The Reopening of the Shop.

We are pleased to be opening the Shop back up after our winter hibernation.  It is time once again to get the art to the people. We hope you all had happy and healthy holidaze and together let’s make 2013 brighter.

The Shop will open it’s digital doors tomorrow, Thursday, January 10th at a random time between 4:00-4:30 PM PST. There will be a handful of new posters and prints made available while inventory lasts.

The new Dinosaur Jr. poster commemorates their recent New York City gig for the 25th Anniversary of the classic album “You’re Living All Over Me”. The artwork for this poster was originally developed for the Chocomel Daze live album cover. (We also plan on releasing that cover artwork as a giclee art print signed by the band, as we did with “Farm” and “Several Shades of Why”).

The second new poster release is for Moe.’s New Year’s Eve run out East.

There are also 3 new Mini Print Packs that will be available,  Meandering Homestead, In This Together and Spring Swing (imagery from a Vetiver poster). Get ’em while they’re fresh!

12 Responses to The Reopening of the Shop.

  1. Keith K. says:

    Happy New Year Marq!!!!

  2. Aaron G says:


  3. Hightime says:

    Super ~ Terrific News! can’t wait to try my luck @ some sweet new INK! Cheers!

  4. Rick_a_c says:

    About time 😉

  5. earle says:

    see yall freaks here tomorrow night 🙂
    Hooray new year!!!

  6. C. Daniels says:

    Hells yea!!! Bring on that giclee and best of luck to everyone tomorrow.

    • Spusta Gnome says:

      Good stuff. We just started production on the Chocomel Daze giclee, so it will be awhile before we release those – just wanted to give you all a heads up since the artwork is similar to the poster.

  7. Jesse C says:

    Looking very forward to today’s drop. Good luck today everyone!

  8. Keith K. says:

    Sucks that if you did NOT have an account that you had to create one… and then the vultures took print out of cart!!!!


    Been away for a minute and this happens!!!

    • Spusta Gnome says:

      Keith, Sorry you missed out. there’s an option to just check out through paypal, without an account though.

      • Keith K. says:

        Shit was happening too fast Marq!!! NO way to figure it out quick enough to score!!!

        And I missed out on Spring Swing due to waiting around and NOT carting out!!!

        Happy NEw YEar to me!!!

  9. Jesse C says:

    Love those mini prints, hope to see more of them in the store…

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