40 thoughts on “Primus – Madison Poster

  1. CJD

    Sweeeeeeet image, Marq!! With the hugenormous eyeball, it’s Residents-esque even. Or, as all Primus fans would say, It sucks! lol

  2. Dan

    What I notice so far –

    Pork Soda – Pig drinking down a can of swine
    Tommy the Cat
    Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver
    Frizzle Fry frying pan (yes!)
    The Residents – Hello Skinny eyeball
    Jerry was a Racecar Driver – Checkered flag
    Skeeter – Skeeter!

    I’m curious to know everything else. Like the floating face bubbles. The second pig eating the apple. The hog being held upside down. The bird/egg. What the hell are they all on? I want to say floating the Seas of Cheese but I don’t know.

    What I find myself lost on the most though is the little blue dude at the very top but it’s such a nice touch. Someone did their homework or is either already a big fan.

  3. Brian Andrews

    hey marq,
    it was great to finally meet you at TRPS.!! i cant wait to score one of these! will there be a Green Naugahyde variant??
    Brian A.

  4. Simon

    I knew Marqs Primus poster would be awesome,his unique style so suits this band,and he has nailed it totally,so many details,gotta have one

  5. kmac

    In the Photo of Peoples Art show in Portland-does anyone know what variant of “Band of Horses” is shown? – it’s above Band of Horses-green.

  6. Kelly Fitzsimmons

    I have been sitting in front of the computer since yesterday morning. Just waiting for this to drop. It’s my favorite of the tour so far, and I would be sooo bummed if I missed it. I’m trying to collect all of the prints from this series, that Zoltron put together. For the most part they have been dropping the day after the shows. Will you be making these available this week? I’m a huge fan of your work and I cant wait to get my hands on this print. Take care…

  7. Dan

    Marq, …that Kelly Fitzsimmons is the same Angie person I mentioned (they share a facebook account) 😉

    Sent you some more love on your FB wall.

    While I’m at it, it’s driving me crazy. What’s the little guy on top of the hat from?

  8. marq Post author

    We hope to put some of these up tonight. There will be a purchasing lottery in the Shop for those that miss the”add to cart” button. Please do not sign-up for that lottery here . . . we will be setting that up in the shop as well.

  9. John C

    Dustin, did you purchase yours from Jason? Saw one on his site the other day and now it is sold. I wasn’t trying to buy it but just wondering if you had purchased the one from him? Great work Marq!!

  10. PJ

    I was at this concert, It was an awesome show! Loved this poster! Too bad I lost it with a few other rare posters in a move. 🙁
    If there is a replacement available I would love to buy it again!
    Thanks !


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