We are selling the Gold Artist Editions of the recent Widespread Panic Vegas poster set. There are many interested customers, and less than 100 sets to sell, so customers will be chosen through this purchasing lottery.

If you’re interested in putting your name in for one of these poster sets, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. We made things slightly complicated as an attempt to weed out some of the folks that aren’t paying as close of attention, or asking friends to enter for them.

Here’s some details about the prints:
18″ x 24″ screen print poster, Artist Edition of 100 on Gold. Posters will be sold in matching number sets. The cost for the two poster set if you’re selected will be $250 + shipping. A few customers will randomly receive rare variants instead of the Gold Edition. (If you’d rather not have a chance at the variants, add “Gold Only” to your comment entry)


• Interested customers may enter the purchasing lottery only once by posting a comment based on these instructions. Read the instructions and go for one successful, clean post the first time instead of making amendments to your original comment.
• You can post anonymously, but be sure to use your Paypal email address. (Also, mention if you’re International shipping)
Include your answers to all 3 instructions below with your comment.
1. Pick a playing card in a 52 card deck.
(ie; 4 of spades)
2. List two things you like about Widespread Panic
(ie; Schools and Chicks at the shows)
3. List two species of lizards
(ie; Gilbert’s Skink & Basilisk Lizard)

• Most customers will be selected through a random number generator system operated by the gnomes, anyone who follows the instructions is eligible.
• Some customers will also be picked by Marq drawing cards and finding matching customers.
• Selected customers will be sent invoices through Paypal, they have 7 days to pay.
• Invoices will start going out right away…but will keep trickling out over time.
• If you’re comment doesn’t show up, it got caught up in our extra-tight spam filter. We will dig you out before we start picking “winning” customers.
• Keep it honest and fair for all. Don’t use aliases or your gramma’s email. 


947 thoughts on “Widespread Panic Vegas AE set Purchasing Lottery

    1. Chelsea Lorraine

      1. The 7 of Spades

      2. The poster’s and of course the Live Outdoor Music

      3. The Komodo Dragon Lizard and the Sphaerodactylus ariasae better known as the Gecko!

      I would love to get either the Golds or Variants pretty please!

      PayPal is: chelseadirtybaby@gmail.com

      Special thanks to Marq and the whole Gnome team! Awesome Job Guys and keep up the amazing artwork!

      Warmest Regards Chelsea Lorrine

    2. Chelsea Lorraine

      1. The 7 of Spades

      2. The poster’s and of course the Live Outdoor Music

      3. The Komodo Dragon Lizard and the Sphaerodactylus ariasae better known as the Gecko!

      I would love to get either the Golds or Variants pretty please!

      Special thanks to Marq and the whole Gnome team! Awesome Job Guys and keep up the amazing artwork!

      Warmest Regards Chelsea Lorrine

      Sorry for the double post SORRY! Please disregard the top entry please and thank you!

  1. Matt Brady

    1) Queen of Spades
    2) the ever-changing sets, JB’s sweet sweet voice.
    3) komodo dragon and iguana.

    Thanks so much! I was at both shows and really love this print!

    This Santa Barbara winemaker needs a gold wine drinking reptile!

    Thank you Marq and team!


  2. Robert Ko

    Ten of clubs
    Jamming solos and just concerts!
    Veiled Chameleon and Monitor!

    I’ll take regular or variant!

  3. Clayton Hopper

    2 of hearts

    The music

    Flap Necked Chameleon And Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

    Thanks for the chance!

    “Big money, no whammies”

  4. Nick

    1. Jack of hearts
    2. I love the jams and the positive attitudes from everyone I encounter at the shows
    3. Flap Necked Chameleon, Northern Alligator Lizard

  5. Steve Harris

    1. Queen of Hearts

    2. Music and support of food banks

    3. Komodo Dragon and Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko

  6. David Bennett

    1. Jack of Diamonds
    2. Dirty South Sound & Flopping
    3. Bearded Dragon & Chinese Water Dragon

    Fingers Crossed!!!! Thanks Marq!!!!

  7. Mike Wayhart

    1. Kind of Hearts

    2. Went to the Vegas show and they rocked my face; WSP is from Georgia and they have some nasty tunes!

    3. Gilbert’s Skink & Basilisk Lizard- Sorry I don’t know much about Lizards

  8. seth

    1. Jack of Hearts
    2. I love the community and fan base and I also love the heart they put in to their music.
    3. Gecko and Panther Cjameleon

    Gold only and thank you so much for the opportunity!

    1. seth

      Would actually love a chance at the variants. Sorry for the update, but have never landed a print with you. Thanks again.

  9. Jason Dickson

    1. 7 of Diamonds
    2. Jimmy Herrings jams and my Panic People!
    3. Black and White Tegu, Savannah Monitor


  10. Wes R.

    1. Queen of Diamonds
    2. They love playing my hometown (Charlotte, NC) on New Years and JB’s voice – so much soul
    3. Boyd’s Rainforest Dragon and Chameleons

    Thanks Marq

    – Wes

  11. Josh Gray

    6 of diamonds

    Calling songs & make every look bad with my supreme dance moves

    African plated lizard
    Columbian tegu

  12. Matt

    Thanks for the chance Mark!

    1. Queen of Diamonds (I can tell it by the way she shines)

    2. The music and the posters

    3.Gila Monster & chameleon

  13. Stephen Fowler

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. Motorhead Covers and JB raps
    3. Gecko and Jesus

    Love it all Marq, fingers crossed for one of those variants!

  14. jason

    jack of hearts
    rock and roll
    Armadillo Girdled Lizard and Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink

    may the force be with you… and me


    1. Ace of Spades!
    2. I like John Bell’s sweet sultry voice, and Dave’s Bass Bombs!
    3. Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko & Knight Anole

  16. James

    1. 5 of Diamonds
    2. Hearing “Sipping on a Tallboy” and the chicks for sure
    3. Skinks, Carolina Anole

  17. Steven Smith

    7 of hearts
    great memories with friends and jamming live music
    Knight Anole & Leopard Gecko

    Love this sooo much!

  18. Johnathan Contini

    1. Jack of diamonds
    2. The Live show in Vegas Was Amazing. The jams between songs change my life every time i see them.
    3. komodo Dragon,Vieled Chameleon

  19. John Kushmerick

    Thanks for the lotto, as always, Marq!

    1 – 7 of spades
    2 – Spusta Concert Posters & jams
    3 – Rhinoceros Iguana (Cyclura cornuta) & Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis)



  20. Jarrett W

    1. 2 of diamonds

    2. The fact that less than a handful of people are videotaping live shows on their phones. Everyone is up and dancing!

    3. Leopard Gecko and Crested Gecko

  21. Chad

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. Good Music & Good People
    3. Australian Water Dragon & Collared Lizard

    Thanks for the chance! Keep up the good work!

  22. Aris Liapakis

    1. 7 of Diamonds

    2. JB’s vocals and my fellow Panic fan’s positive spirit

    3. Komodo Dragon, Tokay Gecko

  23. Hightime

    queen of Hearts, love the school’s zone and the entire widespread family and being a resident of the great silver state… skinks and blue bellies are best in my book. cheers!

  24. The Alchemistress

    1. J of spades
    2. JB’s voice and psychedelic lights
    3. Frilled Lizard and Yellow-spotted night lizard

  25. Scott

    Would love a shot at anything, especially a variant! Thanks for the chance!

    1. 9 of hearts
    2. The comradery of the fanbase, the soul in JB’s voice
    3. Panther Chameleon, Rhinoceros Iguana

  26. Jessyca

    Card choice:Queen of Hearts <3
    Things I like: the vibe, the dedication
    2 lizards: the tuatara and because Im moving to sri lanka the water monitor!!!!

  27. topdogger

    1.Ace of Spades
    2. Good People & Songs about chicken
    3. Tokay Gecko & Gila Monster

    Viva Las Spusta & the Slot Lizards

  28. Austin Cunningham

    1. Queen of spades!
    2. The Wooks & Solid Jams
    3 . Rhinoceros Iguana (Cyclura cornuta), and the Panther Chaneleon (Furcifer pardalis)

    Thanks for the shot today gnomes and the extra eduction on lizard species. I learned something today!

  29. micah

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. JB’s voice
    schools bass bombs
    3. Green Anole (my favorite as a kid in the south)
    Broadhead Skink

    i want anything you can give me. love these prints, the shows were out of control and i need these as a permanent reminder of the great time i had there. thank you!

  30. Shawn Garner

    -Queen of Hearts
    -Musicianship and Amazingly Peaceful Energy
    -Flap Necked Chameleon
    -Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko
    Please and Thank You Marq & Gnomes!!!
    You’re the Best!!!!

  31. Holdin Coughield

    Queen of Diamonds

    JB’s vocals and Dave’s bass bombs

    Chuckwalla and Baja California Leopard Lizard


  32. javier

    10 of hearts
    Sunny Ortiz and the lot scene
    marine iguana and veiled chameleon

    thanks so much for the opportunity!!!!

  33. Jessica

    Ace of Spades
    never the same show twice….dance freely
    iguana and gecko

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. Kevin H

    7 of Clubs

    JB’s Voice and Seeing all my Panic friends at Red Rocks

    Bearded Dragons and Iguanas

    Nothin’ better than Panic and Spusta! Thank You Marq and Gnomes!!!

  35. Steven Wandrey

    1. 9 of Hearts
    2. Herring’s guitar and warm kind family vibes
    3. Mangrove Monitor & Panther Chameleon

  36. Snakeman69

    1) Queen of diamonds
    2) Their incredible lyrics feel like songs were written just for me & The fact that they have taken me to places I would probably have never seen otherwise.
    3) Komodo Dragon, Gila Monster

    I would love a gold, or especially a double-secret variant set!!

  37. Richard Tejeda

    King of Hearts

    I love WSP’s name and the song Chilly Water.

    Gila monster and casquehead.

    Thanks for the chance!

  38. Nathaniel

    -7 of hearts
    -JBs growls and never knowing what song you’re going to hear
    -Komodo dragon and Leopard Gecko

  39. Tripp

    #1 Jack of Clubs
    #2 JB’s voice and School’s rockin bass
    #3 chameleon and gecko

    I’ll try for any edition. Thanks Marq!

  40. Brett T

    Love these two! Please & Thank You!

    1. 2 of Hearts
    2. Lot Scene & Hippie Chicks
    3. Green Iguana & Parsons Chameleon


    9 of hearts

    the amount of energy the guys put out during a show and the community of fans that surround the band.

    Phrynocephalus Also called the Toadhead Agama

    Phrynosoma or horned toad

    thanks for the chance!

  42. Pete Graziano

    1.Queen of spades
    2. The sick guitar riffs
    The freedom to be yourself
    3.. Chameleon
    Earless monitor lizard

    Thank you!

  43. Derek Demarchi

    1.Ace of Spades

    2. Of course the Music. Also all the great people you meet to jam with and all the great memories.

    3. Iguanas and Geckos

  44. Jason Meister

    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. Schools hair blowing in the wind, JB in Cleveland Indians gear!
    3. Jesus Lizard and Horny Lizards (chameleon as backup)


    Queen of hearts
    Dave Schools and Sonny
    Komoda Dragon and guila monster

    Fingers crossed I hit this lotto

  46. Ryan Silberkraus

    These are sweet!

    1. Jack of Diamonds
    2. Houser’s soaring lead, Schools’ powerful lines
    3. Flap necked chameleon and african fat tailed gecko

  47. Matma

    1. 7 of Hearts
    2. The shows have the bestest people and they get the best gigposters.
    3. Chinese Water Dragon and Chuckwalla

    Thanks for the chance!

  48. Austin B

    1.) 10 of spades;
    2.) JB raps and standing in the Schools zone;
    3.) Pinocchio Lizard and Crested Gecko.

    Thanks for the chance!

  49. Beth Behr

    1. 8 of Clubs
    2. Jimmy Herring is a wizard!! and making new friends at Panic shows!
    3. Just two?? Gotta go with the leopard gecko, for my homie Jax who has been kicking it with me for 10+ years, and the chameleon cuz they’re so sneaky they can snag me a set!! 🙂
    Thanks for the chance!

  50. Justin

    1. Jack of Clubs
    2. Schools and Greta
    3. Gargoyle Gecko and Chinese Water Dragon

    Thanks for the chance Marq!

  51. James Lowe

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. Backwards hat JB and Paul Hoffman’s Lights
    3. Panther Chamelion and the African Fat Tailed Gecko

  52. Lawrence Purvis

    1. 3 of Clubs
    2. Great posters and the fans!
    3. Veiled Chameleon and Rhinoceros Iguana

    Thanks Marq!

  53. Brad S

    I would be happy with anything. Thanks for the chance Gnomes

    1)King of diamonds
    2)Dancing and Traveling (memories)
    3)I love lizards! Ill have to go with Bearded Dragon and Black and white Tagu

  54. troy

    1. 7 of hearts
    2. 4 hour set at wakarusa. straight chaos
    3. flapped necked chameleon, northern alligator lizard

  55. Rob Malanca

    1) 8 of Hearts
    2) Long Shows, Always changing set lists.
    3) Arizona Striped Whiptail,
    Texas Yellow-headed Racerunner

    oh yeah baby!!

  56. Cobra Low

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. John Bell and my Panic Roadtrip soundtracks!
    3. Jackson Chameleon and Blue Tongued Skink


  57. Chris Anderson

    Queen of Hearts
    I like their longevity as a band and the extended versions at their live shows.
    Komodo Dragon
    Monitor Lizard

    Crossing my fingers for a chance to buy!!

  58. Bobby G

    I would love a set of these lizards for my wall. I find that when playing poker with Monitor Lizards and Chamelions, its best to put on my favorite Widespread Panic CD, Light Fuze, Get Away. As David Schools lays out smooth funky bass lines focus on playing a 7 of Hearts when possible. These lizards may communicate telepathically at the poker table bit these instructions at least give you a chance.

  59. scott sipes

    8 of Spades
    I love the Family atmosphere at the shows and J.B. Killing the lyrics on a good backward hat night.

    Gecko and Komodo Dragon
    any set would be awesome!

  60. Dann Wunderlich

    1) Ace of hearts 🙂
    2) I love the fans. These people are nuts. They can drink moonshine like its water and still function. It boggles my mind. The atmosphere that WSP creates is so fun. I saw them at Summercamp my first year and it was transformative. So many JAMS. The second thing I love are the incredible artists that WSP works with to create stunning imagery for the fans. It’s awesome. WHY SPREAD PANIC?

    3) my bearded lizard names Rebecca and the ever present wood lizard of southern Texas.

    Thanks for making this fun and as always, thanks for making incredible art.


  61. Troy Elliot Tyson

    U.S. Shipping
    1. 9 of hearts
    2. Their gig posters (duh!), and live concerts
    3. Komodo Dragon, and Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko (yes, I googled the second one!)

  62. Nate Jackson

    1. Jack of Clubs
    2. Jimmy Herring and definitely the chicks at the shows.
    3. Komodo Dragon and Chameleon

  63. James

    1. Six (6) of Clubs
    2. WSP is from my hometown, and I love hanging with all my friends at the concerts!
    3. Flapped Neck Chameleon and Rhinocerous Iguana

  64. Sean Brady

    1. King of Spades
    2. The Panic fans at concerts and the colors of the sounds
    3. Komodo Dragon and Knight Anole

  65. Andy Manning

    Would LOVE to win this one!

    1. 3 of Clubs
    2. Jimmy Herring solos and ‘Can’t Get High’
    3. Jackson’s Chameleon and Komodo Dragon

  66. william becker

    1)Ace Of Spades
    2)Killer southern rock jams and Domingo Ortiz’s smooth percussion
    3)Water monitors and Geckos

    Thank you very much for the opportunity! Keep up the amazing work Marq!!!

  67. Jason Jones

    1. 7 of Clubs
    2. Incredible artwork that is associated with them, and the great vibes from the people at shows!
    3. Bearded Dragon and Argentine Tegu

  68. Mike T.

    1. 10 of Spades
    2. Cover Songs selection / Tenure as a Band
    3. Bearded Dragon Lizard & Old-Man Lizard

    Gold Edition or Variant

  69. Ashley Smith

    Jack of Spades
    JB Rhythm Guitars and New Years EVE with Panic
    Casquehead Lizards and Earless Monitor Lizards

  70. Kelli

    Jack of Hearts

    Jimmy Herring and their live shows!

    Chameleons and Iguanas.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  71. Richard Cohen

    Thanks for the chance!

    1) Ace of Spades
    2)Kinship & Sonny on Percussion
    3)Panther Chameleon & Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

  72. allen Sinkler

    Ace of spades
    Igunia and gecko
    The trip the music takes you on and the friends you meet that become family

  73. Gordon Monk

    1.Jack of Hearts
    2. Dave’s in the pocket groove and the long solos live.
    3.Tuatara and Chuckwallla Lizards

  74. April Goins

    1. 9 of hearts
    2. The awesome poster artists WSP uses, the tie die as far as the eyes can see.
    3. Knight Anole and Leopard Gecko

    Thanks for the consideration Marq!

  75. matt

    1 – 3 of hearts
    2 – jams & posters!
    3 – Panther Chameleon & Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

    Thanks Gnomes!

  76. Ryan

    1. Jack of Hearts

    2. Love the long jams and of course the amazing artwork!!

    3. Dwarf Gecko and Monitor Lizard (Figured I’d go smallest and largest)

    Thanks Marq!!!!

  77. C. Daniels

    1. King of Spades
    2. The good times with family and friends / Sonny’s mad precussion lab
    3.Panther Chameleon & Komodo Dragon

    Thank’s for the chance Marq!!! I’m hoping to make this a killer birthday, bringing one of these set’s home.

  78. Stacey

    1. 4 of hearts
    2. I go to Panic shows because they have written the soundtrack to my life and I get to see so many friends that I have met through the years touring.
    3. Water Monitor and Gecko

    I was at these shows and would love to frame whatever you wanted to send me!

  79. Brian L. Wilson

    I like Lizards.
    1-Ace of Spades
    2-All about the (a) Music and the (b) Fans
    3- Leopard Gecko, Komodo Dragon

  80. Amethyst Zharr-Brown

    1) 6 of clubs
    2) Porch song and Dream song
    3) Jesus Lizard and Horned Lizard

    Crossed fingers baby!!! WOooooo!

  81. Dennis Bryant

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. 7 of Clubs
    2. Drums & Bass/Drums
    3. Beaded Lizard / Bearded Dragon Lizard

    Good Look to everyone!

  82. Chris

    1. Queen of spades

    2. The eclectic fans and mind melding grooves

    3. Red bellied skink, gila monster.

    Thanks for the opportunity as always!

  83. Jay

    1. Queen of Diamonds
    2. the lingering leads and Schools’ rock star attitude
    3. satanic leaf tailed gecko and bearded dragon

    thanks Marq and Gnomes, fingers crossed for some lottery luck!

  84. Michael Buonomo

    1) JACK of Diamonds

    2a) WSP envokes a spiritually response I am unable to achieve through any other means.

    2b) The Good People!

    3) Basilisk and Blue Lizards

    Thank You Marq!!

  85. Anthony

    Thanks for the opportunity. Would absolutely love to win these.
    I’ll go King of Hearts
    Tokay Gecko & Thorny Dragon
    Their continued perseverance making great music through adversity & what person doesn’t love the whole party of attending a show?

    Thanks for the chance. If I don’t hit, I hope you’ll have some more in Delaware.


  86. Brian

    1. Queen of Diamonds (can always tell the Queen of Diamonds by the way she shines)

    2.WP frequently cover Ace of Spades they use the art of Marq Spusta!

    3a. Chameleons and Lounge Lizards

  87. Kelly

    1. 8 of clubs
    2. Schools and lazer shows
    3. Gecko and water dragon

    Variant please. Please pick me!
    Thank you soo much!

  88. Randall

    8 of spades
    I enjoy the live shows and the awesome show prints!
    I love Rhinoceros Iguanas and Satanic Leaf Tailed Geckos!

    You do Beautiful work Marq!
    Thank You and. Wonderful day!

  89. Chris

    1. King of spades
    2. Jimmy facial expressions when jamming and sonny’s rythem
    3. Panther Chameleon and the African fat tailed gecko

    Thanks for the Chance!!

  90. Jeremy Ramoz

    8 spades
    Love that when I’m not there you can still stream it live #2 when I am there it feels like I never left. FAMILY!

  91. James P.

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. JB and play at The Joint
    3. West Usumbara two-horned chameleon and Gold dust day gecko

  92. Atrain

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. I love all the like minded people and chasing covers I have never heard
    3. Collared Lizard and Chuckwalla Lizard

  93. Stacey Levin

    queen of hearts
    They make do the happy dance!! Favorite Jam Band!
    Love JB voice been in aw since 2000!
    Flap necked chameleon, Leopard Gecko

  94. Jeff Coriell

    1) The Ace of Spades
    2) 1. They are the best band on the planet. 2. JB’s soul in his singing and playing.
    3) Lounge Lizard and Lot Lizard

    Thanks Marq and Gnomes for the opportunity! I’m really hoping to win the chance to purchase these amazing prints! Cheers!

  95. Chris

    1-King of hearts
    2-The energy and the art
    3-Madeira wall lizard / Chameleon

    Thanks for the chance Marq!

  96. Phil Carpenter

    Hello! Hope I win! Here you go!
    1) Jack of Spades
    2) Listening and watching videos of Widespread Panic with my boy Will James, and sipping on a tall boy while he played “Tall Boy”. 2nd memory, freaking out when Michael Houser passed away.
    3) Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko & Rhinoceros Iguana

  97. Christine

    1)Joker card
    2)The talent and venues
    3) Blue tongued skink, chuckwalla!

    Thanks. Have fun everyone!

  98. Matt Hall

    1. 3 of Clubs
    2. Lingering leads. and the good people.
    3. Gila Monster and Skinks

    Any of them will be on my wall!

  99. Kristen

    3 of Hearts
    JoJo & Tall Boy
    Dumerils Monitor & Gila Monster

    Hoping for my first lotto win! 🙂
    Thanks guys!

  100. Christy Pierce

    1. 3 of hearts ❤️
    2. Bass jams and powerful song meanings
    3. Knob-scaled lizards and legless lizzards

  101. David M

    1. Jack of Hearts (one of the two one eyed jacks)
    2. Hearing JB’s welcomes (like “good evening good people”) and baskin’ in the light of a good JB rap.
    3. Coast Range Fence Lizard (just saw a few this morning) and Blainville’s Horned Lizard (look up a picture of this little guy and you will see why I chose him)

    Was at these wonderful shows and would love your poster set Marq. Need some more Spusta on my wall in addtion to Wolf’s Symphony!

  102. Garret Phillips

    Queen of Hearts
    Great Music and Interesting people with great art
    Veiled Chameleon and the Flap Necked Chameleon


  103. Allan Rubin

    King of Hearts

    The community of fans and band and the variety of eclectic music and songs.

    Leopard gecko, komodo dragon, bearded dragon!

    Oh and I love your art and WSMFP!!!

    Thanks for the chance Marq!

  104. Nick Campion

    1. Ace of Diamonds

    2. They go back 3 shows when writing setlists, if it’s been played the last 3 shows, it’s not getting played that night ; John Bell, the best frontman ever!

    3. Komodo Dragon and Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

  105. Jessica Wayhart

    1. Jack of Spades

    2. Their kick ass fan base and no two shows are the same!

    3. Thorny Dragon and blue-tongued skink!

  106. troy goode

    1- ace of spades
    2- its basically the soundtrack to my life and has been for the last 15+ years , and jimmy herring is a beast
    3- The New Caledonian Giant Gecko, Grand Cayman Blue Iguana

    Missed out on going to vegas, but having your art would be the next best thing. PS: your art is the only time i break my “only hang art from shows you attended rule” thanks as always Marq – TG

  107. Kim

    1. 3 of diamonds
    2. JB’s voice, no shows ever the same
    3. Northern Alligator Lizard, Komodo Dragon

    I would love a variant or the gold edition. I was there and it was an ass-kickin time, for sure! Thanks for the chance, gnomes!

  108. Brian W

    1. 7 of Diamonds
    2. Love the opportunity to see long time friends and enjoy good music to boot! Great band that stands the test of time.
    3. Komodo Dragon and Frilled Lizard

  109. ryan

    1. Queen of hearts.
    2. The fan base and pure musical talent
    3. Salamander and iguana

    Thanks for the opportunity! !! See you next weekend! !

  110. Jim Maguire

    10 of clubs
    John Bell Period. Turn JB up
    Like how the shows are set up similar to how the Dead
    Used to play… Drums etc.
    Blue belly lizards and the bearded dragon!

    Thanks for considering!

  111. Ben

    1. Ace Of Spades
    2.The two things I love about WSP are the way the music hits me and the friends I have made because of the music.

    Hoping for my first Spusta Lotto Win here. Long time collector and got a long streak of no luck with these lottos.

    I attended these shows on an epic birthday weekend in Vegas with my best friends. I would love this set to commemorate that weekend on my wall! Please Spusta Gnomes shine your light on me and end the streak!!

    3. List two species of lizards Lounge lizards and the lizard king? But Seriously Jesus Christ Lizard (Walks on water) and Galapagos Land Iguana

  112. Jenn Thomas

    1. 7 of diamonds
    2. Set list variety – every show is different and the impromptu jam-a-lams every night.
    3. Komodo dragon and LEOPARD gecko

    I’d be happy to be considered for any sets of these Vegas prints: I’m not picky!

  113. Adam

    -2 of heart
    -Mickey, why i discovered them & that they play everywhere if you wait long enough (Lincoln third year in a row).
    -Frilled Lizard & collared lizard

    Please and thank you. Good luck to all.

  114. john nagowski

    1. 3 of hearts
    2. a) JoJo
    b) endless nods to whiskey
    3. a) Leopard lizard
    b) Alligator lizard

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  115. Torrance Hoover

    1) 3 of diamonds
    2) The way dave schools’ hair blows in the wind and how all the people on the rail kick me to the back of the floor
    3) Komodo Dragon and the Eastern Three Lined skink

  116. Brittany

    1. Six (6) of Diamonds
    2. The pre/after parties and grooving to my favorite music in the universe!
    3. Horned Lizard and Flap Necked Chameleon

  117. George Bailey

    1. King of Spades.
    2. JB’s Soul and that coo coo water (chilly water).
    3. Rhinoceros Iguana and the Leopard Gecko.

    I tried to get these in Vegas and failed. I hope the gnomes are kind.

  118. Justin R

    1.) eight of spades
    2.) taking time off work to follow them around with my friends, all the great art I now own thanks to this jamtastic band 🙂
    3.) gecko and Komodo dragon


  119. Matt

    1. 10 of Hearts
    2. Spending quality time with friends and family, and JB’s voice! ( Mikey’s guitar too, RIP)
    2. Flap Necked Chameleon and Knight Anole


  120. Brooks Poole

    1. Jack of hearts!
    2. The people and the incredible feeling they send down my spine!
    3. Boyds rainforest dragon and chameleon

    Many thanks marq and the gnomes!

  121. Dave

    1. 8 of Heart
    2a. The band on tour has three freight trucks — one for lights, one for sound, one for band equipment and merchandise.(I am a big fan of truck…)
    2b. Widespread Panic has remained in Pollstar’s Top 50 Tours of the Year for the past decade.
    3.Tuatara & Gecko

    Thanks for the chance!

  122. Kathryn B.

    1. 2 of Diamonds
    2. They tour all over the country and they play 3 hour concerts
    3. African Fat-Tailed Gecko and Argentine Tegu

  123. Rose

    1. Four (4) of Diamonds
    2. Met my husband at a Panic show and ever changing setlists (makes for fun show gambling w other panic fans)
    3. Northern Alligator Lizard and Leopard Gecko

    Will take gold or variant. Based in US for shipping.

    Was at both the shows in Vegas but didn’t get posters!


  124. Peter K

    1. Jack of Hearts
    2. The friends I have made over the years that I STILL keep in touch with and the ridiculous set lists
    3. Ringed spinytail iguana & Monstersauria

    Thank you for this amazing chance to own these beauties!!

  125. Tim

    Thanks for this opportunity! Those moments in Vegas were golden!

    1 – Jack of Clubs
    2 – The Dance Party and Bringing old friends back together to create new memories
    3 – Iguanas and Chameleons

  126. Joe VanderVeen

    1. 6 of Diamonds
    2. Changing setlists & vibe of live shows
    3. Jackson’s Chameleon & Frilled Lizard

  127. Marcy

    1. Queen of hearts
    2. The best friends that I only get too see at shows
    The music that pulses through your veins that makes you know your alive
    3. Iguana
    Monitor lizard ( looks like something you’d draw)

  128. Marwan

    Ill be on the lookout. I cannot wait to see if anything arrives. Thanks you Mark and Gnomes!
    1)Ace of spade
    2)Raging with buddys and the road trip
    3)collared lizard and crested gecko

  129. Alison Fujimoto

    1. 4 of hearts
    2. They’re a jam band and they play long shows!
    3. Panther Chameleon and Komodo Dragon

  130. Tyler davio

    1. 7 of diamonds
    2. Schools’ Twinkie fingers and JB’s voice. All night long.
    3. Varinad Lizard and Ocellated Lizard

  131. Kelly

    1. King of Hearts
    2. drinkin whiskey and the way john bell screams when he sings
    3. Monkey tailed skink and jeweled lacerta

    thanks!!! 😀

  132. Brett Meyer

    1. Ace of Spades

    2. Those girls at the shows, can’t lie! And the amazing interplay between the band members, especially when jamming.

    3. Horned Lizard and Beared Dragon

  133. Peter

    Ace of Spades – they do a mean cover of this Motorhead song!

    JB’s songwriting, Jimmy’s shredding.

    Komodo Dragon and the Gecko in those insurance ads.

    Thanks Marq!

  134. Trina G

    Eeeeeee LOVE this one!!!
    1.Queen of hearts
    2.JB’s voice and how real their music is with life!!
    3.Monitor and Gecko

    This is so awesome. My favorite artist. Band. And the fun begins checking emails:)

  135. Cynthia K.


    1) Joker
    2) How much rock they rock after playing for over 30+ years, and making each show unique!
    3) Chameleons and bearded dragons (I used to raise both). 🙂

    Paypal: suchacyn@gmail.com

    Thanks so much! Love the artwork 🙂


  136. Josh H.

    King of diamonds

    The accompanying lights and just live jams in general

    Rhinoceros Iguana and Knight Anole

    Thanks for the chance!

  137. Emily

    Thanks for the chance! Love your art style and the really cool paper stock you use. 🙂

    1. 6 of Spades
    2. Drums and John Bell
    3. Shasta Alligator Lizard & Ringed Wall Gecko

  138. Andy pro

    -Queen of diamonds
    -The friends I’ve met along the way standing next to me and the connection I have with the music.
    -iguanas and geckos
    Pleas and than-Q!
    Good luck yall!

  139. Rick_a_c

    Good lottery, Marq!

    1= Jack of Hearts
    2= jam improvizations and posters
    3= Komodo Dragon and Panther Chameleon

  140. Mitchell Seyfer

    1. The Jack of Diamonds
    2. Their southern rock Athens, GA musical sensibilities and their longevity!
    3. The California Alligator Lizard, and the Banded Gila Monster.

    Nice job, Marq! I love you.

  141. Rich

    1. Eight (8) of Diamonds
    2. All the beautiful people and all the beautiful things they bring for me to enjoy 😉
    3. Komodo Dragon and Jackson’s Chameleon

  142. Graham Pressley

    1) Ace of Hearts.

    2) Ain’t life grand and the show’s poster art!

    3) Guatemalan beaded lizard and the butterfly lizard (Indian flying lizard).

    If I said that I promise to frame them with real 22k gold would that help my cause? Not a joke.

  143. anonymous

    1) 8 of hearts
    2) foggy memories of my first show with a bunch of southern boys living in cali and of course their posters
    3) The horned devil and the flying dragon

  144. Chatham M

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. Neil Young Covers and John Bell’s falsetto that makes him sound like he’s gargling dirt when he sings/growls at me (I mean that as a compliment)
    3. Gila Monster and Fat-Tailed Gecko

    I love lizards, I love widespread panic, I love your art….thanks for the opportunity.

  145. Ryan G

    1. Jack of Diamonds
    2. JB’s Backwards Hat & the White Wizard Herring!
    3. Veiled Chameleon & Bearded Dragon

    Thanks Marq!

  146. Larry Mathews

    1. Queen of Diamonds

    2. Schools’ hair blowing in the wind at Red Rocks & JB wearing a hat backwards (always a sign of great to things to come)

    3. Gecko & Chameleon

  147. Thomas Wooden

    Hoping for my first win! Cant wait to see what happens

    1)Queen of diamonds
    2) For sure the chicks. Met my girl at a show, Also the night life!
    3)Crested Gecko, Fire Skink!

  148. Justin

    Kimodo Dragon-Nile Monitor
    Panic is my favorite band! JB’s lyrics & soulful tone & DAS dropping the bass bombs. Jimmy shredding Mikey’s old licks. I could go on and on…
    “You can tell the queen of diamonds by the way she shines”
    Hoping this will pop my lotto cherry!!
    Thanks as always for the opportunity!
    I’ll be thrilled with any edition/variant. Thanks!

  149. Blake

    1. King of hearts!
    2. The year 2001(!!) and Mikey (RIP)
    3. Gila monster and beaded lizard (the only two poisonous lizards )

    I’d love any version! Thanks marq and gnomes!!

  150. Eric Sellers

    10 of clubs

    Halloween shows and Sweet covers they play like Lola, etc.

    Rough neck monitor and iguana

  151. Brian Coleman

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. Tall Boy and being from Athens
    3. Tokay Gecko and Long-Nosed Leopard Lizard (and yes I donate to Wikipedia)

    Keep up the great work!

  152. John

    1. 2 of clubs
    2. JB-isms (shit JB says), and trying to guess the openers
    3.Philippine sailfin lizard, Mexican mole lizard

    Thank you Marq for this opportunity!
    Best of luck to everyone!!!

  153. Jason

    1-Jack of Spades
    2-Jimmy Herring and the good times
    3-horned lizard and frilled lizard

    I’ll take anything I can get, can’t imagine it would make a difference. They’re all beautiful

  154. Ethan Engdahl

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to own these.

    1. Jack of Clubs
    2. The music and sense of community
    3. Blue Tailed Skink and the Jamaican Iguana

  155. Ed Martin

    7 of clubs
    The friends made and the Music of course
    Knight anole and mangrove monitor


  156. JR

    1. Jack of spades
    2. Herring’s solos and the thump of Schools
    3. Water Monitor and Panther Chameleon

    Happy with anything, keep doing what your doing!

  157. David C

    1. 5 of diamonds
    2. Jimmy Herring and all the good people
    3. Thorny Devil and Leaf Tailed Gecko

    Thanks for the chance!!

  158. Andrew P

    1. 7 of Diamonds
    2. Great jamming and even greater fans!!
    3. Red Headed Rock Agama and Jackson’s Chameleon

    Best of Luck Everybody!!

    Thanks Marq and Gnomes!!

    Happy Day!! 😀

  159. Nikki Purvis

    Bearded Dragon
    Dancing in the light since 97 with the boys and family
    Panic has been a reason to travel to venues I may never of had an opportunity to visit.
    Thanks for this opportunity

  160. Jason Kechijian

    1) 7 of hearts
    2) Front Jimmy side & it’s my HAPPY place with my friends.
    3) Southern Desert Horned Lizard & Panamint Alligator Lizard

  161. Amber

    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. JB’s voice so sexy, all us crazy freak fans
    3. leopard gecko & veiled chameleon

    Thanks Gnomes

  162. Robert S.

    1-8 of Spades for my son.
    2-Panic (RIP), and cutting my teeth on jamming!
    3-spiny-tailed iguana/helmeted gecko, of course

    All in! Let’s roll the dice gnomes!

  163. LesY

    1) Queen of Spades
    2) My Panic Family & No two shows are the same
    3) veiled chameleon & satanic leaf tailed gecko

    Thanks Marq & Staff!

  164. Shannon

    *4 of Diamonds (4 is my favorite #)(Diamonds for a rare variant8-)
    **I can lose myself at a WSP gig (like a Spusta print)
    **I Love their Dedication to the Fans (like the Spusta family)
    ***Where I’m from; we used to find Prairie Lizards and Skinks in the Summer, my favs! I would take care of them by leaving water out if I knew where they were staying 🙂
    Thank You Marq & Gnomes!
    Have a Fun Day! Bye 4 now 😎

  165. Rachel

    1. Queen of Diamonds

    2. The Fellowship of a Widespread Panic concert is like church Good Peolpe & JB is always entertaining 🙂

    2. Iguanas & Leopard Lizards

  166. Jake Zwerdlinger

    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. The School Bass Bombs & the friends I know I’ll see each time without talking for a year.
    3. Komodo Dragon & Galapagos Land Iguana

  167. Todd Larsen

    1. Queen of Diamonds
    2. The long jams, and cool folks at the shows!!!
    3. Godzilla, Iguana

    Thanks for the chance Marq!!!

  168. neo

    Thanks for the chance at these the gold set or possible variant set.

    1. 6 Hearts
    2. Improvisation jams, good times with friends
    3. Veiled chameleons & Monitor lizard

    Thanks, good luck guys…

  169. Chance

    1. 7 of clubs

    2. Airplane and the Driving Song

    3. Iguana and Water Dragon

    Thank you, Marq and the Gnomes.

  170. Timothy Roche

    1. Jack of Diamonds
    2. The Soul of the Band and the Heart felt lyrics
    3. Panther Chameleon and Gila Monster

  171. Tim

    1. 10 of clubs
    2. Conrad the caterpillar and special guest jams
    3. Panther Chameleon and mangrove monitor


  172. Ian VanMoorhem

    1) 7 of Diamonds

    2) a) Jimmy Herring: I actually discovered WSP because of Aquarium Rescue Unit. I now am in utter love with WSP so thanks Jimmy!
    b) No matter how I feel, when I put them on they make me feel good throughout! 😉

    3) a) Green Anole
    b)Cuban Brown Anole

  173. CC

    1. Jack of spades
    2. JB and the awesome fan base which includes many of my friends and family!
    3. Flapneck chameleon and Rainbow skink

    Thank you very much!

  174. Jason

    1. The Ace Of Spades
    2. My panic family and Lead Bass Solos from Schools, oh and the chicks (I know it’s 3!)
    3. Bearded Dragon and Horned Lizard

    Thanks for the fun lotto system!

  175. Ricky

    8 of clubs
    I love the energy and the scene
    flap necked chameleon and bearded dragon
    Thanks for the opportunity

  176. Lance Ohnstad

    1. Joker
    2. Psychedelic lights….and amazing show prints!!
    3. Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko / Kimodo Dragon

    Thank you again for the chance!!

  177. Don G.

    These are really beautiful prints Marq.

    1. 3 of clubs
    2. Dave’s bass bombs and JBs vocals
    3. crested gecko ; frilled lizard

  178. Haney

    1. 5 of clubs

    2. I love the community that surrounds Widespread Panic & I love the feeling that I have when I listen to their music

    3. Eastern Fence Lizard and Northern Alligator Lizard

    Thanks for the chance & for sharing your talents!

  179. Lucas White

    Thanks Marq and Gnomes!

    1. 2 of Clubs
    2. Schools hair blowing in the wind & Jimmy killing it on the guitar
    3. Eastern Blue Tongued Lizard & Thorny Devil

  180. Edston Detrich II

    1) 8 of hearts
    2) How they make each show unique for the fans, and that they just played at the Dear Jerry Show in MD and they rocked.
    3) Chameleons and Green Iguanas.

    Paypal: edstonscomics@aol.com

  181. Nate P

    1) 5 Clubs
    2) JB and the mix of folks at the shows
    3) Dwarf Crag Lizard and Spineless Forest Lizard

    Thanks for the chance at this Marq!!!!

  182. Mallory

    3 of spades

    Meeting my husband at a WSP show a few years ago and the endless drinks with new friends!

    Tegu & Carpenter’s Anole (because those are awesome names!)

    Any version would be incredible and would stay in our house forever!!

  183. Jonathan

    1. Queen of Spades

    2. 6 outstanding musicians
    friendliest crowd experience

    3. Mangrove Monitor
    Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

    Thank you gnomes!!

  184. Andrew Long

    Jack of hearts.
    I love the song jack. Which has a lizards reference. Wizards in the corner catching lizards between his knees. Also love chilly water. Except when people throw bottled chilly water
    The lizards who are a race of people from gamehenge I.e. Rutherford the brave also,
    Western fence lizard and sagebrush lizard are favorite lizards. I have several living inside my home due to my cat bringing them inside

  185. Jessica

    1. 4 of Hearts

    2a. Love to dance and get my groove on!
    2b. Keeps me young!

    3. Water Monitor and Gecko

    Love your work and many thanks to all you do!

  186. richard morsa

    1-7 of hearts
    2-i like the fact i saw them playing tiny clubs in oregon in the old days and my friend jerry joseph plays with them sometimes
    3-chameleon,horned devil

  187. John

    1. 7 of Clubs
    2. Michael Houser (miss him!) & NYE in Hotlanta!
    3. Rhinoceros Iguana & Komodo Dragon

    thanks for the opportunity!

  188. WH

    1. 10 of diamonds
    2. JB’s Crys and Schools hang time when he gets into a song and jumps!
    3. komodo dragon and iguana

    These are two of my favs, nice work!!

  189. Adam M.

    1. 9 of clubs
    2. “Chilly Water” and cold beers
    3. Mangrove monitor and african fat-tailed gecko

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  190. Nancy B

    Happy for the chance at a win!
    1) 5 of Clubs
    2) Herring’s Jams and the thump of Schools
    3)Green anole, Flying Gecko

  191. Rachel

    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. Dave Schools and Jimmy Herring
    3. Bearded Dragon and Desert Iguana

    regular or variant

  192. James

    1 – queen of diamonds
    2 – JBisms / good people
    3 – iguana / chameleon

    Thanks!! Awesome prints, and one great weekend

  193. Jim LaFemina

    Love this set so much, as a writer profoundly influenced by the incomparable HST…

    1) Five of hearts
    2) the lingering lead, and JB’s backwards hat
    3) panther chameleon and satanic leaf tailed gecko.

    Thank you !!!!!!

  194. Derek

    1) King of Hearts
    2) cover songs and all the friends ive made because theyre all WSMFP freaks
    3) gecko (my mom fav lizard) and bearded dragon

  195. SetH

    1. King of hearts
    2.Love the music and energy at the shows. Lead guitarist Jimmy is a ninja assassin, rhythm bass stomp section from Schools comparable to Godzilla, and JB is the coolest front man in the business!
    3. Gecko, bearded dragon

  196. littlewrangler

    1) 2 of Clubs
    2) The jam band scene and seeing all my friends and family have a blast.
    3)Eastern Fence Lizard and Texas Horned Lizard

    Thank you

  197. Christoph

    1: 6 of Spades
    2: Night concerts and the funnel cakes
    3: Texas Horned Lizard and Gila Monster

    It’s okay, he’s just admiring the shape of your skull

  198. Tyler Hart

    1. ACE of SPADES

    2. Things I LOVE about WSP:
    – “…how the spirit is always present, reflecting the vibes from the souls of the Good People.”
    – “I love feeling the passion as the boys spill their souls into every note, giving each of us that sweet haven of comfort that we are all here together, equal, and as one.”

    3. Lizards:
    – Gecko (especially if it was British-speaking)
    – Cape Dwarf Chameleon’s are one of the most beautiful lizards on earth (found in South Africa I believe).

    Thank you for the opportunity Marq! The gold is astonishing!

  199. Sebastian Spence

    1. 7 of hearts

    2. Those sick bass lines and the way their music makes me feel inside

    3. Iguanas and Geckos

  200. Michelle

    Gold or variant please and thanks for the opportunity.
    4 of Hearts
    Lights and the vibe of the crowd
    Baby Chameleons and Leopard Gecko

  201. Crystal

    1. 3 of Hearts
    2. From my home state and they got me into good music
    3. golden gecko and Horned lizard or “horned toad”, “horny toad” or “horned frog”

    I’ll be happy with gold or variant!!! Thanks!

  202. Kim

    1) Jack of spades
    2) The chance at a new hat or poster, Guest surprises.
    3)Leopard gecko, Flying Gecko

    Thanks Gnomes!

  203. Jared eisenberg

    Queen of diamonds!!

    The good vibes and the pretty women!!

    Bearded dragon and a Monitor lizard!!!

    Love this print!! I love poker I hope this come to my home!! PayPal goonis420@aol.com

  204. jacqueline calcagnino

    1 . Queen of diamonds
    2. Kisses on Tuesday and a Slow Porch
    3. Kamodo Dragon and Knight Anole

  205. Kevin Jentes

    1) 4 of Hearts
    2) the amazing setlists and the epic jam sessions on stage
    3) Rhinoceros Iguana and Panther Chameleon


  206. Matt Clark

    1. 10 of Spades

    2. Blowjobs in the 8th row, and spending $12 on a 12oz. beer

    3. T-rex (that’s a lizard right?), and the gecko from the Geico commercials

  207. Lew

    1. 5 of Diamonds
    2. Their album covers and gig posters
    3. Tokay Gecko and Green Iguana

    Please and Thank You- Lew

  208. Dan S

    1. King of Hearts
    2. The amazing Jams and the bringing togetherness of amazing people
    3. leopard gecko and bearded dragon

  209. Jude Mallanda

    1:) 7 of Clubs
    2:) The WSP community and Schools of course.
    3:) Crested Gecko and Northern Alligator Lizard

  210. Charles S.

    1. Jack of Hearts
    – Try to see Jimmy Herring’s hummingbird-like fingers play the guitar
    – John Bell’s sweet, soulful voice
    -Leopard Gecko
    -Komodo Dragon

  211. WISE

    1. Jack of Diamonds

    2. Seeing all my friends at the shows
    2. Jimmy Gets Down.

    3. Komodo Dragon
    3. Panther Chameleion

  212. Joe

    Jack of Diamonds (euchre player)
    the heady girls and touring with them
    Komodo Dragon and Bearded Dragon because they both slay like Panic!!!

  213. Matt

    1. 3 of clubs
    2. Live shows and the posters
    3. African fat tailed gecko and the horned lizard

    Thanks for the chance!

  214. Thomas Monroe

    1. Queen of Clubs
    2. My chicken tastes good & Don’t let it get too bright
    3. Chameleon and Komodo

  215. Marilu L

    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. JB raps and When Sonny is wearing whistles around his neck
    3. Komodo Dragon and Gecko

    Love your art. Would love a chance at any print. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

  216. RobertK

    1) the 3 of clubs
    2) spusta panic posters and the people ive met because of Widespread Panic
    3)water monitor and komodo dragon

  217. Tanner

    10 of Diamonds

    The way the songs meaning and relation to you can change over time!!
    The friends that I get to see all over the country…the good people!!

    Geico Gecko

  218. Kelly Brown

    JB’S Soulful voice & the wonderful friend and memories from each and every show
    Komodo Dragon & Geeko

    thanks so much!

  219. Kelly

    Thanks for the chance!

    1. Jack of diamonds
    2. So many of my friends in the same place and JB!!
    3. Beaded lizard and Mountain horned dragon

  220. Eric Fletcher

    1) 2 of Hearts
    2) a)I love their badass jams
    b)They are crazy fun to see live
    3)Bearded Dragon, Spotted Gecko

  221. Paul

    1. 5 of clubs
    2. seeing them all over the country in venues big and small, wintessing a friend go to their first show and finally “get it”
    3. Horned Lizard, Desert Iguana

    I would love the opportunity to get anything. A variant would blow my mind. Thanks for all that you do and for giving everybody an equal chance through the lottery. I hate drops becuase I dont click so fast.

  222. Richie Rich

    1) like my man KRS1 says, “one guy hasnt been paid, he is the JACK OF SPADES”

    2) WSP has some of the best GIG posters bar none and I love the RANDOM covers they play

    3) the Chihuahuan Spotted Whiptail Lizard


  223. Justin

    1. 9 of clubs
    2. Great vibes and Great jams
    3.Sudan plated lizard and Jesus lizard

    Nice work Marq! Thank you!!

  224. Harmony

    Queen of hearts
    Great memories of a lingering lead & mr. David Allen Schoooools! ❤️
    Gecko & chameleons

    Thank you for creating beautiful art & for inspiring creativity & kindness. 🙂

  225. Paul Oleski

    1. Two of Hearts (sing it!)
    2. Chunky Jams and Heady Drugs
    3. Tokay Gecko and Jackson’s Chameleon

  226. Paul Vecchi

    1.) Ace of Spades
    2.) JB and Mikey
    3.) Tokay Gecko & Heloderma Suspectum(Gila Monster)

    Thanks Much!

  227. John

    Thanks Marq, love the lotteries. So much less stress than a drop!

    Queen of Hearts
    WSP is timeless and their live shows are amazing!
    CommonFive-lined Skink & Prairie Skink

  228. Craig Leynes

    Queen of Hearts

    Sippin on a “Tall Boy” & John Bell’s golden voice

    Frilled Lizard Eastern Fence Lizard

  229. Anthony Guina

    1. 7 of diamonds
    2. Variations in thelr live shows, and your art for their prints!
    3. Mangrove Monitor & Komodo Dragon

    Thanks as always!

  230. Corey

    1. Nine of diamonds
    2. The great tunes and chillin on the grass with my buds 🙂
    3. Komodo Dragon and gecko

    Thank you gnomes! 🙂

  231. adam

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Jack of spades
    I love WSP because they get me floppy and have nasty jams.
    I like bearded dragons and lot lizards (of those dont count then iguanas)

  232. Steven Marks

    1. 2 of hearts
    2. How humble they’re in person and the family I made through their music.
    3.Northern alligator lizard and Rhinoceros iguana

    Thanks for the opportunity

  233. Matt

    Jack of Hearts

    The Whiskey & the ribs!!!

    Rock Lizard & African Five-lined Skink

    Thanks for the chance Marq! Keep up the amazing work.

  234. Justin Miller

    1. 3 of hearts
    2. most certainly southern belles, getting lost
    3. Kimono Dragon , Chinese Water Dragon (actually owned one before my care are it 🙁 )

  235. Chris T.

    Jack of Hearts
    Satanic Leaf Tailed gecko
    Knight Anole
    Two things I like about Panic shows besides the music are the people and taking . Thanks for the opportunity!!!!!

    1. Chris T.

      not sure why my full comment didnt post but my two favorite things about Panic shows besides the music are the people and the dancing. I hope my mistake doesnt lesson my chances.

      Thanks Marq and the Gnomes…….

  236. Joe

    1.Jack of diamonds because I play hearts.
    2.I love WSP for there long jams and unique sets.
    3.The Horned Lizard and Komado Dragon would be my favorites.

  237. Thomas

    Queen of spades!

    Herring is a beast, and love the raunchy rock and roll jams of WSMFP

    Jaragua lizard – world’s smallest lizard
    panther chameleon – coolest looking (Imo of course)

  238. Kristi Trimmer

    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. Seeing my friends and dancing like no one is watching. Well, they are, I just try to forget and dance anyways!
    3. Madrean Alligator Lizard and Long-nosed Leopard Lizard

  239. Sally

    1) I’m calling a six of hearts on the card pull.
    2) I love when JB says Kitty, and the feel of DAS’s bass in my face
    3) Two lizards that live in my yard include the Collared lizard, and the Desert Spiny Lizard. The big spiny is a jerk…you’ve been warned, in case you come over.

  240. Edward

    7 of Hearts.

    I like their tours and creativity, as well as two of their songs, Driving Song and Walkin’.

    Chameleon and Gecko

  241. Chris Roach

    1. Ace of spades(sung in best metal voice)
    2. Sex and rock and roll(specifically love the new faster tempo)
    3. Caimen(gf name) and gecko(I have progressive)
    Thank you gnomes

  242. Chuckster

    1. 3 of Clubs
    2. The fans and parking lot shenanigans!
    3.Panther Chameleon & Crested Gecko

    Thanks for the chance at scoring this awesome set!!! Fingers crossed for my first lotto win!!!

  243. Thomas Hunter

    1) 2 of clubs
    2) Sonny and schools. And spusta prints
    3) iguana and blue skink

    Thanks for the chance!

  244. Brian Turner

    1. Ace of spades
    2. DAS and a lingering lead 🙂
    3. Iguana and chameleon

    Youre the man!! These prints rock!

  245. Adam Clark

    1. Jack of Hearts
    2. American Chameleon & Iguana
    3. JB’s raspy voice & the pure energy the band generates!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity Marq & Gnomes!! 🙂

  246. Jamie Grollman

    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. Dave Schools killer bass and “Coconut”
    3. Gila Monsters and iguanas

    I absolutely love these Panic prints! Thank you sooo much for giving all of us a chance, even if it is only a small one! 🙂

  247. Ashley Triplat

    -8 of clubs

    -I love that a band like this can be so popular nowadays, they make great music and they inspire so much great art.

    – thorny devil, komodo dragon

  248. Chad Rhodes

    1.2 of diamonds
    2.friends from the past 23 years of seeing panic. The groove.
    3. Chameleon and flying dragon lizard

    Either gold or variant

  249. Reeder

    1. 3 of Diamonds
    2. JB and Schools
    3. Beaded Lizard and Bearded Dragon

    Gold or Variant is fine.


  250. Amanda Poole

    1. 6 of clubs!
    2. When JB says kitty and Dave schools blows minds
    3. Chuckwalla and horned devil !

    Special special!

  251. Trey Sullivan

    1. 7 of Hearts ❤️
    2. JBisms – Mr. evenin everybody himself and Schools yelling during Arleen
    3. Furcifer Pardalis (Panther Cameleon) and Uroplatus Sikorae (Mossy Leaf Tailed Gecko)

    Thanks Marq and Knomes!

  252. Jason

    1. Jack of Hearts
    2. a) Schools droppin’ bombs; b) The crazy backdrop graphics/lighting
    3. a) Water Monitor; b) Komodo Dragon

  253. Mike Greco

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. The variety of songs and the energy between the band and fans during the show.
    3. Gecko & Iguana(& Gnomes?)

  254. Chris Cousins

    2 of Hearts

    1) Awesome Fans 2) Awesome posters 🙂

    Horned Devil

    Thanks Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  255. Rob O

    Ace of Spades
    Widespread Panic taps into the ethereal musical vibe, and keeps the jam together.
    Chameleon and Spiny tailed Iguana

  256. Dusty Brown

    1) 9 of hearts

    2) I like how widespread panic shares intimate conversations, with us, on stage and nobody says a word. I like their songwriting and the covers they choose to play.

    3) chameleon and dwarf dragon

  257. Randy Simon

    1. 9 of Clubs
    2. Seeing all my Panic friends and 50 Red Rocks shows!
    3. Bearded Dragon & Spotted Gecko

  258. Jacob Bridges

    1. Jack of clubs
    2) The goose bumps when I hear the first chords of Jack. Being around 10K of my friends listening to tunes we all love!
    3)Rhinoceros Iguana and Panther Chameleon

  259. Michael Scott

    1. 9 spades
    2. Hot ass chicks in sundresses and mutherfucking Jimmy Herring
    3. Panther Chameleon and Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko


  260. Evan ridenour

    Queen of hearts
    i like that they make me dance and that they are coming to Albuquerque!
    horney toad and chameleon

    Thank you

  261. Ryan miller

    Hi marq!
    Gonna go with 4 of hearts
    music and the art
    water monitor and a satanic leaf tailed gecko

  262. David

    1. Ace of Spades!

    2. They get better every time I see them & all of the amazing people I’ve met at their shows

    3. Water Monitor & Panther Chameleon

  263. Mic

    #1) 6 of hearts
    #2) Schools’ side, their setlists are always changing. (I LOVE JIMMY!!!!!!!!!!)
    #3) Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko, Parsons Chameleon

  264. Tim V.

    Good luck Spustafarians!

    1) Ace of Spades

    2) Extended jams and gig posters

    3) Rhinoceros Iguana (Cyclura cornuta) and Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis)

    Thanks for the chance, Marq!

  265. bryn davies

    1). Jack of Hearts – because of the WSP song “Jack”

    2). Gotta love J.B.’s Southern drawl (although he’s from Cleveland), and Schools’ “lead bass” is not only funky, but revolutionary to the instrument.

    3). Lizzards kinda freak me out, but the exotic ones are cool, but then again, aren’t all things “exotic?” of those, I like the Ambilobe Panther Chameleon and the Spiderman LIzzard (yes, it’s a thing, look it up :)).

  266. Sarah P

    Love the prints Marq!

    Two of Diamonds
    Brownies in the parking lot before a show 🙂 & of course their killer music!
    Six-lined Race Runner & Slender Glass Lizard (two species from my home state and I’ve never seen either!)

  267. LT

    1) queen of diamonds
    2) live improvisation and memories (soooo many memories)
    3) chameleon & iguana

    reg or variant!

    hoping my vegas streak continues!


  268. Kelly Cook

    1) 8 of Spades
    2) JB’s Raps & seeing all my friends !
    3) Horned Lizard & Jesus Christ Lizard !

    Thanks Marq & Nomes 🙂

  269. Jaci Young

    1. queen of diamonds 🙂
    2. the vibe from the music and fans and the always changing setlist
    3. Komodo dragon! Rhinocerous iguana!

  270. Bryann

    1. Ace of spades
    2. Mick
    The hole I fall into when I’m there live where no one can affect me
    3. Iguana

  271. Cole ellis

    1) 2 of hearts
    2) tie your shoes>red hot mamma>tie your shoes
    3) horney toad, chameleon

    Thank you!

  272. Renee

    1. Queen of Hearts

    2. All of the wonderful places I have seen because of this band. Driving>Disco>Driving!

    3. Komodo Dragon & Mangrove Monitor

    Thank you!

  273. John mantzios

    King of Hearts

    The community and all the quality edibles readily available O.o

    Bearded dragon, crested gecko

    Variant only

  274. Brad Eisenberg

    1. Ace of Spades (hail Lemmy)
    2. The posters and the people I meet!
    3. Lounge Lizard and Bob Lizard (he lives in San Mateo, great guy)

  275. Nathan Quinn

    1. Ace of spades
    2. This band changed my life(people I’ve met, places I’ve been, and personal growth since I first saw panic. And the music of course
    3. The veiled chameleon and the water monitor.

    Thank you for the chance, that weekend was a magical time in my life for sure

  276. Robert Rising

    Queen of Hearts

    The music first and foremost and then the awesome fans!

    Panther Chameleon & Rhinoceros Iguana

  277. Jessi

    1. Jack of Diamonds
    2. The “lyrics to Disco” and Paul’s lights
    3. Common Wall Lizards (sometimes referred to locally as “Lazarus lizards,”) and Beaded Lizard

    Thanks so much for the chance!

  278. Chris Schwall

    7 of clubs

    i love getting off to bass bombs, and I love dirty 15 song sammiches !!!

    bearded dragon

  279. Evangeline

    1)queen of hearts 2)Jo Jo and Schools 3) Basilisk and Horned Devil . Chance at gold or varient. Thank you

  280. Jessica

    * 8 of Clubs

    * Dancing the Dance of Life
    “Good People Drink(ing) Good Beer..”
    -Hunter S. Thompson

    * Bearded Dragons & Iguanas

    Thank you Marq & the Gnomes!

  281. Paul

    1. Queen of Hearts

    2. The dancing/singing and way my body feels when listening 🙂

    3. Panther Chameleon and Leopard Gecko

  282. Ray

    3 of clubs
    Dave Schools hair blowing in fan/wind & Their southern fan base.
    Komodo Dragon & Chameleon


  283. Kevin

    1- 7 of clubs
    2- The way Jb growls and the build up as the lights go down and the guys take the stage. Gives me goosebumps even typing it!
    3- panther chameleon and African fat tailed gecko

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  284. Brian

    Queen of Diamonds
    Jimmy’s shredding and the vast repertoire of songs
    Caiman Lizard and Green Basilisk

    Cheers, let’s bring those lizards home baby!

  285. Ben

    1 – 6 of hearts
    2 – Dave’s hair and JB’s voice
    3 – Chuckwalla and collared lizard

    Anything is fine!


  286. pat gregory

    1 – Nothing wrong with the gold standard, Ace of Spades. (Great, now that song is stuck in my head).

    2 – The song “C. Brown,” and and of course The WSP gig POSTERS are teh BEST!!!

    3 – The New Mexico Whiptail (because it is the only lizard species that is solely female, and they can “reproduce by producing an egg through parthenogenesis,” accoridng to Wikipedia. The second would be the Horney Toad, cause we’ve all been there.

  287. trenton

    Card : 11 of hearts

    Wsp: amazing improve, and sweet dance moves

    Lizards: Guatemalan beaded lizard, leopard gecko

  288. Melissa C

    1) jack of hearts
    2) love WSP segues between songs (non-stop energy) and all the friends i’ve met along the way
    3) monitor & kamodo dragon

    thanks for the chance to snag a set of the prints!!! really hope the gnomes pick me 🙂

  289. Kelby Groff

    1. Jack of Spades….. he held his one good eye on the queen
    2. 1)Widespread Panic’s music vibrates my soul to the core of my being like nothing else…… 2) knowing I can always go to a Panic show and find friends and family…
    3. Collared Lizard and Desert Spiny Lizard

  290. Matthew

    Thanks Marq!

    Ace of Spades

    Chilly Water and posters. They don’t mix well though.

    Lounge Lizards and The Lizards from Gamehendge – who are now unfortunately extinct…

  291. Chad

    -Ace of spades

    -I love when JB says “kitty” and all the beautiful women who love the same band I do!
    -Chameleon and Bearded Dragon

    Thanks for the chance, cheers!

  292. Don C

    1. King of Clubs

    2. The Positive Energy and the Lingering Lead

    3. Bearded Dragon Lizard and Flying Dragon Lizard

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  293. Bill M

    1. Ace of Mother F’n spades!
    2. Schools loves posters.. Schools loves Spusta.. nuf said..
    (…. although Michael Scott above has the greatest entry — “Hot ass chicks in sundresses and mutherfucking Jimmy Herring ” )

    3. Jacksons Chameleon (coolest horns) and the Tokay Gecko

    Thanks man.. they look awesome.

  294. Michael Lombardi

    #1: King of Hearts
    #2: Insane jams & Gig Posters
    #3: The Lot Lizard & The Lot Lizard

    THANKS Marq!!

  295. Beth

    1. Ace of Spades

    2. JBisms and how much the band actually loves their fans. This show was dedicated to my friend Karen who passed away that day. Before the encore Schools says “this goes out to the girl with the Robert Plant hair…See you on the other side”

    3. Flying Gecko and Bearded Dragon

    Thanks for the chance and Gold only pleas

  296. Bianca wormald

    7 of clubs
    They remind me of living in Mississippi and they make my little feet move
    kimono Dragon and Gila monster

  297. Matt

    1) 7 of diamonds
    2) their ability to still put on an amazing show and their awesome fans.
    3) gecko and East African Rainbow Lizard (photographed one of these on safari, absolutely amazing colors)


  298. Luke

    1. Jack of Clubs

    2. The shows are a blast and JB rapping!

    3. Texas Horned Lizard and Eastern Spotted Whiptail.

    Thanks for the chance! Love these posters!

  299. George Parrish

    1) Three of Clubs

    2) I love JB’s rap during Diner . I love Hoffman, the light guy.

    3)Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko and Komodo Dragon

    Thanks for the chance!

  300. Ratticus Maximus

    1. 7 of Spades
    2. Getting lost from reality AND sparks of spontaneity
    3. Iguana AND Bearded Dragon

  301. Zac

    PayPal: henske540@yahoo.com

    1)3 of Hearts
    2)Really dig Jimmy Herring shredding on guitar and secondly for 2-3 hours at a show you can be free and have a great time it hour any worries
    3)Leopard Gecko / Rhinoceros Iguana

  302. Joe

    1) deuce of clubs
    2) the big boogie get down and their live, soulful sound
    3) komodo dragon and blue iguana

  303. Tricia Greco

    1. Queen of Diamonds
    2. Gig posters
    3. Geckos of any kind

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. Appreciate you.


  304. Steve

    1. 6 of spades
    2. Dancing with my lady and hat backwards JB 🙂
    3. Lounge lizard and beaded lizard.

    Thanks for the chance Gnomes!

  305. Ryan

    1) King of hearts

    2)Jamming solos and the love I feel from the music and good times I’ve had listening to it

    3)Jackson chameleon and the Komodo dragon.

    Would love a set Marq!

    Thanks so much

  306. ian

    Queen of hearts 😀

    Love the lot scene and the set break sessions with friends !!

    Water Monitor and Veiled Chameleon


  307. Scottmac

    1. Jack of Hearts
    2. It’s good for my soul & J.B. (stud)
    3. Blue Tounged Skink & Cuban Rock Iguana

  308. Chris L.

    1. 9 of Spades
    2. The variety in the setlists from each show & the amount of years they have been rocking the stage!
    3. Veiled Chameleon(my favorite) & Tokay Goecko

  309. Katie

    1) Queen of Diamonds
    2) The different set lists each night and JoJo’s keys
    3) Crested gecko and fire skink

    I’ll take anything….thanks!

  310. Sascha Goerner

    1. 9 of hearts
    2. Maybe I like them, cause most of the Europeans do not even know of them 🙂
    3. Komodo Dragon & Iguanas

    I love Gold, but also Variants

    Thanks Marq^^

  311. Tj Tullos

    King of Hearts
    I like traveling to shows & the sense of community amongst fans.
    Alligator Mississippiensis & Plumed Basilisk (Jesus Lizard)

    Thanks these prints look great!

  312. travis

    Love these posters!!

    Ace of spades

    Love the poster scene and the live tunes w the rowdy ass crowds!

    Rhinoceros Iguana and Komodo Dragon


  313. Devon Doherty

    1. Ace of Diamonds

    2. Feeling absolutely free while dancing to the jam; friends who have become family

    3. Crested Gecko and Panther Chameleon

    Variant or gold much appreciated!

    Thanks for all you do and for sharing your gift!

  314. Clay Cecil

    1. 2 of clubs
    2. The community and the musicianship
    3. Phrynocephalus and Moloch horridus

    Thanks Marq!

  315. Zach Turner

    1 – Queen of Hearts
    2 – Coconuts and Ladies lying in the sun
    3 – Water Monitor and Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

    I can’t wait crown my collection with these jewels….great work, and thank you!!!!

  316. Philip Saylor

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. Jimmy Herring and Drinking on the Porch in the music summer
    3. Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko and Knight Anole

  317. Rob Robertson

    1. 5 of Aces
    2. Jimmy Herrings guitar playing, and JB’s voice says “hows it going ladys and gents
    3. Panther Chameleon, and Northern Alligator lizard

  318. Corey Shade

    5 of Clubs

    Before I fell in love with the music, I was blown away by the family like atmosphere and how polite those drunk rascals were at my first WSP show.
    #2, I really appreciate the passion the band shows for the gig prints sold at their concerts. The artwork they choose is consistently the best of any band on tour (my opinion anyway)

    Iguanas and chameleons

    As always, thank you so much for the chance

  319. Joe

    1.King of diamonds
    2. Great sets and killer tailgating
    3.Reddish colored Green Iguana and Komodo Dragon
    Either work

  320. Lisa Stevens

    1. Ace of spades
    2. When JB plays mandolin and keeping people on their toes with bust outs.
    3. Gecko and iguanas.

    We’ll take what we can get! Thank you!

  321. Chuck Nemfakos


    4 of Clubs

    Friends and Getting DOWN!!!

    Sailfin Lizard and Jeweled Chameleon

    Please and Thank You 🙂

  322. joe williams

    I would love to have a set. I absolutely love these posters! Great job Marq!
    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. Public outreach/service and friendly fanbase
    3. Panther Cameleon and Tokay Gecko

  323. Benjain

    1. King of Hearts

    2. Changing set lists and Jimmy’s guitar

    3. Gold Tegu and Gargoyle Gecko

    Regular or Variant

    Please & Thank You

  324. Leslie Ostroff

    This is great!

    1) 4 of Hearts
    2) Magical Music and lifelong fans/friends
    3)Chameleon and Geckos, oh my!!!

  325. Michael A.

    1. 10 of Diamonds
    2. Sell sell sell and Schools guitar
    3. Horned Lizard & Leopard Gecko

    Thanks for the chance guys!!!

  326. Tater

    1.) Jack of Hearts
    2.) JoJo’s B3 & Clav and Schools Phat bass lines
    3.) Triploid Colorado checkered whiptail & Desert spiny lizard

    Thanks, Marq!

  327. Nate

    1) Ace of spades
    2) The creativity they inspire in others & their live shows
    3) panther chameleon & Komodo Dragon


  328. Eric Glover

    1. King of Hearts
    2. Athens, Ga and Blue Indian
    3. Knight Anole & Water Monitor

    Live free and Panic on!

  329. Brad Valerino

    1. 3 of clubs
    2. the music and and the smell of the air.
    3. I used to have two pet water dragons. does an alligator count.
    just gold

  330. Steve S.

    1. Deuce of Spades
    2. Aside from the music and the great family of fans, I dig the great poster art at each show!
    3. Desert Night Lizard and Banded Gila Monster (both native to the Las Vegas area as well).

    “No, this is not a good town for psychedelic drugs. Reality itself is too twisted”.

    Thanks for the chance!

  331. Jesse Magee

    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. JB’s voice and never hearing the same set twice
    3. Flying gecko and Dwarf leaf chameleon

  332. John

    1. Ace of spades
    2. Summer of 99 WP shows in Red Rocks and the beautiful posters from that era
    3. Eastern Fence Lizard (Sceloporus undulatus)
    ( Scleroporu serrifer) blue spiny lizard

  333. Stewart Eiss

    1) 7 of hearts

    2) Jimmy Herring and their incredible light shows

    3) Komodo Dragon & Panther chameleon

  334. zak mansor

    Ace Of Spades

    The Music and Posters

    Emerine Tangerine Rainwater Leopard Gecko, leucistic Nile monitor

    Thank You!!!!!!

  335. Joey Kusmisz

    1. Jack of Hearts
    2. – I love WSP because…just when you think they can’t jam any longer then crank it up higher than ever before.
    – Spirit moves in all things
    3. – Galapagos Land Iguana
    – Jackson’s Chameleon

  336. Jimmy

    1. 2 of Spades
    2. Jimmy Herring and LSD
    3. Eastern Fence Lizard (Sceloporus undulatus)
    Texas Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum)

    Thanks for the opportunity, these lottos entries are getting interesting, Marq!

  337. Justin Miller

    going for the gold(s)

    8 of Clubs
    Visiting new places, the jamzz
    armadillo lizard, Chameleon

    thanks for the opportunity

  338. Mark Strickland

    1. Jack of diamonds
    2. the people and the soul cleansing music
    3. Flap neck chameleon and water monitor

  339. Bennett Cierny

    1) Jack of hearts (he kept his one good eye on the queen)
    2) Jams/Songs that can bring tears to your eyes and “you know the same rowdy crowd that was here last night is back again”
    3)Neon Day Gecko and Senegal Chameleon

    Thanks for the chance at these prints they really are amazing, keep up the great work!!

  340. Debbie

    These are some of the most fun panic posters I have seen yet!!

    3 of clubs

    Love traveling to new cities and meeting new people at the shows!!!

    African Fat-tailed Gecko is the best!!! Leopard Gecko’s are neat too.

    Thanks for the chance

  341. Pete Magadini

    1) Queen of Clubs
    2) Listening to old Mikey shows and Schools Bass Bombs!
    3)The Bearded Dragon (Pogona barbata) & The Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis).
    Thanks guys!!!

  342. Stephanie

    1. Queen of clubs
    2. The great fans and the amazing poster artists 🙂
    3. Frilled lizard and Bearded Dragon

  343. amanda

    1) Jack of hearts
    2) synchronicity in sound, waves of elation spilling into the crowd
    3) gecko and chameleon

  344. Michael B.

    1) 7 of Clubs

    2) Crowd Energy and each show having such a unique finger print

    3) Northern Alligator Lizard and Mexican beaded lizard

  345. Michelle Hansen

    1. 6 of diamonds
    2. They ALWAYS bring on the funk in such a beautiful way that my tail feathers shake all on their own and the people I think of whenever I hear/see Panic play
    3. Mole skink and six-lined racerunner

    The posters look amazing! Cheers to the artists!

  346. Jesse Mann

    1.4 of hearts

    2.reason # 1the way Mr Schools can just sit there and rip reason 2 panic shows at red rocks are the best shows up there all summer I love them

    3. Komodo dragon and iguanas and godzilla because he rules.

    Thanks for the chance Mr Spusta

  347. Pete R

    1. 4 of Spades
    2. The terrific artwork and the incredible music!
    3. Leopard Gecko and Komodo Dragon

  348. Becker

    Any and all paper please!

    1. 7 of diamonds
    2. lingering lead and backwards hat JB
    3. African Fat Tailed Gecko and Frilled Lizard

  349. Haney

    1. Jack of hearts

    2. Halloween shows and the tapers section

    3. Chuckwalla and desert iguana!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  350. Brian A

    Hey Marq,
    love the queen of hearts
    really dig the scene at Panic shows and all the awesome posters!
    satanic leaf tailed gecko
    any chameleon is awesome too!

  351. Kevin christian

    Id love a chance at both prints

    Queen of hearts
    I love wsp n JB’s soul he sings with
    Gecko and iguana

  352. matthew

    1. 9 of hearts
    2. electricity and the places they can take you
    3. iguana and lounge

    thanks for the opportunity

  353. Jeremy Schreiber

    1. 4 of diamonds
    2. I like Paul Hoffman’s lights and dark heavy jams!
    3. Chameleon and Iguana

    1. Jeremy Schreiber

      Sorry: Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) and Rhinoceros Iguana (Cyclura cornuta)

      Please don’t DQ me! 🙂

  354. jj

    1.) 6 of spades
    2.) I grew up listening to their music and their music keeps my spirit feed
    3.) a.) (ackies-Varanus acanthurus-my favorite lizard/monitor) dwarf spiny tailed monitor and b.) uromastyx

  355. Patty Potatoe

    1. 3 of spades
    2. The beautiful ladies and great jams
    3. Crested Gecko and Galapagos Land Iguana

  356. Spusta Luv Muffin

    4 of spades
    schools bass thumping &hot sticky smoky air
    Blunt nosed leopard lizard 🙂 San Nicolas night lizard

  357. Zach Serrett

    Hi my name is Zach and i would love to add this set to my collection.

    9 of diamonds.
    The heady jamz and Jimmy.
    Bearded Dragon and Caiman Lizard

  358. David Beach

    Queen of hearts

    Seeing pilgrims one more time. And being with all my friends.

    Satanic leaf tailed gecko. Panther chameleon.

    Thanks for all the wonder art.

  359. mark berger

    1. King of Hearts
    2. Reason # 1 JB’s Soul, Reason # 2, School’s Phat Base Lines
    3.Geckos and Iguanas

    Thanks, I really love your work.

  360. Daniel McAuliffe

    1. 4 of Diamonds
    2. The way they are able to create music that instills light, but also darkness, like the Grateful Dead did.
    3. Flying gecko and komodo dragon

  361. Christine

    1. 10 of diamonds
    2. Love their music and wild posters like this one!
    3. Philippine sailfin lizard and Mexican Mole Lizard

  362. George Barrick

    1.9 of Diamonds
    2.School’s Bass! And the rage of the crowd!
    3.Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko and Panther Chemeleon

  363. Artem

    1. Jack of clubs;
    2. Love the energy at the concerts, the music and posters!
    3. Thorny devil and iguana.
    Thanks, Marq.

  364. Mara D

    7 of Hearts.
    WSP has awesome live shows and great music that you just can’t help but jam out too! 🙂
    Anole lizard- I have a love hate with these. I kissed one when I was around 7 and it lached onto my lip…and a bearded dragon.

    I’d like a chance at a set of these posters. Thanks!! 🙂

  365. Travis

    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. Improv Jamming and fans
    3. Boyd’s Rainforest Dragon and Thorny Devil Lizard


  366. ml

    1) Queen of Diamonds
    2) I like the heavy Jams and Light shows that WSP brings
    3) Iguana and Thorny Devil

  367. Dave Lersch

    1) queen of hearts
    2) the album Til the Medicine Takes. My introduction to the band and I’ve been a fan ever since. Seeing them at red rocks is also one of the greatest concert experiences of my life.
    3) Anole – little green lizards in Florida that my brother and I used to try to catch.
    Bearded dragon – the coolest, most chill lizards ever.

  368. Jean

    1. Jack of clubs
    2. I like lot food and setbreak
    3. Water Monitor (Varanus salvator) and Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus)

  369. Molly

    1. 2 of clubs
    2. Imitation Leather Shoes & awesome live jam sessions
    3. New Mexico Whiptail & Gecko


  370. Jared Rader

    2 of hearts
    Radical dancing fans. Good trips.
    Satanic leaf tailed gecko. Komodo dragon.
    Thanks guys.

  371. Ryan Detlefsen

    1. 4 of Hearts
    2. The panic people I’ve met over the last 16 years who now are some of my closest friends. The feeling you get when the house lights dim and JB says hello… It never get old!
    3. Chameleon & lot lizard

    Thanks Marq!

  372. Cole

    Ace of Spades baby
    The lingering lead and the friends I’ve kept
    Since it’s Vegas, I’ll go with: Great Basin Collared Lizard and Mojave Fringe-toed Lizard

  373. Tank

    1. 10 of hearts
    2. the music and Dave Schools belly button
    3. Guatemalan beaded lizard and Panda Dragon

    these lottos are fun! thanks!!

  374. Michael Martin

    1) King of Hearts
    2) I love the crowd vibe and the spontaneous set list.
    3) Two Lizards are Bearded Dragon and Mangrove Monitor.


  375. Jon W

    Any would look great on my wall.
    3 of clubs
    Feeling Alright cover from Bham 4/15/11, when the mushrooms taste nasty in my mouth.
    Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko and Leopard Gecko
    Thanks Marq and team!

  376. Dana Hagan

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. My husband loves them, which gives me lots of nice alone time when he travels to see them play + they remind me of my sister, who blasted Panic throughout my childhood.
    3. Flap Necked Chameleon + Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

  377. Roberto Zanzi

    2 of hearts
    Rich rock art poster history & light shows
    Galapagos Land Iguana & Horned Lizard

  378. Chris

    1. 10 of diamonds
    2. Their live shows are incredible. I also love their longevity/consistency. So many bands I’ve listened to over the years have separated but panic has been the one constant.
    3. Pinocchio lizard and monitor lizard.

    I’d love a shot at the regular set or the variant set. Thanks for the chance Marq!

  379. Greg Blanton

    Ten of clubs
    Jamming solos and just concerts!
    Veiled Chameleon

    I’ll take regular or variant!

  380. Shaun

    1. 10 of Diamonds
    2. Family vibe. its like you know everyone at the show but you have never meet most of them..Bests damn rhythm section on the planet. Dave, Sonny and Todd(or Duane) just kill it!!
    3. Sphaerodactylus ariasaeb(worlds smallest lizard from the Dominican Republic where I saw Widespread Panic 2 times) and Heloderma suspectum (Gila monster from the great deserts of Arizona where I saw Panic last!! Phoenix)

  381. stephanie tullos

    3 of hearts…….family of fans & free streams of live shows………anole green lizard & pink gecko of louisiana…….if you have to limit me…..lol

  382. Liz

    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. I love the lot scene before the shows and the atmosphere of the show itself
    3. Leopard Gecko and Komodo Dragon

  383. Farmersdoor

    1. Queen of Diamonds
    2. John Bell’s Soulfull Lyrics & JoJo Hermann’s Red Beans
    3.Green Iguana & Tokay gecko

    Hopin for a Suprise Variant!

  384. Jacob Snead

    1. 8 of Clubs
    2. Unique Setlists & all of the unique people!
    3. Horned Lizard & Knight Anole

  385. Flin Hyre

    2 of spades
    JBs melodic voice and when he says kitty
    The Australian iguana and the gecko

    Thanks marqy marq and the funky bunch!

  386. Pete

    1. 3 of Clubs
    2. Girls at the shows and it would be nothing without the music.
    3. Texas Horned Lizard and Desert Iguana

    Thanks for the chance!

  387. mark fuerstenberg

    1) Jack of Clubs
    2) Schools and Jamming at live shows with friends
    3) Bengal Monitor and Mohave Fringe-toed Lizard

    Thanks for the chance!

  388. chad

    4 of clubs

    Love traveling to new places to hear the band and experiencing the town after the show. Who doesnt love a good hot momma ?

    Crested Gecko and Rhinoceros Iguana thanks

  389. treyton luby

    1: queen of diamonds

    2 : how they make each cover their own, and schools side

    3: Argus Monitor and Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

  390. Steven Berg

    I love Marq Spusta, Widespread Panic and Gambling. Let’s roll the dice!

    1.) 2 of clubs
    2.) Jimmy Herring’s Beard and Dave Schools dropping Bass Bombs
    3.) Umbuku Lizard & Common Five Lined Skink

  391. Brian

    I would LOVE these especially the Varient.

    Ace of Spades… prettiest card in the deck!

    I love Widespread jams for one and also love there southern style.

    Lizards: The Nile monitor, andThe Komodo Dragon

  392. ernest portis jr

    ace of spades
    schools crushing the modulus and schools dropping bombs
    Arkansas blue tailed lizard
    Arkansas salamander

  393. Shaggy

    1. Pick a playing card in a 52 card deck.= King of Hearts (Suicide King)
    2. List two things you like about Widespread Panic = the long ass jams and the POSTERS!
    3. List two species of lizards = Island Glass Lizard (Ophisaurus compressus) , Ground Skink (Scincella lateralis) both native to Georgia.

  394. Bryan Luoma

    1. 12 of spades
    2. Schools Bombs & Bell-Herring Licks
    3. Komodo Dradon and Panther Chameleon

  395. Jason Miller

    Quenn of hearts!
    I love that the same song is different every time they play!
    I love the true fans!
    Horned Devil
    Flying Dragon Lizard

    Amazing work as always!

  396. Brian Carter

    1. 10 of diamonds
    2. They’re from Athens and they melt faces
    3. Red Ackie and Savannah Monitor

  397. Hogan Hagy

    • Include your answers to all 3 instructions below with your comment.
    1. Pick a playing card in a 52 card deck. (ie; 4 of spades)
    Three of Clubs

    2. List two things you like about Widespread Panic (ie; Schools and Chicks at the shows)
    1. The music is amazing!
    2. The shows are even better!

    3. List two species of lizards (ie; Gilbert’s Skink & Basilisk Lizard)
    1. Knight Anole
    2. Komodo Dragon

  398. Joel Colmenares

    Really hope I gee chosen!
    1. 5 of clubs
    2. School’s bass and JB’s voice
    3. Komodo dragon and giant iguana

  399. am

    my best bet…

    1 – Queen of Hearts
    2 – The Js (JB, JoJo, JH) and the lights
    3 – Chinese Water Dragon & Green Anole

  400. Brian Davis

    1. 7 of diamonds
    2. jimmy herring guitar jams and dave schools sweet base grooves
    3. Panther Chameleon and Northern Alligator Lizard

    Thanks Marq!

  401. Sean Ostrow

    1) Jack of diamonds
    2) Tie yo’ Shoes, Hat-fieeeeeld
    3) Komodo dragon, good old fashioned iguana

  402. Audrey Benestante

    2 of diamonds
    Love traveling on tour and Dave Schools
    frilled lizard and bearded dragon

    Thanks Marq!!!

  403. Sarah E. Danneman

    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. I love JBisms & dancing with family at Panic shows.
    3. Leopard Gecko & Komodo Dragon

  404. Nico

    1. 8 diamonds
    2. Love the music and live shows
    3. Gila monster and Iguana

    International shipping please. 🙂

  405. Guadalupe Villanueva

    1. Ace of hearts
    2. the music, cool posters and concerts
    3. my son loves the gecko and I love the komodo dragon.

    Thanks again.

    bring on some variants. haha

  406. Mike

    1) Queen of Spades
    2) I enjoy watching h3tty mommas shake their hips and experiencing different jams.
    3) Leopard gecko and komodo dragon

    Great job as always Marq and thanks for the opportunity!

  407. Connie

    1. Seven of clubs
    2. Concert atmosphere and music
    3. Komodo dragon and gila moster.

    Thanks a lot for the chance!

  408. Michael Monaco

    1. 9 of clubs

    2. Jojo’s hats and School’s beautiful flowing hair

    3. Red-Headed Rock Agama & Tokay gecko

  409. Emmy

    Thanks for the chance. Love these

    1. 9 of hearts is my favorite card.
    2. My favorite 2 things about panic are JBs vocals and the community of fans. I love hanging out and catching up with everyone at local shows.
    3. My 2 favorite lizards are the Texas horned lizard and the jacksons chameleon.

    I’d love a shot at any of the sets.

  410. Marc Pollitt

    1. The six of clubs is a lousy card to try to pick up for an inside straight.
    2. I love Jimmy Herring’s speed/precision on guitar and Dave Schools’ use of the bass as a lead instrument.
    3. As a child, I kept chuckwallas and desert iguanas as pets, quite successfully.

  411. J.D.

    1. Ace of hearts
    2. The improvisation and dancing like no one is watching
    3. Leopard gecko and Komodo dragon

  412. Maxx

    1. 8 of Hearts

    2. The fact that their setlists vary so much, and the POSTERS!

    3. Tawny Dragon, and Eastern Bearded Dragon

    Thanks for the opportunity

  413. Justin

    6 of diamonds
    Making playlists for the drives between shows, tracking down the needed tickets for my crew
    Banded Gecko, gila monster!


  414. D K

    Thanks for the opportunity Marq. I love great prints from my hometown. I’ll take anything you send in the tube.

    1. Jack of Spades – Jack is a jester holding his one good eye on the queen
    2. Reuniting with friends out on tour & the tailgates
    3. Chuckwalla and Gecko

  415. Angela

    1. Queen of Clubs
    2. The amazing artists they have do their posters and the energy from the band and the crowd.
    3. Chuckwalla and Grand Cayman Blue Iguana

    Thanks Marq and the gnomes!

  416. Elizabeth

    This poster is too much fun!!

    7 of spades!!

    Hanging with my tour buddies I only see at shows and Slamming schools bass lines.

    Desert Iguana and Bearded Dragon

  417. Bill Baker

    1. 2 of spades
    2. Dancing in the aisles and trying to guess what song they are going into
    3. African Fat-tailed Gecko (Hemitheconyx caudicinctus) And Leopard Gecko (Eublepharis macularius)

  418. Roland Fischer

    1) Queen of Spades
    2) the ever-changing sets, WPs Live Shows!
    3) komodo dragon and iguana.

    International shipping … Thanks for the excitement Marq & Gnomes 🙂

  419. Chad

    1. 5 of Clubs
    2. Makeshift roadtrips and the oh so sweet lightsss
    3. Jesus Christ lizard & Enyalioides azulae

    Cool. Thanks Marq!

  420. Brad Allen

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. Panic covered Ace of Spades & JB’s raps
    3. Gamehenge Lizards; just kidding. Texas Horned Lizard & Flying Dragon Lizard.

  421. Julie Throm

    1: 8 of hearts

    2: their posters and seeing them at more intimate venues

    3: panther chameleon and the thorny

    “Lets cut down to the brass tacks here…how much for the ape?”

  422. Shawn Mooney

    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. Going to Red Rocks for the Music and the community family vibe!
    3. Flying Dragon and the Bearded Dragon

    Thank you thank you and of course awesome!!!

  423. Sonia

    1. 2 of hearts
    2. John’s voice is amazing live and the whole band too
    3. Chameleon and green iguana

    Thanks for the opportunity. Either prints will be fine

  424. Steve S.

    yes please!
    Jack of Diamonds
    gotta love the chicks, poster art is pretty solid too
    Panther Chameleon & Night Lizard
    Thank you!

  425. Beth

    1. 2 of hearts!

    2. The atmosphere of live shows and the amazing people you meet!

    3. Bearded dragon and chameleon!


  426. Nick Toporzycki

    1. 9 of diamonds
    2. Panic’s Charitable work and Jojo’s mad scientist approach on keys.
    3. Chuckwalla and Horned Lizard

  427. lori

    I’m not that familiar with Widespread Panic (don’t hate….I’m about to go listen and see what I’m missing out on!)
    I’m not joining the lottery, just wanted to thank Marq for making a cool and fun way to try to get one!! I hope you do this from now on with shop updates dude!!
    Good luck y’all!!

  428. David

    1. 8 of spades
    2. Beautiful venues and intense jamming
    3. Satanic leaf tailed gecko, komodo dragon
    Thanks Marq for the chance

  429. Priscilla Perdomo

    Love this print so much I wanna have its babies!
    1. 9 of hearts
    2. Domingo solos rock my world and their trippy backdrops and oh yeah those sweet old school carpets they always play on
    3. Water Monitor and the Satanic Leaf tailed gecko!

    thank you Gnomes!

  430. Ryan Gawronski

    1: Jack of Diamonds
    2: Great posters & Jimmy Herring
    3) Bearded Dragon Lizard, Horned Lizard

  431. Brooke

    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. Crazy Jams, getting to buy wonderful poster art
    3. water monitor, flap necked chameleon

  432. MikeyN

    1. 7 of diamonds
    2. Light Show + Drums
    3. komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) + Gila Monster (Heloderma suspectum)



  433. rutherfordthebravest

    1) 10 of clubs
    2) Space Wrangler and Dave Schools’ cigarette
    3) Toadhead Agama and Philippine Sailfin

  434. Steve Kiefer

    1. Had Juice Newton’s Queen of Hearts in my head all day.
    2. Mikey and I share the same birthday and I miss his lingering lead and JB is sexy to both men and women
    3. Bearded dragon and Basilisk Lizard.

    Thanks Marq!

  435. Morgan Lester

    1. Ace of spades!
    2. My first show in grand junction, CO (changed my life!). JB’s voice!
    3. Chameleon / Lizards (the phish species/song!)

  436. Scott Gross

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. Craziness at the shows and such a free environment
    3. Anoles and Red-headed Rock Agama

    Awesome! Thanks!

  437. Sally Caldwell

    1. 7 of Spades!
    2. Have seen Panic twice since relocating to South Carolina. I love the great Southern Rock jams and the way JB growls when he’s feelin it!
    3. Horny Toads and Tree Lizards

  438. Darrin Gordon

    1. 4 of Clubs.
    2. Their improv and the fans.
    3. Komodo Dragon and Jackson’s Chameleon.

    Thank you!

  439. Erin

    Queen of Hearts
    High fives and Schools dropping bombs
    Eastern six-lined Racerunner and Northern Coal Skink

    Thanks Marq and gnomes

  440. Kevin Lee

    1. 4 of spades
    2. Dave Schools and their support of gig posters
    3. Easter slender glass lizard and six lined racerunner

  441. Greg

    Ace of spades
    I love the jamming and poster artists they hire. 😉
    Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko & Flap Necked Chameleon


  442. Michael

    1) 4 of clubs
    2) I love the sense of community among fans at the shows and the slow build and burn of jams.
    3) Bearded Dragon and Frilled Lizard

  443. Todd Stotts

    Ace of Spades
    The awesome artwork they’ve got going finally & the fact it feels like home
    Rhinoceros iguana & Basilisk
    Variant pleas!
    Thank you very much!

  444. Kevin Burge

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. The improv and the changing set lists
    3. Northern Alligator Lizard and Horned Lizard

  445. ed

    Ace of Spades
    dave schools love the schools zone and paul hoffman is a lighting jedi
    Gila Monster and the Mexican Beaded

  446. Jeff Peterson

    King of diamonds
    The southern aspect of the music and the chicks
    Flap necked chameleons and satanic leaf tailed Gecko

    Thanks Marq!!! Anyone will do

  447. Christine

    1. Jack of diamonds
    2. JB’s soulful voice! I love the fact that I feel like I’ve won the lottery every time I see the boys, now if I could only win a print lottery just once 🙂

    3. Chuckwalla and the beaded lizard

  448. Heather

    Jack of clubs

    Jimmy Herring shreds and Sunday spunday

    Panther Chameleon and The Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko

  449. Tyler Hansen

    1- 2 of clubs.
    2- epic lights always, and the good people!
    3- horny toad lizard, and geckos

    Loved these shows and would treasure these prints.

    Thank you!

  450. phillip miller

    1 – Ace of spades
    2 – I love being surprised at each Panic concert with new or cover songs
    3- Komodo Dragon
    Variant or gold

  451. lane m.

    Ace of spades
    Crunchy tunes and the people you meet
    Flap necked chameleon and satanic leaf tailed gecko

    Thanks marq

  452. julia kernan

    1. 10 of spades
    2. The way they melt my face and the sweet prints we get out of their shows
    3.gecko and chameleon

  453. Beverly Miller

    8 of Diamonds
    Awesome music and nice people!
    Boyds Rainforest Dragon & Collared Lizard

    Thanks so much!!!

  454. Sean Berg

    2 of Hearts
    Like the family atmosphere and community vibe that appears at every Widespread Panic show, & I love Dave Schools dropping sonic bombs on my ears!
    Parson’s Chameleon & Tokay Gecko

    Thanks Marq, Love your Art!

  455. evan j. wade

    1. Jack of diamonds
    2. Jimmy Herrings guitar shredding and the lighting rig at the shows
    3. Sonoran collared lizard and gold dust day gecko

  456. Amber Joy

    1. Jack of diamonds
    2. The music and the wonderful vibes
    3. Panther Chameleon and Leopard Gecko

  457. Michael Hendon

    1 – King Of Clubs

    2 – Met some of my closest friends through WSP & Summer 2010 WSP Introduced me to MARQ SPUSTA!

    3 – Variant or Gold

    Thanks You for the chance!!!

    1. Michael Hendon

      Forgot in my frenzy trying to make it in time for the Lotto to post my favorite Lizards!

      The Tokay Gecko and the Leopard Gecko

  458. Crystal Davis

    9 clubs

    WSP – I heart the family I’ve gained as a result of my WSP travels
    WSP – I love southern, blues, rock- JBs rasp, Schools bass, and Jojos keyboard

    Mediterranean Gecko
    Knight Anoles

  459. John Bell

    1. Seven of hearts
    2. Michael Houser and all the great people I’ve meet through panic shows
    3. Glass Lizard(legless) and Komodo Dragon

  460. Stephanie

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. a) 2015 summer tour!
    b) Their whole vibe!
    3. a) Satanic Lead Tailed Gecko
    b) Panther Chameleon

  461. steven Forsberg

    Jack of clubs

    The energy when the lights drop and the ever changing
    Set lists

    Komodo dragon and iguanas

    Thanks for the chance

  462. John K

    1. Ace of spades
    2. The wizard Jimmy Herring & the community
    3. Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko & Panther Chameleon

  463. Lynn

    So fun Marq.

    10 of diamonds.
    Feeling loose & ribs and whiskey
    Dwarf chameleon & bearded dragon

  464. David

    1- Jack of Clubs
    2-The rotation of the songs and the wizard in the corner.
    3- Guatemalan beaded lizard and Panther chameleon

  465. Laura Thompson

    1) 7 clubs
    2) insane percussion and Schools bass bombs and blowing hair.
    3) chuckwalla and thorny devil

  466. tommy hughes jr

    2 of hearts
    love the show they put on and the good people who love them.
    Panther Chameleon and Horned Lizard
    thanks for the chance

  467. Mark hanson

    Jack of clubs

    I like (love) JB’s growl and Jimmy’s resemblance to a ninja wizard master

    Flap necked chameleon, satanic leaf tailed gecko

    Thanks for the chance!

  468. Reann Rice

    6 of hearts
    I love dancing to the grooves and the community.
    Mossy leaf tailed gecko and horned lizard.

  469. Betsy Maddox

    1. ace of spades
    2. concert posters and fans
    3. satanic leaf tailed gecko
    panther chameleon


  470. DP Swint

    1. 6 of Clubs
    2. For the music and for the friends(and wife) I have met.
    3. Southeastern Five-Lined Skink and Green Anole


  471. Christin Gas

    1) Heart 7
    2) Of course the music and the show of lights at the concerts
    3) Leopard gecko & bearded dragon lizard

    Thanks =)

  472. Jeremy

    1. 2 of diamonds
    2. The fans camaraderie and the improvisation
    3. Chinese water dragon and Leaf tailed gecko

  473. Scott Gaddis

    1. Three of Spades
    2. The sounds & the energy
    3. Bearded Dragon & Leopard Gecko

    Marq & WSMFP

  474. Ron

    2 of clubs.
    Their philanthropy and their southern roots.
    Desert night lizard and flat head knob lizard.

    Thanks, fingers crossed.

  475. Travis Bridges

    1. 9 of diamonds
    2. Domingo “Sunny” Ortiz and his solos and Chicks at the shows in the 7th row
    3. Galapagos Land Iguana & Blue-Tongued Skink

    Thank you Gnomes and Marq! Good luck to all…

    Travis Bridges

  476. Karl H

    1) The Ace of Clubs
    2) good tunes and the sweet smells
    3) komodo dragon and Lizard Man (from He-Man).

  477. Barbara

    1. Three of Diamonds
    2. Jimmy Herring’s soaring solos and the great fans.
    3. Ornate Tree Lizard and the Gilbert Skink

    Yhank you Marq and gnomes for for the chance to win this set.

  478. Andy Gomez

    Ace of spades. The jam and the experience is why I dig wsp shows. Komoto dragon and chameleon.

  479. EMMTEE

    1. Four of hearts
    2. JB’isms and Black Sabbath covers
    3. Tokay gecko and Thorny dragon

    Thanks Marq!

  480. Aimee

    1) 5 of diamonds

    2) The new friends you meet who turn into family.

    3) Bearded dragon, gecko

    Thank you so much for the chance. Epic shows deserve epic prints and you nailed it!!

  481. Mat

    1) 10 of Spades
    2) Their dedication to their fans and the love for their craft
    3) Chameleon and Gecko are my favorite lizards

    Thanks for the chance!

  482. Raul Ramirez

    1. Jack of clubs
    2. Great gig posters and groovy tunes
    3. Beaded, Caiman

    Thanks for the chance!

  483. nate hobbs

    1 ace of spades
    2, schools and herring
    3 komodo dragon/moniter and common basilisk/jesus christ lizard

    thank you and great work as always

  484. Ellen

    1. Nine of Diamonds
    2. Easy going cool people, and the loooong set lists!
    3. Veiled chameleon, flap necked chameleon

  485. Thomas Skemp

    1. Ace of Spades 2. Concert variety & charity work 3. Mangrove Monitor & Leopard Gecko. Please make my year.

  486. Joe sanchez

    1. Queen of hearts
    2. The jammin and “the wizard ”
    3. Gecko and iguana

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  487. Jen Kaven

    1. 6 of spades.
    2 Jimmy’s guitar playing and the awesome light shows
    3. Bell’s anglehead lizard and the Jesus lizard

  488. Steph Herivel

    1. 5 of Hearts
    2. JB and the excitement of the song list for each show!
    3. Gecko and Chameleon

  489. Matthew Krueger

    Awesome, really love your work and the way you do your lottos!
    1. Ace of Spades
    2. Watching their shows with our friends and all their cool gig art
    3. Komodo dragon and Monitor Lizard

    Thanks again!

  490. James

    Ace of Spades

    2 drummers, Hatfield

    Bearded Dragon, Chameleon

    I’d love a chance for gold or variant

  491. leah

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. Sweet sound of tunes that makes my body boogie and JB’s random sayings – “settle in tight, it’s gonna be a long night”
    3. Gila monster and komodo dragon

  492. Benjamin

    1. 10 of Clubs
    2. Sweaty faces and good tunes
    3. Rhinoceros Iguana and Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

  493. Jeff

    A bit late to the game, but here’s my answers :

    1 – King of Hearts
    2 – Friends & Music
    3 – Monitor Lizard & Geico Gecko


  494. William sheets

    1. The jack of spades

    2. I love widespread panic bc of JBs lyrics and my friends I’ve met along the way

    3. Panther Chameleon and alligator

  495. Jeff

    1. Queen of Hearts

    2. Schools and now Trucks

    3. Komodo and Gecko

    Long time follower…first time player

  496. Hessel

    1 – Jack of Hearts
    2 – Their posters & their live gigs
    3 – West African Rainbow Lizard, Baja California Legless Lizard

  497. Todd

    1. Ace of Spades!
    2. a) they appreciate their poster obsessed fans
    b) the psychedelic sounds!
    3. a) Eastern Collared Lizard
    b) Lounge Lizards 🙂

  498. Holly

    1. 6 of Diamonds
    2. All about that bass (Dave Schools) & the covers they rip your face off with!
    3. Panther Chameleon & Gila Monster

  499. Corinna

    1) 3 of Spades
    2) Good beer, good tunes, and good people
    3) Iguana and Bearded Lizard

    Hoping for a var set but would be happy with either! Many thanks!!!!!

    1. Jim

      1. Jack of Hearts
      2. The people I meet on tour & the music that still moves me after all these years.
      3. Water Monitor & Panther Chameleon

  500. Eddie Demby

    1. Jack of Hearts
    2. Long set lists and cool chicks
    3. Veiled Chameleon and Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

  501. JEH

    1. 2 of Hearts

    2. Domingo’s congas & All Time Low

    3. Savannah Monitor & Moloch

    Thanks for the chance, Marq!


  502. Jos

    1 – Seven of Hearts
    2 – Seeing them live, the fans!
    3 – Variable Bloodsucker, Zebra-tailed lizard

  503. Gary

    Joker of Hearts
    Cool chicks and ever changing set lists
    Bearded Dragon & Horned Lizard

    My 3 Bearded Dragons would love to see their cousins

    Thanks for the chance

  504. Gabriel Bloxom

    1. Ace of spades
    2. Shaking my ass and watching artist at work
    3. Geico and bearded dragon

  505. Amy B

    9 Diamonds
    1st and foremost, love the music that Widespread Panic puts out, amazing! 2nd, I love the people that I’ve met through all the years seeing WSP, including my now fiance!
    Frilled Lizard (yeah Jurassic Park) & Barking Gecko (JB after a few whiskeys!)

  506. Mark

    1. 9 of Spades
    2a. Their kickass cover of Tom Waits’ “Goin’ Out West”
    2b. Their gig posters are consistently the best in the biz.
    3a. Jackson’s Chameleon
    3b. Desert Iguana

    Thank you Marq!

  507. Michael

    Thanks for the opportunity Marq!

    1. Jack O’ Diamonds
    2. Their incredible, story-telling musicianship. And always seeing them with my wife.
    3. Chameleon aka “Rango”, The Pinocchio Lizard (I tell no lies, see: Ecuadorian Horned Anole)

    Cheers & Best Wishes to All!

  508. Kyle Akright

    1. Jack o hearts

    2. Watching all the smiles delivered to the good peoples!

    3. Bearded dragon, leopard gecko

  509. Levi

    1. Queen of hearts
    2. The all-night jammin’ and the guitars
    3. Nevada side-blotched wizard, Desert night-lizard

  510. John

    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. The ladies and the great show posters!
    3. Parson’s Chameleon (Calumma Parsonii) and Thorny Dragon (moloch horridus)

    Thank you!

  511. Jim Mattos

    1. Ace of Spades!

    2. My forever family & connection created to the devine through music

    3. Geckos & Monitor LIzards

  512. Jeff

    1. Queen of Hearts
    2. The journey their shows take me on and how they truly connect with and are in tune with their fans (like no other band)
    3. Mole Skink and Green Anole


  513. Kris

    5 of diamonds.
    Improv jamming and great fans.
    Iguana and gecko.

    I’d love a chance at a set! Thanks so much.

  514. Kyle

    1. Jack of Hearts

    2. Some of my favorite artists are chosen to do WSP Posters & the Music

    3. Panther Chameleon & Knight Anole

  515. leroy

    1. Queen of hearts
    2. Love the communal feeling WSP foster & I love how much they respect art and gigposters.
    3. Flap necked chameleon & Satanic leaf tailed gecko!

  516. Melinda

    International, please!

    1- Jack of Hearts
    2- Their setlists and their posters!.
    3- Coal skink and Chuckwalla

  517. Headward

    7 Diamonds
    JB is the real highlight to md. The guests they bring out like Ann Marie calhoune
    Bearded dragon and iguana

    Would love to frame this set thanks for the chance.

  518. Hans

    1. 4 of diamonds
    2. Having the best posters and amazing fans at their shows
    3. little brown skink, tree lizard

  519. Meghan

    1: 8 of Clubs
    2: I love the variety in the set lists and that they collect food to feed the less fortunate at their shows, giving back!
    3: California Legless Lizard and Knight Anole

  520. Robert

    1. King of hearts
    2. Music and energy of the fans
    3. Chinese water dragon and South American ground lizard

  521. Marijke

    Hey Marq, thanks for the contest, I am overseas.

    1. Jack of Spades
    2. Friends and incredible improv’ !
    3. Sandstone lizard and Alligator lizard

  522. Ann

    Ace of Spades
    Schools and dancing with my buddies
    Basilisk and Horned Devil

    Thanks and Pretty Please….

    Much Love

    1. Mills Adams

      9 Clubs
      1. John Bell’s distinct voice
      2. Jojo brings the thunder on keys

      1. Neotropical ground lizards
      2. Spinytail lizards (Cordylidae)

  523. Sean beattie

    1)7 of spades
    2)Shit JB says and the people
    3)Gecko and bearded dragon

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  524. Jay

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

    1. Deuce of Spades
    2. Ribs and Whiskey…plus the fans
    3. Veiled Chameleon and Horned Lizard

  525. Mills Adams

    1. 4 Spades
    2. John Bell’s distinct voice / Jojo brings the thunder on keys
    3. Neotropical ground lizards / Spinytail lizards

  526. Inge Paul Smith Jr.

    1. Queen of Diamonds
    2. I like the concerts and fatty lot grilled cheeses.
    3. Green Anole and Gecko

  527. The Bachelorette

    1.) Jack of Spades (Kept his one good eye on the queen)

    2.) Memories of Mikey’s lingering lead / Shaking it down on Jimmy’s side making new memories with friends

    3.) Dwarf Chameleon / Armadillo Girdled Lizard

  528. Ganda Gunawan

    1. King of Hearts
    2. Great stage show and charity works
    3. Iguana and komodo dragon

    Thank you for the opportunity, hope I get one.

  529. Natalie

    1. 8 of Clubs
    2. Sell out shows and Geogia born & raised
    3. Phrynocephalus andHydrosaurus pustulatus

  530. Lawson Thompson

    1.8 of diamonds
    2. The family vibe and amazing music
    3. Gila Monster and prehensile tailed skenk

    Thanks Marq

  531. ryan

    1. 8 of spades
    2. I love their constant touring schedule & variety of posters at shows to collect
    3. Panther Chameleon & Mangrove Monitor

  532. Van

    1) Queen of Spades
    2) Live shows and happy community vibes.
    3) Leopard gecko and bearded dragon (old pets of mine)

  533. Daniella khersonsky

    1.) ace of spades
    2.) I love how much they appreciate the art scene and I love how fun their concerts are
    3.) knight anole, frilled lizard


  534. Bryan

    1. One-Eyed Jack of Hearts who kept his one good eye on the queen

    2. Rocking out with my friends (1) to some killer tunes (2)

    3. Leopard Gecko and Monitor Lizard

  535. George

    1) Ace of Spades
    2) Schools and Funkadelic covers
    3) Komodo Dragon and Rhinoceros Iguana

    Thank you!

  536. Ben

    – 10 of spades
    – I like the places they play, always make it possible to see them and Jimmy shredding.
    – Figi Banded Iguana and Moutain Horned lizard.

  537. Cory A.

    First of all, Thank you for being you!
    -10 of Diamonds
    -Jimmy’s signature guitar sound and the trippy light shows at the concerts
    – Australian water dragon and Frog Eye Gecko

  538. Nicole

    1. Ace of spades
    2. Always a good time and those drums!
    3. Prairie racerunner and Texas spotted whiptail.

  539. Zach

    Not trying for the prints. Just wanted to say that I love the idea of trying to weed out bullshitters/cheaters and give people a fair chance.

  540. Kevin G

    1. 10 of Clubs

    2. Unpredictable setlists and sick guitar riffs

    3. Monitor lizard and Alligator lizard

    ….thanks for the opportunity

  541. DRM

    Ace of Clubs

    The music
    the people at the concerts

    Northwestern Alligator Lizard
    Pigmy short-horned lizard


  542. Leon

    Thanks Marq & Gnomes for another opportunity!

    Deuce of Clubs

    Ribs & Whiskey

    Agama agama Africana – West African Rainbow lizard
    Aspidoscelis Exsanguis – Chihuahuan Spotted Whiptail.

    Thanx again & btw so fun this time.

  543. Chris

    Jack of spades

    Great music and making memories with friends and family

    Armadillo Girdled Lizard and Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink

  544. daniel

    1 king of hearts
    2 I love a melting panic jam and seeing my old friends at the show
    3 komodo dragon and water monitor

  545. doug

    1. 6 of clubs

    2. i love how fast Jimmys fingers move on his fret board and how they make every live show available to listen to, in case you arent able to go.

    3 geckos and monitors

  546. Jason Meyers

    Thank you soo much for sharing your talents!
    1. Ace of spades!!!
    2. Schools & jb!!
    3. Gekko & iguana

  547. Chrissy P McD

    10 of Hearts

    Henry Parson’s Died, Seeing WP @ Red Rocks!

    Tyranosaurus Rex, Komodo Dragon

    Gold or Varianth

  548. Bembry Smith

    1. 3 of Hearts
    2. JB raps and Schools hair blowing in the wind while saying “they’re dropping the bass over there, so we’re going to stay right here”
    3. The Geico Gecko & Puff the Magic Dragon

  549. Andy

    1.) Queen of Hearts
    2.) Jimmy’s magical fingers and JBisms
    3.) Water monitor and satanic leaf tailed Gecko

  550. Matt K.

    1. Ten of hearts
    2. The variety of poster artists and long jammin songs.
    3. Gekko and afrogecko

    Thanks Marq!!!

  551. Jim

    1. Jack of Hearts
    2. The people I meet on tour & the way the music still moves me after all these years
    3. Water Monitor & Panther Chameleon

    this is not intended as a dupe….

  552. Benjamin Clarke

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. Set break shenanigans and making new friends
    3. Chuckwalla and Gila Monster

  553. Tim Stevens

    1) 3 of Clubs
    2) met my wife at a show, the beggining bass lick of a schools going into bowlegged.
    3) Tiger Salamander, komodo dragon

    I would be happy with any print! Thank you!

    PayPal timstevens911@att.net

  554. Rod

    1-Ace Of Spades ( even though it’s a cover )
    2-Born & raised in the south. In love with intricacy of music & they relate to me as an individual.
    3-Top 2 lizards indigenous to our area in a Charleston SC
    Mediterranean Gecko & the Five Lined Skink
    Paypal – Rods72@gmail.com

  555. Corey

    1) 8 of Spades

    2) The Hippies & their epic sets at the various Bonnaroo’s

    3) Lounge Lizard & All 3 of Khaleesi’s Dragons

  556. Chad Carey

    1. Three of Hearts
    2. JB and Big Woolly Mammoths
    3. Texas Horned Lizard, Chihuahuan Spotted Whiptail

  557. Scott

    Paypal = barstiss@yahoo.com

    1. 7 of diamonds
    2. Absolutely the Grandest of all live performances! FREE audio streams of all their shows live if you cant attend.
    3. Panther chameleon, Armadillo Lizard

    Roll the dice and hope for snake-eyes!
    Thanks Marq!

  558. Skunky

    I’d love the gold edition and/or the variants!!!

    1. 6 O’ hearts
    2. The ‘Ain’t Life Grand’ album as a whole, and all the schwag beer everyone drinks. PBRs rule!
    3. The Thorny Devil and The Bearded Dragon!!!


  559. Eroc

    1. Ace of Spades
    2. Southern Rock & Morning Dew at Pure Jerry last month
    3. Lizards of Gamehenge (oh, wrong band) and Knight Anole (Anolis equestris)

  560. Bowen

    1. Ace of spades
    2. Feeling of homecoming and the mix of all the sounds as they become one
    3. Green anole and bearded dragons.

    Thanks for the Chance

  561. darious flores

    2 of clubs. The music and memories of good times from hanging out with friends. A leaping lizard and a geico

  562. Jacquelyn Mogol

    These are insanely wonderful prints and represent some of the best Panic shows I have ever been to.

    1. Jack of Hearts
    2. The Good People that are Panic fans is truly one of the most amazing things about being able to be transported through great times and bad. Home Team always. Watching long haired bigger dudes dance always brings a smile while traveling to new places & pavilions.
    3. Water Monitor and Gila Monster

    I will gladly take Variant or Gold =) Thank you again. Keep rocking.

  563. Christopher Mayhew

    1- 8 of diamonds
    2- the flip floppiness, and the different artwork at the different show (Always something new!)
    3- Rango and the Geico gecko.

  564. Jamie Gaines

    1. 6 or Spades
    2. The way JoJo tickles those Ivories and getting to see old friends that I haven’t seen or talked to in a long time.
    3. Brown Anole and Cuban Rock Iquana.

    PP gaineja@yahoo.com

    Thank you

  565. Matteo

    Thank you for the opportunity to possibly buy my first print from you 🙂 Crossing my fingers for a variant set.

    10 of hearts
    Whiskey / JoJo
    Komodo Dragon / Knight Anole

  566. Tara

    1. Queen of hearts.

    2. The good people, and the canned food drives to help out the community.

    3. The Thorny Devil, the Green Iguana.

  567. Sean

    1. Queen of Hearts

    2. The Set Lists and All the “Good People”

    3. Chinese Water Dragon and Warty Chameleon

  568. Eric Larson

    1. 9 of hearts
    2. I love the bass player Schools, and the way they can improvise anything!
    3. Jackson chameleon and Komodo Dragon

  569. Lulu

    1) 7 of hearts
    2) Shit JB says & scoring in the lot
    3) kimberly rock monitor & Madagascar day gecko

    I would like a set of golds or any other variant!

  570. Eric

    1. 7 of Diamonds
    2. The ever enthusiastic crowd and Front row right side, Why? because that’s Schools section…
    3. Rhinoceros Iguana and Panther Chameleon.

    Fingers crossed and Thanks!

    All HAIL WSMFP!!!!

    1. Seth Payne

      I posted the wrong email address on the original post I updated it here…sorry I was doing it from my phone and it auto updated the email field

  571. Steve

    1) 10 Clubs (for my other fav poster band)

    2) Songs to drive by and posters posters posters…

    3) Gieco Gecko and the infamous Lounge Lizard

    I’d be happy with one on loose leaf paper!

    Great work Marq

  572. Brandon

    1. Four of Hearts

    2. Good vibes and better tunes!

    3. Komodo Dragon and the ol Rhinoceros Iguana


  573. Trey Edwards

    Here we Go:

    1. The Jack of Clubs

    2. Grooving to some funk and chilling with my people

    3. The chameleon and the king obviously, Tyrannosaurus Rex

    I would love to get either the Golds or Variants pretty please

    Thanks for the shot and FINGERS CROSSED!

  574. Ron

    1) jack of heart

    2) their concerts and hot chicks at the show

    3) rhinoceros iguana and Leopard Gecko

  575. Rhonda Smith

    Thanks for the lottery!
    1- 8 of Hearts
    2-multi-generational following and my son’s favorite band. (He enjoys talking with me about it and I love listening)
    3- 6 line race runner and a fence lizard. (NC lizards)
    Gold or Variant. Thrilled with either. Thx!

  576. Jay

    1) 7 of Diamonds

    2) JB & the cover tunes (especially Waiting>>Jesus)

    3) Chinese water dragon and flying gecko

  577. Tim Burke

    1. 6 (six) of clubs
    2. All the chicks in the front row, Mikey’s leads that will forever linger
    3. Rhinoceros Iguana, Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

  578. Matt Lease

    1. Ace of Spades

    2.JB’s shirts and those bongos

    3. the gila monster and the Mexican beaded lizard

  579. TP

    ‘Twas an Ace of Spades moonlight…

    Sweet chicks and c o l d Sam Smith’s look s o right…

    Blue Tailed Skinks and Six-Lined Racerunners racing around left and right…

    Making for yet another Barstools and Dreamers kinda’ night.

  580. Jarod

    1. Queen of diamonds
    2. Parking lot fun and community
    3. Monkey tailed skink and Jim Morrison (the lizard king)

  581. David

    1.) 6 of clubs
    2.) The mosh pit mad dash to the merch table for posters, and of course the girls at the shows. Because, babes?
    3.) Greater Basilisk and Wyvern (Hey, you never said they had to be real lizards. That’s straight out of D&D!)

  582. Taylor Holahan

    1. 8 of Diamonds
    2. I love that they have a super dedicated fan base and I always dig anytime they improvise a guitar riff.
    3. Leopard Gecko and Blue Tongue Skink

  583. Louis Kilpatrick

    1. 3 of Diamonds

    2. Best Live Shows bar none & the Greatest Fan-base in the World

    3) The Frilled Lizard the Gecko Lizard

    I’ve NEVER hit a drop or lottery Marq — pleas let this be my first ever!!!

    Thank you for all your contributions to this community!

  584. Rob Doerr

    1. Ace of Hearts
    2. Schoolsy’s Bass and JB’s authentic voice.
    3. Gecko and Chameleon

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  585. Scott H

    8 of Clubs ♣️
    Went to first show in Phx this year and the fans!
    Spotted Gecko and Gila Monster

  586. Dan Paluski

    1) King of Spades. 2) The fans are great and I like that they do food banks and various volunteer activities!! It’s all about giving back to the people that need it the most. 3) gecko and iguana Thanks Marc for the chance at these sick prints!!!

  587. Amber

    1) 4 of Hearts
    2) Chilly waters and John can ring that bell!
    3) Green basilisk and gold dust day gecko

  588. Sean

    1) 2 of hearts

    2) freaks and the music-it’s my religion! Spirituality comes in all shapes and sizes, mine comes fron Panic that is spread all around!

    3) veiled chameleon & School’s Godzilla

  589. Mikey

    1. Ace of Spades!
    2. Amazing posters and amazing shows, they killed in LA when I last saw em!
    3. Bearded muffugin dragon! Jesus Lizard!

  590. Monica A


    Sunny on percussion and his huge smile : )

    When I’m at the shows!

    Varanus (not yours) gouldii + sauromalushispidus (Maximus)


    🙂 so fun,


  591. Miwa

    1. Jack of Heart

    2. the awesome fans and the freaking great artwork

    3. Knight Anole and Frilled Lizard

  592. Christie

    1) Queen of Hearts
    2) Superb jam sessions and helping to keep the gig poster scene alive
    3) Gecko and Komodo Dragon

  593. Courtney

    1. Queen of hearts
    2. Arlene>satisfied , Todd nance!
    3. Bipes biporus (mexican mole lizard.
    Phrynocephalus ( Toadhead agama)

  594. taper corey/kind recordings colorado

    1. ace of spades
    2. guest appearances and amazing original tunes
    3. Flap Necked Chameleon and Rhinoceros Iguana

  595. Gregg Mcpherson

    1. 7 of diamonds
    2. A)The unmatched majesty of JB’s rants in his raps
    B)The amazing love shared by old-school fans when abruptly met in the most awkward yet lovely mishaply meetings in line at the bathroom line
    3.the Geico Gekko and the horny Lizard(aka me)wooha

  596. Joseph Cronin

    1:Ace of spades
    2:Paul Hoffman And JB isms 😉
    3:Alligator lizard and central bearded dragon

    Thank you,
    was late to the first night because of traffic on the way to Vegas …..didn’t get the first night poster but got the second night ….would love to hang a set of these on the wall !!! My new girlfriend and I met at these shows 🙂

  597. wayne clements

    am i too late 🙂

    the joker
    the art and the fans
    blue tongue
    eastern water dragon

    nice art