A few posters will drop in the Shop on Wednesday, October 8th after 4 pm pst.

The Moe.down poster for Moe.’s festival on a ski resort in NY, features over 100 little flower, fungi and insect friends…along with one flying pig. The Artist Edition of 75 is a 6 color screen print on shiny linen textured paper. It differs from the show edition by switching the pink ink for a purple ink on the artist edition (AE).

The Lockn’ festival in Virginia had so many fantastic bands in it’s line-up which I have had the chance to do art for in the past (like Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Widespread Panic, Phil Lesh, Tom Petty, Umphrey’s McGee and Del McCoury), so it was a great opportunity to create a poster to encompass the whole festival. Concert goers could obtain a poster (show edition of 400) in exchange for cash or food donations to Conscious Alliance [Art That Feeds]. The Artist Edition of the Lockn’ poster is 5 color screen print on metallic lime paper in an edition of 70. There are also 4 much smaller run variant editions of this poster, that will be distributed in a variety of ways over time, but we do not have plans to make them available directly in the Shop anytime soon.

Stay tuned here after this weeks sale for an announcement regarding next weeks plans for a mini print trio pack drop. We squeezed out a bit more inventory from our vaults of previous 7″ x 7″, 5″ x 7″ and 5″ x 5″ mini screen prints, but our supply is dwindling and I am inspired to make a new batch of minis…when I can find the time.

Thanks again for all your support and interest. We are looking forward to getting these two posters out to you fine peoples.

9 thoughts on “Moe.Down and Lockn’ Artist Editions

  1. Corey Shade

    Been wanting that Lockn’ print for a while now, can’t wait to see the variants! And woohooo for more minis next week!

  2. Kmac

    Metallic lime! mmmm! Sounds amazing already! Makes me wonder what papers Marq and the oompa loompa’s are rollin’ out!

  3. Nick T

    Lucky to get the Moedown AE love the detail on it. Hoping Get lucky twice with a mini lockn since I missed the SE & AE. Can’t wait for next wendsday drop need some minis for the walls cause I am running out of Room. Thanks Marq and the Sputa Gnomes for making my life more fun and gaining alot of new friends with a common bond


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