Umphrey’s McGee Halloween Mash-up Variant Lottery

This here is the lottery post to comment on if you’re interested in purchasing one of these two Umphrey’s McGee Halloween Mash-up Variant Posters. There is a Purple variant and a Red variant, both are in an edition of 20, and a portion will be made available in through this lottery.

Here’s the straight poo on these two:

• Each variant poster will cost $110 + shipping.
• Choose either Red or Purple to try for.
• If interested, post a comment here with your variant choice, and be sure to use your Paypal email address. (Also, mention if you’re International shipping)
• Customers will be selected randomly, and invoices will be sent through Paypal.
• This lotto will be conducted quickly and we’ll move onto the next one, so enter right away.

110 Responses to Umphrey’s McGee Halloween Mash-up Variant Lottery

  1. Michael Hendon says:

    Purple Please Marq!!!

  2. Matt says:

    I dig the Purp!

  3. Nate says:


  4. Brett says:

    Purple please

  5. Ann Hollins says:

    Red Red Red….Red Rum

  6. John says:


  7. John Brooks says:

    Last night I stared into my “Feeding the Kids” print and the little guy said to go for Purple! I don’t argue with the SpustaVulle residents so Purple would be awesome!

    John Brooks

  8. bradley loew says:

    red please…….SO NICE!

  9. chris mcbee says:

    i would take the purple first and the red second. thanks again

  10. Jenny jones says:

    Prefer purple but either would be awesome. International shipping to Australia xxx

  11. scottymac says:

    Purple Please — Thanks!

  12. Richie Rich says:


    Por favor

  13. Chuck says:

    Purps please!

  14. Mcintosh says:

    Purple – a royal color please sir

  15. Jason Allind says:

    Red Please


  16. Angie Q. says:

    Party Purple Please!!!

  17. jay says:

    purple please

  18. Steve S. says:

    Love them both, but I guess PURPLE on this. Amazing print for an amazing band!! Thanks for the chance Marq!

  19. Clay says:

    Purple please!

  20. postergeek says:


  21. Lane Miles says:

    RED Please. Thanks Marq

  22. Paul says:

    Purple Umph Please…..!!

    Thanx Marq…!

  23. Hessel says:

    Red please

  24. Bob J says:

    that RED is POPPING!


  25. Adam Budd says:

    A purple would make my day! This was the best halloween run they have ever played.

  26. Andrew provencher says:

    Red for me please!!!

  27. sarah oberlander says:

    red please…..that run was great!

  28. Anthony Anderson says:

    Purple would look awesome with the other 2vatiants pretty please!!

  29. Leigh Sauceda says:

    PURPLE please! I love love it!

  30. Anastasia says:

    Red Umph McGee Print..!!


  31. Zu says:

    PuRpLe pLeAsE pLeaSe

  32. Jeff Wyckoff says:

    Purple is uber!

  33. David Cochran says:

    Red please. Thanks for the chance!

  34. Nick Bowes says:

    Red Variant, please!

  35. Ronnie Gerchow says:

    Purple Pleeaaase!

  36. dustin says:

    purple power please Marq, thank you!

    i highly believe in the color purple

  37. Jason E says:

    Purple please!

  38. brandy mull says:

    I want a red!

  39. Kat P says:

    Red please and thank you

  40. Smitty says:

    I’d love a purple

  41. John Kushmerick says:

    Purple please!

    Thanks Marq!

  42. Fro says:

    Marq, you RED my mind! Thanks for the opportunity to play!

  43. Joseph says:

    Purple, please!

  44. Gavin O'Donovan says:

    Purps please!!!! 🙂

  45. Melissa Wiggins says:

    Purple is pretty!

  46. Drew Chapman says:

    I’d love a Red!

  47. Kym Carlisle says:

    I’ll go for a purple one!

    Crossing my fingers, and toes!

  48. Michelle Depoy says:

    I would love a purple!

  49. DC says:

    Purple then Red.

    Thanks for the chance!

  50. david says:

    I would love a purple also!

  51. Nick says:

    I’d love a red one!

  52. Tyler says:

    Red all the way.

  53. Jon says:

    Red, red, red

  54. Ghettoblaster says:

    I’ll go for Purple. Both look great.

  55. Jesse says:

    I would love a shot at the red please. Best of luck folks!

  56. Luke says:

    Count me in for the Red version! It looks AMAZING!

  57. Brian Turner says:

    Purple please!

  58. Rudy Brown says:

    Purple please!!!! Me like me like!

  59. Jay says:

    Red would be awesome!

  60. PURPLE says:


  61. Nate says:

    They both look great but I’d like the red one pls

  62. David Chrobak says:

    I’d love the opportunity to purchase a purple Marq, thanks for the chance…

  63. Brian says:

    Purple Please

  64. Kelli says:

    Red please

  65. Kelli says:

    red please!

  66. Kelli says:

    PURPLE please

  67. chris says:

    Purple please!!!
    Got to see 1 of the shows and would love one of these purples to remember it.

  68. Thegreatplainsman says:

    Purple please! In USA. Thx!

  69. Gypsy Lady says:

    Purple haze me all the way!!!

  70. Haney says:

    I dig the Purple!

  71. corey shade says:

    I dig the red!

  72. Jim LaFemina says:

    I owuld love a red one Marq – many thanks!

  73. Michael Olsen says:

    Purple please you da man

  74. Thomas Skemp says:

    Another great job! I’ll go for the Red

  75. Justin Hudson says:

    Purple urple for me! Thanks marq

  76. Mark says:

    Would love a red variant!!

  77. Ryan says:

    purple please Marq!

  78. Karl Spitzer says:

    love any thing please

  79. CJD says:

    Purple por favor 🙂

  80. Matthew says:

    Purple please

  81. Andrew Pence says:

    Purple Pleeze 😀

  82. David C says:

    Thank you Marq!!!’

  83. John Brooks says:

    THANK YOU MARQ!. i NEVER WIN ANYTHING. Made my day man. You rock!

  84. Purple Or Red both kick ass!

  85. Mark says:



  86. Derek D says:

    Think I missed This Purple please. !!

  87. rich says:


  88. dustin says:

    purple please email/paypal adress is

    Thanks for the chance in million!

  89. Joe says:


  90. Chris says:

    The red one is a real hoot!

  91. Jim Girard says:

    The red one would be great- please put me in the lottery for red.

  92. david says:

    super red is super rad

  93. Brian Andrews says:

    red please

  94. Craig says:

    RED! Thanks!

  95. robert alboher says:

    Purps up!

  96. Aaron Harrington says:

    red please

  97. mike says:

    purple please. thanks

  98. Seth says:

    Purple, red or any that or available please! Thanks

  99. Jeff says:

    Red please

  100. Rick Caldarella says:

    If the lottery is not over, I’m in. Love the image.

  101. Neal Grieco says:

    Puple Please and feel free to take a look at my new shop that is much so a work in progress. Do you do any logo work??

  102. Dayton Smith says:

    Purple please

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