Dinosaur Jr. Chocomel Daze Album Cover

7 Responses to Dinosaur Jr. Chocomel Daze Album Cover

  1. richie rich says:

    T-SHIRTS please!

    this would make a great print or maybe even a t-shirt.

  2. I just want to second that vote for t-shirts!
    Fantastic work

  3. dylan says:

    marq, GREAT cover work!

    Will you be releasing a signed version of this one like with the “BUG” LP?

  4. dylan says:

    This just arrived and it is such a great tribute to a classic album cover! The show rocks and the artwork is just fantastic Marq. I love the all the cool little critters!

    Would love to see a larger print of this image one day

  5. Dan says:

    T shirts PLEASE

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