The Flowering Eyeball

3 Responses to The Flowering Eyeball

  1. Micah C. says:

    Somebody’s always watching you wish I had this

  2. says:

    I was going through some old boxes and came across this beauty! I kept it on the fridge at my old apartment. I think I’ll find a little frame and hang it now that I have a house!

  3. Jason Miller says:

    Ok all, I am a new collector! Sk far I have a large holding of the egg & plootifuls. In the minis I have a Zammy & a Waxwalter & several flowering eyes! Also have a copper bloomers i think its called? Anyway I absolutely love the copper so i want to get anything on copper paper i can find. Then the flowers, ive always wanted a garden so how can i get them all? Is it even possible? So far this seems like a very difficult hobby? Only place i have found them is on ebay & a couple on spust addicts? Can anyone help me?
    Thanks, jm

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