DMB Caravan Poster Purchasing Lottery

This is the lottery post to comment on if you’re interested in purchasing the Dave Matthews Band Caravan Poster (Pearl AE) or if you missed out on the Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration (Brown AE) a few weeks ago.

The DMB Caravan poster has a show edition of 1000 that sold out at the 3 day music festival at The Gorge Amphitheatre. The Artist Edition that we have available is only an edition of 55 on a white pearl paper stock. Compared to that large show edition, and considering the millions of DMB fans out there, it seemed best to release our limited amount of AEs here in a lottery format.

Along with the DMB Caravan AEs, we are also offering up a few more (about 10) Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration @ Red Rocks posters in this same lottery. These are from the Artist Edition of 100 on brown sparkle paper.

Sooooo, if you’re interested in throwing your name in the hat for the opportunity to purchase either poster, here’s what you should know and do:

• The DMB Caravan AE poster will cost $85 + shipping.  The JGS @ RR will cost $70 + shipping.
Choose either the DMB of JGS to try for.
• If you enter the lotto more than once, you won’t be picked.
• If interested, post a comment here with your poster choice, and be sure to use your Paypal email address. (Also, mention if you’re International shipping)
• Customers will be selected randomly, and invoices will be sent through Paypal.
• This lotto will be conducted today with winners selected sometime on Thursday, winner’s notification will simply be the Paypal invoice.

• If you’re comment doesn’t show up, it got caught up in our extra-tight spam filter. We will dig you out before we start picking “winning” customers.


425 Responses to DMB Caravan Poster Purchasing Lottery

  1. Hightime says:

    yes pa-leeez on the AMAZING dmb print! cheers!

  2. Josh H. says:

    DMB for me please, thanks!

  3. Nick says:

    Hoping to score the JGS @ RR this time.

  4. Tim Steinlein says:

    Jerry Garcia Symphony Please!!


  5. Derek says:

    DMB please! That is a badass gig poster sir!

  6. this just in! says:

    i would love a dmb caravan!

  7. Anthony Antonucci says:

    Interested in both or either please. Sign me up…

  8. Groover says:

    JGS Please!

  9. Don C says:

    The DMB Caravan AE please and thank you

  10. Jonathan Wolfe says:

    DMB poster please!

  11. Seth says:

    DMB for me please

  12. John Mantzios says:

    DMB Fo’ sho’ please and thank you brotha man!

  13. Greg says:

    DMB Caravan AE Please

  14. John L'Abbate says:

    would love a shot at the awesome DMB print…thanks!

  15. Nick says:

    DMB Caravan AE thx

  16. pete says:

    Purdy paper

  17. Corey Shade says:

    Fingers crossed for a DMB Caravan AE

  18. Iain says:

    DMB please any version variant if there are any. Thanks.

  19. Dan says:

    DMB please. Cheers!

  20. Mike G says:

    DMB Please!!!! You are the best!

  21. Lane Miles says:

    DMB poster please, thanks.

  22. Barry says:

    Love the RR Jerry Symphony

  23. Mark Bender says:

    Jerry Garcia Symphony. Thanks Marq.

  24. Rick Bosso says:

    DMB would be fantastic. Thanks!

  25. Jon says:

    DMB for me please

  26. Richard S says:

    JGS Please!!! Thx

  27. Casey says:

    DMB Caravan Please !!!

  28. Doug says:

    JGS@RR please

  29. Kyle says:

    DMB Caravan AE – Please…

  30. Dave Lawrence says:

    Would love the DMB print.
    It’s beautiful…Thanks..

  31. Chad says:

    DMB please

  32. Benny says:

    DMB print! Please n thanks!

  33. Rebecca says:

    DMB for me as well please!!! Thanks for the lotto opportunity

  34. Peter says:

    DMB poster pleeeease!!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  35. Noelle says:

    Dave Matthews Band! Much Thanks!

  36. Mike says:

    DMB please. Thanks for the chance.

  37. Corey says:

    I’d love one of those DMB Caravan prints….

    Great prints, can’t wait for the art prints!!

  38. Chris Kostecki says:

    Jerry Garcia at RR please!

  39. Chad says:

    Lookin’ for that sweet DMB. Thanks!

  40. Jeff Fernandez says:

    PLEASE Matthews Band Caravan Poster (Pearl AE)

  41. Matt A says:

    Put me in the lotto for DMB please.

  42. Adam says:

    DMB Pretty pretty please! Would match great with my caravan spusta from a few years back 🙂

  43. Kevin Quinn says:

    DMB please!

  44. R Hopping says:

    Posting for a crack at that DMB goodness. Thanks Marq!

  45. David says:

    Dave Matthews Band Caravan Poster is so awesome, love your work Marq..

  46. Kevin Wyatt says:

    YES, DMB. Please & thank you!

  47. Pam SURFACE says:

    They are both great posters but I guess I will try for the DMB! Thanks!

  48. Joe R says:

    DMB please…..someday my ship will come in, but I’ll probably be at the airport waiting.

  49. Jody Epps says:

    Dave Matthews Band Caravan Print!

    Thank for always allowing use to be a Part of Something Special Marq!

    Great Work Brotherman!

  50. Stephen Bluto says:

    Would love a chance at the DMB Caravan poster!

  51. Gregg G says:

    DMB, please

  52. Joe says:

    DMB lotto please and thanks

  53. Todd Larsen says:

    DMB PLEEZ!!!!

  54. david vasquez says:

    DMB FTW !

  55. fred adams says:

    I would love both. If chosen, the JGS would be my first choice, DMB second. Thanks, and great job on both prints!

  56. gabriel bloxom says:

    Please let me get the dmb caravan. Thanks for chance.

  57. Christopher Vanasse says:

    DMB Caravan AE

    Thanks for the chance on this!

  58. Chad says:

    DMB please 🙂

  59. Jeff says:

    Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration please.

  60. John K says:

    I’d love to snag one of the DMB prints.

    Thanks Marq!

  61. Ted Duker says:

    DMB caravan AE print

  62. Kara Hrabosky says:

    DMB Caravan poster, please!

  63. Debbie says:

    Dave please !!!

  64. James says:

    DMB please!!

  65. John C Budny says:

    DMB please!

    Thanks Marq

  66. Ben Pettitt says:

    DMB for me please. Sweet Poster!

  67. Steve S. says:

    Would love to try for the DMB please. Just a fantastic print!

  68. Lynn says:

    Can I get a Dave Matthews poster?

  69. Jim Mattos says:

    Jerry Garcia Symphony, please!

  70. Patty says:

    Dave please & Thanks!!!!

  71. bob a. says:

    looking for that DMB artist edition, Marq.

  72. Caravansary is a nice memory

  73. Michael says:

    DMB Caravan

    What a gorgeous print. I hope I win.

  74. Sarah Pass says:

    Dave please, thanks Marq

  75. Chad says:

    DMB poster Please!!!!

  76. Laura S says:

    DMB AE PLEASE! Thank you Marq and the Gnomes!

  77. Brandon Jansma says:

    DMB Please

  78. Kym Carlisle says:

    Please sign me up for a DMB Caravan!



  79. Matt says:

    DMB please and thank you!


  80. Alan says:

    JGS please and thank you for doing this!

  81. Cliff Kemper says:

    DMB. Thanks!

  82. Tom Adams says:



  83. Patrick Shanley says:

    DMB Please!

  84. Brandon says:

    Would love a DMB for me! 🙂

  85. William C hamilton says:

    Love your work and this is a perfect example of your unique approach to concert prints!

  86. Brian Fernandez says:

    Dave Matthews Band Caravan Poster pleas

  87. Lynn says:

    Yes please JSG!

  88. Tim Barber says:

    one of those sweet DMB caravan prints please.

  89. Chris Anderson says:

    The DMB for me please!!

  90. Jeff says:

    Please put me in for a JGS @ RR!

    Fingers Crossed!

  91. daz says:

    DMB please, RR second choice — fingers crossed!

  92. ZU says:

    The Gorge DMB Caravan AE Pretty Please. This thing is so dope. Send some love to the Northwest, I’ve never gotten a Bonus post it note. You Da Man!

  93. Rudy Brown says:

    DMB AE print for me please! Many thanks.

  94. Hunter says:

    JGS. Please

  95. Adam Grace says:

    I would love both! But, if chosen, the JGS would be my first choice, DMB second. Thanks so much! Excellent job on both prints!

  96. Val says:

    would love a DMB poster!!!!!!!

  97. Gabriel says:

    Yes!!!! DMB Caravan Poster please!! It’s great!!

  98. James Gentile says:

    DMB poster please. It is an awesome print.

  99. Paul says:

    DMB caravan please

  100. Scott says:

    DMB for me please! Love it. Thanks marq 🙂

  101. Bryan Challener says:

    Almost had this on last drop and got the boot when checking out… Let’s try again .

    Jerry Garcia Symphony

    Thank You

  102. Mike T. says:

    DMB for me please! I was there and it was my 1st Labor Dave Weekend @ the Gorge!

  103. Dan says:

    DMB AE print for me please! Thanks for the chance

  104. Rui says:

    DMB Please 1st choice

    Jerry 2nd

  105. Greg W says:

    I would love the DMB poster

  106. Michael Rothrock says:

    Dmb please!

  107. Paul Urfi says:

    Jerry Garcia Ref Rocks please!

  108. Johnny C says:

    DMB please….Thank you

  109. Allen says:

    I would love a shot at the DMB print. I was not at the show but a close friend was and I would love to give it to him for his birthday.

  110. Haney says:

    DMB Please! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  111. Karin K. says:

    DMB, please! 🙂

  112. Nick says:

    Wasn’t sure if you could chose both, but would love a DMB also. Thanks Marq for making my walls much more interesting.

  113. Steve says:

    DMB caravan for me please?

    As far as the art prints you’re thinkng about, it would be cool to see this caravan crossing many different climates and scenes? Just a thought…

  114. Marc Godel says:

    I have the perfect wall space for the perfect DMB!

  115. Dani says:

    DMB please and thanks Marq…if only I could be “So Damn Lucky”!

  116. Shannon Kiss says:

    The DMB is gorgeous, but I missed out on the Jerry poster at the venue and during the last release. Gonna shoot for that one now and work towards the other in the future. Thanks Marq! Hope you’re great!

  117. Jim says:

    Dave Mathews Band pleas

  118. Leroy says:

    Hey, DMB please!

  119. Gary S says:

    I would like to be entered in for the DMB poster please!

  120. Brad Magee says:

    Huge Dave/spusta fan here. Please enter me in the DMB caravan lottery!

  121. Kristen Salmon says:

    I would love the Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration, as I got the red one when it went on sale, but I LOVE the brown one. Thanks so much for doing this is a fair way!

  122. stephen schultz says:

    DMB for me. Always great prints ….

  123. Jason says:

    Entering for the DMB poster. Please save me from ebay! Thanks!

  124. Mark says:

    Please put me in for that gorgeous Jerry Garcia print! Love you work, Marq.

  125. Michelle says:

    Would LOVE the chance to purchase the DMB!! Amazing! Thanks for the opportunity!

  126. Angie Q. says:

    Would love the DMB Caravan print to go along with our other DMB Gorge prints!!!

  127. Andy says:

    DMB would look awesome on the wall of my son’s nursery (he’s 1 1/2 today!) Thanks again for being so generous with your swag and talent!

  128. Travis B says:

    DMB Please and thank you!

  129. Tony says:

    DMB for me please.

  130. steve fenster says:

    I would love the Jerry piece. Long time collector – need my first Spusta poster!

  131. Doug Little says:

    But me in the hat for the Dave caravan AE please.

  132. handy says:

    DMB for me please…

  133. Matt says:

    I’d love a DMB!

  134. Tony D. says:

    DMB Please! Thanks!

  135. matt schuchard says:

    Dmb for me please. Super job! Keep up the good work!

  136. Steve M says:

    DMB caravan thanks!

  137. Rick Caldarella says:

    DMB Caravan, please.

  138. Jason Price says:

    DMB is amazing, that’s the one for me!

  139. Russell Vodder says:

    DMB Please!!! This is an Epic print.

  140. Andy M says:

    DMB for me please!

  141. David Southerland says:

    I’d surely love one of those DMB posters!

  142. John says:


  143. Craig menges says:

    Please count me in for the sweet DMB print!!!

  144. Mark says:

    DMB Caravan AE please!

  145. Jeff says:

    DMB please!!! So bummed we didn’t grab on when we were there! International shipping (we’re in Canada).

  146. Brian Grall says:

    DMB Poster for me, por favor!

  147. Jack says:

    DMB caravan, hoping I get lucky this time around.

  148. Ken says:

    JGS @ RR please! Thanks!

  149. Susan Kelly says:

    Love Love Love DMB Caravan 🙂 Thanks!

  150. Anthony Antonucci says:

    Sorry, just noticed the EITHER. JGS please.

  151. Jim says:

    Dmb for me!

  152. Gianluca says:

    Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!….

  153. Jeremy Doyle says:

    Hoping to get lucky on RR symphonic AE. Thanks Marq for the opportunity!

  154. David Kragness says:

    Would love a crack at the DMB Gorge print. Gotta keep up the collection.

  155. Paul says:

    Dave Caravan print please…

  156. Barry says:

    Awesome posters! Will take either but prefer DMB, thanks!

  157. Dimitrios Kalathas says:

    DMB please

  158. Adam G says:

    Dave Matthews Band, please!

  159. Anastasia says:

    DMB Caravan print…

  160. Eric Johnson says:

    DMB Caravan Please….would love to give this to my cousin and husband has a house warming gift for their first home. They are huge fans as well as myself and would be stoked to see this on their wall when I visit them. Cheers!

  161. Chris Jewel says:

    Dmb Caravan print for my newborn yesterday:)
    5lb 4.6oz

  162. Jake "Ziggy" Zwerdlinger says:

    Red Rocks JG AE please and thank you!

  163. Dave says:

    Oh the DMB print is shweet , c’mon lotto gods

  164. Paul says:

    Would love to get the brown Garcia Symphonic at Red Rocks poster. The show was off the hook! Shipping goes to Colorado.

  165. Ronald Lange says:

    JGS is the one I would love. It will be framed and in my 6 yr olds room. Thanks for the opportunity, hopefully we get lucky. Have a great day. Keep up the great work.

  166. John says:

    DMB Caravan plz!

    Thank you.

  167. Luke S. says:

    Amazing work as always Marq. I’d love to snag one of those DMB Caravan AE posters.

    Keep up the great work!

  168. Gary says:

    I would like to get on the DMB Caravan please and thank you.

  169. Bryan Paul says:

    I have loved that DMB Caravan print since I first laid eyes on it. What a beautiful, fun, and inviting caravan that is. I wanted to jump right in line with the rest of them. Amazing work, as always, Marq! Thanks for the opportunity to snag one of these. *hoping & praying to get selected*

  170. James says:

    DMB is the one i would choose. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  171. Andrew says:

    I would like a DMB please 🙂

  172. Jeff says:

    DMB Caravan for me, please. I didn’t get there early enough on any of the days. Thanks!

  173. Jay says:

    Hoping for a DMB caravan…

    Thanks Marq!

  174. shawn mcintyre says:

    Sweet Jesus ,I gotta have the White !The DMB Caravan AE (white pearl paper stock) yeah Man!
    Thank You !!!

    NOT a spammer

  175. Megan Allen says:

    DMB poster, please

  176. Andrew says:

    DMB Print Please!

  177. Justin Reppeto says:

    DMB please & thank you.My poster buddy left my SE on the ground at the Gorge 🙁

  178. Shane Evans says:

    DMB poster please! !

  179. Temima R. says:

    DMB please!

  180. Katie M says:

    DMB is a beauty. Thank you 🙂

  181. Eric B says:

    DMB – AE


  182. Nate Michael says:

    DMB! por favor amigo! Was at this show and somehow missed the print due to “fun activities” I’d rather not post on your site. However I DO NOT expect to be one of the chosen ones as I never win anything. Thanks again for giving us this opportunity!

    • Nathan Michael says:

      DMB! por favor amigo! Was at this show and somehow missed the print due to “fun activities” I’d rather not post on your site. However I DO NOT expect to be one of the chosen ones as I never win anything. Thanks again for giving us this opportunity!

      ***Had to repost as my initial comment wasn’t with my Paypal address****

  183. Jon Eisenberg says:

    DMB Caravan poster please!

    Thx Spusta and gnomes.


  184. Murph says:

    Yeah man!! Pearly white, please! In for the DMB Caravan print. Many thanks for releasing an AP and the lottery!

  185. Tim Burke says:

    DMB Caravan.

  186. RonV says:

    DMB if u please.

  187. Sean says:

    GaRRcia Por favor!

  188. Cory says:

    Love the DMB! Thanks for the opportunity!

  189. The Good Doctor says:

    JerrY Garcia RR please !

  190. george rainey says:

    JGS please for me

  191. Steve says:

    DMB Caravan AE poster, please please. Thank you very much!

  192. Eddie D says:

    DMB Caravan AE, please and best of luck to all.

  193. Tim says:

    I have a hole in my wall that the ☆☆☆DMB☆☆☆ print would fit in nicely.

  194. Chuck Nemfakos says:

    DMB Caravan
    Please and Thanks!

  195. Tony Palma says:

    DMB please. Thanks for doing the lottery.

  196. Derek Demarchi says:

    DMB PLEASE !!! Might be late to this party, but would love to own this poster and add to my other DMB Spusta posters. Love It, Thanks for the chance.

  197. Josh Castleberry says:

    Thanks for the chance! DMB Caravan AE poster
    Rock it, Marq!

  198. Robert Fiedler says:


    Thanks for the opportunity Marc.
    Awesome poster.

  199. Kerri M Olsen says:

    DMB Please

  200. Matt says:

    DMB please! I’m going to sleep with my lucky rabbit’s foot under my pillow tonight

  201. Richie Rich says:

    Oh what the hell, I’m feeling lucky

    danka Marq

  202. Kevin says:

    DMB please

  203. Nathan Cox says:

    JGS Thanks!

  204. Brad E says:

    DMB Caravan AE poster – Strawberryyyy Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!!!

  205. Michael Lombardi says:

    DMB all day!! Gig poster of the YEAR!!

  206. Debra Kledzik says:

    DMB poster please!
    Such a great poster for my favorite band.

  207. Mattmccracken says:

    DMB please!!

  208. Carter says:

    It’s hard to chose against the wizard jerry Garcia, but the dave Matthews band poster is to cool, Marq spusta huge fan *slow clap*

  209. Karl says:

    DMB, please and thank you.

  210. jason says:

    Garcia Please

  211. Justin Doty says:

    DMB please


  212. Kevin G says:

    DMB for me I am hoping!

  213. Timothy Hogg says:

    DMB Caravan poster, please!!! I have the first caravan poster from 2011 hanging in my sons room and this new one will be posted in our about to be born sons room because of the awesome whale swimming down the Columbia river…. Love these prints.

  214. Ed Coombs says:

    Throw me in lottery for DMB PLEASE.

  215. Kevin Finnerty says:

    DMB AWESOME animal print please!

  216. Ed Coombs says:

    Jerry Garcia please

  217. Jonathan Watt says:

    That beauty DMB print please

  218. alex says:

    DMB all the way 🙂

  219. David moore says:

    This was my 14 years at the gorge for DMB and it was my bachelor party. I’d love to add this to me collection

  220. Angelo m says:

    Dmb gorge please!!

  221. Ryan G says:

    DMB Caravan print looks great! Thanks!

  222. morgan lester says:

    Would love the DMB print please!


  223. Theresa says:

    DMB – please!

  224. earle crawford says:

    DMB please and thank you

  225. Marty L. says:

    JGS please.

  226. Ryan F. says:

    DMB Caravan, please! Looks amazing and my all time favorite band!

  227. Carolyn Kesler says:

    JGS, pretty please.


  228. Brenda Huhn says:

    Dmb caravan please and thank you 🙂

  229. Jennifer Thomas says:

    DMB Caravan please.


  230. Bryan Smith says:

    Woolly Mammoth FTW. DMB Caravan. Gracias!

  231. Paul V. says:

    I’d like to throw my name in the hat for the Dave Matthews Band AE please


  232. Charles says:

    Jerry Red Rocks, please!!!

  233. Tim V. says:

    DMB Caravan please!

    Thanks for the chance, Marq

    P.S. The JGS is a great print too … tough choice!

  234. Jennifer says:

    I would love the DMB Caravan!

  235. Kristin Rose says:

    DMB please!

  236. Jeff S says:

    DMB, thanks!

  237. Tom B says:

    Sign me up. Lottery please!
    DMB Caravan please!

  238. Nodin DeSaillan says:

    DMB AE

  239. Joe says:

    DMB Gorge Caravan Please. Thansk!

  240. Brian Schiebel says:

    DMB Lotto Pretty Please!

  241. doug prince says:

    DMB A/E please!

  242. Ken E. says:

    DMB lotto please and thanks.

  243. tom fisher says:

    Say YES to DMB!

  244. DJ says:

    Jerry Symphony

  245. Chris Torgerson says:

    DMB AE I would like to purchase DMB…. Thank You!

  246. Philip D VonBlond Jr says:

    Jerry symphonic RedRocks please……missed it at shop sale a few weeks ago……love the brown sparkle

  247. Eamon lawless says:

    DMB please!

  248. Thomas Skemp says:

    DMB me please! Thank you.

  249. Evan Livengood says:

    DMB AE

  250. Ann Sullivan says:

    DMB Gorge AE thanks

  251. Matt says:

    Dave Matthews Band Caravan Poster (Pearl AE) please!

  252. Chris Hoyle says:

    I would love a chance at the DMB print

  253. Chase B. says:

    JGS— Please and Thanks

  254. Chip says:

    DMB Caravan~Please & Thank You!!

  255. Kevin says:

    Come on baby, would love to have the DMB print!

  256. Ryan Nichols says:

    DMB Caravan poster please!


  257. Jacob Bridges says:

    JGS Please and thank you!!

  258. Daniel Harris says:

    DMB ae.
    spank you!

  259. Trevor Dieck says:


  260. Sean McManus says:

    DMB Caravan please!

  261. Austin Cunningham says:

    Dave Matthews Band gorge print please my favorite gnomes! I was there all three nights and the caravan print sold out every night 🙁 hook a brother up!

  262. Zev Carlson says:

    Interested in the DMB please

  263. James Temple says:

    JGB w/ Warren @ Red Rocks for me!

  264. Chris Beth says:

    DMB please

  265. Ryan says:

    Love a chance to grab the DMB print Marq !

    Thanks so much for the opportunity !

  266. Jake P says:

    Great DMB show print as always!

    DMB for me

  267. Mario says:

    DMB please and thanks!

  268. Ken A says:

    DMB Lottery

  269. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

    Jerry Garcia, please & thank you

  270. Jennnny D says:

    DMB please and thanks!

  271. Lynn Carlson says:

    Yes, please! Love your art.

  272. richard morsa says:

    dmb please!

  273. Gerald Douglas says:

    Dave Matthews caravan please! Man this is such a nice print. Kudos

  274. Andrew says:

    DMB please!

  275. Mikey Mike says:

    Dave Matthews please… Brilliant poster my friend

  276. Mandy Rees says:

    DMB poster please 🙂

  277. adam brown says:

    One for dmb

  278. John Levonick says:

    DMB… DMB… DMB… Thx Marq.

  279. Michael Martin says:

    Dave Matthews, Please Please Please Thx Spusta

  280. John says:

    DMB Caravan!

  281. brad welshimer says:

    Would love to have the Jerry Garcia at RR

  282. Jonathan says:

    Hope all is well Marq! Awersome print! I would love the chance to own both of these prints please! Many thanks and Peace Out Cub Scout!

  283. Billy Mantzios says:

    Dmb. Thanks!!

  284. Lew says:

    Thanks Marq

  285. Kelly says:

    Jerry! Pretty Pls.

  286. Momma Hollins says:

    I can’t believe I am saying this….. DMB ~ my sister-in-law is a huge fan and I would love to give her this!!

  287. Randy Gravitz says:

    I’d love to win to complete my collection for the Caravan. I rarely win contests and have been down on my luck recently and could use a little DMB pick me up. I think this contest is as clever as it is fair. Also a fun twist on the poster collecting theme.

  288. AL Shepherd says:

    DMB for me please, thanks!

  289. Matt Gray says:

    DMB please and thank you

  290. Olivia says:

    Dmb please 🙂

  291. Tourkidz says:

    DMB for me.

  292. Gordon Monk says:

    DMB please

  293. Dawn Lew says:

    DMB please and thank you.

  294. Dave says:

    Garcia please – thanks, Marq

  295. Andrew Mclaren says:

    DMB please! International shipping to Australia 🙂 thx

  296. Harold a Boozer says:

    I’ll take my chances with the DMB print. Thanks for the chance!

  297. James says:

    DMB for me please!

  298. Adam says:

    Either please. I will leave it up to chance because I love them both.

  299. Stacey Levin says:

    Jerry RR please

  300. Jason S says:

    I Choose DMB Please, thanks!

  301. Kevin combs says:

    Yes please!…thank you so much for the opportunity!

  302. Mark Collins says:

    DMB & hope it’s my lucky day.

  303. Bryan Flach says:

    DMB please!!

  304. Lance Ohnstad says:

    DMB would be so awesome for this Coloradan !!
    Thank you!

  305. Rory K says:

    JGS @ RR please!

  306. Chris says:

    Dave Matthews Band please!!!

  307. Takayuki Moizumi says:

    DMB please!
    International Shipping to Japan!


  308. Jeremy says:

    DMB for me please

  309. Dan says:

    If that dmb poster is going to a new home it might as well be mine.

  310. Would love that DMB poster! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  311. jake says:

    DMB would be awesome!!! Love your stuff!

  312. Teresa says:

    I would like the JGS please. Thank you!

  313. Tony Sannito says:

    DMB pleas

  314. Aaron Sluiter says:

    Getting a DMB Caravan AE would be rather swell! Thanks for the chance!

  315. Brian Coleman says:

    Would love a DMB Poster. Would give it a good home in a nice frame in a prominent position on my wall!

  316. Steven says:

    Would love the DMB print if I’m lucky to be selected..!


  317. Robert Doerr says:

    Would love a shot at the DMB AP PEARL. Thanks for the opportunity! You guys rock. Good luck to me!

  318. Tracy Brook says:

    Hi! Can I please be put in the drawing for the DMB caravan AP. Thank You.

  319. Jeff says:

    Jerry Garcia Print

  320. Allen Ruegg says:

    DMB Caravan. International shipping to Canada for me.

  321. Craig says:

    DMB Caravan AE poster!! woooo!

  322. Russell Chidsey says:

    JGS at red rocks pretty please 🙂

  323. Greg B says:

    DMB print please. Thanks!

  324. Bob Jacobson says:

    DMB Caravan AE poster please. Trying from the iPhone. Hope it works

  325. justin adams says:

    hook me up please DMB!

  326. Atrain says:

    Jerry red rocks please

  327. Melinda says:

    Dave MB pls !

  328. Jerry says:

    DMB please!

  329. Patrick says:

    DMB please

  330. Pete says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!
    Would love to purchase the the Dave Matthews Band Caravan Poster 😀

  331. Wes says:

    DMB print please!

  332. Dean Wolfgang says:

    DMB Gorge AE please. Thank you!

  333. Stephanie says:

    DMB por favor 🙂

  334. David Gigante says:

    DMB please

  335. Zach Gmeiner says:

    DMB pretty please

  336. Chris Merritt says:

    would love that DMB print Marq!!! Thanks!!

  337. joe lushing says:


  338. thad says:

    dmb please:) thanks marq!

  339. micah says:

    I need the dmb, please, please!

  340. Peter Wheeler says:

    DMB Please, + int shipping

  341. pollack,Kevin &Brandy says:

    DMB please, thank you!

  342. Chris R says:

    I’m interested in obtaining the JGS @ RR poster. Thank you for another opportunity at getting one!

  343. Kathleen Kennedy says:

    Please enter me in the DMB Gorge Caravan print lottery. I would absolutely cherish that gorgeous reminder of such a good good time! Thank you!

  344. Dean Carson says:

    A DMB would make my DM-Day! Tx!

  345. John Nagowski says:

    DMB Caravan AE please. Thanks!

  346. Becker says:

    DMB Caravan AE Please

  347. mark says:

    Dave Matthews Band poster is what i would like, please!

  348. Stephen Brzezinski says:

    Dmb baby…

  349. Bojo says:

    DMB please. Thanks Marq!

  350. Jake "ziggy" Zwerdlinger says:

    Red Rocks JG please and thank you!

    I did not see my 1st entry pop up.

  351. Matt says:

    Looking for some luck for the DMB print!

  352. Roberto Santos says:

    DMB Print please!

  353. Bill Schimikowski says:

    Dmb caravan please. Thanks for the opportunity!


  354. Accurso says:

    Jerry Garcia Red Rocks Please!

  355. lisa maxin says:

    I had my #18 #19 #20 shows this tour at the Gorge to celebrate being a DMB fan for 20 years 🙂

    DMB Caravan please – cheers!

  356. Eric S says:

    DMB Caravan Poster
    Thanks for the chance!

  357. Matthew says:

    DMB please. Thank you

  358. devin says:

    dmb caravan poster-. thanks your art is beautiful!

  359. Lea Monette says:


  360. Lilia Diaz says:

    We were there all 3 days and tried everyday to get one and they were gone!! Really hope I win one I love them

  361. Sean says:

    Jerry please Jerry !!! Thank you !!!

  362. Charles Schultz says:

    Jerry @ RR please

  363. Chris Phumai says:

    Jerry Garcia! Enjoy your works 🙂

  364. Bill McClellan says:

    Jerry brown for me sir!

    thanks Marq..

  365. James says:

    Would love a chance to get the JGB Red ROCKS!

  366. Casey Nousianen says:

    Would love to own the DMB print. Nice work, as always!

  367. Dave says:

    JGB symphony please.
    Thank you

  368. Brian Andrews says:

    I’m in for a DMB. Love that pearl stock!!
    Thanks Marq!!

  369. Matthew says:

    DMB Print

  370. John says:

    DMB poster

  371. Chris says:

    I miss my Jerry licks!

  372. Brett Miller says:

    DMB please.

  373. Simon Lowe says:

    DMB please.

  374. Matt Kinder says:

    Hey gang, hope all is well…. DMB for me please..

    Such detail… Just a pure Beaut!

    Stay cool

  375. Kim says:

    Dave Matthews Band!!!!

  376. Mark says:

    DMB AE, would rock……..

  377. Philip Hale says:

    Please tell me I didn’t miss it!!! DMB AE please, please, PLEASE!!!! Love your work!!

  378. Ernie says:

    I would really like a Red Rocks and I do not resell. I collect.

  379. Jonathan Burdick says:

    DMB please!!!!

  380. Ian VanMoorhem says:

    DMB Please!!!

  381. erica collins says:

    Dmb print please. Thanks

  382. frank says:

    Garcia me please

  383. Nick says:

    DMB Please, and thank you!

  384. PR Smith says:

    DMB Caravan please. Great art.

  385. Steven robbins says:

    Love the dmb print feel free to hook me.

  386. Nikki says:

    Omg, Marq!!!
    I would die for the DMB Caravan!!!!

  387. Tony says:

    JGS por favor!

  388. Aaron M. says:

    DMB pleeaaazzzeeee!!!

  389. Michael scism says:

    JAS please! Fingers crossed for a spustatic day

  390. Patrick says:

    DMB Caravan!!!

  391. Kris Dumas says:

    Gold Garcia…. Please? Worth a shot right?

  392. Cory Atkins says:

    DMB Caravan AE Poster

  393. Matthew Lavoie says:

    Jerry Please

  394. Stephen John says:

    Dmb. International
    please and thanks

  395. Fro says:

    I’m sure it’s too late…the price of an all-day/night flight from South Africa…butttt JIC


  396. John Labate says:

    Dmb please. Prob too late

  397. Matt says:

    JGS@ RR would be sweet… If ya still got one laying around

  398. Emily Ciaravino says:

    Dave Matthews Caravan!!

  399. Joseph Rose says:

    Would love the DMB. Thanks, Marq

  400. Spusta Gnome says:

    Thanks for all the interest in this DMB/JGS poster purchasing lottery. While we have picked most all the customers for the poster we had available, there still is a handful of invoices that we sent that are yet unpaid, and if they are still unpaid by Thursday, we’ll pick some new customers…(you also may want to check that junk folder in your email if you may have banished all paypal emails to that dungeon)

  401. Hightime says:

    …fingerz crossed!

  402. Steven Krellner says:

    DMB Please

  403. jeff travitz says:

    DMB Please big time poster collector

  404. Beverly says:

    I would love to have that DMB hanging on my wall PLEASE!

  405. Andy says:

    DMB Caravan was fantastic and I would love to buy a poster!

  406. Dennis Bryant says:

    I would love to have one of these posters. Nice work!

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