Widespread Panic Wood Tour AE – Purchasing Lottery
– Artist Edition of 95 – printed on metallic pewter paper
(the paper for the artist edition has suffered a few minor dings on the edges. If customers feel their poster is damaged, they can return it for a refund, but not replacements.)

Lottery is Over – Customers have been selected. Thanks for entering everyone! If any invoices go unpaid, we’ll pick another customer from the comments.


172 thoughts on “Widespread Panic – Wood AE – Purchasing Lottery

  1. CP

    Great job Marq! I really like the pewter paper. Hoping lady luck is with me. Keep up the awesome work.

  2. Paul M.

    After striking out for Wood tour and Mexico, I drove to Atlanta to score 1 ticket for 1 night. 1 1/2 hours after the doors opened, I got very lucky to get a ticket. I would love to have something on my wall as cool as this Spusta help me remember that pilgrimage. Such a memorable nigh!

  3. James Turner

    Thanks for the chance.

    Come on baby, got the wall space picked out and everything!!!

  4. CH

    Almost wrecked my car 3 times last week frantically hitting the refresh button on my phone while stuck in traffic. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one! Awesome work! Thanks.

  5. larry

    Marq, Nice work on the panic poster! I’d like to throw my name in there for the lottery tonight. Thanks for all your great works.


  6. Carter

    Woukdnt mind gettin lucky and scoring a WP AE or variant now that I am not travelin and have real Internet access hah

  7. kmac

    Marq~I would love this~
    I Would give it to my sis n law
    Lynn for her Birthday!
    she really really wants it!!

  8. Matt

    Please consider this post as my entry to the lottery.

    Thank you vey much for the opportunity.

  9. Hunter Harrison

    Hopefully, I was not too late getting on my ‘puter, because I really, really, really want a Pewter Panic with all those hues of blues that are sure to make me smile, smile, smile every single time I walk by this amazing piece!!! Keep up the good work, Mark!!!

  10. dobryan50

    I would love to get one of these. Was at the shows in Denver, got there late and was shut out all 3 nights. thanks marq!

  11. Josh

    Thank you so very much for making these available. I missed out on getting one all three nights. Keep up the great work!


  12. jennifer allen

    Pleas pleas pleas!!

    My boyfriends 30th birthday is around the corner and he wasn’t able to snag one at the show…this would make an awesome bday gift!

  13. Andy D

    Pewter paper came out GREAT! Sold out SUPER fast at shows and my computer FAILed me last week. This sure would make my week!!!

  14. lynn

    again it’s lynn would love to have this poster marq i’m an aries and i want to start my own collection of your art work I’ll never beat my husbands collections but it won’t hurt to start off with this in my arsenal Thanks Marq You are one gifted artist

  15. Ryan Detlefsen

    PayPal didnt load fast enough last week, got shut out. Hoping for a winner…. No whammies… No whammies… Thanks Marq!

  16. Robbi

    Love this print! That metallic pewter would look great on my wall

    Count me in for an entry πŸ˜‰

  17. Charles

    After getting shut out, all 3 night’s at the show (and the 12th being my b-day), as well as the artist eddition sale. I’m just happy to have one more shot with the lottery. Thank’s marq, love the work and keep it up.

  18. Ted Rockwell

    Marc, I love your prints and was unable
    To purchase any at the shows. I would REALLY love one of your prints. My family would display it with pride… Thanks again for some great artwork to represent WSP on their wood tour.
    Ted Rockwell

  19. John

    Hi Marq…thanks for opening up this lottery. Please included me. As a bighorn biologist and big widespread fan, this would really be a meaningful piece of art to hang in my office.

  20. WanderingWonderer

    Pleas! count me in… ‘course, as the 2/12 Sunday Night Encore reminds us: You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

  21. Rob

    Following the evolution of those 3 little bugs through you panic posters has been great. To bad they were drawn to that flame (symbloizing panic going away for a while) Great work as always- Robert

  22. RJ

    Thx for the lotto Marq!!

    Really killer poster for WSP’s Fillmore show. Wish I could have made it., but I was down in Telluride.

    WSP RULZ!!!!

  23. James

    Hopefully the rest of that tree from the stump was put to good use, like Marq Spusta posters. Ha- thanks for the lottos, always alot of fun!

  24. dustin

    wow Marq, would sure love to win the chance to win one of these, great gig poster for Panic-d :>

  25. Ray

    Crosseyed & Painless, I’m still patiently waiting to be selected from either your lotto or Tyler’s lotto (or Phish PTBM lotto).

    Thanks for running this lotto for those of us that missed the drop. I live in Denver but couldn’t score tickets to the Fillmore shows, and I wasn’t about to pay $300+ for a single ticket (and have my gf not happy about not going etc.)

    Thx Marq!!

  26. Chris Anderson

    I have my fingers and toes crossed for a chance at this print!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  27. todd hayes


    I wake up every morning to your 2010 wsp halloween poster – great poster for great shows. This poster and shows are equally as great!

    Keep making great artwork!

  28. D1

    Fire in the stump is SICK. Love the color choices on the bark and ground around it.

    Top notch, man. πŸ™‚

  29. Lew

    Big Bucks
    Big Bucks
    No Whammies
    Big Bucks No Whammies….
    Primus Silver!
    HSMF brown!

  30. Burger

    Wood Panic was such a blast. Had a great time rocking but never was able to pick up a print. I was having too much fun. It would be nice to get a second
    Chance. Thank you Marq

  31. Matt

    I flew from japan to mexico and then I walked the rest of the way to the shows at the Fillmore. Then I tried to get the print every night and…you guessed it, I was shut out. Then of course I tried for the sale last week and was shut out as well. I love WSP and animals… I know I know…quite an amazing story that is completely worthy of this print, right? Also…I can spell your name correctly Marq. Last but not least I have 7 of your prints framed and hanging in all areas of my house and there’s this one spot left that’s screamin’ for ths baby. Joking aside, thanks for putting this lotto on for all of us…we really appreciate you doing this! word

  32. Jake Stanley

    pleaseeeee pick me!! i always strike out and i love your work mr spusta. hope i get lucky πŸ™‚

  33. Henry Hardman

    Really Kickass print Marq!!! Thanks for the chance to score one!!! Good luck all!

  34. Michael

    Managed to miss both of the lotteries today. If any invoices go unpaid, and you need another winner, I’m here for you. Love the Pewter Paper Panic Print. Perfect Poster!

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