“Pepperland” from the Spusta Studio.

"Pepperland" is my 36" x 24" 10-color screen print celebrating The Beatles and the amazing 1968 film, Yellow Submarine. We put everything we had into this one. I had the art in development for over a year and Monolith Press was almost completely devoted to this print run for a few weeks along with Dark Hall Mansion and Apple Corps showing a lot of support and patience through out. This was a passion project for us. While most of the Pepperland prints have already been sold through Dark Hall Mansion a few weeks ...Read more



Dark Hall Mansion's Press Release on Pepperland: ===================================

Los Angeles, CA, Oct 23, 2015

­Dark Hall Mansion, www.DarkHallMansion.com is honored to reveal a piece over a year in the making, our officially licensed Beatles limited edition print, "Pepperland," by contemporary artist, Marq Spusta, on sale next Tuesday, October 27th, 2015!

Dark Hall Mansion, working with Apple Corps Ltd and Bravado International, their North American licensing agent, will release Marq Spusta's amazing journey into the very heart of the Beatles' world. This gorgeous and meticulously illustrated ...Read more


TRPS Artist Relief Poster with Matt Leunig

This poster is a collaborative piece between Marq and Matt Leunig to benefit the Artists Relief Trust. This poster will only be available at the TRPS event in San Francisco on October 24th. There's likely to be an art print version in the future.


TRPS Festival of Rock Posters in SF and a Sprinkle of Spusta at NY Comic Con.

It's that time of year again where so many of the gigposter artists of past and present get together with many collectors the Hall of Flowers, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on October 24th. The Spusta Studio booth will feature a variety of prints and posters for sale with a strong emphasis on music related art.  Of course Marq will also bring his pens and pencils to sign and doodle for collectors (he does not encourage people to bring prints to draw on, but rather to purchase items from his booth for ...Read more


Wednesday 9/23 Sale?

There is not much planned for release tomorrow, just a few odds and ends (less than 30 Gov't Mule and Green Moe. posters). So we really don't recommend wasting your day refreshing the Shop, that would be a horrible use of your time. There are plans for some upcoming release days with more than 500 inventory of a product, so all of you that have been missing out on our more limited inventory release as of late, be patient - we want to get you art!