Releases for Today.

Hello, We have a Mini Print Pack release happening in the Shop tonight. There will be two different type of packs offered at different intervals. Each pack will have a LIMIT OF ONE PER CUSTOMER, ooops, sorry, my cap locks just went on there. Check back here later in the day for hints as to what type of mini packs these will be. If you end up purchasing both Mini Print Pack varieties offered tonight, they will be shipped together in one package and another 5" x 5" print or something like it ...Read more


More Magnets!

The Spusta Studio magnet series now includes 55 different numbered designs. These are strong lil' dudes, and just one of them can hold up you average poster. Big kids and small kids alike all seem to enjoy playing with the curious little discs featuring a variety of characters created over the years. Along with the numbered magnet series, we also create some one-off magnets from time to time. These one-off magnets often feature actual sections from screen prints, and rarely are there two that are exactly the same. The image ...Read more


Bugday Humpday

Happy Wednesday Friends, Today we are going to release some Mothamus & Bug(?) Mini Print Packs and few Master Moth Golf Discs in the Shop. What time should we do the drop? Inventory is very limited so these will go quick.