Nestling in a Nook

13 Responses to Nestling in a Nook

  1. kmac says:

    that purple/pink nestiling is killer!!

  2. troy goode says:

    will the full size Nestling in a Nook
    be availiable in the shop at some point? i really want to grab one 🙂 thanks

  3. Hightime says:

    Love this one!

  4. kmac says:

    Wishing on the Blue Moon I get some RUBY 🙂

  5. egg says:

    beautiful color!especially,the funny eyes,one close, but the real one open!

  6. egg says:


  7. Hightime says:

    …Drooling!!! Any chance we’ll get a lotto for some of these beauties good Sir?

  8. kmac says:

    My Night was just made 🙂 Dreaming of RUBY!! Thanx Marq…Ur the BEST!!!

  9. kmac says:

    Owlets in the NOOK!! grab em while u can 😉 MS u is the Bestest!! luv these!!

  10. Brady says:

    the ruby version appeared unexpectedly in the drop yesterday, unfortunately, I couldn’t click fast enough. very nice piece….

  11. Ryan says:

    Where o where can I get one of those Black editions Marq ? I love it !!

  12. Courtney says:

    Where can I get any of these 🙂

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