The Shop is temporarily closed until sometime in the new year. This site will continue to be updated, as there will be a few things to show off in the meantime.

Thanks for all your support in 2012!

6 thoughts on “Hibernation . . .

  1. Seth

    What? oh man, that’s a bummer. there goes my whole christmas shopping/ support awesome local artist plan. I love your art! How come the shop is closed for the most buyingest season of the year? curious indeed.

  2. Aaron

    Very dissapointing. Like John, I snuck in a small order. Why not give us warning, you would have sold alot more for the season by at least announcing when it was closing? I would have easily spent more money here. Weird that you would close duringn PRIME TIME shopping time?

  3. Ann Conner

    Marq, sure my life is missing something with the store closed, but you deserve the break!!! I can’t imagine what it takes just to fill my orders not counting the rest!! I want to Thank You for your extra Thanksgiving shipping bonus!! Your fans…Your addicts… We all apreciate everything you do!!! Enjoy your downtime! My best to you and your entire family!! May your holidays be as bright as your new inks!!!!


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