Sadly, None. I have been trying to get my hand on a Spusta print for a long time but always miss out and I can’t afford the secondary market. Help me get my first!!!

    1. Adam Welton

      Ah crap, I always do that.
      I have one TT full size, four 4×4, and a 5×5, oh and a bookmark! And just lost a bet for a bugs offering on Nebraska vs Iowa last weekend! Be well…

  137. Jess Benson

    1. I’ld love some DMB spusta.
    2. I don’t own any, so what better way to jump start a collection than a tube of disappointment.

  138. Evan Marx

    Hey, thanks for the opportunity! I would like some DMB and I have around 15 minis and full size prints. Love me some Spusta!!

  139. Steve R

    What a great idea!!

    DMB please!!

    I’m a late bloomer to the print game.

    I have three of your DMB prints in my baby girls room.

    1 mini caravan (would love the DMB version)

    People and creatures helping people and creatures!!!

  140. Daniel McAuliffe

    1. I would prefer Widespread Panic.
    2. I own 4 pieces. Mish Mush, Fuzz Friend, Rebirf, and Pure Imagination. Paid out the ass for all of them.

  141. Adam Kropelnicki

    1. WSP
    2. 20 items if were counting magnets

    Every time I see/here the word disappointment it make me think of 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle

  142. Nick Krause

    1. Widespread Panic
    2. 8 show posters and 2 mini cc, 10 total

    Definitely not enough and always looking for more

    Thanks for the chance

  143. Colton Gillmore

    Hey don’t know if its too late or not just got in from work and saw this!

    1. WSP all day!!
    2. About 10 minis of various sizes and 7 full size pieces!
    Thanks for these cool opportunities

  144. Justin moore

    1. DMB
    2. I own nothing my Marq Spusta:(
    I’ve been having a very hard time buying anything on this site. Im always to late!
    Love the work!
    Thanks for the chance Marq!

  145. Derek Denunzio

    I would LOVE a DMB tube, the only Spusta print I have is the DFH record store day litho giveaway. I have tried unsuccessfully more times than I can even remember for Spusta art (mostly DMB, DFH Record Store Day screen print and various art prints) and I have never been able to score one, and I try not to support the flippers by buying them on eBay. I would love a tube and it would not be a disappointment to me and will not be resold in any way, I promise!

  146. Laura May

    It’s been such a disappointing day that this so fits my mood.

    I own a few that I truly love – they make me so happy.

    DMB would be my fave!

  147. Patrick

    If I am lucky enough to be chosen I would like a Dave Matthews Band poster.

    I must say that I have been successful in the past with the lottery and I have received a chance to purchase a couple of concert posters and art prints along with the shower of extra goodness that rides along in each tube for company!

    All in all, I want to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your work which often encapsulates what it means to stop and smell deeply the roses of life.

    Cheers to everyone!

  148. Travis L Leach

    If I am not too late, I’d love a scratch and dent tube, I am not picky and will give these guys tender loving homes.

  149. Michelle Disch

    I would love some DMB! I’m new to collecting Sputa, but I have a mini creature caravan and sweet bliss bug. I love your work, thanks for the chance to get some more!

  150. Marcus

    1. I would love me a moe. poster, preferably a moe.down 15 one as those were my first 3 shows
    2. I don’t own any of your art but would really like to. I’ve been looking at the stuff on your site and it’s pretty tight.

    I hope I’m not too late for this lotto

  151. Kenny Hanson

    1. I have seen and am a fan of all 4 bands. I lean toward Moe as a favorite. Would be happy with any choice:)
    2. About how much Spusta art do you own already?
    I have a love cluster, and two bugs offerings from your last drop. I also have a sticker! (3 prints) A huge fan of the art but the bots always beat me to it, always…

  152. Ralph

    1. Panic pls

    2. Don’t own any of your posters yet. Would love to grab a tube. Not going to be picky (but WSP would be cool 🙂

  153. Tom Woyzbun

    I got excited and posted before reading the whole thing… ?

    1) Widespread Panic!
    2) I’ve got exactly 24 Spusta prints!

  154. John C

    Wow Marq glad to see your amazing artwork getting its recognition but I think I may have a better chance getting struck by lighting but why not for some Spusta!
    I always am working on Wednesday when your drops happen I believe so I figured I would try and strike Lightning in a bottle here!

    1. Would love whatever you choose

    2. Own 2 prints from you and one gig poster as well as some minis but it’s been years since I have made a purchase for prints/posters, btw your Bliss Bug shirts feel great to wear!

    Happy Holidays All, and the gnomes too of course for all the behind the scenes work they do!

  155. Mike Bruce

    1. Would LOVE to grab a tube with some DMB “disappointments” in it.

    2. I own only one Spusta currently but am a huge fan of your work and would love to add to my collection.

    3. Thanks for the opportunity and keep up the good work.


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