Widespread Panic Summer Tour admat and shirt

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  1. Coconuts says:

    FWIW: I rarely purchase a live show cd directly from widespreadpaniclive unless I’ve attended the show AND it was an absolute ripper from start to finish. None of last Summer shows I went to quite fit this criteria but I still HAD to have THIS artwork. I made an exception just this once and purchased the Boston July 24th show since its such a smoker (IMHO: they’ve never quite NAILED a show in Boston before) AND I knew it happened to have this fine Spusta illustration gracing its cover. 🙂 I do have this art as a liner in the DSD double vinyl but the turntable stays at home, studio recordings don’t quite capture the feeling of “being there” and besides, the vinyl’s innerliner doesn’t get seen near often enuff for my liking.

  2. schrock says:

    I have this admat signed by the Band. Floating in a frame on my wall!! My first Spusta Art!!

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