We made Listening puzzles!

A 19″ circle made up of 500 jigsaw pieces when assembled.

They are difficult to say the least.

On Sale 9/16/2020 afternoon pdt.

Our puzzles are packaged with a mini giclee print of the artwork.
These 7″ x 7″ prints are signed and numbered in an edition of 420. Total price will be $55.

17 thoughts on “Listening Puzzles

  1. Mitchell Seyfer

    A quick sell out was correct. Thanks for the lead to Fun Supreme. I got the puzzle!
    I almost got the print, but my cart drained as PayPal was sending me back to complete the order.
    Win some, lose some. The puzzle looks awesome!

    1. John C

      I thought fun supreme was releasing the copies tomorrow?!? After seeing the link at the bottom hoping to get lucky and find it for sale here later!

      Congratulations to those that scored this beauty!!!

      No whammies, no whammies,…….stop!!!

      1. John C

        *their copies not the copies.

        Fun supreme also says sold out but hoping they will resupply as well.

        To those that purchased, wishing you good luck in putting this puzzle together, it requires much patience!!!

  2. Darrell Stevenson

    Score. Don’t really care if the puzzle is too hard, I always will have the completed Giclee to cheer me up – appreciate the abundance of drops lately! Too bad I didn’t get the matching bag to store my goodies.

  3. Darrell Stevenson

    In all honesty, the puzzle doesn’t look too hard. Can’t wait to shove my foot in my mouth or confirm my puzzle mastery!

  4. Matt Schreiber

    Thanks for the sneaky late night re-drop! Had to set an alarm here in KY to wake up and score but totally paid off by snatching the other puzzle!


    Matt and Ambria

  5. Steffen

    Arrived safely, thanks. Wonderful 🙂
    The puzzle will be a hard task ;))) Can you please say how many of them were made? Thank you

  6. Steffen

    Hi again,
    oh, this is really a very tricky puzzle… It is more or less unsolvable, due to the upper part of it.
    And in the middle one piece is wrong (fits, bit totally different picture).



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