Lottery is over – thanks for all the interest.

Here’s the last pile ‘o’ stuff being made available in the March Madness Lottery Sales. This time around, the art is being offered in 20 unique combo packages. The packages include prints, variants, minis, sketches and other Spusta goodies.

There are photos of each package to give an idea of the contents, though no further details will be listed. What you see, is what you get. Each package is $15o shipped anywhere in the US of A. International customers will be billed more than the $150 to cover the additional shipping costs.

Please follow the instructions below if you wish to put your name in the hat to purchase any of the combo packages in Lottery Sale #3. We will be randomly picking the customers/winners over the next few days. These prints are pulled from the archive, so many of the corners have slight dings.

If you’re interested in purchasing any package in the lottery at $150 a pop, here’s what to do:
Click on the image above in this post to open the full Lottery Gallery #3, scroll through to see what’s available.
• Under the art package pic will be a number, use that number to identify the packages.
• To enter the lottery, you may pick ONE or TWO packages that you’re interested in buying, and list them by preference in a comment to this post (If international shipping, list country). Please only post one comment per interested customer.
• Buyers will be selected by randomly choosing comments in the next few days. If one of the packages they listed is still available, a Paypal invoice will be sent to the email privately entered in their comment.
• If you won something in the last lotteries, feel free to try your luck again. 



170 thoughts on “March Madness Lottery Sale #3 (Combo Packages)

  1. Robbi

    Would really enjoy #18! What an amazing package!!
    #14 would be the second choice – Red Buggin and sparkly blue swing AWESOME!!

  2. Aaron

    Wow, Marq, you make these decisions so difficult. After much deliberation, I would love to have the opportunity to purchase:




    Thank you for these fun events.

  3. Jody


    Like I stated in our Addicts Page Tubes “R” Us!


    I hope You & Your Family are well, Happy Easter!

    As Always Thank You

  4. B-Dog

    What sweet lotto! Thanks, Marq for another opportunity to grab some great art!!

    Tube numbers……. #7 or #8

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  6. Ryan

    Put me in for a chance to get

    #1 and #1
    I love Dogfish and Spusta. You put those together and you get something magical.

  7. neo

    1st choice is #18
    2nd choice is #14

    Love all the tubes, very hard to choose. Thank you Mr Spusta for another chance at your beautiful art.

  8. Elizabeth Miranda

    March Madness Lottery: ALL YOUR ART IS AMAZING!!!!
    My lucky is pick #18 😉
    2nd pick # 20 mystery tube… 🙂

    Crossing my fingers- Elizabeth 🙂

  9. Chad Biasi

    March Madness Lottery:
    • First pick #13
    •Second pick #18
    Everyone of ur arts are inspiring and are awesome!!!
    Thanks Marq

  10. Hunter

    #20 mystery tube
    Thanks as always for the chance Marq…. if #7 is around id love to have it as well… Have never won, and love them all…. Good luck good people!!! invoice Please!!!


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