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  1. AA says:

    Love love love this Marq!!! I don’t believe you made me into a print… ?

  2. Kevin H says:

    He’s awesome ✌

  3. Nick says:

    Incredible work as always. Whimsical.

  4. Snakeman69 says:

    Love it! Any hints on drop time?

  5. Daniel McAuliffe says:

    Will you be selling the black rubber variant, along with other variants in the shop? Or will they be randomly inserted in orders?

    • Anon says:

      It says main edition… Anything else is just a bonus. Less questions, go back to raffling.

      • Anon2 says:

        I wonder how long it will take for it to go up for trade.

        • Anon says:

          He’s gotta gush about how much he loves it and how it will never leave the collection first ???

          • Anon2 says:

            Indeed! Favorite. Print. Ever. So happy to add it to the collection(Who’s got my trade?)! I wish some of us that actually wanted to keep them could get as lucky as this guy on drops.

            • danielpmcauliffe says:

              Aww Mitra are you jealous of how often I score?

              • Anon2 says:

                Classy. You don’t do much to hide your intentions. I don’t know you and I know this about you. A lot of people might see posting a print for trade pretty much immediately as no better than flipping it. It’s interesting that other people have this same feeling in regards to your openness. It really does suck for those of us who actually like the image. And want to frame it and hang it. Not trying to be mean or negative. Just think about it. A lot of people get really down on Marq because of crap like that.
                And I have also questioned how you score so often. I’m pretty good as are many others who have missed a lot lately. Seems like you haven’t missed much at all from your trade offers. It’s especially not cute to brag here about it. With all the negativity that gets laid on Marq and the Gnomes when people don’t land drops. Maybe we all just need a bunch of proxies.Good luck with your Black Rubber variant. I hope you actually like it as much as you claim. It’s looks absolutely stunning.

                • danielpmcauliffe says:

                  Sorry but I came late to Spusta. Only collecting him for the last year. No one wants to sell prints, only trade. So the only way to get older Spusta is score on the drop and trade. I really don’t need to explain myself to you, but Mitra follows me around and attacks me 24/7. And no need to question how I score on drops. I’m F5ing like the rest of the people. I got shut out on Omi like most did. But in the past I’ve been very lucky. I see nothing wrong with trading prints. I’m not selling them to profit.

                • danielpmcauliffe says:

                  And stop attacking me anonymously. If you have a problem with what I do, say it to my face. I don’t attack you. I just go about my business collecting the art I like. And I like Marq’s art a ton, so I’m not going anywhere. People like you are what make this hobby not fun.

                  • Anon2 says:

                    That’s one way of looking at it.

                  • John C says:

                    I hear both of your claims and I can’t judge because, in the past it was never this hard to purchase prints directly from Marq, but that’s the way this print/poster world has been for sometime now. I love Marq’s work, older and new but I understand why people will purchase a print from Marq that they may not necessarily want. Because they(like myself) are so surprised to see a “add to cart” button that you try to purchase as quick as possible! Be it to make a trade later on or just the fact that they haven’t been able to purchase I print from Marq for quite some time. For me personally it’s been since his Blissed Out Bug that I have been able to purchase a print from Marq’s site! Only other print I was able to get my hands on was a mini Creature Caravan from someone on eBay that must have purchased from the NY comic con. It’s the not being able to get art from the source that has been the problem for so many that they will purchase any print that they can buy directly from Marq, just to avoid the secondary market! I missed out on this one today and can only hope that others that really wanted it were able to secure one but thats been the case with Marq’s work lately. I remember buying the print packs when there was no limit and they were less then $20 a pack(1 7×7, 2 5×5, and Marq used to throw in a magnet or sticker with each pack). I am just lucky I was able to purchase back then for that price cause I remember being like this is cheap for a bunch of mini’s and I didn’t want to tell Marq he was selling his artwork for so cheap but those same packs Marq now sells for like $86 a pack and they sell out so fast! It’s a crazy thing but I still love Marq’s artwork and will continue to love it no matter the price it’s just I can’t afford some of his artwork now because of the success and amount of people looking to try and purchase his work! Looks like Marq is the new king of the print world, step aside Emek for the moment it’s Marq’s turn! Keep up the good work Marq and gnomes!

                    P.S. Does anyone watch hockey? Mats Zuccarello has himself a little bobble head for tonight’s Rangers game and can anyone guess what he is? He is nicknamed the gnome and he has a bobble head with a gnome hat on, it’s so cool I wish I was at the game to get one!

                    I am sure Marq would love to see it, I saw it on NBCsn for a moment and thought about Marq right away!

                    Just my 2 cents, sorry if anyone takes offense to it. Good luck on the drops!

                    • danielpmcauliffe says:

                      Hope you guys scored! I hold no ill feelings towards anyone, even if you hate me. No point holding grudges over the internet.

  6. Adam says:

    Super thumbs up marq and gnomes!!!!

  7. Phil Kasonovitch says:

    Hope I can hit tomorrow!!! Loving this one.

    Will there be 2 drops again?

  8. Francisco says:

    They always drop when I’m half asleep like at 3 in the morning. Well here I. CA time that is :’/
    Awesome print tho of course.

  9. Barbara Kielbania says:

    Sweet. Fresh as the spring breeze. Fingers crossed as always.

  10. Anonn says:

    hope i can land this dude. 2 drops tomorrow? AM/PM?

  11. Matt says:


  12. Michelle P says:

    Nice! Love it!! Of course my 1st day working again in months & it’s on a Wednesday! Any hints to approximate time? Morning, day, evening? 🙂

  13. Chief says:

    Far out man!

  14. Rob Robertson says:

    Love this print!!

  15. Kenny says:

    Hip-hop Hooray! Can’t wait to try and snag this nibblin’ beauty 🙂

  16. MELVOOK 2016 says:


    MELVOOK 2016!!!!!!

  17. Evan says:

    Bummer that 10% of the comments have been from people with broken caps lock buttons. Good work as always, Marq.

  18. Matt A. says:

    1. Grand Canyon National Park
    2. Smashing Pumpkins, Landover MD 1996
    3. Independence Day – Elliott Smith

    Thanks for the chance!

  19. Jay Poole says:

    Very happy for something so vibrant to break up the week! Night time is the right time 😀 Actually any time if I get lucky on a drop. Happy Wednesday addicts!!!

  20. Matt says:

    Is the pm drop all that is left? Was the off time already dropped?

  21. kmac says:

    HaPpY hUmP DaY! 😛
    Love U n the Gnomes <3

  22. Jeb says:

    “Some lucky customers will receive a rare variant instead of the chartreuse edition they ordered.”

    Yes, this pleases me (in Darth Sideous’ voice). Can’t wait to see what the gnomes cooked up!

  23. Ben says:

    This one is rad!

  24. Venus says:

    Very cool! I loved seeing the process video — I hope you do more of those for us flies on the wall.

  25. Shawn M says:

    Thank you and once again awesomely done by Marq and Gnomes on this hump day!

  26. Randall says:

    Marq and the Gnomes, Love you guys!
    Have a great rest of the week and weekend

  27. Mitchell S. says:

    Makes me have a hankering for another piece of my wife’s homemade blueberry pie. mmmm… a blueberry variant. You are one of life’s blessings, Spusta Studio!

  28. D colwell says:

    Sold out! Noooooo!!!!!!

  29. John C says:

    Going to have my lady friend/wife basically try and secure a print for me if it sells while at work, she stresses out too much about birthdays. I have been fortunate to buy a sticker pack and one magnet a few weeks back but I know/hope like others that (a) print is coming soon to their door! Thanks as always for the artwork Marq and the gnomes!

  30. Waffle blues says:

    Hint!!! Plz

  31. Jessica says:

    Fastest. Drop. Ever.


  32. Scott Fagley says:

    Great work as always!

  33. Barbara K. says:

    I am so praying i can actually experience the joy of really scoring a drop. I love this one. My 7 yr old son is now getting hooked. Lol. Oh universe please be on my side for one drop. Peace.

  34. Shaun says:

    im nervous

  35. Pancho says:

    There’s a glitch on my phone n no wonder I missed lol hahahaha says newest to oldest supposedly. But today’s print comes out like as the 3 print. Not the newest hahahaha been waiting old day already missed lol of course hahahaha unlucky me :/

  36. Shaun says:

    Did it drop already? I’m so confused

    • Pancho says:

      Yea bro some did. Not sure if both drops but if u scroll down I guess on ur newest to oldest. You’ll see it says sold out already. Doesn’t come up as the newest print. Idky :/

  37. Shaun says:

    Yeah mines that way also, still didn’t think they came yet. Maybe I’m wrong

    • Pancho says:

      Oh really? I’m hoping I’m wrong then bc I’m off work now n can finally b checking my phone more often. Never scored anything. Hoping today is my 1st… I can only hope. Good luck I guess hahah

  38. Shaun says:

    Guess I’ll get one from a flipper, lol

  39. Shaun says:

    You too buddy!!

  40. Philip says:

    Did I miss it?

  41. Shaun says:

    No clue, question of the hour

  42. Shaun says:

    Wow that was really quick, no luck for me

    • Pancho says:

      No way u couldn’t? I kept tryin and trying and trying event tho it said sold out. And the. All of a sudden another one popped sayin nibbles again. Went there and got it. So stoked. Sorry u didn’t bro. :/

  43. Noah says:

    My first ever victory!

    • John C says:

      Congrats man! Enjoy it! It’s really feels like you hit the lotto or something when you are able to get to the purchase page/when you receive an invoice page!

  44. Pancho says:

    FINNNAAAAAAALLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY I scored at least for once. And Mayb for the only one time ever but I did. So lucky. Not on the first but the second drop when it said Nibbles again… Hahahaha wow. So this is what it feels likes. 🙂

  45. Patrick M says:

    Yay! I was able to sit down at the table and partake of nibbles. In the words of Subotai “…chew slowly…this is the good stuff!”

    Thanks Marq and gnomes for varying the drop method! Really great for the fans of your work :))

  46. Sir BloomJangles says:

    Thank you Marq for putting your amazing, phenomenal and mind altering artwork up for sale for your fans. I finally was able to buy my first print from you, I love your Nibbles character and I am inspired by your limitless creativity. Thank you for making this awesome creature available for your fans. I’m officially a proud Nibbles owner! Keep up the great work.

    A Fan

  47. Kevin says:

    Missed out again but it’s good to know some new people were able to score. Congratulations everyone. Enjoy your Nibbles.

    • John C says:

      Yea I assumed I had missed it by the time I got home but I guessed I missed it since that I assumed it was already sold out, really happy for those that were able to acquire one, it’s such a great feeling isn’t it!? I mean I got that feeling even when I purchased the 4 pack of stickers so I can assume the feeling when securing a print?!

      Hoping that Marq will release some of the other prints he still has listed in the shop, pepperland is sweet, smeeze, fuzz friend, and I love the different album covers he does with the listening print(so far I have noticed and can name Abbey Road Beatles album and Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd)! That cosmic green has me craving and drooling, listening print(Cosmic Green) looks cool from the one picture I saw! ?

  48. John C says:

    Hoping some people might have made the same mistake as earlier today and tried to purchase more then one, hoping for a refund release of some sorts? Anyone able to score one?

  49. Wesley Teichmiller says:

    FINALLY scored after a 4 month dry spell on your print drops!
    Thank you Marq!

  50. Pancho says:

    Yea idky I get so excited and that feeling lol. Mayb bc I never win anything. I always miss the Emek drops. Chuck sperry. Won’t even try. I’ve scored a few Todd Slaters. But never one of Marqs. To b completely honest never a Spusta. I met him last ear at the TRPS. And if you’ve gone you know how they give out # so you ca purchase from him. And obviously I didn’t even get a # bc I was too late. So even there I couldn’t. But this year I’m gonna go start camping like at 4 or 5 in the morning and hopefully secure a low # to purchase a couple prints. I don’t even wanna get any from flippers bc. Idk. I feel like is cheating and just don’t think is right. But thnx Marq. Mayb this was the only one I’ll ever score bc every time you’re getting more popular. And harder to get prints apparently. But Thnk u won’t forget this…
    #myfirsttime thnx 🙂

    • John C says:

      Congrats man!!! Your first Spusta, for me it wasn’t any feeling like the one your feeling as when I started to purchase from Marq there was not this crazy frenzy for his print drops! You knew it would be a Wednesday/hump day(miss me the hump day Lottos) drop but you could still purchase a print later in the day after it was already put up on his site or another day you could purchase as well. I remember seeing the sleepy sun print and his pro hoop basketball print when Marq used to have a gauge reader showing how many prints were still available(approximately).

      I really feel for you on the TRPS thing though as you probably figured yea the artist will have plenty to sell! I think the number thing started about 2 years ago for Marq at TRPS while Emek had the number thing for some time(I believe same with Sperry. But I guess with the amount of people looking to buy Marq’s work for themselves, friends or even to flip/trade, TRPS had to start to do the same thing for Marq. I heard I believe that the person that had even number 2 in line couldn’t buy anything cause Marq was sold out or something!? Maybe that person that had number one went around saying hey ” I am number 1 at Marq’s table and if you want a print you can buy me one also” and they most likely did this with numerous people. So that first person must of had a few thousand dollars of their money or others money and bought everything! I would think Marq would show up there with a few thousand dollars worth of art maybe even over 10,000 worth of art probably more, I have no idea as I have never been to a print/poster event before. I could be wrong but I think I remember someone saying that because they were so bummed they didn’t get any art from Marq. Having the number 2 spot in line you would most certainly think you are going to get a print or at least a few prints/gig posters of Marqs but to get nothing with that spot in line must have been very depressing. Like I said I don’t know but I assume by you saying you were going to camp out to get a better number, it makes me wonder how long the person that had spot 2 in line waited. Maybe they do a lottery type thing for positions?!

      • Pancho. says:

        Dang that’s crazy. I got there at 910. They opened does at 9. And the line was huge. We went in pretty fast tho. But obviously the 30 for each Artie’s were already given out. 30 for Emek. Sperry. BUT not for Marq. I got # 27. On Marqs list. But dude. Honestly I didn’t know how crazy it was. It was my first year attending. I asked guy # 7 on Emeks list what time he got there. He said 4. And few ppl obviously b4 him. Just that guy. I kid you not. Spent on Emek $7500. I’m not gonna lie. Just from fm random invoices I counted and adding up prints I saw Emek selling. He sold while I was there. Around $45gs. Nobody Would spend less than 1g on him. I went for Emek. And only had enough money for 4 posters. I could only get 3. Bc obviously guys with #s got all the good stuff first. They all knew what they went for. I got 27 on Marq. But I didn’t have money left to buy anything. I saw and picked up his stuff n looked at it tho. But he wasn’t sold out. I saw a lot of different guys. Carrying different prints. Not everyone knew Marq tho. Bc I could tell and some of them would ask who he was and stuff. But definitely most ppl went for Emek and Sperry. I went in at like 940. With no #. And just stared at Emek until 3. When finally I was the first in line with no #. He said that I was very patient. Took a pic with me. And gave me a HUUUGE discount on a foil. Anyways. This year I’m going at 5 with my bro. Bring a flask. And some playing. Cards. And he’s gonna go to Emek. And I’m going to Marq. I’m already outing money aside to get something from both for sure. Sorry my story went so long and out of context. My bad XD

  51. Corey W says:

    Interesting way to release last night. I don’t think I’ve ever read a product description when trying to score on a drop but I guess I am going to start paying attention. I was playing with a dead link.

    Congrats to all who scored, especially those ending a dry spell!

  52. Blue Waffle says:

    I will take a invoice 🙂

  53. Kelly says:

    Love this print! So cool! Awesome job as always!!!!

  54. Justin says:

    So bummed to miss out on Nibbles. That drop last night confused the hell out of me. If the Gnomes were to find a cancelled order they could sell me, I would be ever so grateful! Thanks and keep on keepin on with the awesome art.

  55. Mara says:

    I love nibbles. Bummed I missed but great work as usual.

  56. Matthew Hall says:

    Can’t wait for the black rubber!!! Hope I can score one when they go up! Love this piece!

  57. kmac says:

    Wow! I know some these whiney little babies aren’t really True Spusta Fans! As any true Spusta fiend knows that even when you don’t score in Marqs shop…you are still gonna score Spusta down the road..just gotta have PATIENCE & Kindness Helps too!! Plenty of Spusta to go around for Us All! Thanks Marq for All your Amazing Art! N Thank You Marq n the Gnomes for All you do DAILY!! Especially for All the Lotto’s and Giveaways! :v

  58. Mark says:

    Smile, nothing more is nothing less.

  59. WuZ Luv'r says:

    Thanks Marq for Wuz’in’ US ALL!!!
    Wonderful to see Edition of 1000!
    YOU are the MAN! 😀

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