Concept Sketchbook

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  1. Great Day says:

    Beautiful! This one has that “magic” of the 1st sustainable festival “Rothbury” written all over it. Too bad the festival itself wasn’t sustained. Love this.

  2. Great Day says:

    whooops! Thought I was leaving a comment for the white dressed angel holding the magic heart flower amongst the smokey forest sketch.


  3. marq says:

    How did you know it was for Rothbury?

    • Great Day says:

      🙂 Its a dead-ringer for the place my Man! I spent many a summer of my formative years just North of Rothbury near Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes NP. I ‘spose its just a lucky guess…but the imagery really does look like the Sherwood Forest there in “New Era” Michigan. I’ve hit almost every large festival in America and many, many smaller ones – there is only one Rothbury. I love that sketch – wish it would have been available at the JJRanch! Most Awesome!

  4. Brian Carter says:


  5. Michael mcintosh says:

    God Bless ya for the OG brother

  6. Jeff Williams says:

    Precursor for meandering homestead here?

  7. Nick Toporzycki says:

    Such great work in the Concept Sketchbook. So fun to flip though the photos and get a peek at the pages within.

  8. Patrick Milstead says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Bennett Schwartz says:

    Thanks Marc,

    Some amazing stuff in there.

  10. Garret Phillips says:

    Save hemp save the planet!

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