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  1. Richie Rich


    These 3 new prints are incredible.

    The EV is a masterpiece, the Further is one of your best prints yet, and SC is hott to death.

    Hope i dont miss a drop while golfing Caledonia and True Blue in Myrtle Beach this weekend.

  2. Great Day

    ‘Just been kicking it around your new place here and wanted to say, everything looks great. No dead links or dead-end “traps” anywhere…everything seems soooper smoovy-smoove! Congratulations on the new spread!

  3. Great Day

    Bang! Bang! Pow! ‘Flexing them monster-steezy print-art muscles again! Absolutely knocking’em out this week! The monkey (up top) sizing up the song bird is killing me! : )

  4. Great Day

    Top 10 amongst the metric sh!tloads of albums produced over those 10 years – Thats awesomely awesome right there!

  5. Great Day

    Top 10 amongst the metric sh!tloads of albums produced over those 10 years – Thats awesomely awesome right there!

  6. Keith K.

    Nothing like a new home!!! Congrats on the move!

    I must say that the Further poster is without question my TOP ISO: what a sweet looking print!

    and the Eddie Vedder kicks ass as well! Been wondering what you have been up to!!

    Now I know!
    Stay Busy!

  7. Great Day

    I like the enormous devouring worm (Conrad The Caterpillar) alot…great accompanyment to the phreakish moth on the new album (and fall tour print.) and the spiderweb trapped moth of the Halloween NOLA print. That lazy old summer sun peeking thru the tree is a great touch as well.

    1. marq

      A release date/time has not been set yet, IÒ€ℒm hoping to do the drop this month yet. But get on the mailing list and and weÒ€ℒll let you knowÒ€¦.

  8. Great Day

    Beautiful! This one has that “magic” of the 1st sustainable festival “Rothbury” written all over it. Too bad the festival itself wasn’t sustained. Love this.

  9. Great Day

    whooops! Thought I was leaving a comment for the white dressed angel holding the magic heart flower amongst the smokey forest sketch.


  10. KJ

    Whoa, went to buy the $4 stickers but balked at the $6 shipping in the USA. $10 total? Is that correct?

  11. marq

    Yes, $6 is my minimum shipping, as we ship everything priority mail. Add more stickers and magnets and it will still be $6.

    1. Great Day

      πŸ™‚ Its a dead-ringer for the place my Man! I spent many a summer of my formative years just North of Rothbury near Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes NP. I ‘spose its just a lucky guess…but the imagery really does look like the Sherwood Forest there in “New Era” Michigan. I’ve hit almost every large festival in America and many, many smaller ones – there is only one Rothbury. I love that sketch – wish it would have been available at the JJRanch! Most Awesome!

  12. Coconuts

    FWIW: I rarely purchase a live show cd directly from widespreadpaniclive unless I’ve attended the show AND it was an absolute ripper from start to finish. None of last Summer shows I went to quite fit this criteria but I still HAD to have THIS artwork. I made an exception just this once and purchased the Boston July 24th show since its such a smoker (IMHO: they’ve never quite NAILED a show in Boston before) AND I knew it happened to have this fine Spusta illustration gracing its cover. πŸ™‚ I do have this art as a liner in the DSD double vinyl but the turntable stays at home, studio recordings don’t quite capture the feeling of “being there” and besides, the vinyl’s innerliner doesn’t get seen near often enuff for my liking.

  13. Pat

    i know my soul is battered
    and i know my mind is gone
    i been waiting for an answer
    but the question takes to long

    This word make me cry

    i donlt know why

    But I want to see you in thailand.

    i listen your music for 3 months

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  15. marq

    (From Pitchfork’s Record Review:)

    “The specter of loneliness and aging is a through-line here, too, brilliantly visualized by artist Marq Spusta’s gorgeous cover, which shows a pair of fuzzy, unmistakably J-like creatures– one big, one tiny– using a sea monster’s back for an island. (Mascis had a son in 2007.) Though dour, Mascis’ sleeve avatar is also kind of cute. Several Shades of Why gives us that softer, gentler J Mascis. But it’s not kids’ stuff– these are lullabies for adults, offered up with a compassion that doesn’t come easy.”


  16. marq

    (From Pitchfork’s Record Review:)

    “The specter of loneliness and aging is a through-line here, too, brilliantly visualized by artist Marq Spusta’s gorgeous cover, which shows a pair of fuzzy, unmistakably J-like creatures– one big, one tiny– using a sea monster’s back for an island. (Mascis had a son in 2007.) Though dour, Mascis’ sleeve avatar is also kind of cute. Several Shades of Why gives us that softer, gentler J Mascis. But it’s not kids’ stuff– these are lullabies for adults, offered up with a compassion that doesn’t come easy.”


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  18. kmac

    OMG…beautiful!! Just went to 3 shows
    at tower! i wish i may, i wish i might
    just nab a futher print tonight!!!

  19. george

    patiently chomping @ the bit for that lovely furthur print any plans to do more work w/ them (wishing they had had you do one for the tower theater but….) πŸ™‚

  20. villanuevaguadalupe

    All of us, pearl jam fans messed up your site, huh? you should have seen what we did to the tenclub earlier and throughout the day. you should call us ahead of time whenever you ever want to test a new website. lol jk I cannot wait to get my hands on this EV print. its awesome.

  21. Ray

    I see this is in 15 peoples collections on EB. Will there truly be a significcant amount available for sale any time soon? Were those over-orders all canceled? I see several on Ebay and am wondering what in the world is going on?

    Please give us an update Marq. Thx.

  22. David Sparks

    Any news on the Eddie Vedder print? I was trying to pick one up when the site crashed. I have seen them show up on the secondary market for big $ and hope I did not miss the boat. Any news? Thanks and keep up the good work!!

  23. marq

    We are slowly gearing up for another sale including these two prints. We still have a big stack of the Vedder’s left, and others will be added to the next group drop of prints. Thanks for your patience…..

  24. matthewoccelli

    so rad Marq!!! I would love this one without the band info on it! Will there be a artist version or handbill version?

    1. marq

      When? Hopefully very soon, maybe next week.

      Where: From The Decemberists webstore first, then eventually an artist edition sold here.

      1. Josh

        I missed the Decemberists drop so hopefully the artist can help out folks that were actually at the show. 1st in the door night of the show and still no poster.

  25. christina

    My man friend and I are enjoying the mellow mushroom and your fabulous portrayal of me. I am in love with your print. Looks exactly like me. I must obtain it… cheaply? Tehe have a smokin day πŸ™‚

  26. Brain

    I really dig these – just got a new travel trailer and they are PERFECT for decorating small areas! THANKS MARQ!

  27. Tim V.

    Lucky number 7. Eddie Vedder Γ’β‚¬β€œ Brisbane Γ’β‚¬β€œ $90. Marq, thanks for the “Weekend Poster Purchasing Lottery”.

  28. Ross Attkisson

    I would love the Furthur Terrapin print!

    I have the WSP Summer, Fall and NOLAween prints framed on my wall!

    Thanks for all your hard work

    Furthur Γ’β‚¬β€œ NY, NY (AE) Γ’β‚¬β€œ $90

    1. Chris

      I’m sorry Marq, I meant to say the Widespread Cocoa Summer. Please don’t disqualify me. I have the Fall AE. Thanks bro.

  29. dustin

    Eddie Vedder Γ’β‚¬β€œ Brisbane Γ’β‚¬β€œ $90

    please, thanks for the chance Marq !!!-d

  30. george

    widespread summer would finish out my collection on the wall love that catepillar and how he ends up in the web by halloween awesome series and that cocoa paper is sweet

    thanks for the fun!


    The Furthur print is one of the best ones i have ever seen. It would look great hanging on my wall.

  32. Matthew Occelli

    I Love the broadway wellness! I have the blue pearl Ed. And would love to buy the one mentioned in this contest!

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Matthew occelli

  33. Joe Corbo

    would love an Eddie Vedder Brisbane to hang in my man cave in my new house. Thanks again


  34. matthew S.

    Eddie Vedder – Brisbane:

    This is one of the most detailed and beautiful prints I have ever seen done. It brings back the memories of my time spent in Brisbane and the East Coast of Australia. Thanks for the opportunity and look forward to seeing what happens in the future.

  35. garland09

    Got hope for the Eddie Vedder Brisbane print. Had twins born the day of the show and the two owls to me represent them.

  36. rubisco

    Thanks for the Chance. Although the odds might be bad for Eddie Vedder – Brisbans, being Australian I will take the chance…..

  37. Travis

    My choice is Widespread Panic summer tour (cocoa). Thank you for the opportunity Marq, you rock.

  38. Josh

    I’d love to get a Mother Hips print. Hopefully my luck is on today! Thanks for the opportunity to purchase

  39. Shawn McIntyre

    I’m a Furthur fan and was fortunate to grab a poster for me and my sis from their site. Awesome work Marq but I gotta have the Punkin. so put me in for that . Thanks

  40. kmac

    Marq, I would like Griz adamz cause I am one of your hugest fans and also because I’m broke and on my last jar of peanut butter due to my wide spread panic charity purchase. which was certainly for a great cause.

  41. Samantha L

    Could I please be in the running for the “Broadway Wellness” poster? Please? πŸ™‚

  42. chris

    Widespread summer 2010, hometown show danbury, ct. More importantly my 7 yr old son and 9yr old daughters first concert! They need the catapillar on the wall next to spring swing!!

  43. Ryan

    Hey Marq, I’d love to grab that Aprihop from you. It’s the only one that I need to complete the DH series! I really want to get these framed up together!

  44. Harry Carpenter


    >> I got some money in my pocket, about ready to burn
    >> I don’t remember where I got it, I gotta get it to you

    Furthur Γ’β‚¬β€œ NY, NY (AE) Γ’β‚¬β€œ $90

    Thank you Marq!

  45. Kelly

    Eddie Vedder Brisbane, please πŸ™‚ The second I saw this poster, I knew I had to have it…thanks Marq πŸ™‚

  46. soundperle

    Dear Marq. As a dinosaur fan since their beginning i would like to buy the american tour poster from j. Nearly all others i bought at ebay for much higher prices. But what should i do, i m a spusta art collector ;). greetings

  47. steven

    i love your work and i love me some widespread panic…hook me up haha. I will consider settling for one of the furthur prints if need be.

  48. Chris

    How about you people frame these up and enter the contest he has. We need entries for his sick work. Get on it!

  49. Jeffl

    I was there!! Widespread Panic Summer Tour 2010. Hopefully your working on some awesome posters for Panic 2011.

  50. Rob

    EV ME! (It is mother’s day and my wife/mother of my son is going to kill me if I win….so fingers crossed!)

    1. marq

      About halfway through picking winners. If you got a paypal invoice for your poster, you’ve been selected!

  51. simon basey

    Gutted,didnt get one,but the suspense was fun,still looking forward to the mascis and vedder drop
    congrats to the winners

  52. KJ

    D’OH! Missed it by a few hours! Darn you Mother’s Day! That’s what I get for being a good daughter. ;-P

  53. kmac

    oh man getting that email was
    like Christmas πŸ™‚
    Thanks Marq~Wish U All the Best!
    +THANKS to my BRO for giving
    me the heads up on the lottery-LuvU

  54. Ray

    Congrats to those chosen. Anyone know if those 2 Eddie Vedder prints were the end of what Marq has? I’d like one and if I know I don’t have a shot via Marq, I want to start watching ebay and looking on EB. Thx all!!

  55. jake

    Well deserved Congratulations are in order !! I wouldn’t sweat not being able to read it too awfully much. I’d imagine many of the folks able to read it will merely look at the pretty pictures anyway…besides, if you had someone translate it for you, I’m sure much would be lost in the translation. A picture is worth a thousand words and you’ve got a slew of groovy pics right there man! Your name is placed large & prominent so even the page-flippers can remember it. Thats sheer awesomeness!

  56. Xavier

    Yeah, just read it and went straight to type your name on google. Definitely some great stuff here! Plus, being in Noisemag is quite a good publicity!

  57. kmac

    Wow! Congratulations~that’s really cool
    being in a mag! πŸ™‚
    That would be nice piece to add to my
    Spusta collection-esp. since i have 4 of the prints shown in article πŸ™‚
    Best Wishes

  58. kmac

    Love this! esp cat claws! and check out
    red beady eyed thing in cage!
    Yikes~Marq…Love it πŸ˜‰

  59. coolriver

    I’ve been checking Grizzly Adamz’ blog hoping for a chance to own this AMAZING poster, but I don’t think anyone is updating it anymore.
    Marq, you wouldn’t have a copy with bent corners or some other issue laying around collecting dust in a corner, would you, huh? I’d be proud to own any copy!
    Have a great day. Looking forward to getting my goodie packs in the mail!!

  60. Doug Gale

    Glad to see things getting ironed out Marq, I’m sure it’s been frustrating but better late than never! Congrats

  61. kmac

    oh man-had it in the cart!
    wouldn’t let me buy πŸ™
    ole’ purple silvery j masc
    sold in the blink of an eye !

  62. Jeff Wood

    Thanks Marq & I won’t be emailing queries, just hoping to be @ the right place @ the right time & a little luck would be awesome. Cheers!!

  63. student42

    Thanks Mark, Beautiful Print. I like this staggered release. Gives other people a chance to pick one up rather than only champions of the F5 Olympics.

  64. nmorrow10@gmail.com

    great job mark glad i picked this up. Have been after this for awhile. Time to start building my handbill collection


  65. Dana Marver

    Another great work or rock poster art. If you need any of your older posters for your web site, let me know as I may have quantities. Your fan and love your show. Dana

    1. marq

      Yes, we did. It’s an 18″ x 24″ screen print. Edition of 250 on tan available at EMP:Seattle for now. Artist Edition to follow.

  66. Kevin

    Great job on this one Marq!! Gave someone the DFH edition as a gift and had to have my own. Thanks!!

  67. Joakim

    Love your illustrations!!! I read in an interview that you did illustrations for a childrens book, whatΒ΄s it called, and are there any pics from it online?

  68. John Merganz

    I work in the EMP Store where this print is available and we also ship to anywhere in the lower 48 states if you are not in Seattle. The store can be reached at 206-262-3013

  69. John Merganz

    BTW Marq did an amazing job on this print and to see it in person it is just beautiful with the references to Nirvana

  70. snozzberry

    “There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you’ll be free if you truly wish to be. ” – W.W.

  71. oomploomp

    Marq, when do these drop???

    “The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last.” – w.w.

    Such wild whimsy in this imagery. Love this!

    “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. ” – w.w.

  72. marq

    Love the Wonka quotes! Keep ’em coming. Out of the list of movies Gallery1988 suggested, this one by far and away was the most inspirational to the younger me.

    I’ll have over 100 of these to release in a month or so.

    1. Michael H.


      Any idea when these will be released? And any hints on the availability of any Variations??? I would LOVE to put this on my wall!!!

  73. oomploomp

    (referring to this delicious print as opposed to the carbonated soda-pop powered wonkalandspeedermobile)

    ” A thing of beauty is a joy forever. “

  74. WanderingWonderer

    ” …you should never ever doubt what nobody is sure about. ”

    oh, and this classic:

    “Where is ‘fancy’ bred? In the heart or in the head.”

  75. Richie Rich

    “you get NOTHING, you LOSE, GOOD DAY SIR.” ww

    this is right up there with the Charleston Widespread print.


  76. kmac

    I’ve got a golden ticket
    I’ve got a golden twinkle in my eye
    I never had a chance to shine never a happy song to sing,
    But suddenly half the world is mine what an amazing thing~
    Cause I’ve got a golden ticket !
    Ohhhlll Marq U must have a lottery!!

  77. coolriver

    Yes, I ordered a second one today. It’s for my buddy, no flipping here, I promise. Thanks so much Marq!

  78. Jeff

    Thanks to John from EMP chiming in and letting us know about the sale. I wouldnt have even checked. Cant wait to see it!

  79. marq

    This item was not successfully purchased, which means I’m putting it up for grabs in a lottery. Leave a comment with your email if you’re interested in buying . . . we’ll randomly pick a purchaser soon.

  80. marq

    This item was not successfully purchased, which means I’m putting it up for grabs in a lottery. Leave a comment with your email if you’re interested in buying . . . we’ll randomly pick a purchaser soon.

  81. Joshua Castleberry

    Hey Marq, please add me into the entry pot. Just saw the image and love it. And would really like to have a Spusta OG.

  82. Ryan

    Question…which version is for sale currently? Is it the one shown or the one on the rust/copper colored paper?

    1. marq

      Sorry for the confusion, it did photograph a bit more on the reddish side, but this is the straight up brown edition. Actual paper is called cappuccino, but I simplified it to brown. It’s much lighter and less red than the main show edition . . . .which is on copper.

      1. Ryan

        Thanks Marq. I am sure all the different versions are equal in awesomeness. I appreciate the clarification.

  83. Steve

    This is the “Brown” edition of 75. I think the “Rust” edition was sold at the show in Columbus. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  84. Steve

    This one is the Brown edition of 75, not the Copper paper show edition of 100. They both are printed on metallic paper.

  85. Ryan

    Thanks for the clarification Steve. I saw that they were labeled ‘brown’ in the pictures but it just doesn’t look very brown to me. Maybe it is just my old eyeballs.

  86. Benjamin

    I too would like a chance at owning this (fingers crossed). It looks great Marq! Hope I’m picked….thanks.

  87. Steve

    Ryan. I own a copy and it looks light brown to copper to me.
    I don’t get the reddish, above, that I get on my screen.

  88. student42

    I would definitely like an opportunity to hang this little guy on my wall. Please add me to the lottery.
    Thank you

  89. marq

    We’re going to hold off putting the Vedder & Furthurs up until after today. Hopefully try and fix this database connection issue first . . . might just a do a lottery tomorrow, stay tuned. thanks for your patience.

  90. Mariam Digges

    Hi Marq,

    We here at Groupie Magazine are a big fan of your work!
    We were hoping to feature you in our next issue of Groupie Magazine. Am I able to submit a few brief questions for a quick turnaround? We just want to know things along the lines of what your inspiration behind some of your album covers are (for J Mascis etc) as we are a music publication, and what inspires you, and do you have to listen to an album first in order to create the cover art, that sort of thing.

    Let me know if this is a possibility or not to have answers back in the next two days.

    Many thanks.

  91. chrihavat@yahoo.com

    Argh. Sorry I missed this. I tried for the better part of the afternoon the other day to cart this one…unsuccessfully.

  92. eadg23

    I had one in my cart but am just not fast enough on the “checkout draw” I guess…
    I would love to own one of these!

  93. Sterling

    Would love and be honored to hang one of these with my other Dead, Furthur posters! LOVE the colors and feel of the print.

  94. JD Barrett


    Would love to buy the Furthur poster to add to my collection. Beautiful & happy piece.


  95. Daniel DeBarr


    complete shenanigans!

  96. tim.vottero@sdsmt.edu

    FURTHERmore … please invoice me!

    Thanks for making the effort to spread the Spusta love.

  97. george dickerson

    hey marq been patiently waiting for this great poster for a long long time love the darker green so count me in on the lottery since I keep misin the sale…. fingers crossed!!

  98. Steve

    Yea! It’s here! So excited about this issue. Please forward an invoice to me. I’ve got a reserved space on the wall for this awesome poster.

  99. andy

    Love the terrapin! “While crickets and cicadas sing, a rare and different tune…..you know the rest.” Count me in, dood!

  100. spencer

    some rise some fall some climb…to get to terrapin!
    love this poster and want to hang in sons room!

  101. tim.vottero@sdsmt.edu

    Try, try, try, and fail … she just would not go into my cart.

    Here’s hoping for the lottery option.

    Thanks for the second chance, Marq!!

  102. kmac

    changed the laundy-haha-that’s funny..
    i only blinked and it was gone..
    couldn’t put in cart πŸ™

  103. mike

    please pick me! i’ve been emailing you for months for this!

  104. Ray

    Great print Marq!! Ive been waiting a long time for this and really hope to make the cut via lottery. If not, I’ll have to settle for an unsigned/unnumbered one from 10C. Thx for all the great work you put out man. Cant wait for your Alice and Nirvana drops!!!!!

  105. Kevin

    Would love one of these Marq. Missed out on the chance being on the train to Portland. Thanks for the opportunity.

  106. Toddf Levine

    Love this poster! Love your work! Love seeing you around town! Hope to bump into you soon Marq!

  107. Matt

    great artwork. reminds me of my trip to Aus in 2001. perfect color scheme for my wall. please, please pick me.

  108. WanderingWonderer

    β€œI know someday you’ll have a beautiful life. I know you’ll be a sun in somebody else’s sky. But why can’t it (this poster) be mine?”

  109. BooBooK Owl

    When you want more than you have, you think you need.
    And when you think more then you want, your thoughts begin to bleed.
    I think I need to find a bigger place.
    Cause when you have more than you think,
    you need more space.


  110. Zuri Sanchez

    I know that I was born
    and I know that I will die
    the in between is mine
    I am mine and the poster. haha

  111. Kevin Polanco

    I seem to recognize your face
    Haunting, familiar, yet I can’t seem to place it
    Cannot find the candle of thought to light your name
    hook me up!

  112. Tater

    Hey Marq,
    I love the print…. Awesome color!!
    I’d like to throw my name in the hat for the lottery as well.
    Shine On!!!

  113. dustin kelly

    Marq, I LOVE this print, thanks so much in advance for the lotto, i’d love to win a chance to win one really bad. Thx Marq !!!

  114. eadg23

    If ever there was a first lottery to win, this one was it!
    Thank you VERY much!
    You {as always} rock.

  115. dustin

    thx so much Marq, i really am looking 4ward to seeing this one in person, have been for awhile now, danx-d = )

  116. PETE

    another amazing piece from Spu-Foo ….it almost looks like a photo of an old shaq…really really great colors!! keeps getting better.

  117. "T"

    We are the music makers,
    And we are the dreamers of dreams,
    Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
    And sitting by desolate streams;β€”
    World-losers and world-forsakers,
    On whom the pale moon gleams:
    Yet we are the movers and shakers
    Of the world for ever, it seems.

  118. Anthony Ciulla

    Hi there!

    I’d love to buy a copy of the “Damn! The beer pimp” But I can’t find it for sale anywhere, help please! πŸ™‚

    Anthony Ciulla

      1. Anthony Ciulla

        Thanks Marq! That’s really too bad……it’s a great pic! I’ll keep searching, I’d reproduce it….but, stick figures probably wouldn’t look as cool! πŸ™‚

  119. bmwmunk@aol.com

    LOVE the first set I ordered from you soooo much that I just had to order some more! Can’t wait to get them!!

  120. stellablue@panicstream.net

    Love my Bliss Bug Goodie Pack I just received, and the shirt is awesome as well ! Ordering another pack ! Should I let you know what colors I just received so that hopefully I get something different ?? πŸ™‚

  121. Matt M

    I would love any of these to adorn my walls but would really love the WSP Oakland to join his other friends on my Panic wall. Thanks Marq!

  122. Simon

    Wow,the my morning jacket poster is awesome,but dont put me in the lottery as i cant afford it,but ,shame no Vedder

  123. Mark

    Please add me to the lotto for the Panic at the Fox Theater poster (2009). I love this poster. The silver variant looks so amazing, and I’ve been looking everywhere for a copy. fingers crossed! Thank, Marc!

  124. Rick Caldarella

    I’ve missed out on the Widespread Panic NOLA 2010 halloween poster every time I’ve tried to snag it. Maybe this time will be the charm.

  125. Shandon

    Would love to be entered in the lotto for poster #11, the widespread panic print from the fox theater in 2009.


  126. Steve

    Holy moly!
    Marq, please put me on the short list for the WSP Fox Silver edition. Love, love, love it!!!
    Thanks for the chance!

  127. Jeff

    Marq! So glad I stopped by today I always miss these opportunities. Id love a shot at the adorable one for the boy’s room. what size is that ?

    1. Marq

      Adorable One etching is 11.5″ x 14″, with an image area of 8″x9.5″

      The Patriot etching is smaller, at 10.25″x12″

  128. Andrew Franklin

    Hi Marq, thanks for this lottery. If you would love the opportunity to buy the WSP 2009 Fox print (11).


  129. Leah

    Hey Marq, The Panic at the Fox ’09, #11 poster is sweet as were the shows. This would make the perfect wedding gift for my new husband, 7-23-11. Please enter me in the drawing! Thanks, Leah

  130. Martha

    Hey Marq – Add me to the list for #11 WSP Fox Theater Oakland 09 por favor. Would love to add it to the collection!!

    $$ Thanks : )

  131. gonzo303

    I guess I’d like to fail in this lottery. So I’ll go for the fox Oakland WSP silver!!

    Thanks for the shot. I’ll own it someday!

    1. marq

      Selected so far….
      Adorable One
      Antlorious Orkaphylx Steel
      Widespread Panic Fox 09 Silver

      picking the rest now

            1. marq

              There are a handful of prints that I don’t think have been selected yet. These prints are now $15 off to the first folks to claim them.

              Punkin Ale
              Decemberists Fox – Copper
              Sleepy Sun – Green
              Summer Camp ’11 – Green
              Widespread Panic Summer ’10 – Purple

  132. david tolliver

    WSP oakland 09!!!!!! I have become an avid collector of your work over the past years and none of your posters have I longed for more than this one. make my month !

  133. Daniel DeBarr


    the paper it is on is stunning. would love to what different colors may of been done!

  134. Steve

    Cool! Thanks for the late snag of the Sleepy Sun variant!
    I don’t know why there are any regular editions left of this print.
    Although, it looks outstanding in person. The interweb has never done it justice.
    Thanks again Marq. I’m stoked.
    I’m LOL too.

  135. asleepatthewheel

    Just woke up to notice you had this awesome lotto for everyone! Very Cool! I’ll have to remember to check in more frequently and to fight the urge to doze off lest I miss out the next drop. Speaking of drop, I need to pile up in the sofa over here. Nice to see some of those artprintetchings in the mix this go ’round.

  136. bmwmunk@aol.com

    ANOTHER killer pack arrived today! Thank you so much! I’m sure I’ll be returning for more soon.

  137. kmac

    If anyone is on fence about
    summer camp 2011- GET IT!
    The sparkly blue paper is Amazing!
    Colors really pop πŸ™‚

  138. stellablue@panicstream.net

    Received my Branch With Birds today , very nice !! Love the Bliss Bug pack you put together ! Love that sparkly paper !! The copper color is awesome ! Thank You !! πŸ™‚

  139. shawnmac64

    Marq,I’m a little disappointed that “we” weren’t notified about this lottery .I was on vacation . An email would be nice next time. Many of prints I would love to own in my collection. I refuse to buy any on ebay anymore. I would rather the artist profit. Anyway I make it a habit to check the site daily….sometimes more. thanks

    1. marq

      There will be more in the future Shawn. But I prefer not to make too big of a splash (emailing/posting) with these these little lotteries of less than 20 prints. Hope we can get some more prints in your collection soon.

    2. Daniel DeBarr

      not trying to be rude. but ive never been informed via email of any of these lotteries. ive simply stumbled in at the right time. im sure u wouldnt be “a little disappointed” if u had scored one.
      marq is great for even doing things like this for his fans so i dont think u have much right to complain about the way he handles his business.

      im greatful i won this round. but ive not won or not known about them before, i didnt resort to calling out marq’s practices.

      just my .02

  140. david tolliver

    Marq, if you come across one of these in your studio and want it to have a good loving home, look no further my friend. Call me day or night. Thanks brother!

  141. Tommy


    really like your ryan bingham images…do you sell them as posters? if so, id love to buy one of em

    please let me know.



  142. david tolliver

    Hey Marq, where can I send you a photo of my framed art? I got a good one but I’m not on facebook so if you could post it into the ongoing round for me I’d be most grateful – David.

  143. Henry


    I don’t see your High Sierra posters on sale in your online store, is it still possible to buy prints somehow?

  144. david tolliver

    Yo Marq, i got one more picture of the same framed art i sent you before, ( this one showing a little more detail and not as fuzzy) that id like you to upload to the studio page if you would. Could you shoot me another email so i can send it back to ya? Thanks- dave

  145. Ray

    Nice Marq!! I hope you’re makinig a print of this graphic too!! Anyone going to the show and want to pick me up a shirt?? And maybe a poster??

  146. John

    I was lucky enough to see this show last night and was able to score this shirt for myself, my wife and my 17 month old son. Marq, you outdid yourself again. I love this print! It’s a sin that this wasn’t the gig poster, it was x1000 better that the print they used. My hope is some how your able to sell this as a poster or sell me the og. Keep up the good good work marq, can’t wait to see that you come up with next.

  147. shawnmac64@yahoo.com

    I seen one of these on ebay . Did you release any yet? I’m hoping to land one. Bye the way my 5 year old is a big Spusta fan. Thank God. Now my wife can’t get on me.Just got my goodie pack..awesome stuff . Thanks Marq.

    1. marq

      Haven’t sold my copies yet, stay tuned – just too busy. If you can be patient, I wouldn’t buy it on ebay yet.

  148. shawnmac64@yahoo.com

    I would imagine that this too has been sold out.Many of my “Furthur” friends are now very turned on to your work.This is a must have. Any chance?

    1. marq

      Cool Shawn, glad the Furthur folks like my stuff, I was very pleased to work with them. This design was made into a shirt and sticker only, but they don’t seem available online. . . I think the sticker is available at the merch booth.

    1. marq

      I wish I had saved some of these, but no, I’m not sure where any are available. There will be one available framed at an exhibit of most all my work happening at The Peoples Art of Portland in Sept.

  149. David

    Not the biggest dmb fan, but once again your work can make me want to have somthing simply to have it. Beautiful!

  150. Justin

    i want this bad!!! saw it all summer thru out tour! new it was your work!! either way glad to be able to just see it again… good work

  151. shawnmac64@yahoo.com

    this is sublime. I can’t wait to have one .Marq,I think I’ll have to clear out some of my other poster to make room for this. for sure…Event poster + Dave Mathews+ Marq Spusta + limited =highy collectable .This is the stuff I desire and will cherish .

  152. dustin kelly

    very nice Marq, really dig this one & hope to acquire a Baby Blissed Out Bug handbill with my order if I’m so lucky πŸ˜‰

  153. John C

    Hey Marq glad to hear the site is back up and running, also glad that you are offering 5 golden tickets so to speak. Missed it when i got the first email on the mailing list that said these were available. Here is to hoping my first piece of artwork from you comes as a golden version. Keep up the great work!!

  154. jgc912@gmail.com

    The penny is a regular penny from the 2010 or 2011 penny that the U.S. Mint produced for a bit of a change. I collect coins so i have quite a bit of everything. The image shows the back of the penny with the other side being the typical Lincoln head.

  155. Travis

    Nooooooo!!! They’re gone?! I had been checking the site for days then Labor Day Weekend hit and I forgot…. Ugh πŸ™

  156. Ryan Hopping

    Got a Bliss Bug with eyes closed, another with stoned-like eyes, and one with eyes wide open. I am stunned. Excellent stuff, Marq, unreal variety with each pack.

  157. Ryan Hopping

    Hey Marq,
    These sell out? I was able to grab one Sunday night, but came back for more! Your smaller prints look great when I can grab a few of them and hang them side by side. Bliss Bug for instance, look great with 3 of them side by side in my apartment.

  158. Casey

    Love the DMB work…. It is nice to see a refreshing change from Methane. I hope to see more work, and looking for a varient! πŸ™‚

  159. simon

    Great news,well done on getting the site up and running again,hopefully you can concentrate on producing more stunning posters

  160. Travis

    Any variants left? I wanna roll the dice to see if I can snag one. Really love the print, but I am a sucker for variants.

  161. david tolliver

    Go to consciousalliance.org to purchase 1 of 2 Spusta posters and also support a great cause. The posters are 10 KLF 07 and All Good Festival 2010 I believe

  162. Steve

    Man, I’d love to go but am locked up here in Omaha-ha-ha.
    Would love to have a shot at some of those prints if you’d like to haul a couple less back home after the 10th.

  163. David

    Marq, if you do another run of t-shirts, your design for Weird Owl, if printed on some threads would surely move some units, hah… units

  164. John C

    Yea one of the guys that runs that is real nice, goes by the name of Jason. He helped me out with another show he was having there so i am glad to hear he is showing your work again. How it does well!!!

  165. Hightime

    Ever so happy I was lucky enough to grab a Wonka print this fine day! Cheers go to your many diligent efforts in getting the site up and keeping our spirits fed! Thank You Kindly!

  166. Simon

    Looking forward to getting mine in the UK,after a long wai and getting third time lucky after missing out on two other drops

  167. Sterling

    Would be honored to hang this on my wall!
    Was such an awesome weekend!!
    The Gorge was an amazing way to celebrate 20 years of DMB and 10 years of being a fan.
    Thanks for making such a killer print!

  168. shawnmac64@yahoo.com

    Ive been waiting for this one. I’ve had spot picked out for a few weeks now. DMB Caravan will fit perfectly in my Caravan….bye the way I just pick up your Sigur Ros on eBay..beyond cool.

  169. Sam Culpepper

    Marq, I am so happy you did a DMB print. I was at the shows and had a great time. I hope you have the opportunity to more DMB in the future. I would love to own the Green! It reminds me of the Furthur print from earlier this year.

  170. Dennis T. Scholl

    Marq, thanks for making such a awesome poster for the gorge and an awesome t-shirt at dave and tim cville. i was was at all 3 gorge shows and the dave and tim show. your t- shirt and poster were the first things i purchased thanks so much keep up the good work .

  171. Andy Sheppard

    One of the best DMB prints of all time, and now a variant of it is a must have! I was at the Gorge shows, great concerts to go along with a great print! Great work Marq, looking forward to any future work you do with DMB or not!!!!

  172. Derekdemarchi@yahoo.com

    Hey Marq, thanks for the great work on the Gorge print this year. Really digging your work and would love to own one of the green variants. Was at the Gorge shows, so would love to put this on my wall. Thanks for the opportunity, my Email is Derekdemarchi@yahoo.com

  173. Maxx P.

    Would LOVE a shot at this beautiful variant…. great work on this one Marq, and I hope you do more DMB stuff in the future!

  174. David K

    Marq, great work. I can’t wait to get another one of your prints on my wall.
    I’m sure you’ll be getting some more work with one of my favorite bands after this piece.

  175. Theresa Juliano

    Marq, thank you so much for this print! I have been to all of the caravans this year and your print was one of the nicest prints I have seen! I would love to add the green variant to my collection! I hope you continue to make more prints for DMB and again thank you for your work!

  176. Erik

    Best poster the Band has had in years. Hopefully DMB will continue to go to you and make the other poster artists “Green” with envy.

  177. kim

    So I guess the word is out and everyone and their dog is entering. Well I too shall enter my name. Would much rather give you the money then buying it on the secondary market but I understand. Thanks for the great work and the shot at getting one. Hope to see more of work on my walls.

  178. lynn mcintyre

    marq love your artwork would love to win this poster I’ll hang this one in my son’s room because he loves you work thanks to his dad and my son is 5 yrs old so this special lottery will go to my son

  179. shawnmac64@yahoo.com

    I’m on a mission now. The Dogfish women do it for me….especially the Punkin ale. I need to have these. Will keep an eye out . Hopefully will find them one day on the secondary market.

  180. Michael

    Awesome print, would love to get this framed and on our den wall, being there at the gorge makes this so much more pecial

  181. Hightime

    Just unpacked my “World of Pure Imagination” print and I have to say it’s beauty far surpasses even my wildest imaginations! Outstanding work good Sir.

  182. John

    Hope I can add this one to my collection of your artwork. Thanks for the last few years of memorializing the Panic shows in LA. It’s funny how my favorite bands are somehow hooked up with the same fantastic artist.

  183. Kelly Fitzsimmons

    Awesome print. That has to be the slowest caravan ever. Take it from a guy who has been stuck behind many a Volkswagen on tour with the Dead. Please pick me : )

  184. ej

    hay marq i havent had the opportunity to purchase your art yet but it would be a privaledge and honor. your art is beautiful!! thanks so much!!!

  185. nikki

    I was hoping you might have had a couple of these up in Portland, but since not I sincerely hope I may get one here!! Thank you very much for the opportunity!!!

  186. Robert

    Made a game time decision to go and see DMB from Portland, OR. Great time w/great friends. This would make for the perfect memory.

    Good luck w/the new site!

  187. john

    got mine in the mail today. wow, it’s amazing in person. can’t wait to get this framed and on my wall. thanks again. that was fast!!

  188. Brian

    Beautiful print for an amazing weekend at the Gorge!
    Made the voyage from TN and would love this print.
    Im charming…….people like me…….they would admire the print daily!

  189. Baker

    Fantastic print. Its great having a second chance since my buddy tried to grab one at the show, but it had already sold out.

  190. Jeremy