Bad Luck Blues Give-Away

Hi Friends. We have packed up a few surprise mini print packs that we'd like to give-away today. This contest will only be open for a short time, and is only eligible to our customers who have have bad luck in our recent string of lottery art sales. If you've missed out on most of the Spusta Studio lotteries since the "Listening" drop/lottery, than maybe this little contest will turn your luck around. Comment to enter this give-away if... - You are a previous Spusta Studio customer and we have your address and info in our ...Read more


New Spusta Studio Shop

By the by - we have implemented a new Shop system that looks a bit like our previous model. Hopefully it can handle a bit more customer traffic than our last one, but it may be a few weeks until we have something new to release. There are few shirts available at the moment. If you had an account with the Shop previously, that will no longer be a relevant sign-in and you may want to set-up a new account before we drop our next release. Read more


Creature Caravan – customer lottery

Here's a new screen print we made. Do you want to buy one? It seems a lot of folks want to get their hands on these creatures, so we will be choosing customers via this purchasing lottery here and now. If you're interested in putting your name in for one of these prints be sure to follow the instructions carefully. We made things slightly complicated again as an attempt to weed out some of the folks that aren't paying as close of attention, or asking friends to enter for them. Here's some details ...Read more