8 thoughts on “Distanced In The Depths

  1. Hightime

    Love it! Super trippy, classic Spusta. Can’t wait to take a gander at the actual print, and relish in the fantastic details! Exited to see the different variants, hoping for a cosmic foil of some sort… Cheers!

  2. Shawn

    Amazing!! Tripping in the Mariana Trench. Love all the colors and details. It’s deep with fun and happiness!

  3. Mitchell Seyfer

    From Surmountable Steepness to Distancing in the Depths.
    From Lures to Drift Out.
    From Seven Birds to Soaring.
    From Pepperland to a Peaceful Bloom.
    From Woodstock’s Song of Love to Frankenstein’s Monster.
    From Meeting Mumph to A Berry Between.
    From Two Birds and their egg to Happy Harvesters.
    Organically Epic Psychedelic Wonderment!
    Congratulations Marq and Gnomes on another great year of divine inspiration.
    Like a great piece of music or writing, I sail away on your artwork.
    You make me believe there is a God and you have been truly blessed.
    And you bless all of us by sharing your gift. Thank you.


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