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  1. Richie Rich


    These 3 new prints are incredible.

    The EV is a masterpiece, the Further is one of your best prints yet, and SC is hott to death.

    Hope i dont miss a drop while golfing Caledonia and True Blue in Myrtle Beach this weekend.

  2. Great Day

    ‘Just been kicking it around your new place here and wanted to say, everything looks great. No dead links or dead-end “traps” anywhere…everything seems soooper smoovy-smoove! Congratulations on the new spread!

  3. Great Day

    Bang! Bang! Pow! ‘Flexing them monster-steezy print-art muscles again! Absolutely knocking’em out this week! The monkey (up top) sizing up the song bird is killing me! : )

  4. Great Day

    Top 10 amongst the metric sh!tloads of albums produced over those 10 years – Thats awesomely awesome right there!

  5. Great Day

    Top 10 amongst the metric sh!tloads of albums produced over those 10 years – Thats awesomely awesome right there!

  6. Keith K.

    Nothing like a new home!!! Congrats on the move!

    I must say that the Further poster is without question my TOP ISO: what a sweet looking print!

    and the Eddie Vedder kicks ass as well! Been wondering what you have been up to!!

    Now I know!
    Stay Busy!

  7. Great Day

    I like the enormous devouring worm (Conrad The Caterpillar) alot…great accompanyment to the phreakish moth on the new album (and fall tour print.) and the spiderweb trapped moth of the Halloween NOLA print. That lazy old summer sun peeking thru the tree is a great touch as well.

    1. marq

      A release date/time has not been set yet, I’m hoping to do the drop this month yet. But get on the mailing list and and we’ll let you know….

  8. Great Day

    Beautiful! This one has that “magic” of the 1st sustainable festival “Rothbury” written all over it. Too bad the festival itself wasn’t sustained. Love this.

  9. Great Day

    whooops! Thought I was leaving a comment for the white dressed angel holding the magic heart flower amongst the smokey forest sketch.


  10. KJ

    Whoa, went to buy the $4 stickers but balked at the $6 shipping in the USA. $10 total? Is that correct?

  11. marq

    Yes, $6 is my minimum shipping, as we ship everything priority mail. Add more stickers and magnets and it will still be $6.

    1. Great Day

      🙂 Its a dead-ringer for the place my Man! I spent many a summer of my formative years just North of Rothbury near Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes NP. I ‘spose its just a lucky guess…but the imagery really does look like the Sherwood Forest there in “New Era” Michigan. I’ve hit almost every large festival in America and many, many smaller ones – there is only one Rothbury. I love that sketch – wish it would have been available at the JJRanch! Most Awesome!

  12. Coconuts

    FWIW: I rarely purchase a live show cd directly from widespreadpaniclive unless I’ve attended the show AND it was an absolute ripper from start to finish. None of last Summer shows I went to quite fit this criteria but I still HAD to have THIS artwork. I made an exception just this once and purchased the Boston July 24th show since its such a smoker (IMHO: they’ve never quite NAILED a show in Boston before) AND I knew it happened to have this fine Spusta illustration gracing its cover. 🙂 I do have this art as a liner in the DSD double vinyl but the turntable stays at home, studio recordings don’t quite capture the feeling of “being there” and besides, the vinyl’s innerliner doesn’t get seen near often enuff for my liking.

  13. Eric W