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  1. Spusta Gnome Post author

    We will be releasing these print editions on 12/27/23 via a “lottery style” launch via the EQL selling platform we’ve utilized earlier in the year. Details on how the sale will work, where it’s at, what to buy, how much and all that, will be emailed and posted tomorrow in the morning. The entry period for interested customers will be from noon ’til midnight on Wednesday, so you will have plenty of time to express your interest.

    1. Michael Inkrote

      I really love this piece. the rusty gold was not in my cards and I had so many ideas for multiple mats. Hopefully I can get a chance next time. I should have tried for the main Edition as well so that when the variant didn’t hit, I still had something to frame. Hopefully this EQL will work for me someday.

  2. Megan wigtion

    I have wanted one of your pieces forever. I have framed like a hundred of them at work but would love to own one.

  3. Shelley

    Hello! how very pleased I would be to finally have your incredibly detailed, colorful, thought provoking artwork in my home! Thank you!

  4. Casey Dobbs

    My daughter loves him!
    Scarlet Begonia’s > Let’s Get Down to Business > Bouncing around the Room
    #BMFS #WSMFP Weir Everywhere , Peace

  5. Henry Spencer

    Hey Marq!

    I’d love a copy in any color! Right now I’ve only got in my collection the Conscious Alliance print and a fun lil owl micro y’all packed.

    Thank you and cheers!

  6. Mitchell Seyfer

    Happy New Year Marq and Gnomes!
    I just got my main edition of Umbzy!
    Honored to have it.
    Looking forward to another great year of epic art from you, Marq!
    I love you guys, and girls.


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