14 thoughts on “Widespread Panic – Napa Poster

  1. Daniel Nalley

    I love how you always seem to capture the how experience in a piece of art. I love all the colors and Easter eggs though out. will be looking for one on the drop. Great work Marq and the gnomes!

  2. Hightime

    First Dead and Co, then Phish, and now the mighty Widespread Panic??? Not to mention Rolling Stones and Chili Peppers! An absolutely epic year of gig posters so far… where do you find the time to crush it so hard? These guys are the ones who turned me on to your amazing talents back in 09’ and I couldn’t be more grateful. Will there be any variants for this poster?

  3. Matthew Popovich

    Id love to be able to snag one of these. I’ve missed out on the Phish msg print. I love your work and hope I get chosen for this. all good things in good time. thank you.

  4. Joe

    Gorgeous print as usual. Never won a print yet but would love to. I just keep trying! You’ve been my favorite artist for quite some time now. Love it! Keep up the good work!

  5. Eric Nicholson

    Hey Marq. I was at these 3 shows…and they were fabulous!
    And I really dug these prints and swore to myself that I’d get one. Really nice poster.
    Then I saw there were shirts too. And I haven’t bought any merch at shows for years and years…
    Long story shorter…. I got carried away with the Panics….and completely spaced getting anything until the next day. I’ve been searching for the poster and the shirt ever since… with no luck. So… this is great news.
    Home Team ⚡️

    P.S. I’d kill for a shirt of that as well….if I knew where to find one??? I’ve been kicking myself ever since for not scoring those.
    Thanks for the effort to get these to people that really want them to hang…


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