11 thoughts on “The Wuz Is

  1. d a

    Thank you for the larger edition, I still missed the drop but have restored faith Ill be able to nab a print in the future!

  2. Derek

    This print is incredible! Thanks for all your hard work and creativity Marq! Can’t wait to get this one! 🙂

  3. Mitchell Seyfer

    It arrived yesterday. Looks awesome! It’s framed on the wall right in front of my desk. My house is starting to look like a Spusta museum. Thanks for the sticker too!

  4. Kevin

    Received mine yesterday. Even with the big orange stickers that say, DO NOT BEND, my mail person bent mine to fit it in my mailbox instead of walking the 5 feet to my front porch. And they wonder why they are going under. Luckily it didn’t put a crease in it so it should be good but still wtf. I received the always coveted 420/1000. Thanks for all the hard work gnomes. Can’t wait to get this baby framed.

  5. kmac

    Wow!!!! F’n Incredible!!!! I Wuz looking at my Wuz last night & backlight it from behind with a flashllight! BRAVOOOOO! Mr Spusta! What a SIGHT!!! all those faces animals etc! Blew my Mind!!!!
    Phenominal job on these!
    Really Incredible!

  6. Q

    What is the backing these were sent on? Not ready to frame just yet but don’t want the print damaged if it’s acidic at all. Looks like nice material.

  7. dave

    this was my first Spusta print, purchased after I saw some of the friends he had hanging in his home…………..Won’t be my last………Amazing!!!

  8. Joe Cruz

    I absolutely love my wuz!!! I was wondering if anyone wanted to comment on how I should frame it. I was thinking driftwood frame or maybe barn board frame. But I can’t decide I also think maybe a rough black frame or rough white frame might work I want it to look the best possible and I am totally open to opinions or comments on what others did to frame it. Thanks guys. Marq keep up the amazing work it fills my heart with joy Everytime I look at my prints!!!


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