Furthur Greek Poster – Night 3

4 Responses to Furthur Greek Poster – Night 3

  1. Travis Hopper says:

    Really dig this

  2. dburrows says:


  3. jimmy brown says:

    hey I was at these shows I drove from sc an didn’t have enough cash to get it while I wasout there I was wondering if by ay chance if I could find this print or get one really been looking for this print my name is jimmy an if you coulod please email me back thanks

    • Josh says:

      Hey Jimmy, I was at the shows and if you or anyone else is interested in buying the posters from the 5th and the 6th, I have them for sale! I only have one of each! As these are VERY limited and beautiful artwork, Im asking for $150 each plus shipping. Let me know if youre interested and maybe we can do a deal for both of them. If interested contact me at jstern500@yahoo.com

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