8 thoughts on “The Tree & We

  1. Jason Strolovitz

    Hello Marq!
    I just ordered your Tree and We print! Super excited too see this in person and frame it up! Thanks for the great art!

    Jason Strolovitz

  2. Jason

    Hey Marq,
    Recieved my Tube today with the Tree & We print!!!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH 🙂 You got me hooked up with the BONUS Tube!!! Regular & Varient Editions!!
    They both look sensational and I cant thank you enough!


  3. tbsbet

    This initiative is one example of how EarthColor partners with ENGOs to protect the Earth and promote sustainability. You will find others highlighted in our award-winning

  4. John C

    Kicking myself for not purchasing this print years ago when a fellow Spusta art lover informed me that he had purchased this print. I passed on purchasing probably cause I was told I have enough of your work; but whom is to say how much artwork of your is too much!? I personally can’t get enough, even more so with all your new creations! Hands down my favorite artist!


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