Embellished Eye Guy Purchasing Lottery

The Embellished Eye Guy Print Pack Purchasing Lottery.
These Eye Guys are 8″ x 10″ screen prints in a signed and numbered edition of 100. Marq and sometimes other Spusta Gnomes have drawn on them with pens, pencils and paints. We have a stack of 17 prints (14 pictured) that will be made available in this purchasing lottery.

For those interested in purchasing one of these embellished Eye Guy prints, please comment on this post with the number of the ONE Eye Guy you’d like to try for. All 17 numbers available are listed in the photo above. Each Eye Guy print pack will cost $100, and includes 3 random mini prints and shipping in the US. (International customers will be invoiced more for shipping and should identify themselves in their comment)

Be sure to use a valid Paypal account email address when commenting, selected customers will be invoiced directly through Paypal in the following days.

122 Responses to Embellished Eye Guy Purchasing Lottery

  1. postergeek says:


  2. modiggiddy says:

    24. just like the day of my birth

  3. wayne clements says:

    #41, i spy with my eye the little eye guy

  4. Bob says:

    40 please and thank you. And I’d buy a Flutter Friend too!

  5. Gavin O'Donovan says:

    63 please!

  6. Jeff says:

    Eye would love to see #27 make their way East

  7. Matt says:

    #36 I love the little happy face. Thanks!

  8. Josh says:

    #32 open up my third eye

  9. Austin says:

    27 please.

  10. Brian says:

    41 please

  11. Brian says:

    Eye see 41 taken above so, 31 for me.

  12. Jarrett says:

    I would LOVE #27!!

  13. Atrain says:

    31 please and thank you!

  14. george says:

    27 I reckon such a hard choice to narrow it down to one but for some reason I really wanna see 24

    <3 <3 <3

  15. Greg Allard says:

    Gotta go with 41! Thanks!

  16. Justin Hudson says:

    #41…es muy bueno! My eyes on his

  17. Jesse C says:

    #41 Please, good luck everyone!

  18. Matt says:

    41 please!

  19. Jerhemy Gallagher says:

    #40 please, thanks for the chance!!

  20. Tiffany says:

    I’d take my chances on #16, please and thank you!

  21. cheryl yost says:

    26 thanks

  22. corey shade says:

    #63 and a big thank you!

  23. Michelle says:

    46. Thanks for the chance.

  24. Eric Schulman says:

    #27 is the coolest! Please, please, and please!

  25. chris says:

    since no one has chosen #81 yet that will be my pick please. thank you!

  26. Christy pierce says:

    I like #35! His clothes are pretty cool 😉 and thank you for the chance!

  27. Lilly Stone says:

    i would like to pick number #41 but any will do the trick…..thank you for the chance to win…..love your work…keep it up

  28. Eric fletcher says:

    40 please and thank you!

  29. Leslie Lashbrook says:

    #40 please, thank you very much!

  30. Laura says:

    I’ll take a chance with #23! Thanks marq these are all awesome!

  31. Stan , Canada says:

    “24” My hockey and football No. Also the birth of my twins, would you have two by chance?…Love a mystery print…Thank ya kindly for your time!

  32. Todd says:

    #31 please. Another great and unusual concept! Thanks Marq.

  33. Chance Hazelton says:

    #27 is beautiful! I would love to have it!

  34. Abby says:

    # 46. Thanks for the opportunity Marq!

  35. Chance Hazelton says:

    #27 would make a great addition to my collection

  36. MCINTOSH says:

    22 – and always fun – 22 is the quick term for perfect vision 20/20= 22

  37. Casey says:

    #63 please.


  38. JCA says:

    #24 please, thanks Marq. Best of luck to all of you Spusta addicts.

  39. Sean says:

    H’eye guy!

  40. robertk says:

    eye spy eye guy 27

  41. Matt says:

    Tryin my luck with #40…. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  42. Derek says:

    I would love #40, another sick piece by marq. Thanks for the oppurtunity.

  43. Dustin says:

    27, my birthdate & lucky number!

  44. Tim says:


    a pirate turns

  45. justin says:

    let me try for 29 ! thanks

  46. ZU says:

    Envelope me with the light of number 33 please

  47. Bob says:

    Please allow me to be the one for 44 !

  48. Scott Weinstein says:

    #24 please!

  49. Joshua 'OAFY' Thompson says:

    I love #27 almost looks like he has a pet Totoro.

  50. Amanda Poole says:

    16 please and thank you!!!!

  51. Jim LaFemina says:

    81 please and thank you 🙂

  52. Daniels says:

    I’ll try my luck with #16. Thanks for the opportunity

  53. David Cochran says:

    #35 Thanks!!

  54. Travis says:

    Please and thank you!


  55. Ann Conner says:

    My number disappeared like magic….so here I go again!
    I would die for 27… 😉 sneaky eye guy stole my number!

  56. carter says:

    41, but I ain’t picky

  57. Nick Campion says:

    #40! Thanks Marq!

  58. Ryan D says:

    41 !

    Thanks so much Marq !

  59. Bryn says:

    29 looks fine!

  60. Todd says:

    Taking a chance on 24

  61. Gypsy Lady says:

    #40 please, really great idea. Good luck everybody!

  62. Karen says:

    16 please

  63. Artie Crisp says:

    63 please.

  64. Corey says:

    I’d live #40!!

  65. Allen says:

    81 looks killer……thanks

  66. Heath says:

    41 please!

  67. mark gall says:

    27 looks pretty good to me!

  68. Ashley Keefe says:

    # 40 is my choice

  69. Bryan says:

    41 por favor!

  70. Alan Schwartz says:

    27 – bunny?!

  71. Robert says:

    63 please. Apologies if duplicate post

  72. Rich Testa says:


  73. Seth says:

    #40 for me – Thanks and good luck all.

  74. Josh says:

    #63 is looking quite dapper!

  75. Adam Kropelnicki says:

    #41 I love when there’s no negative space

  76. chris says:

    40 if I’m not too late

  77. Nicole Anaka says:

    81, then 27, then 63….. Or anyone really!!!


  78. Hessel Heerebout says:

    81, thx !

  79. Spusta Gnome says:

    Invoices for all 17 have been sent. Thanks for all the Eye Guy interest.

  80. bernard says:

    #81 its a lucky one

  81. Atrain says:

    Wow, I feel so lucky to be one of the lucky 17! I can’t wait to see it in person. I don’t think I can ever get enough Spusta! Thanks

  82. barbara harris says:

    Aye aye!

  83. barbara harris says:

    Sorry but my number didn’t post… #44 🙂

  84. ron vinion says:

    Yep 41!

  85. Chase B. says:

    Good luck!!

  86. Kmac says:

    #32 is eyemazing 🙂

  87. Paul says:

    Yes Please….!

  88. Paul says:


  89. Anastasia says:

    16 pretty please!

  90. John K says:

    #40 please, if I’m not too late!

    I always seem to miss the lottos by a day or two because I’m anti-FB and don’t check often enough

  91. Dustin says:

    Thank you kind sir!

  92. Brad Eisenberg says:


  93. Franklinstowr says:


  94. Yauhen says:

    #40 please!

  95. michael says:

    #27 – Thanx 🙂

  96. David Sparks says:

    40 Thanks!

  97. Benjamin says:



  98. Dayton Smith says:

    32. Love the colors! Thanks!

  99. Brad says:

    #40 please! Really dig these all seeing freaks! 🙂

  100. Brad says:

    #40.. Really dig these all seeing freaks! 🙂

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