The Black Keys – Cleveland Poster

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  1. Fro says:

    Awesome Marq. I now wish I lived in Cleveland. Another Spusta classic and hope it goes up here soon too!

  2. Alicea says:

    That is beautiful. Saw a lion in it from afar and then, closing in, saw the details and was awestruck. Great work Marq!

    • Mydogbeans says:

      Is there a lion!? …got me lookin’ everywhere for this lion and I’m thinking I may be partially blind..or partially overwhelmed by every other amazing puzzle piece that makes this come together so rad! Must have! Can’t wait for ‘on sale’ and possible lotto info!!!! Short- haired needy people need not apply 😉 ..Nothing against short haired peeps but if you read those terrible comments then you know what I mean. So pumped for this soon to be “gold on my ceiling”!!!!

      • Alicea says:

        What I meant was that the image appeared to be a lion when I first looked at it from a distance and the picture was small. The wings of the birds were the face of the lion with the feathers being the mane. A bit out there I know, but makes for a nice optical piece from different focal lengths

  3. Kelly says:

    Great poster Marq! Best of the BK tour so far. Hope I can pick one of these up.

  4. Sean says:

    Very nice!!!

    By any chance are you doing a BK poster for the upcoming Denver show??

  5. Trav says:

    Wow… absolutely incredible. Must have!

  6. Jesse says:

    Dig it!!

  7. Rick Caldarella says:

    Sweet image, Marq! Keep that awesome art coming!

  8. John C says:

    Love the roman numerals you used to go along with the shield and sword, not to mention the resemblance of the back of the one dollar bill. I am sure i am missing quite a few things too but that’s what i have so far. Great work as always Marq!

  9. Simon says:

    If you look around you you will see a few minds being blown, mine included, Outstanding

  10. Simon says:

    Oh, Please print loads, I think demand will be very high

  11. Wormy says:

    a whole handful of thumbs ups. Very nice.

  12. Jeanine says:

    Was at the show and this poster is amazing. Can’t wait until it is available for purchase! As someone mentioned above, please print plenty. First time I’ve been to your site b/c of this poster and your work is really great. Joined your email list and look forward to seeing more of your work.

    Congrats on an awesome, awesome job! You did Cleveland proud. We have the best poster by far!!

  13. robert says:

    All of the album covers inside the crest. If You soom in you can see it. Wow. The detail in marq’s work is getting more and more in depth over the years since prints from 2008 and 2009. The best art to look at while pychidelic imho.

  14. Bill says:

    Meh. Emeks is the best on tour so far.

  15. kelly says:

    To each bhis own Bill…
    The detail on this is great, 2 different styles… i just prefer Marq’s

  16. shawn says:

    I’m just a lonely boy…Marq’s got a print that keeps me waiting

  17. Abby says:

    REALLY dig this BK print Marq. Best of all I’ve seen so far. Please tell me you are going to put some of these up for sale.

  18. Jason says:

    ::patiently waits::

  19. marq says:

    A large stack of these posters will be released at theInner Nature show in LA. Gallery 1988 will probably offer some online after the show opening.

  20. Yelhsa says:

    I went to this concert and never saw these posters at the venue for sale. Is there any way I can still buy one? I’d like to buy one for my bf birthday coming up. Keeping my figures crossed!

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