Are you one of the folks that is disappointed to have missed out on our Some Birds packs that sold out in minutes last Wednesday? We don’t want you to be sad…so here’s a chance to throw your name into the hat to possibly get picked for an invoice of a Some Birds Basic Mystery Mini Pack.

The Basic Mini Screen Print Mystery Pack Includes the following:
• “Some Birds” 7″ x 5″ signed mini screen print variety.
• Two mystery signed mini prints (mostly 5″ x 7″s, with a chance at getting a 7″ x 7″)
• Mystery 5″ x 5″ mini screen print variety. (titled, but unsigned)
• Some small micro print

Packs are $62 + shipping.

If you are interested, here is the criteria to enter:
• You must have missed out on last weeks sale.
• You must already be a customer is our online shop.
• Express your interest in purchasing a pack in the form of a comment on this post….use an email address that has an account with our shop.
• We will swing by periodically throughout the day to randomly pluck some commenters and send them invoices directly from the Spusta Studio Shop.



225 thoughts on “Did you miss out on Some Birds mini packs last week?

      1. Shaun Mahoney

        No luck need, luck is only opportunity meets preparation and i have been prepared for this opportunity!! Invoice #D705 hit my email today!! Thanks Marq and Gnomes!! Much Love

      1. Andy

        Dude. You are literally flipping a pack right now for $260 and you are in here asking for another. My lord. Do you have no shame?

    1. Daniel Horton

      I missed out after trying sooooo hard on the new Spusta Beauties:) and was hoping I may be chosen for the leftovers;) Thanks and Have an Awesome Day Marq and the Boss;) and of course the Little Guy!!!

  1. Les

    Lovely it would be to receive a pack of birds in the mail for me. my card was a jerk, fortunately on your blog i do lurk!

  2. Jessi

    Some Birds is incredible! Would love a chance at being selected, please! We were stuck on the runway at Logan Airport in a crazy storm! Oh so close, yet so far away!
    Thank you so much for the second chance!!!

  3. Dennis McCarty

    What a lovely thing to see this. I would love to have a small chance at a pack. I spent last week at a gorgeous vacation house on the Northern California coast, just minutes from deep redwood groves. Everything was amazing, except for the WiFi. Spotty as the connection was, I gave it my all, but alas, no Some Birds. So, to console myself, I put an album on the vintage phonograph, stepped outside, and watched the real birds soaring over the Pacific Ocean.

    Long story short, everything is beautiful. Good luck, everypeople!

    1. Sweaty Man in Plano

      If you have a vacation house in California along the coast, I think you can afford to buy these 2nd hand.

      I’m dirt poor and would love to otherwise afford this. Pick me Marq!!

      1. Dennis McCarty

        Just because I stayed there doesn’t mean I own it. It was our yearly getaway that we saved for. But good luck to you!

  4. Alisa Hoover

    I would love a chance to decorate my house with these prints. Honestly, I am a little bit obsessed. 😂 pretty please!

  5. Dario Mariani

    One of your best this year, Marq !!! I would love a 2nd chance at a some birds. Pleaseeee 🙏🙏🙏

  6. Ken Dozier

    I would absolutely love a birds pack!! I have been suffering severe depression after I didn’t score on the drop last week! Loving all the new prints!! Thank you for another opportunity to be happy again!😉

  7. TD Hoover

    Marq and Gnomes! Thank you for this chance! I haven’t scored on a drop in a very long time. Don’t own any of the last two batches of minis sent out! Would love an invoice! Missed this most recent drop due to being out of town on a boat. Jah bless!

  8. Kelly B

    Hey gnomes!! I missed the drop last week 🙁 i was hoping to surprise my boyfriend with this!! Would love to get a pack, thank you!

  9. Wesley Teichmiller

    Thanks for the chance!
    I was stuck in a meeting at work during the drop last week and missed out!
    Need some more birds!

  10. Christopher L Campbell

    Man this is awesome Marq and Gnomes. I did miss out and would definitely appreciate a pack!!! Thanks for all you do!!!

  11. Mickey Felipe

    I HATE those damn flipping resellers and would love a chance to purchase at the NORMAL retail price.

  12. Brittany

    I have missed every drop in the shop since I started collecting:( I would love a chance at a pack and would forever be greatful:). Thank you for considering

  13. Evan Marx

    I’d love one of these birds! They look absolutely incredible and thanks for the chance!! Thanks Marq, thanks gnomes!!

  14. Dylan Silverman

    Super bummed to have missed out on the drop last week, and would absolutely LOVE the opportunity to purchase a pack. My girlfriend isn’t a huge art collector, but loves some birds so hoping to give that one to her as well!

  15. Arnold Postell

    First birds!
    Please and thank you.
    I missed the drop due to work. Scuba diving and removing invasive lionfish.
    Would love to see a you do a lionfish print!!!
    Really like the new Lures and other fishing themed prints.

  16. James Gallagher

    I had a double carted and then heard my wife’s voice in my head and went back and changed to a single. Such a rookie move. Would love a single pack. I haven’t hit a drop in forever.

  17. Dan Wilson

    Boy did those birds fly away fast. I’d love to add them to my ever growing wall. Thanks for another shot!

  18. Matt Tidwell

    I would love a pack! I’ve only ever hit one drop from the studio and was really looking forward to this one and missed again.

  19. Mark gall

    I just missed the drop last week. Seeing the new stuff today has me regretting it so much. Would love to get a pack! Thanks!

    1. Kmac

      Awe thanks brother for thinking of me! Hope. U wont be too mad but I just smashed the shit out of your piggy bank for the loot just in case I’m picked :P. Luv ya! KK

      1. Mark Bogdan

        Kmac got me hooked on spusta prints! Being a new collector and all, she is really great and informative. Thanks again, Kmac!!

  20. Wayne Clements

    I would sincerely love the opportunity to purchase a some birds mystery pack, and if selected happy to pay for mine and another person selected 🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦

  21. John Fede

    The jobsite I’ve been stuck at for the last 3 weeks not only has no service at all. But no AC taboot. I couldn’t even attempt to swing and miss at a pack. Would love a chance to purchase one.

  22. Jeremy Betlach

    Super sad I missed the drop, love your work and would love to buy one of these packs. Please pick me for an invoice. I will display the work proudly.

  23. Kristi Price

    No way this girl could be any more stoked about all these new images! Marq you never disappoint! Missed the drop but am super excited to get another chance here!

  24. Laura Bell

    Missed out, unfortunately, but stoked for another chance at more amazing art by THE MAN!! Much appreciated ☮️💜🎸💃🏻🎸

  25. Colton Gillmore

    Thank you so much for the chance! It’s been so long since I have bought a mini pack! I got busy at work and let the time slip by! Much love marq and gnomes! That’s for this opportunity again!!!

  26. William Vogds

    Thanks for the chance Marq. Great Work on the WSP Riverside print. I loved all the Wisconsin references and the Sturgeon!

  27. John

    Got called into a meeting last minute and missed the drop. So disappointed. Would love a second chance at one of these packs.

  28. Christine Jordan

    Birds of feather flock together 🙂 NOT a fan of hot summer weather 🙁 Missed out on the pack 🙁 🙁 Kids don’t do crack!

  29. Kody Hyland

    Me and my lady both missed out. We genuinely don’t have a pack or one on the way. Would love a chance! Thanks man!

  30. Steve Shuff

    I would love a chance to purchase!

  31. Jessica Miles

    I would to LOVE receive some prints! I hate that I missed out on the drop last week. Thanks for the chance. These new ones are some of my favorites. ♥️

  32. Angela

    Some birds flew out of my cart before i could close it. Then I learned someone over took their share but they would be released back one by one and I had to go back to work. I hope for the opportunity to get a pack of some birds again. Thank you! Stay amazing gnomes.

  33. Dave

    I’d love a chance to get a pack. New collector to your work. Got a drift out and a couple minis. Would love to expand my collection. Thanks for the opportunity and the amazing work .

  34. Andrea Frigo


    I’m so happy to see Marq doing more Birds!! Unfortunately I always seem to miss out on them. Hoping you’ll take pity on me and help me land some birdies for my wall!

    Thank you!

  35. Jacob conklin

    I love a chance at a pack por favor. Soo hard to score doing the workday thanks for the chance. New minis look sweeeet!

  36. Erin Hawks

    Always thankful for a chance at some birds! Beautiful, would love to finally own one. Thanks for the second chance!

  37. Kmac

    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men! Of course I would Love a chance at Some Spusta birds Mr Wonka! Thank You for the opportunity! 🙂

    1. Mark Bogdan

      Thanks for sharing all of the info, now you got me hooked!! New collector here, so I appreciate Kmac and her knowledge of Marq’s work. It’s true tho, she got me hooked now.. LOL !!

      1. Kmac

        Thanks for the kind words Mark! Good luck buddy! Hope you get lucky!! Ahh the joys of Spusta Mail! Always feels like Christmas! 🙂 and Thank You Marq n the Gnomes!!!!

  38. Mark GRzybowski

    Would love a chance to hang some birds next to my couple of birds. My kids think the one bird is me and the other my wife. Maybe we can add the two of them next to mom and dad. 🙂

  39. Emily Germond

    Ohhhhh pretty pretty please! Would love to add to my collection, I missed out last week and I am kicking myself after seeing everyone’s scores😭

  40. Robert K Fiedler

    Missed on the drop and have been gutted to see all the great work in the minis. Thanks for the 2nd chance.

  41. Kevin Garvey

    So you’re telling me there’s a chance….😁
    I’d love some birds framed up on our wall.
    Thanks for giving peeps another shot!

  42. Kyle Balcerak

    I missed out on Some Birds, and I am still looking for my first of the Mini Birds series! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

  43. Nicolas Martinez

    MIssed out- had it in the cart but couldnt pay. I run at about a 1/5 hit rate on releases. Its tough being your supporter.

    Love your stuff.

  44. Eric K.

    It would be an honor to be selected for one of these packs. The artwork is stunning and I would love to see these prints on my wall! Please and Thanks Marq!

  45. Ben

    I would love a chance to purchase one of these packs. I was in all day meetings when this fun was going down or else I would’ve been all over it. Regardless, all the best! Protect that art/jump shot hand!

  46. Kirk Scott/Sam Seabourne

    I missed out on the mini packs last week and would love to get one if I could. Thank you for the chance!

  47. E.K.

    Tell me there’s one more waiting with my name on it please! I love the second chance for these prints! Thanks again!

    1. John C

      Marq is in California isn’t he?! Thought Marq and the gnomes are from that state, I could be wrong but packages I have received in the past say otherwise!

      Any ways I have been wondering where these Spusta “Some Birds” prints and print packs have been come from on eBay?!

      Any way there are some laying around or hiding under a stack of other pieces?! You know you gnomes can be tricky like that?!

      Peace and love from Long Island Marq and the gnomes for all your creations and giving nature!

  48. Melissa A

    Thanks for the chance 💜 I love the packs thag have been shared so far, the Baiting is gorgeous! And the rainbow birds, stunning. Love your work!

  49. Craig Bishop

    If there are any left I am extremely interested! I had one in my cart on the day of the drop and then it was gone. Either way keep up the great work!

  50. Thomas Talley

    I totally missed out on the drop due to family buisness & after seeing the “Sea Turtle” ,(I didnt get the name though), on top of “Some Birds” & the other Prints too, Im really kicking my tail! My wifes nickname for me is “Turtle”,it has been since 7th grade in ’89. So anything to do with turtles in Prints I dont hear anything of buying more Art, haha! Id absolutely love to get a second chance at one! Thank yall very much!

  51. Jesus S

    This is great, true fan service. I’m not just a fan of your art now, we’re all very appreciative of your kind soul, a shining bloom in this murky world. Thank you kindly.
    Much love & good vibes 🤙✌️🖖🤘

  52. Hightime

    Some Birds just landed in my mailbox and they are amazingly smile-inducing! What a great way to begin the weekend! Outstanding work Marq and Gnomes, cheers!

  53. Mark Ward

    I seem to always miss this things! I would truly love to grab one of the remaining packs. Would make my day. No sob story, but Birthday on 8/12 and surgery/open biopsy on 8/14….and celebrating anniversary, which was on 8/4, tonight with my Rockstar wife Jen! Busy , then, nothing for weeks! Thanks Spusta and Crew!

  54. Steven Forsberg

    I was kind of like I Tony need a some birds but now I’ve changed my mind lol! Love the new art:)!!


  55. Alisa Hoover

    Did you select a winner yet?

    I would love to add a Some Birds to my “Spusta Room”.

    Thank you for all that you do!


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