The Frame-Up Contest was a bit more prominent in the days that The Spusta Studio Page on Facebook used to let fans post their photos at any time. Now, the Frame-Up Contest is held intermittently when there is a Frame-Up Contest posting to respond to on The Spusta Studio Page on Facebook

We do love to see your Spusta art framed-up and displayed in your lives. So watch for the next call to share those photos with us for the chance to win prizes. (We are nearing 50 rounds of the Frame-Up Contest with over 200 prize packages sent over the years)

Thanks for appreciating the art and giving it a loving display.

8 thoughts on “The Frame-Up Contest

  1. david tolliver

    Hey Marq, where can I send you a photo of my framed art? I got a good one but I’m not on facebook so if you could post it into the ongoing round for me I’d be most grateful – David.

  2. david tolliver

    Yo Marq, i got one more picture of the same framed art i sent you before, ( this one showing a little more detail and not as fuzzy) that id like you to upload to the studio page if you would. Could you shoot me another email so i can send it back to ya? Thanks- dave

  3. Casey

    Hey Marq,
    I have a picture of a framed piece that i would like to send you but I don’t have a facebook account. How can I go about doing this?

  4. Hightime

    thanx for posting all the amazing ways SPUSTA fans have added their own special touches to your artwork. so inspiring!

  5. Jeffrey Moskovic

    Hello, I just won the random selection in the most recent contest. I emailed you my address but have not heard back, did you get my email?


  6. Tony

    I just noticed the rules..apologies if multiple entries per round are not allowed. I put a few up for #34..guess I got a little excited.


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