J Mascis’ Several Shades of Why Album Cover

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  1. marq says:

    (From Pitchfork’s Record Review:)

    “The specter of loneliness and aging is a through-line here, too, brilliantly visualized by artist Marq Spusta’s gorgeous cover, which shows a pair of fuzzy, unmistakably J-like creatures– one big, one tiny– using a sea monster’s back for an island. (Mascis had a son in 2007.) Though dour, Mascis’ sleeve avatar is also kind of cute. Several Shades of Why gives us that softer, gentler J Mascis. But it’s not kids’ stuff– these are lullabies for adults, offered up with a compassion that doesn’t come easy.”


  2. simon says:

    Beautiful poster,top top notch

  3. Adam says:

    Any conncection to the turtle from Neverending Story?

    • marq says:

      that’s been asked by others . . .I never actually seen never-ending story. So no, not direct inspiration from that movie, but there’s plenty of old turtle myths that fit both.

      • Adam says:

        Thanks for the reply.Isn’t that what makes a picture actual art, different meanings/ interpretations for different people? Learned that in art 101 in college! Anyway, really enjoy your work..I just posted a few of my framed prints on your fb page.

  4. Hightime says:

    congrats on the well deserved awards good sir, wish I’d grabbed this one when I had the chance! cheers

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