8 Responses to Flibflum

  1. Hightime says:

    YES!!! super stoked for some flib-flummery in my life!

  2. Zach says:

    Cannot wait!

  3. John K says:

    Hoping I’m able to finally score one of these guys! Don’t have any of these guys yet!

  4. Ken says:

    Nice! Hope to get one today. Didn’t get one in the last mystery pack drop.

  5. Chase B.. says:

    Awesome!! time to get some Filb!!
    Thank you guy’s so much!!

  6. Chad E Reed says:

    I love all of these guys and cannot wait for a chance to get some or all of them!!:) I do not have any of these yet, and they are all of my favorites together!! I Love Plootuffels & Tapooflet, Flibflum, & Bask Boost the most!! But all are so Awesome!!
    Thank you Marq & the Gnomes!!

  7. russ firth says:

    Any way I could find out who purchased this guy?

  8. russ firth says:

    The OG that is. Sorry about that

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