We dug up some forgotten bugs. Leftovers from the days when the studio was overrun with bugs. Maybe putting them up for sale in the Shop would be the best way to get rid of them.

153 thoughts on “Leftover Bliss Bug Mini Prints

  1. Hightime

    …fingers crossed you’ll put em up after us folks on the west coast get home from work. needin’ some blissfulness over here! – cheers

  2. Rob

    Can’t wait to take a shot at these blissful buggies. Are you going to put these up individually by color or are the colors going to be random?

    1. Chris Torgerson

      I agree!!! My birthday is tomorrow. A chance to purchase 1 Bliss Bug would make an awesome birthday! ๐Ÿ™‚ ?

  3. Jay

    Hope some great folks come up big today…
    Can’t watch the site all afternoon but hope I get lucky when I do check in.

    Happy Birthday to Amie and anyone else celebrating!!!

  4. Steve S.

    In all the years I have been collecting your work, somehow one of these has eluded me all this time. Hoping to rectify that today!


  5. Eric

    My FIRST SPUSTA SCORE!!! Excited to see the ” extra love with the markers and pencils” Thanks Spusta, there’s a first time for everything!

    1. Zach

      P.S. The new shop worked effing great compared to the old one!!!! Can we expect more drops and fewer lottos in the future? Just curious. I’m a lotto hater. All the way.

  6. Nate

    Thanks for the chance. Struck out this week but high hopes for next. Thanks for all that you do in this crazy art print world and for trying to spread the love to as many fans as possible!

  7. Barbara Kielbania

    I was waiting all day. Finally got to it and tried to check out about 40 times. Still never saud sold out. If Anyone could spare one for my collection i need a bug. I need some luck to obviously. Guess i’ll keep trying. They look gorgeous.

  8. Hightime

    beautiful bugs eluded me today… hoping there may be a few stones left unturned around the studio with blissfulness hidden underneath… I do love invoices! – cheers

  9. Lilly Stone

    That’s was an awesome thing to do for 8 more folks. You and the gnomes are the best in the business. The Stone family looks forward to future acts of kickassery

  10. John

    Would love one if there are any still available, love me the bliss bug! If not I always seem to forget that it is Hump Day and Marq might have some goodies up for sale. Sad today but when I purchase some Spusta it’s always a happy one!

  11. Haney

    I know that I’m not in the first 8, but I figure I might as well throw my hat in the ring! I would certainly love a bliss bug pack! Thanks so much for all that you do for your fans ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. adam burton

    Wow …..real kind for the second chance .Missed that too but must say its rad seeing you gnomes go out of your way and trying please the masses.I will take another crack at a bliss bug next week…

  13. mark fortuna

    Karma in my favor. Listed a free giveaway of the GD50 on the Facebook Spusta Addicts page earlier this week and was rewarded with a score of the Bliss Bug drop. Plus, I have worked out one trade and one kind soul even sent me a freebie for my newly adopted sons room. It has been a great week. Thank you all!

  14. Torrance

    Dear Marq and Gnomes,

    I just want to thank you for being so awesome! Also I directly attribute my success on landing phish tickets for Mexico to you! Without all of my practice on your site, whether it be a drop or lotto, I don’t think I would have been fast enough. I may have missed the drop yesterday but boy am I happy to know I have a spot on the beach with my favorite band! Thanks again!

  15. Zach

    Is your Facebook page down? Have been trying for days to view it but get a white screen. Just curious. Want to stay on top of new info.

  16. John

    Hey Marq, I know it’s not hump day but any chance you may be releasing some of the Bliss Bugs today? Have a feeling I might miss the Wednesday release. Thank you to you and the gnomes!

  17. Kevin H

    Getting excited for us second chancers tomorrow!! Thank you Outta the blue Marq and Gnomes for doing your part to make the world great. The Joy people show when landing your prints has made a bright spot in my life this week. All you fans are awesome!!! ???

  18. Courtney Kiser

    First timer here feeling Blissfully lucky ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you Marq and gnomes for sharing your fantastical world. The joy I get when I pull up my phone and see Morris on my background is truly what gets me through the rough work day! You guys rock always. Here’s to hoping!

  19. John M

    All this love for the 9-5ers but how about for some of us that are trapped in a hot Kitchen cooking for the 9-5ers that can’t get to a computer…how about making 69 packs available and sending one over to the bay state ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. John

      Hear you there as that’s what I do for a living so I am usually end up working during the release times. Isn’t the Culinary industry just great!

  20. Ryan D

    So… first time poster. This is supposed to be a present for my brother and his wife to celebrate their wedding. He apparently loves this artwork so crossing my fingers and hope I can make their special day even more special.

  21. Charles d

    Well. 2 hours of refreshing and failed again. My thumbs not fast enough apparently. Still itching for my first bug ever and I’m 0-48 on drops haha. Thanks for your art being the best in the world Marq

  22. C

    well that was a fun way to spend the evening, here’s to hoping there’s some lotteries in the near future! I have a chance at those at least

  23. Rick Trimmer

    Struck out again! Oh well…thanks for the offer. i was refreshing the main page and i got a sold out picture of a bug’s offering. Went to posters and saw the link, but lost it during paying process. lol That was exciting

  24. John

    That’s what happened to me had it in the cart and was so excited but they when came time to pay it send that one of the items in my cart sold out… been waiting and checking for the past few hours and then sold out, so so so sad please tell me there are some still available? Oh please

  25. Jason

    in my cart on two separate occasions… made it to paypal checkout twice…and the nothing yet again, super sad panda right now:(

  26. John

    Oh please oh please tell me there may be some laying around cause I just Don’t see how they sold so quickly when they just got released, I really hope Marq just released a few or did not put as many available for sale this batch. Just really hoping others didn’t purchase more then the one they were allowed too. I feel heart broken as I am sure many others do…. ๐Ÿ™

  27. Amie

    There’s always next week….there’s always next week…..there’s always next week….

    Oh well. Don’t feel heartbroken! There’s always next week! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. John

      Yea there is always next week but when I took off this Wednesday to try and make a purchase I had my hopes up when the add to cart button was there and then I go to pay and it says one of the items you purchased is sold out, then ‘re did it and then it said the same. I wouldn’t be so heart broken if I was able to make another purchase on another Wednesday but I work at nights in a kitchen and if it was going to happen it was this Wednesday when I had asked off for it. Ahhh much love to you all and Marq’s work just going to be a very long while until I can make it to a Wednesday lotto or sale for that matter. I know others are hurting too and I feel your saddened.

    1. Amie

      There will be if minis keep coming out of the shop weekly….yet another reminder that MINIS ARE OPEN EDITION.

      If marq wants, he can print 1000 bliss bugs. Thats the wonderful thing.

    1. John

      Congrats to you Anna! Just wondering what time you made the purchase for the bliss bug? Cause at first it disappeared and only the Moe. and Offering mini were there then after that it was there available for purchase again. Marq sure has gathered a following and that’s great he deserves it! Glad you were able to purchase one. Congrats to all that were lucky enough to purchase this beauty!

  28. Jeffery

    He ought to……he could sell every one as quickly as he printed and maybe it would keep the ebay prices feasible for more of us. But I’m sure he’d get tired of signing nothing but bugs. Oh well….I have my one damaged bug….maybe I’ll luck into another someday. Won’t be holding my breath waiting for it though.

  29. Scrotey McBoogerwolfe

    The new shop works great. The lottery method totally sucks.There is absolutely no reason to bitch. 70 packs is a small number for so much demand. There wasn’t much chance to get one from the start. If you weren’t in the first 70 to cart you didn’t get one. That’s pretty fair. If you think you have a better chance at the lotto when you are willing to refresh for hours then you are a fool (not anyone specifically). Lottos=Flipfest because it takes no effort. Anyone that knows the monetary value of Marq’s work will put their name in the hat. But at least there was a chance to get one of these. The gnomes said it best:

    “Our limited art is hard to get, and nothing should be expected or stressed about. We’ve been clear with how many of these were available, they are just a stack of old prints. The demand has outweighed the supply for awhile now, that’s what we’re working with. We realize trying to obtain the art can be difficult, and thus strongly advise you not to collect it if it affects you in such horrible ways. Sorry, you’ve made it clear it’s bad for you, we hate hearing that the art releases are the cause of such pain….it would be best if you didn’t try to deal with our Wednesdays, unless it’s one of our less stressful purchasing opportunities (like lotteries, contests and whatever else we can come up with).
    Also, if you just want to look at Marq’s art, go ahead and print out some copies for your own enjoyment off the website.”

    Don’t be that guy. It’s just a print or two no matter how awesome. There are other ways to get them if it’s that important to you. If 10,000 Bliss Bugs get printed they hold no value and Marq screws the customers that have spent a lot of time and money collecting them out of their investment. The very collectors that kept him going earlier on. It’s fine to be irritated about not getting the print but don’t whine to the artist because you didn’t get one. Especially an artist like Marq that really does try to be cool to his fanbase instead of just take their money. That’s what isn’t fair.


    Thanks for continuing to release so much awesome work. I hope you realize how many people enjoy your artwork. Regardless of how difficult it is to get.

    Thanks again,

    S. McBoogerwolfe
    P. S.
    Thanks also to the gnomes for such consistently awesome work. It’s an easy job but somebody has got to do it. And you do it very very well.

    1. Soggy Bottom Butt Pirates

      Well said and bravo! Until next Wednesday…….arrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh.

      Who’s a pirates favorite artist?

      His first name is Marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrq.

      The Butt Pirates of Soggy Bottom

  30. mark

    Marq, she said if I didn’t give her the Bliss Bugs i was done. Please help, this is serious. You know how she gets ๐Ÿ˜› Midnight on a carousel ride, reaching for the gold ring down inside, never could reach it; it just slips away,
    but I try.


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