Who is the Grand Fazooli? Well, here’s your chance to be one of the first people to bask in his infinite weirdness and wisdom.

We have put together a batch of mystery tubes, which each contain The Grand Fazooli in one of his many incarnations, along with a unique assortment of other stuff from the studio (not posters). These tubes will be sent to customers which will be selected randomly from this lottery.

Here’s the scoop for the Grand Fazooli Mystery Tube Lottery Sale:

• Tubes are $80 shipped in the US. (More $ will be invoiced for International shipments)
• If you’re interested in entering the lottery to potentially purchase a tube, please post a comment mentioning why you would like be in the presence the Grand Fazooli(If international shipping, list country). Please only post one comment per interested customer. a Paypal invoice will be sent to the email privately entered in their comment – so, be sure to use an email with a Paypal account.
• All tubes have already been packed, so no requests will be honored, and other items can not be added tho the package.
• Buyers will mostly be selected at random, though a few will be chosen based on the awesomeness of the comment. Many buyers will be selected within hours of this post and another batch of mystery tube customers will be selected on Thursday. 

I’m sure you’re curious and have more questions, but the Grand Fazooli likes that which is mysterious.



217 thoughts on “The Grand Fazooli Mystery Tubes

  1. Matt

    This morning I was riding my bike to work when I saw a very ___ and _____ being. The being looked like a cross between a _____ and a _____, two creatures I had become familiar with in my days as a preschool shaman. After a few hours of speaking to each other, it made me vow to never speak of the encounter again, with the sole exception being to enter the mystery tube giveaway later this evening.

  2. Lilly stone

    To be in the presence of the Grand Fazooli is close as mortals might get to achieving nirvana…..this is where I need to be…..please and thank you

  3. X-MAN

    I would love to be introduced to the Grand Fazooli. I am Gambino as well and would keep the Gambino secret. Would never tell anyone who the Grand Fazooli really is. If anyone asks, they will end up like Luca Brasi.

  4. clawrence

    This Grand Fazooli is not such a mystery to me cause I can see what he might be. He’s traveled far, to and fro and back again through space and time to grant thee wisdom which only those eyes can see. 😉

  5. Angie Q.

    Because if he is anything like you… he will be nothing short of amazing!!! Would love to see the Grand Fazooli and all of his infinite wisdom and get him framed and on my wall. Good luck to all and thank you Mr. Spusta!!!

  6. Courtney

    I want to meet the grand fazooli because someone just turned me on to spusta magic! Looking thru the pictures of spusta art I am sure he is a powerful and mystic creature. The legend of spusta magic tubes are told to small children everywhere!

  7. cubby

    I have the rest of his family sitting here worried sick about his safety. Please send him home so they can be at peace

  8. James Olis

    It’s been a rough couple of weeks, no tubes showing up, lots of rain, Music Today canceling my Jerry Garcia order, I need some Fazooli to brighten things up!

  9. ALICE

    I would be honored to stand at the feet of the Grand Fazooli. I am sure he is much more masterful and powerful then that guy who draws things named Marq Spusta! HA HA. FAZOOLI RULES. I NEED TO MEET HIM. PRETTY PLEASE???

  10. Joshua Thompson

    I want to be in the presence of the Grand Fazooli because the only Grand thing I have had in my presence is a 100 grand candy bar.

  11. Andy D

    He watches ’60 Minutes’ in just 60 seconds.
    If he were to mail a letter without postage, it would still get there.
    He is fluent in all languages, including three that HE only speaks.
    He always tips 100%.

    He IS The Grand Fazooli!!!

  12. Greg Allard

    I must get to know The Grand Fazooli! I’ve heard rumors of his kind but never have I had a personal run in. Please help me change this. I’ll take good care of him or her and treat them like a child. They’ll eat 3 square meals a day and always brush their teeth, I promise.

  13. Shaun

    Well i live in the Grand Canyon State and have been playin with my fazooli for as long as i can remember, so i should be in the presence of the Grand Fazooli right! Hope i win!

  14. Seth

    Dear Grand Fazooli,

    Thanks for this great opportunity to get to know you – especially so mysteriously. I’m focusing all my positive energy your way in hopes of being though of as awesome enough to be visited by your Fazooliness. My dog Shadow would bark cheerfully at your arrival and we could all rejoice.


    Would you like a slice of pie a la mode? I sure would. Warm Apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream sounds yummy right now.

  15. Andrew S

    I heard the grand fazooli was the person who passed that law stating that hay bails can no longer be round because live stock were not getting a square meal. I would like to be selected by the grand fazooli because he has amazing humor also heard that he/she has never seen a moth ball…that is impressive!

  16. Shawnmac

    Hey forget about it….I send you some fazools and I get a package.I’m a Grand Fazooli for life.

  17. Laura scobs

    When I was an amateur bear wrestler (so what if I’m a girl I’m darn good at it) I lost both of my arms. The referee was the grand fazooli and I saw it in a bright light when nothing was there. I saw amazing images of amazing eye bleeding art and I knew all would be okay! I awoke and my arms were reattached (the right where the left would be and the left where the right would be, funny thing that fazooli) in my “left” hand was a poster tube, I opened it and was instantly cured! The fazooli is more than grand, it is eye bleeding amazingness! Pick me fazooli so I can properly thank you for saving my life and arms!

  18. Nadine Schaber

    I would be my honor to have the opportunity to purchase this awesome art work! Thank you!

  19. Ann Conner

    Well…I’ve had quite a horrible year so far & could use some Awesomeness my way!!! Hoping maybe Fazooli could turn this around in some way with his magical powers & Marq’s imagination!!! Let the love train keep roll’n!!!

  20. Travis Hopper

    I just spoke with all my little Spusta creatures. They tell me Grand Fazooli is there grand master of Spusta funk. Fazooli is their magic! I’ve also been told the Grand Fazooli is responsible for all creatures in Spustaland, he looks over them with the help of his bliss bug army.

    Who wouldn’t want to meet the myth the legend master of puppets Fazooli. It would be an absolute honor.

    Thank you

  21. Jerhemy

    I would love a chance to be in the presence of Grand Fazooli. You see I have needed someone to guide me through the rest of 2013. I believe and hope that they will be able to help me in all of my most important decisions for this coming year. Hopefully they find their way to my humble abode. Thank you for the chance!!

  22. JMG$$$

    Fazooli? Fazooli? Fazooli? Been looking for your crazy head!!!!, Making soma Pasta Fazooli tonight. Mangia, Mangia, Mangia!!!!!!!!

  23. Matt

    Isn’t Fazoli’s the place with unlimited breadsticks? Sorry its dinner time yes I want mystery tube please.

  24. Chris Olsen

    I feel we are kindred spirits the Grand Fazooli and I. One of my many many knicknames back in the day was FazOLY since my main knickname was OLY. The Ooli and Oly tribes have a strong bond.
    + anything Spusta rocks!

  25. C. Cousins

    Oh Grand Fazooli!!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! GRAND FAZOOLI!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you hear my CRY!!!!! I beg of you!!!!! I BEG!!! Grant me insight to you infinit wisdom, in only one tube….

  26. Josh

    I would like to be in the presence of the Grand Fazooli because I don’t know who he is but I want to find out!

  27. Brooks Poole

    I need the Grand Fazooli in my life so that my Spusta collection can get the kick it needs!!!!! I am most positive the Grand Fazooli could make that happen.

  28. Tourkidz

    The presence of the Fazooli would bring positive, balanced energy and harmonious sanctitude to my beautiful, yet lonely, walls.

  29. DUTCHY ( Canada )

    The Grand Fazooli, second cousin to the great Arthur Fonzarelli…to have the Grand Fazooli in my presence I can finally ask, what the real color of the sky in my world is!!

  30. quarb tennedflagm

    Because only a fool or a grandstanding stooley
    Would skip a chance at the wisdom
    Of the grand fahzooli…

  31. Mrs. Fazooli

    Where is husband the infamous Grand Fazooli?! He hasn’t been home in days, I fear he’s been up all night, drinking whiskey, and hanging with Arleen at the Diner!! Where are you my love, please show up on our doorstep at 10:13; tube in hand!!!

  32. kmac

    I would love to meet this Grand Fazooli the great Wizard of Spustaland for I am in dire need of his infinite wisdom and guidance
    ….plus I could use a good Ravioli recipe! Please STUFF Fazzy’s fat a## in a tube & ship him to me 🙂

  33. Adam Budd

    Oh man I hope the Grand Fazooli stays up late! I didnt see this till just now. Lets go grab some beers and play some foozeball Grand Fazooli!

  34. Kevin

    Well I love a great mystery more than most! I’ve already exhausted all of the Hardy boys and Nancy Drews from coast to coast. This Grand Fazooli character sounds like just what I need! Thank you much and god speed! 🙂

  35. Todd

    I thought I saw the grand Fazooli once… he was there one moment, then gone in a flash. I’d like to confirm that and I need to be in his presence to ask.

    If chosen, I would be honored and treat Grand Master Fozooli with kindness.

  36. Tony

    Me: Grand Fazooli. I beg you to help. These men have stolen my posters.
    GF: Ive known you all these years and youve never had me over for coffee.

  37. Kyle

    Oh Grand Fazooli
    I must bask in your presence
    Like tasty cannoli UFOs
    And technicolor lizards of fences

  38. Ernie Dodd

    Truly I am lost and drooly without my gooey kazooy constructed, honed and polished by the Grand Fazooli. I need another, I wish he knew me, but alas he rides with Solo and Chewie to distant lands, maybe Tatooy-n. All is well, it flows through me, the guiding wisdom of Fazooli. But as goes Snoopy, please come home Fazooli.

  39. Dustin

    I used to hang with a guy named the great fazulli. He was a awesome guy! We used to throw rocks at the moon & chase lightning bugs for fun. The names are close, they might be brothers? I will have to meet him to be sure.

  40. Rxfeet

    Great and powerful Grand Fazooli:
    Sorry for my tardiness. Seeking wisdom and enlightenment through your artistic talent. Thank you for the opportunity. Say hello to the FSM.


  41. Me

    Because I farted in the elevator, of the elevator today, man. Right before the hottest chick at work stepped on. So I’m thinking, she probably smelled it. Which got me thinking, if this Grand Fazooli really does make eyes bleed, then maybe, just maybe, she’ll thank me some day. I mean if your eyes were bleeding, you might thank me for getting your mind off of them for a few moments, right? It’s the little things.

  42. wayne clements

    it started out about a story my dad told me, as soon as you speak your first word its important you understand the grand fazooli way, as long as you enjoy the company of others, you will learn to show respect and return the kindness and love to all that you have been fortunate enough to be given the same respect and kindness, i couldnt wait to be born

  43. Chris

    It was once the Grand Fazooli who told me, “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” Ever since then I’ve searched for more of his wisdom, but I was never able to find him…Until now!

  44. Jason

    As a young Birdman I was taught by many in the woods of Fazooli. But none engaged in lessons as powerful and hopeful than that of the GRAND FAZOOLI. Of course the forest of whihch was named after him. It is he fostered lessons of Art, Food and great wine. It is in his Presence, the GRAND FAZOOLI where I became BirdMan!

  45. JLO

    I would love to be sitting on a mushroom sharing a hookah with the Grand Fazooli in a Marq Spusta poster.

  46. Jason E

    Yeah, I’m all about gaining some infinite wisdom, so I must meet/be in the presence of the Grand Fazooli. Maybe we could travel to Toronto together and eat at Alice Fazooli’s Italian restaurant.

  47. Groover

    The Grand Fazooli
    is no Fool He
    has the stuff we
    hope to see
    when the light
    gets low
    the insight
    will show
    mind expanded
    freshly branded
    from his infinite glow

  48. Ryan D

    Because I have had this nagging itch in my life for sometime now and feel that the Grand Fazooli is the one who can scrtach that itch!

  49. OTTO

    I have all of the keys and weapons needed to defend us against the Grand Fazooli.

    I have been training for months and I am EASILY, the most qualified for the job.

    Your posters are safe with me, Marq

    I wish you all best of luck in this terrifying time, it will be my honor to defend you.

  50. Scott

    im a newbie collecter and would love too add some killer prints to my small collection . and your work is amazing love your imagination and how you can put it down on paper.

  51. Chris Weston

    I only have a Primus print of yours and want more and manage to miss out on drops of prints I want that I hope may be in my tube….

  52. Jesse C

    To meet The Grand Fazooli will be much fun, I will kiss the sun and convert to crazy! Open the tube of mystery escape from reality, kick back a while and smile, smile, smile. There are only a few, but the grand Fazoolii will very carefully choose. I hope to meet him, as I have no plans today, so best of luck to all, lets have fun with this one and have a ball!!

  53. jeremy

    I need to see whats behind the purple spot!
    Thats more of a tease than blurred-out nudity on TV 🙂

  54. Ben

    My wife and I just moved to a new house that has naked walls. One might say, we made a new start. I haven’t been in the presence of the Great Fazooli since years past in the fields of Waunakee. I’m looking for his workings to satisfy the soul.

  55. Gypsy Lady

    Why I would love to bask in the infinite weirdness & wisdom of the all knowing & mystical Grand Fazooli. My pal Fazool, my bro Zooli, we must meet because I know one thing for sure, there will be ear to ear smiles for days & days.

    Here’s to it, thanks Marq.
    Oh yeah, it was really nice reading everyone’s creative comments…

  56. Mike

    Oh how the Grand Fazooli would enrich my life. He has haunted my dreams and been a hovering specter of my days and I know he the piece missing from my life. I built a fire and in this fire a saw a vision and this vision was…….a maiden eyes alight with glowing hair all that fancy paints as fair. And the Grand Fazooli!!!

  57. Abby

    Much like the Grand Fazooli, I am a very mysterious being. Getting the two of us together will be something for the world to behold.

  58. Merv

    The long lost Fazooli!!! I have been hunting him for years now. Every time I think I ma near him, the big purple spot appears and I can no longer see him. Fleeting glimpses of his awesomness do nothing more than stoke the fires of desire.To hold him in my hands and bask in his glory would make my week.
    Thank you Marq for all that you do for us!! Love your work!

  59. Jason

    So I think the best way to keep my home’s walls alive is to grace it with the Grand Fazooli! You see, story has it that once the Grand Fazooli graces the walls of your home, the owner can sit back and relax to enjoy the show that we call life!

  60. wes holland

    I’ve had some difficulty posting but I can now lay my request at the foot of the Grand Fazooli. Should human sacrifice be necessary, I’m your master of ceremonies. I hope its not too late.

  61. Derek D

    The Grand Fazooli, I would love to hang with you in your presence. To discoverer all the wacky infinite weirdness and wisdom you have to bring. I would be my honer…

    Thanks for the chance, might be late for this one.

  62. JCA

    What it would mean to me to meet the great legend of the many Shimmer colors would be this. My brain will be doing back flips, and my soul will be swallowed in the Grand Fazoolies Mandala of weirdness and wisdom. Wow, What a day, I hope this dream comes true. Thanks for the chance Marq.

    To be completely candid, it would be apropos to exclaim from any rooftop that the founder of strange fandangled my pumpernickel. Although that may be a different story, I would love the chance to connect with an artist that is so benevolent to the oddity that is this enigma we try to re-create. Although sound is my medium, beauty is timeless-

  63. John K

    Oh how I’d so love to see,
    The mysterious man that cannot be,
    Described as anything but a mystery.
    I traveled by land, by air and sea,
    Just to catch a fleeting glimpse of what could be,
    But once again he has alluded me,
    The magical and magnificent Grand Fazooli!

    Grats to those that won!

  64. dylan

    I would like to be in the GRAND FAZOOLI’S presence so that he may help me battle the LIONFISH invasion of the Caribbean! We need all the help we can get!

  65. Rick Caldarella

    I’d like to be in the presence ot Fazooli because I’m confident he would tell me where to find Tweek, who is my all time favorite poster image character. Tweek and Fazooli need to be framed and hung side by side as BFF’s. hahaha 🙂

  66. A-train

    Wow marq your ideas are so great. Who wouldn’t want to be in the presence of the grand fazooli. I’m sure there are many surprises in these tubes. Anything would be fantastic, maybe a late bday present! Have a great weekend.

  67. John

    Ooo Grand Fazooloi you reek of patchouli, I hope to see you Wednesday in VA coming at me in the WSP summer symmetry, if not I’d love to find you in a tube of mystery, but please please please stay away from Music Today XD

  68. Kris Dumas

    Wait, where did my left sock go? Maybe it was that damn Sasquatch, or the damn Fazooli, Either way, I need a drink.

  69. a-train

    I love the grand fazooli. He looks like a wacked out Mr Miyagi. To have him in my presence would be a great honor 🙂

  70. Joshua

    With your grand entrance, Grand Fazooli, you shall empart wisdom of grandeur and exude all the positivity that blocks the negativity of the world. You sir are the Grandness of all.

    Come on home Grand Fazooli.

  71. Deb Kocan

    I might be just a teeeeeny bit late to the party, but I would still be honored by your presence. The gnomes have my address. Hope you show up at my door some time soon 😉

  72. Brian Burkus

    Dear gnomes. I would love the opportunity for a chance at a tube.. granf Fazoli eating righteous Cannolis

  73. Dan graves

    I need the presence of the Grand Fazooli! I need his wisdom and his attitude and his touch of the divine. And because of my job I haven’t been able to visit his cousin Smeez for three years and I NEED something awesome!

  74. Jason Wickham

    I would love to be in The Grand Fazooli’s presence! I have many many questions to ask him. What happened to Melvook’s eye? , Why does Morris drink so much? ,What is Nibbles nibbling on?, and What exactly is In My Head?
    Oh yes, I could go on and on with the Great Fazooli. Thank you so much for considering my abode to house the mysterious man.
    Have a Happy Easter.

  75. Brandon Ambrose

    My daughter Olivia is going to soon be getting her first Spusta print framed. The mini creature caravan. A Spusta mystery tube would sure make her room even more amazing. Thanks Marq for everything you do.

  76. Patrick

    Ahhhh the Grand Fazooli reminds me of the happy spirit & freaky deaky side to each and every one of us when booming around town :)/

  77. Tyler Hart

    I would adore to be in the presence of such awesomeness. I feel like our beloved Grand Fazooli is merely the Great Gatsby on acid, thus his ability to transform from Great to Grand. He is the life of all parties, yet when he’s in his Grand state, he IS the party! Put on your crazy tie, and come have fun with Faz!!!!

    Thank you for the opportunity! Mystery tubes are the best!!

  78. Ben H

    I want what he’s having! Seems like the dude that everybody loves to hang with at a concert or festival. He certainly is a grand fellow, would love to be in his presence and jam out! Thanks for the chance!!

  79. Christopher

    Grand fazoolia. Is the beginning of them all. He is smeezy and morris dad. And nibbles granddaddy. So this is the begincning of the whole family. Thanks

  80. Ben Reed

    Because I believe it is my turn to finally hit the Spusta lottery. I deserve it, and you deserve my money for the wonderful artwork. Please and thank you.

  81. Mark fuerstenberg

    I believe in the “grand fazooli” he’s a styling wizard of sorts…. Well dressed and well versed in magic. Traveling to Chicago, Being in line at C2e2 at the beginning of the line…was not enough to score a nibbles… I will leave it to the gnomes and Marq to hopefully remedy that cluster?. This would be a great surprise to score one of these… Thanks marq and gnomes for everything you do for us addicts!

  82. Seth Rowley

    The Grand Fazooli is the best wing man! Woman get mesmerized by his beautiful eyes and psychedelic tie!

    Thanks Marq!

  83. Rebecca Reece

    I have been trying to be a lucky lottery winner every since the day my boyfriend introduced me to your fantabulous awesome art! The Grand Fazooli would be framed on my wall for me to ask him to grant me awesome days on my way out the door to work! Good luck everyone.

  84. Mark Austin

    I’ve already cleared out my schedule well in advance just for when this day or night might would happen and I would have the honor of meeting The Grand Fazooli and have him grace this humble abode with his presence. I’m gonna leave the porch light on and be hopeful that someday soon we will have a Grand Ole Time together.

  85. Will from the Vill

    Dear Mr. Grand Fazooli,
    I would like to join you on your Mystical Journey of self Actualization. Please hit me back so we can jam out!

  86. Holt Lowe

    Because I’m pretty sure I last saw him walking out of a panic show and we had exactly the same expression. Gotta meet this guy cause he’s gotta be Nuts…

  87. Richard Steinberg

    I would like to be in he presence of the Grand Fazooli bc I need more Spusta on my walls. These drops are always tough. Would love to win this lotto to show I am a winner.

  88. Mark Fortuna

    For only the Grand Fazooli knows the truth. However his eyes must gaze upon you from behind a glass framing hung upon a wall within your home for a year before the truth to be revealed.

  89. Brooke Alvis

    I’d like to be in the Grand Fazooli’s presence so I can deliver unto him this Haiku, written in his awesome honor:

    Celestial drift
    Admiral awakening
    Welcoming us in

  90. Justin

    The presence of a Grand Fazooli in my home would be honored and cherished for many moons to come! Maybe he could teach me about time travel too.

  91. April Earthwood

    Fazooli tests all party favors and flavors to make sure they are safe for the public! Thanks so much!

  92. Jill Palmieri

    I have yet to meet this Grand Fazooli been chasing him down for years..Heard he holds the secrets to eternal joy and never-ending splendor..

  93. Danny C

    All I can say is that I love Marqs work, and that I can’t wait to frame it up and get it on the wall. Go Bernie and good luck all!

  94. Kurt Hill

    The Grandness of Fazooli is right up there with the Grand Wazoo! Intergalactic wizardry! http://youtu.be/_rBuxG9t_PE
    The Grand Fazooli weaves the funkadelic blanket of kindness! Look into his eyes and see “i”. Flavor saver and a crown of love. Bless up Spusta crew!

  95. John Brooks

    I want to meet that Grand Fazooli because he’s the pimpest pimp from the streets. Plus I saw Batman vs Superman tonight and it’s not that good. I need a real hero and Fazolli is a bad mother….Shut you mouth.

  96. Matt

    That Fazooli cat still owes me 12 bucks from back in the day. I need his picture as a reminder of the being that stiffed me all those years ago…

  97. Stacey

    I would love to pick his grand master brain and learn the magic powers of spustaville. Most important to figure out where nibbles really comes from.
    Much love Marq and your mighty gnomes

  98. Brett T

    From what I hear only the grand fazooli knows the secrets of how to actually hit on future drops. Looking for a little bit o luck you could say.

  99. Steve R

    My little baby gnome was conceived with the dream of growing up a Grand Fazolli lover and meeting a Grand Fazolli prince living a Fazolli castle someday. Of course daddy and mommy can live there too!!

    Great giveaway idea!!

  100. Michael Lombardi

    I need to ask her 3 questions!
    1) What is the meaning of life?
    2) What are the secrets of the universe?
    3) Will you marry me?

  101. Emilie Boyaval

    There once was a man named fazooli, whose friends complained he smelled of patchouli. As they sat and judged while their morales smudged, they couldn’t comprehend how he partied but never became unruly.

  102. Michael

    Because I really need to see in person how long his tie is. Does it go on forever? Nobody knows until now.

  103. Tim

    Because I run around and my head is a mess and I think I know what I’m doing and I don’t and now I don’t even know where I’m at. I’d feel better being next to someone that is comfortable being lost.

  104. Sam ross

    I’d like to meet him and ask what he took to make those eyes swirl around so vividly, and maybe see if he had any left to share

  105. Andrew P

    I would like to meet him because I think he might be my long lost uncle Dave. Thanks for the opportunity!! Happy Easter everybody!! 😀

  106. Zach

    Almost as many entries three years after posting as when the tubes were actually available. Pretty crazy. I still want one.


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