34 thoughts on “Goose – San Diego Poster

      1. Dustin Smith

        I know this was sold at the show but did or will it sell online?? Going to try for the purple on Wendesday 🤞🏻

  1. Chip Forte

    How do I buy an AP? My favorite artist finally did a print for my favorite band! I must have one! So awesome!

  2. Danie Nalley

    Hello, I’m a 100% disabled vet and really hoping your gnomes will find me one print. Got my eyes fingers nose and toes crossed. Thkx for your awesome works, this would look great with the TAB print.

  3. Aaron Kuszmar

    Marq killing it Again!
    Im Turtle and AAAALLLLLLL i wan is the Gold Cream Edition of this magnificent print for a stellar band!! Thanks for inviting me to your Chocolate Factory Mr. Wonka Spusta!!!

  4. Greg Eddington

    This is amazing piece for a show close to me but being disabled it’s really difficult for me to purchase so happy this is a lottery so I’m not in a speed competition! Thanks Marq , your work always makes me smile and I’m turning my family into fans as I get ready to frame my second Spusta 🤓

  5. Benjamin Rhule

    I would just love to have one IW@S and wasn’t able to obtain one. This is the best print I’ve ever seen….Keep up the sick work Marc

  6. Ryan Richter

    I am so sad i missed the lottery for the goose San Diego! Anyway I can still get one? I was at the show and am willing to spend some
    Cash for this

  7. Michael

    Beautiful poster. I was at the show. I bought the poster. Someone walked out with my tube even though my name and phone number were written with a sharpie on the outside.


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