31 thoughts on “One On A Bare Branch And One On A Blossoming Branch

  1. Darrell

    Totally changed my perspective looking at this as a mini vs a full size – the combo is money. If these existed in real life, my dogs would be chasing them, that’s for sure.

  2. A.J. Price

    Long time listener, been a long time since I posted… I am in love with this image. Gutted I missed the first sale, but would rather have the single sheet anyway. Fingers crossed I don’t miss this sale due to work like the last one!

  3. Hightime

    Just saw the instagram post, any way to purchase these nicely embellished pieces? I’m still not sure how to get in on the live twitch happenings, even though I actually created an account on that platform some time ago… what a drag it is getting old. Cheers!

  4. Joshua

    Just got this print framed- it looks great! I highly recommend it.

    I have mine in the bathroom for now because it needed some color and it’s the one room that didn’t already have a Spusta on the wall- perfect place for it! Guests love seeing it too. Thinking the ‘Pigtail’/‘Unipig’ mini and ‘The Frog Is Thinking A Threesome’ mini would be good in there too.

    Thank you Marq for adding so much color to our home!


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