Hi Friends.

We have packed up a few surprise mini print packs that we’d like to give-away today.

This contest will only be open for a short time, and is only eligible to our customers who have have bad luck in our recent string of lottery art sales.

If you’ve missed out on most of the Spusta Studio lotteries since the “Listening” drop/lottery, than maybe this little contest will turn your luck around.

Comment to enter this give-away if…
– You are a previous Spusta Studio customer and we have your address and info in our system.
– You have missed out on most all the lotteries you entered this year. (If you won at least 2 lottos, you won’t be selected in this contest)
– Let us know how bad your luck has been…what’s your Spusta Lotto Success Stats
(0 out of 5 lotteries? 1 for 7? And if you did win one, which one was it?)

We are pleased to be able to turn a few people’s luck around this Wednesday, we realize the limited releases and customer lotteries have been disappointing to many of you.

334 thoughts on “Bad Luck Blues Give-Away

  1. Alan

    Thanks for doing this!
    My lotto luck has been horrible but I do ok on drops so looking forward to more!
    I scored in a lottery once a few years ago, I’d say I’m 1/10 but I already feel my luck changing!

  2. Debbie

    I’m new to this game so would love to grow my collection. I was lucky enough to score on the Caravan lotto.

    So I am 1/3 I think. Maybe 1/2.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Jenkins

    im 0 for like, 10+ In The lotteries…. Haha. I’ve won on two drops in the studio (7 Birds and a Tasty Tears drop) to which I’m beyond pleased with both.

  4. Adam

    I hit the Tasty Tears regular edition lottery, but went 0’fer on every other one. Hopefully sending a RSD print to Canada from Wisconsin on my dime is helping turn the karma tide. Finger crossed and have a fun time making peoples’ days!!!

  5. Meagan

    I’m 0 for 2 in lottos, and only just got into your work in the last couple months after finding out I was not going to lose my job (so I guess in that way my luck has been good), so I missed the Listening and Sumfro lottos as well as those that came before. I’ve also never had the good fortune of being able to purchase a mini pack, stickers, or magnets from the studio either. I’d be incredibly grateful for anything to be sent my way. Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Charles Guenther

    0 – forever. I had to fly to Chicago to get a taste of spusta. Luckily there was a decent band playing as well.

  7. Jarrett W.

    I am 0 for how ever many lotteries you have had in the past 4 years. But I dont like to complain considering I’m pretty grateful for what I do have. πŸ™‚

    ps- if I just moved and you dont have my address, am i ineligible?

  8. Vankhoi Bui

    I have not won any lotteries but managed to get a drop on your site once πŸ™

    Would love to finally win a lotto πŸ˜€

  9. Austin

    1 for 5 on Lottos this year (that listening was sweet though – thank you!!) Super glad to see a new shopping system in place at the old studio to go back to the F5 TILL YOU DIE drops! I love the rush!! In the mean time I’m in for another lotto and thanks for all that you do for us in the community gnomes. Cheers!

  10. Mike Kaveney

    I hit on the dripples regular edition and that is all. Have tried every lotto this year other than the mule print. so 1/7ish i think. Would love a mini pack. Thank you marq and gnomes!

  11. Josh Wilbur

    Hey Marq I haven’t been won any of the lotteries year, I’ve entered in every single one and have horrible luck, pretty sure I’m 0/7 or 8, can’t remember how many there’s been. I would absolutely love to be able to acquire something from you. Thanks for the opportunity and all the amazing art!

  12. Ryan

    I have never won a lotto. I have scored on a few of the old traditional “drops”, but never a lotto!!

    I am like 0/10

    Thanks for doing this regardless of if I win or not, so awesome!

  13. Josh gray

    1/7 on the lotteries. Grateful as hell for the one that I won’t though. Got lucky on the buy it now tasty tears. Thanks for this opportunity!

  14. Mark

    I hit on a pack of minis so long ago, I can’t even remember when it was, that was my only lotto win. Other than that, I missed on everything. Though I was able to snag a Listening from the actual drop. I would say 1-6 or 1-7

    So glad to hear that the store will be opening back up. I might actually have a chance to buy something!

  15. Torrance Hoover

    I have entered every art print lotto (I only collect show posters I attend) since the listening and have won 1 (Mr. Gold Sumfro ooo so majestic) since. Thanks so much for doing this Marq!

  16. Nick

    I have been 0/4 this year: No luck on 5 birds, froompa, tasty tears, caravan. I think that covers it if there were any last year I lost those too I’ve been shut out on lottos thus far. Thanks again as always for the opportunity!

  17. Tiffany

    I’m sitting here with a big ole goose egg in Spusta lotto’s and my personal luck just plain sucks, turn it around gnomes!!

  18. William Jackson

    Yeah I have had awful luck with y’all. Haven’t been fortunate enough to win any of your lotteries. At least once I was even unable to enter. I went to dogfish head listening and wasn’t even fortunate to get a print there. Really like your stuff hope to turn my luck around and get on the good foot. Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. Brett T

    1 for 5 lottos this year. Really wanted that caravan, have a perfect home for her. Would love to win this lotto!

  20. Trevor

    Thanks. Marq!!

    I have entered most since the listening. 0/4 in the lotteries!!

    Hope fully you can change my luck !

  21. Andrew long

    My all time stats are 2 for infinity in spusta lotteries. Funny enough both wins have been for WSP: Vegas, and la 2014. I donated the la to the #goodepeople fundraiser knowing that print would would be better served helping the Goode family. It also served as a reminder to be thankful that my life is filled with gracious abundance. Thanks gnomes!

  22. Stacey Levin

    Hi Marq and magical gnomes!!
    I’m sad to say I have never got any lotto luck. Think I’m 0/6……
    Thank you for doing all you do?

  23. Kraig

    I’ve entered in about 6 or 7 lottos and haven’t had the chance at purchasing.. I’m 0-7. Hope that changes πŸ™‚ thanks for the shot gnomes !!

  24. Micah

    Never won a lottery!!!!!!!!!

    I’m always too out of the loop and always completely miss them. I was able to get my name on the last list but wasnt chosen.

  25. Mario

    I think that I’m maybe 1/alot on lottos? And only recently with the tasty tears, but would love me some mini’s to add to the collection! Thanks gnomes.

  26. Allen

    No listening and 0 for everything after that…..luck so bad i could fall in a barrel of tittes and come out sucking my thumb! !!!!!

  27. Sascha

    Hey Marq,

    I had only luck once, so I think 1 out of 7.
    That was the Listening and I love it. The Classic Rock Edition.
    I would be very happy to be chosen again πŸ™‚

    International Spusta Addict ^^

  28. Grateful dawg

    Hit my first lottery last week. I didn’t post or say anything in the groups about it. Got tube Saturday excited and thought I scored a extra variant. Boom wrong poster! But the gnomes are taking care of it and me. Gotta keep that karma flowing.

  29. Eric

    Great to see a few mini packs surfacing once again!

    My lotto luck has been terrible to date, either 0/3 or 0/4 at this point – I’d have to scroll back through my failed attempts to be sure. Thus I’ve been relegated to the secondary eBay/eBeans market and the kindness of strangers for all of my collecting endeavors thus far.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Marq & Gnomes! Cheers!!

  30. Jeffy MoMo

    Probably somewhere around 0 for 6… it gets to a point where you stop counting losses and focus only on trying to snag one! Alas!

  31. sean

    I’ve entered 7+ I’d say. Only won one lotto. It was TT and he looks lonely. Plus my dog died this weekend, so that’s some real shitty luck.

    I do enjoy entering though, even if I’m not always winning!

  32. Brad M

    I haven’t had the best luck with lottery drawings in the past. I am 1/5 and I have gotten a caravan before that I was excited about. Thanks!

  33. Kevin Q

    I am 0 for all-time on all Spusta lotteries!!

    Also, 0 for all time on all Spusta website drops!!

    I don’t have any Spusta except for some Primus posters I got off of eBay!!

  34. Jerhemy

    I have had 0 lotto luck this year but I was able to purchase a Tasty Tears with the Buy it Now button. I hope the new shop set up can handle the traffic. I miss drops and look forward to their return. Thanks for all you do,cheers!

  35. Wes Roach

    I’m 1 for 6/7. Won tasty tears a couple weeks back and it is awesome!! Also made some trades to get a listening, but that’s another story. You guys are awesome. Thanks

  36. Jay

    Only one lotto win this year, for a Tasty Tears thankfully. Not sure how many there have been so far but I’ve entered them all. Very awesome y’all are giving everyone a second chance at getting lucky, and looking forward to trying out the new shop page!

    As always, thanks Marq and Gnomes!!!

  37. Cameron

    no lotto wins for this girl. 0/7. I did hit the yeasty tears when there was a buy now button. I can only imagine how exciting it is to see the email pop up that your PayPal account has been charged. Hopefully, today will be the day.

  38. Joshua

    I’ve never won a lottery. 0 for 7, wife has been gone for several weeks for work and even my bosses boss yelled at me today. Yikes! This will turn around. Thanks

  39. Matthew Connelly

    Thanks for the opportunity. Really feel there’s a shot. Lol. I am 0/2 maybe 0/3 on lotteries( not sure if I got in on one or not). Always end up missing the drops and have to find my art elsewhere. The groups have been great with trades and I love the minis. Maybe someday I’ll hit a lotto or a drop. Gonna need a Wednesday off though…. These awesome people are quick on that draw. Thanks again and hopefully you take next week off. Having a baby and don’t want to miss anything.

  40. Ashley Benson

    I’ve never won a lottery and I’m not really sure what my record is, but it has to be something like 0 for 10! πŸ™ I have purchased stickers from the store before though! Woohoo! πŸ™‚ My first lovely Spusta was a gift during my pregnancy, and I’ve been trying to score one since! I’ve been especially DISO Double Neck for my daughter Zepplyn’s room, but I’ve never seen one for sale! πŸ™

  41. Mary Brenner

    My Spusta lottery luck has been horrible. Since I lost my business I have been unable to financially even consider even going for a drop or lottery. That would make me 0 for how many drops and lotteries have there been? Lol winning a mini givaway would make my day. Torture seeing all these prints. Pick me please.

  42. James Perkins

    I am 1/8 in Spusta lotteries.. Just won my first one with a regular Creature Caravan. My luck is so bad, that I just lost my job a couple weeks ago and was completely blindsided. The caravan was the last print I bought before I lost my job. I’ve been really down on myself and could use a pick me up. Thanks.

  43. Danyelle parsons

    It’s super awesome you’re giving us unlucky ones a chance. I’m 0/5 on lottos πŸ™‚ thanks a bunch!

  44. John

    I’m 0/1,000,000… (What it feels like anyway) Guess if it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any at all πŸ˜‰ Hoping for some good news in my inbox this time!

  45. Chris L.

    1-6 I think this year. I won the regular tasty tears and am enjoying it to the fullest! Thank you for doing this Marq and Gnomes! πŸ™‚

  46. Matt Arnold

    I think I’m 0-4 since Listening, but thats the one that REALLY hurt. Last lottery I won was the embellished Eye-Guy.

  47. Josh H

    I think I’ve hit 1/6 since the listening drop. Blessed to have gotten a Creature Caravan and a few others over time, but of late it’s been rough not seeing an studio packages at the front door!

    Thanks for the chance as usual

  48. Rob

    I have had really bad luck. I got super lucky and got the widespread panic variant set red. Thank you so much for that. On the other note, missed on caravan, tasty tears, listening, sumfro, and five birds. Would be super grateful to be picked.

    Thanks Marq and gnomes!

  49. Nicholas Stock

    Hey Marq,

    First of all thanks for doing this. You are a gentlemen and a scholar. You obviously have a lot of fans, but few artists take the time to embrace them like you have so for that thank you. Keep it up.

    I’m 1 for 4 since Listening. I’m sort of still a noob on your art prints, but I’ve been getting your show prints since around 2011. To be fair I did score a Dripples, but that was for a fellow Spusta addict and I didn’t know what I had gotten. If I did it would still be in my collection. Cheers Marq again thanks for being a stand up guy. If you come out to Colorado I’ll take you disc golfing.

  50. Kelly S Lowe

    ⚾️ Batting 100! 0 for 2. I want to do a Spusta theme for my twin’s nursery, which they are due at the end of January! Hoping to bat a 1,000 on Wednesday! ⚾️
    Thank You for this awesome lottery chance!

  51. Jake Zwerdlinger

    I have only hit the lotto once. The only time recently when the store drops were used was for the listening and just had happened to turn my phone off on vacatiaon as they dropped. Since December of last year I never missed back to back drops. My bad luck seems to carry over into the frame up contests as well. Some killer frameups have fallen short each of the times I’ve entered. Thanks for the chance!

  52. Justin

    Awesome opportunity Thanks!!
    I haven’t kept record but I have won once out of all the lottos I’ve entered
    Thanks Marq & gnomes!

  53. Ryan G

    My luck has been the worst with the lottery offerings. I’m at least 0/8 for the year…

    Thanks for the mini pack offer, maybe my luck will turn around and I’ll score on this one!

  54. Russell firth

    I’ve only won 1 lottery and it was a Reg listening which was a very awesome print. I’ve tryed and missed out on all the other lotteries. So maybe some luck will go my way with this awesome chance. Thanks Marq and the Gnomes.

  55. Christin

    I participated at 4 lotterys and won once, the full size Tasty Tears πŸ™‚ because I’m often working in the evening (located in Europe) I miss a lot of lotterys – and sales. And I broke a mirror last week…please, show me that I won’t have bad luck for the next 7 years! πŸ™‚

  56. Chris Torgerson

    I am a previous customer

    I Haven’t won any lottos…Think 0 for 7-8? I Would love a chance to win one lotto…. I have the Bad lotto blues…..:)

    Thank You for the chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Chatham M

    I scored 2 frame up wins recently (one was a random selection – 2 days ago) so I’d say my luck is pretty good. But I have missed every lottery (0-6 or 7 – I think beginning with Widespread Panic Los Angeles print). But I’ve had luck in the mini tasty tears drop. So my luck isn’t terrible, but my lottery luck is awful. Soooooooooo if I have to go 0-7 on lotteries I’m very cool with that.

  58. Josh

    Never had much luck with these! As always, thanks for the chance! My stats are 0/7 with Spusta strikeouts! A swing and a miss but I always try! One time I had a 7 birds carted and really thought it was going smooth. I breezed through the payapl check out process and everything, only to come back to an empty shopping cart!! Those allusive 7 birds!

  59. Roland


    My lotto luck has been good.

    I scored in one lottery since Listening (a Tasty Tears which is just going to be replaced due to damage) – i would love to add some Mini’s to my little growing Spusta collection!

    Thanks for the chance and excitement =)

  60. Brian Pritts

    I was introduced to your work through moe. and Phish, and never really knew all the awesome stuff you are doing here. I have 5 Spusta prints so far, and looking to expand the collection.

    As for lotteries here, only been in a few (3?) and sadly and 0/all.

    Either way, thanks for what you do and the opportunity here.

  61. Cindy

    I have only known about the wonderful world of Spusta for 2 years. In that time I was lucky enough to be able to score Thinkin On It from the store. Which must have been beginners luck as have not been quick enough to be able to score any other full size prints to buy since. I have entered 5 maybe 6 lotteries and scored on listening in May. I took it to the framers Tuesday. Thanks for the chance….mine is international shipping so feel free to invoice me postage.

  62. Anthony

    I’m not eligible for this. Just wanted to thank Marq & the gnomes for doing this for the people who’ve had bad lotto luck. Thank You,

  63. Steve

    have missed out on all lottery i have entered this year. Was able to make a purchase back in February.

    thanks for another chance!

  64. Justin B

    Marq and Gnomes… Thanks for giving us unlucky folk a second chance at some goodness.

    I’m 0 for Ever on the lottos sadly. I have never hit a lotto from you guys. Maybe 0 for 20?

    Thanks for the chance! Cool of you to do this for fans.

  65. Leah

    Marq and gnomes,
    I have one lotto success being the TT reg edition and I love it! It was my first lotto win of around 10 total entries.
    Thanks kindly for the opportunity and good luck to all!

  66. Corey Shade

    Oh for five or six here on the lotto’s – did get the chance to buy a Tasty and Mule AE recently, so it’s not all bad.

    Have had luck with your Instagram lightning lottos in the past, not sure if those count as recent though. Regardless, maybe you could bring those back?

    As always, thanks for the Wednesday excitement!

  67. Ryan

    I’ve hit 1/7 or 8. I won the vegas set. Theres been so much awesome art that I have missed out on it makes me want to cry. But I won’t. Well maybe a little.

  68. John Brooks

    Thanks so much for the awesome lotteries and artwork. If it wasn’t for bad luck I’ve have no luck at all. Never won a lottery and think I’m 0-4 total.


  69. Logan

    1 win out of many, and WOW what a great feeling that was. TASTY TEARS (regular) was the treasure – at framers waiting for some wood and glass! You know you are an addict if you heart gets racing everytime new email comes thru! This is great idea Marq and Gnomes – keep up the great work and bringing happiness to all your fans!!

  70. Lorraine

    Hey Marq & Gnomes!

    Bad luck on my side here. Never scored a lottery – so i am 0 out of 7 or so. Fingers crossed this time =)


  71. Lance Ohnstad

    this is awesome…..I love the mini’s

    I have won once, on tasty tears…..

    beyond that I have failed every other one I have entered πŸ™

    Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

  72. Matt A

    Last time I won a lotto was DMB last August so I’ve been on a bad luck streak for a year now. Crossing my toes that will change today πŸ™‚

  73. Kelly

    What an amazing gesture by the Gnomes! I’ve never won a lotto this year since I started entering them and would be super pumped to finally get on the board with a big fat W!

    Thanks for all the time and effort…

  74. Zachary Semcken

    I have only won one lottery! Maybe I’ll be lucky today! I’ll even send ya some tasty beer if I win!

    Thanks Marq!

  75. Jon cuty

    Thanks for this! Really cool to take care of the fans! 0-3 for me. I Was especially disappointed on missing listening and caravan. And i have never caught anything during an actual drop. Site crashes or I’m too late.

  76. Matt Brough

    Thank you Marq and Gnomes!

    I had luck with the creatures caravan lottery which I am entirey grateful for. Absolutley love that print. But as far as my other lotto luck, not so much. Tried and tried but, was a success once. Kind of like my fishing lately. Had a 40+ lb break my line just moments ago while surf fishing. Hoping my next cast lands me a mini pack! Much love and respect. Cheers

  77. John Budny

    This is a pretty great way to give back to those with bad luck. I am 0 for 4 on lotteries this year, and even passed on entering some because I felt like I never had a chance. I’m glad to see you have a new store in place, I’m hoping this helps change my luck a bit.

  78. melinda

    Hello marq and the gnomes! I’m still relatively new to your art. Was lucky to win the caravan but missed out on another 3 or 4. And have never seen a mini pack. Thanks for your art and all you do!

  79. Matthew Mehlhorn

    I’m about 0 for 5 on the lottos and haven’t had much better luck on drops. I live in the country and have really poor internet service which may be a factor. I could sure use a turnaround in the luck department πŸ˜‰

  80. Eric Murray

    Thank you for the opportunity! I am 1/7 on the recent lotteries….. worse if you go further back lol. I can’t wait for the new store! Thank you in advance!

  81. Leah Saylors

    I am 1 for 8 on the lotteries this year. I did get lucky on the Widespread Panic Gold set.

    I would love to add some more wonderful minis to my collection. Thanks Marq and Gnomes for giving us this opportunity!

  82. Kelly

    I had luck with the listening standard edition but no luck since then. I really wanted that tasty tears and checked every day! I also entered for the caravan and did not win. The only other time I won was when you did a 5×5 package on Instagram and I happened to be logged in at the right time. I do love the lottos though! It makes collecting a lot of fun and today is more proof for why you’re my favorite artist! Every time I frame your work, I enter it in your framing contest. Hoping to win when I post the Listening print! My first Spusta was the Panic Oakland show edition in 2010 and I’ve been hooked ever since. My next tattoo will be the Bliss Bug!

  83. Jeremy

    Have not won a lottery yet. Have only tried since the end of last year and this year tho. Didn’t know about it before that. Thanks for the chance!

  84. Dylan Brown

    Believe I am 1 out of 7! Finally scored on tasty tears but man I wanted caravan and listening soo bad. Barely a year into my collection after getting hooked at your furthur frames show. Oh what I would give to go back to that!

  85. Christopher Campbell

    Lottery luck here is 0/5 .. not so lucky I guess. Love the new shop page. Can’t wait to put it to use! Thanks for the chance Marq & gnomes. .

  86. Snakeman69

    I am 1 for 5 in the recent lotteries.

    I was luck enough to hit on a gold Sumfro, but it’s not nearly enough to satisfy my Spusta addiction!

  87. Robert

    Thanks gnomes. I have never won a lottery I’m about 0 for 6. I scored on a drop once and it’s still in transit (I’m scared the post office lost it). Never won a lottery and would love to win one! Again thanks!

  88. John mantzios

    I’ve hit 1 lottery, the WSP Vegas but in true HERO fashion I donated my spot to a young lady in our group whom this show had some serious sentimental value and she hadn’t been picked!
    As much as I love the Spusta art and would love to win a mini pack I wouldn’t mind if the Gnomes made it a point to give the packs to the folks that have NEVER won a lottery!
    Thank you and keep kicking ass!

  89. sissy camp

    O for 5 in lotteries ..if I didnt have bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all….thanks for this opportunity!!!..keep up the great work

  90. Matthew

    Hi Marq!

    I’m a new customer, so I don’t think I get to play since you don’t have my address on file, but thought I would comment nonetheless.

    I am 0/3.5

    I was drawn to your site because of the Vegas Widespread Panic poster you did which was fantastic! 0/1 That was the poster that really brought me into your artwork. I really love your style!

    Missed out on Sumfro and Tasty Tears 0/3 and I was too late to comment (forgot) on Creature Caravan. 0/3.5 That’s a half point, right??

    Look forward to your new store and, hopefully, having a better chance at owning my first Spusta! All the best!

  91. Jacob Bridges

    I am 1 for ? in the lotteries, my only luck being the Print for the Widespread Panic show last April. Hopefully that changes today!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  92. Spusta Gnome Post author

    We are just going to pick some of you Bad Luck Blues folks and ship you the prize packages…you may not even know until it arrives on your doorstep (or you may get a strange shipping notice)

  93. Haney

    I was fortunate to hit one recent lottery and was lucky to purchase a Tasty Tears when the print was available for a short time – I’m certainly very thankful for what I have, but with that said, I’d love to purchase more! Thanks for any consideration!

  94. Kelly

    Make me the happiest girl in the world Marq!!

    Been entering these lottos since Mr. Bloomjangles, and I’ve won 1….1/8 perhaps?

    Fingers crossed!

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  95. Ben Wilson

    I would LOVE to purchase something Marq! 0 out of whatever this year…i even went AE on the mule w no luck. Thank the godgnomes you came to delaware!

  96. Bradly

    Hello and thanks for the chance at a mini pack! Ive had one lotto win. It was the Vegas panic prints. I emailed the studio a few months back and they said to admire the art from a far and wait for the right time to score some minis. Fingers crossed today! Im 1-6 in the lottos.

    Thanks again!

  97. Brooks Poole

    I havent had a lottery win since the listening, and my luck is sooooooo bad, that this past week I have been in the hospital twice, for a freaking HERNIA of all things and on top of that Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. Oh, and wait for the icing on the cake, I don’t have health insurance. So even if I won a lottery today, I wouldn’t be able to pay for it since my recent visits to the hospital are equal to that of a brand new dam kia. So a free mini pack would really make my dreams come true, because at the moment, its about the only spusta I can afford. My collection has all but diminished since I took a year off work to take care of my first child, and my art became a backup to my saving account that was easily drained. Back working now, and then these illnesses happened, just can’t get ahead for anything. Please gnomes, I need this!!!

  98. MW

    I am 1 for 7 i think, i got the tasty tears a few weeks ago. I would love for my luck to change and for my starter spusta collection to grow. thanks for all yall do!

  99. Matt

    Long time lurker, 0 for 6? I believe? Never been chosen on a lotto! Have never gotten a studio package buuut would love one! -thanks – Matt z

  100. Marilyn

    I am 0-5 for the lottery I got really excited to see this brig done instead of drops due to my age and me being slow on a computer. But my luck has been worse… Because I still have hope after the first minute. Been collecting for 6 weeks my son showed me your art been in love since. Would love to get a win to Bragg about πŸ™‚

  101. Jason

    Hey Marq! This is really awesome of you and the gnomes. I’ve never won any of your lotteries. I’ve tried in Listening, Tasty Tears, Caravan, Panic Vegas, and maybe others that elude my memory currently. Really appreciate the opportunity πŸ™‚ Best of luck with the new shop – Hope it can handle the incredible demand of your artwork!

  102. Laura

    0 for all time! I have to get my wisdom teeth cut out tomorrow- – talk about needing some good luck to turn this day around!

    Need some SPUSTA! Thanks Gnomes and Marq

  103. Marcy

    I’m 1 for 5 in your lotteries. I won a TT and is the only art I own. Im just grateful for the opportunity. Thank you for all you di

  104. Chad

    I hit my first lotto last week with about 40 minutes left before my birthday was over. I’m about 1 for 10 I’d say. Excited to get the blue mule though, thanks!! Need minis in my life!

  105. Michael Dylan talbot

    Think 1/8 haven’t hit a lottery since the listening and have entered them all.

    Thanks for the chance

  106. Marwan

    I have entered 5 or 6 lottos and ive never been chosen for one yet. I keep looking at all the minis on the group and I cannot wait to have my first shot at a variety pack. It would mean alot to get my first win. Thanks again for the chance!

  107. Chris

    This is an awesome idea. I have had horrible success on lotteries. I was able to score on the Listening print which was awesome but that’s the only one. I can’t think of how many I have missed out on but I really wanted the Caravan print and the WSP Vegas ones as I was there in Vegas for it and missed out on both. I would be grateful for anything that comes my way.

  108. Oliver

    I’ve won one lottery out of all the lotteries I’ve entered on this web site. I can’t remember how many there have been this year. It seems like I’ve entered about ten total since it was changed to lotto style. I entered all except for the last one. The lotto I won was the gold WSP variant set. I really like the minis for trading and gifting though. I hope to see more in the future because even if I don’t win the lotto there will be more out in the wild. Thanks for the generous chance at a freebie pack.

  109. Matt Wheeler

    Horrible lottery luck. Last time I was on a plane and couldn’t answer the lottery questions and posted nothing right. If you offered up a bag of dirty worthless rocks I guarantee I wouldn’t win it lol good luck all

    0-5 or 6

  110. Ben

    0 for 10 maybe more. Never won a lottery. Last one I recall getting was Nesting. However I was lucky enough to get some magnets.
    Best & thanks

  111. Justin

    Haven’t had much luck but you don’t have a chance without playing! i’m guessing….0/8. I’m leaving for Vegas in 2 days so I think lucks about to turn.

    new store looks great by the way. Can’t wait for drops to start up again.

  112. Heath

    I’ve entered a bunch of lottos over the last couple years. My one win was a regular caravan. Thanks for the chance, and keep the awesome art coming!

  113. Travis Bridges

    Thanks Marq!

    I have yet to win any lottery since you started doing them some I guess I’m 0 for 7. I did buy a mini pack way back in October last year which was my first prints of yours (fuzzfling, flimflum, melvook) and then I purchased an In The Sun from another website. Anyway, love your work and I hope I get picked for my first lottery win!
    I think your embellished pieces are the best around.

    Travis Bridges

  114. Corinna W

    Thanks for this lotto opportunity!

    I’ve only been selected for one lotto so far this year, but thankfully it was a Caravan var!! I can’t wait to get it framed and hung on my wall! So I guess I’m 1-for-everything to answer the question.

    Thanks again, I’m anxiously awaiting the first drop on the new site πŸ˜€

  115. Thomas Wooden

    Pretty exciting things going on today! I was lucky enough to be chosen for the Tasty Tears lotto. Im a new collector and don’t have any minis yet. 1-6 on the lottos. I would be beyond thrilled to get a pack.

    Thanks marq and Gnomes you rock!

  116. Barbara Wilson

    Marq! I was lucky enough to meet u in delaware with my son, i fell in love your stuff and have yet to hit a lotto, (granted i always go big for a variant)…0 for 3 or 4 now i believe. Thanks for the great opportunity!

  117. Andy P

    I’ve hit 1 (“Listening”) out of the 3-4 lottery posts I’ve seen before the post being “closed”. Your way you see things and then draw them on paper amazes me every time I look at your work. My one piece (plus minis you shipped with it) would love some company!

  118. Thomas ellis

    I have only gotten lucky 1 time but it was the creature caravan, one I wanted really bad but missed out on all others!

  119. Jim LaFemina

    Thanks for the chance Marq! I have entered all and been selected once, so not a complete goose egg, though I would really love to add to my collection πŸ™‚

  120. Christine

    Hello Marq and Gnomes. I have never been chosen in the purchasing lottos. 0-6. I think one of those times i did not read all the directions. I got a little to excited. Im still hopeful that ill get a chance. I do have to say I am very fond of the mini images. I think a variety pack would be so fun to come home from work to!

    Thanks again

  121. Kim Occy

    I have entered the purchasing lottos 7 times and hit once. Im 1-7 on the lottos. The last lotto I won was the tasty tears lotto. Im very thankful I did score one. I would be beyond thrilled to score a mini pack! Ive been admiring the minis waiting for the chance. The ITT mini is amazing!! I also love that love cluster. Thanks for sharing your talent and fingers crossed .

  122. Dan Paluski

    Hey Marq and the gnomes I haven’t had any luck with any of the lotteries or raffles. I am 0 for 5 I think. I am going to be checking my email constantly and hoping the four leaf clover brings me some luck on this one!!!!

  123. Jay Poole

    I would say I am 0 for 5, I “got” in on last weeks drop (I’m not sure don’t think that counts as a win…but that one was very low on my list if you will and really wanted to get in on because i have had such poor luck…I was honored just to be able to buy anything-ps thanks for the sticker n micro. I would like to add to my bad luck streak that I finally got my hands on a Caravan…a dream ISO of mine…came in the day before my birthday last week and sure enough, it came with 11 creases that I counted…Love Marq’s work…really wish I was a little earlier to this growing art phenomenon! I am sure others are worse off than me…just venting…HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!! >

  124. Nathan

    I’ve entered these lotteries at least 6 times and am currently 0/6. Would love a chance at a mini pack!

    Thanks Marq

  125. Nancy Brunner

    Im 1-5 in the lottos. The last lotto I won was a tasty tears. It would be so cool to finally get a few minis in my hands. It would actually make my day. I need a spirit boost right now anyway. Peace and love@Spusta Studios

  126. Paulo Pete

    Missed 5 birds, dripples, listening (drop and lotto), Vegas prints, TT, govt mule, and the caravan.

    That’s 8 swings and misses!!

    Thanks for this, always full of surprises to brighten the day

  127. Dann wunderlich

    I am still relatively new, I have only won the tasty tears through the lotto system. So grateful for that! Probably about 1/5 in lottos.

    I just think it’s awesome that you are trying to spread the love. I know the annoyance of the web store not being able to handle the craziness of addicts! Thanks for getting that fixed for us.

    Thanks for generally giving a shit about your fans.

    Whether I score or not, this is fun! That’s what it’s all about.

    Good luck everyone!


  128. Theo Montoya

    Haven’t won ant lottery. My last purchase was in the old store. So glad the store format has returned. Fingers crossed on the giveaway. Thanks for the giveaway, Marq.

  129. Dan

    Hey Marq & Gnomes,

    Think I am about 0/4 or 0/5. Hoping this lottery turns my luck around. Would love to have these for my daughters room.



  130. Tanner


    The last drop I hit was the sticker pack…Have been ZERO for SIX (opted out of the mule since I scored a SE) on the lottos!! New site looking good and thanks for changing our luck and hooking a few of us up! Thanks to Marq and ALL your little helpers!! Happy Wednesday!

  131. Aaron

    Hey Marq,

    We’ll actually had some luck on these lotteries. My first lotto win came with Tasty Tears. I think I am about 1/6 and would love to secure these!


  132. Michael W Lombardi

    Haven’t won a lottery in years….I imagine this is the same feeling a crackhead experiences after trying it for the first time and then never be able to feel like that again!! Nothing else is quite the same!

  133. Karen

    Hi Marq!

    I have only entered a few lotteries and have never one. My husband collects your artwork and I love it, would like to get involved and start my own collection.
    Hopefully I’ll have my own collection someday.

    Thank you for the fun!

  134. Trina

    Love this idea!!! I am 1/9…. I won a regular Listening which I absolutely LOVE. But since then haven’t had any luck. I think it’s wonderful how you always take care of your fans!!! Thanks Marq and Gnomes:)

  135. Nate

    I’ve def got the “Not Hitting the Spusta Lotto” blues. I was fortunate to finally hit on the Tasty Tears lotto a few weeks back but that’s the first time since the new lotto system. Definitely looking forward to some drops on the new website and hopefully getting some more Spusta in the portfolio!

  136. Steve

    Thanks for this kind opportunity, Marq.
    I never win anything in lotteries. I always need to work hard. Some guys have all the luck… Not me.

    The Mule’s lottery was my 2nd attempt (as I am a new fan of you). No luck, this is clear.

    Maybe this time? Would be a surprise in my life πŸ˜€

  137. Tyler Hart

    AwesomeSauce Marq & Gnomes!
    I am 0 for 6ish on lottos. My loot from the shop in 2015 has been shirts, magnet pack, and a frameup prize, which was amazing.
    I’m very excited about the new site and drops! Thanks for all that y’all do! πŸ™‚

  138. Nicole Jarnigan

    I have been able to get lucky in on one lotto and my life is really missing some spusta!! Thanks gnomies!!

  139. Michael Scism

    I am 1 for 7 on lottos. Very thankful for the one I won. Also 0 for 8 on frame up entries :). Would love to land a mini pack. Awesome give away

  140. Brian

    I have been 0 for 5 in lotteries since the listening print.

    I scored a listening print in the store drop but missed in the lottery for a variant

  141. Aimee

    You guys are the best! πŸ˜€
    My lotto luck has been pretty blah, 1-7. Although I did score on the listening and received a reg jazz edition- super stoked, and couldn’t be happier about!!

    But this lady is dying for some tasty mini’s!

    Thanks Marq and the gnomes for the chance!!

  142. Joseph Maurizi

    Honestly, with all I’ve lost in the past during the “checkout stage”, I’ve never even wanted to try my luck with the lottery.
    I am, however, very happy with what work I have been fortunate enough to purchase. Marq’s work is the only art that the lady and I actually both like and want to get up on the wall.

  143. Steve Harris

    No lottery luck since the the store went dark.

    Guessing 0 out of 5 attempts. Always fun to try, though!

  144. max berry


    Im pretty new to marqs work but I believe I am 1 for 7 or so and I was picked for the regular caravan only. Thanks again cant wait to see the upcoming work!

  145. Ray

    Thank you for doing this. I have entered at least 4 lottos this year with no luck at all. Not 1 win.

    I miss the drops. I’ll take whatever you want to sell me πŸ™‚

  146. Steve

    Last and only lotto win was listening. Aside from lottos I’m doing alright ?. Would love a mini pack! Thanks marq!

  147. Fizzle Stick

    Last time I scored in a lottery was Nolaween Panic after missing the regular drop.

    Once the fanbase xploded – my luck imploded.

    To those of you scoring the Vegas Panic variants and caravan prints… if you’re interested in parting with either – please contact me at willpanic4spusta@artlover.com thank you!!

  148. vincent loforti

    I actually hit one of the lotteries for the WSP Austin print in 2013 (red). Ever since, I’ve been 0 for everything. Not for lack of trying!

    Love your work. I have your WSP Oakland print from 2009 hanging in my home and it’s quite the conversation piece. Been a fan of yours ever since. Thanks for doing this!!!!

  149. Matt Gallagher

    I have a Poor unfortunate Spusta Soul for luck

    -I have never won any lottery 0/everything. In the past 2 years, I’ve come to terms that I would have more luck getting struck by lighting or catching a rare disease from my spusta creatures than winning…. BUT

    I know you gnomes work hard though…much love always and forever!

  150. Matthew

    It’s been quite a few years since I’ve won a Spusta lotto…. My last win goes back to one of prozed Spustas, which is framed in my office. A red In The Sun. Thanks for that one and here’s to maybe another win πŸ™‚

  151. Stacey

    I’m 0 for 4 or 5 this year on the lotteries and would love to score a mini pack! Thanks for the opportunity! Need more Spusta!

  152. Phil Kasonovitch

    My last and only lotto win was Tasty Tears!
    I would say I’m 1/5 as far as the lotto.
    I’d love to add more Spusta to my collection!!

  153. James

    Hey Marq and gnomes…
    I do have store purchases so my address should be on file. I’m 1 for 8 in the last year, only win was Sumfro regular edition. Would be great if my luck turned around a bit. Cheers Marq.

  154. Rudy

    Would love a chance to hit a lotto drop!! Appreciate all that you do Marq, you certainly seem to always be thinking about the fans. I’m 0 for XX on all your lottos, I was able to score the Listening via drop but that’s the only print I’ve secured through the shop in a very long time! Would love to see an invoice come through.

  155. Chris Jewel

    Hello! This is defiantly awesome for people with my luck:) I’m 0-all of the lotteries you have done, lol but always have the mentality of the little engine that could…. I think I can I think I can…. Maybe I can this time!!!! Thanks for a shot:) now I’ll be listening for my email!! Cheers!!

  156. Brian WIlson

    Haven’t hit a lotto/drop since the regular listening. I’m about 1 for 6 for the year I think. Hard to get these fine pieces directly from you anymore. But man you sure do try hard for us. Unfortunately no secondary market $$$ for this guy.
    Oh, and I love the Black Crowes. Just sayin.

  157. Crystal Davis

    won a tasty tears by being at the right place the right time (had the purchase link), but otherwise unlucky with all lotteries! thank you beautiful people!

  158. Patrick

    I’ve been down on luck for every single lottery this year, hopefully luck will change! 0/5 I believe so far.

  159. Ken

    I’ve only won 1 lottery, but don’t remember how many I’ve entered. Has to be at least 10 I think. The one that I did win was a Tasty Tears regular edition.

    Thanks for the chance!

  160. Jim

    How bad is my luck? I’ve not been selected in any lottery. But I did score a shirt one time, so my info should be on file…

  161. Matt

    I have hit a recent lottery, but before that I was 0 for everything! Was able to get a full size Tasty Tears which I am so greatful to own! I haven’t let missing out on the lotteries stop my collecting though, everything was purchased on the after market.

  162. Shaun

    I have missed all but one of the drops this year I think….I have hit a few in the past but i think i have missed more then most. Thanks for the chance and always love you art!!


  163. Katie Memmen

    Wow, how awesome!! Thanks!!!! πŸ™‚ I am new to collecting your art but am 0 for 2 on lottery draws, although I did get a full size Tasty Tears during the drop, not the lottery, and have had success with tshirts and a magnet pack during drops. Thanks for this opportunity!

  164. Julia Stiles

    Have not hit a lottery since i have tried them, but if i did win i would go above and beyond for my lady that has gone above and beyond for me

  165. Nate Jackson

    Lotto luck hasn’t been the strongest. I’ve entered all raffles since raffles were being offered and have one been chosen for one win which was Mr. DRIPPLES. I am definitely thankful for that though. Thank you for the opportunity.

  166. John

    Hey Marq. I have never won a lottery. I have been able to purchase a couple items from the shop but I think I am 0-6 or 0-7 on the lotteries. I would love to have a chance at this one.


  167. Mike Ferro

    I am 1 for 7 maybe. Its pretty discouraging though. Lots of extra dollars spent on eBay. The wrok is worth it though. Keep up the good work.

  168. Sean Russomanno

    Help me Marq!

    Not only have I never hit any of your lottery drops- ever, I have also never in my life hit a drop of any highly sought-after print I have tried to obtain. Ever. And that is the sad, sad truth right there. IT would totally and completely make my summer if I was able to score on this drop because not only would I be scoring on my first drop from any artist EVER, I would be scoring on a drop from one of my all-time favorite artists.
    Make my dreams come true!

  169. Robert Fiedler

    I don’t have the fainest idea how many times I’ve missed on a lotto.
    I can say for certain how many I’ve won though.
    00 g00seegg 00
    Here’s to hoping. Fingers and toes are crossed. Thanks for giving us losers another opportunity!! Very kind.

  170. Kenny

    So far I’m 1-7. The one lottery I did manage to score on was a 7 birds mini pack. My collection is small and needs to grow, so I would love another lottery win to make that happen! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  171. Ryan

    Never won a lottery out of countless tries lol. I’ve done well on the old drops though! Thanks for the opportunity!

  172. Jason blue

    0 for how ever many lottos there have been:( Thsnks for another opportunity! I put down my paypal email not the email registered with the shop but i have definitely ordered before!

  173. Andrew

    I have never won…and doubt that I would be in the system because I have never been sent an invoice…but would love a mystery tube with some WSP lizards! Thank you.

  174. Laura

    Thanks so much for the oppurtunity. I’ve entered 5 times and hit 1 but would love to hit again. Thanks for all the great images!

  175. Jeremy Schreiber

    Listening was my first score from your store… I’m good with drops. Nothing before, nothing since!!! 0 for a bunch! Guessing 0-3 or 0-4 since listening. Would love a mini pack to help get me started!!!!!

  176. Venus

    I don’t think I’ve won a lottery since 2010! It was for a chance to win a Phish print, so I’m happy about that, but really sad that I’m missing all of the other art, haha. Thank you for your consideration!

  177. Katie

    I’m something like 1-for-8 I think. Not very good that’s for sure. Hoping to turn things around. πŸ™‚

    Thanks Marq & the Gnomes!!

  178. Caytlin

    I have had zero luck in the lotteries πŸ™ I’ve never been picked for any of them I’ve attempted to enter, I think I’ve tried for at least 3 now. Thanks for the chance!!!

  179. Easy like Smeezy

    I actually had a chance to score a Listening, but I didn’t know I had to check my Paypal to see the invoice, so I just kept checking my email and thought I wasn’t chosen again. Then when I randomly checked my Paypal weeks later, I saw the invoice and obviously it was too late….(sigh). I’m probably 0 for 4

  180. Doug

    Zero for however many I have entered. The only on either didn’t enter was the WSP Vegas and mule. A chance to win this would be cool! Thanks

  181. daniel

    My luck has been men I think I am 0 for 4. My brother and his girlfriend have both scored though so I hope I am the next in line!

  182. philip

    I belongs to the zero category out of 3 or 4. Now recovering from flu & hopinh for some good fortune.

  183. Cole

    I am 0 for 0. Let me explain. I haven’t won any of the lotteries so far this year because I haven’t entered any of them because I wasn’t able to afford them if I would have been lucky enough to win. Well now I’m in a little better financial state and am hoping to get lucky. Thanks gnomes!!!!! Good luck to all

  184. Barbara Kielbania

    So glad there is a new site up and running. Haven’t been able to score any prints yet from the shop. Only stickers. I really hope my luck changes.
    Thank you very much.

  185. James purvis

    Bad luck doesn’t begin to describe it. I am fairly new but have tried for all lotteries this year except mule (didn’t attend the show) with 0 wins. I have built a pretty nice collection buying from the very expensive secondary market. Great work Marq! It’s worth every penny but would be awesome to actually get a piece at original value. Thanks for the chance.

  186. Mandy Isaac

    I think I have entered the lotto about 7 or 8 times this year. I won 1 of those and it was a beautiful pink 5 birds that I’m forever grateful for.

  187. Mitchell Seyfer

    I can’t recall how many I’ve entered, but the one I won was the Widespread Panic lizard matched number set… so I can’t complain! Wonderful artwork!

  188. John

    Entered 2 lottos and missed out on both. I’ve had bad luck with lottos so maybe this will work. Thanks a bunch

  189. Phelan

    Never been able to hit a lotto…
    starting to think I’m doing something wrong.
    Son got me into this and have gotten caught up!!
    Would love to win one!

  190. Lee

    I have not landed a mystery pack in about two whole years. As for this year and Lottos, the only thing I scored was a magnet pack. Which was sweet by the way, we now have our refrigerator all decked out with them holding up our family photos. Honestly it would nice if I could pick up some more minis for my collection with ought having to score them off EBay for a ridiculously steep price.
    Thank You Marq & Gnomes, keep up the great work!

  191. Gain

    I’m 0 fer all since I’ve been collecting a little over 2years now. I last I got was the Fazooli drop. Thank you for the opertunity.

  192. Stephen Brzezinski

    0 for 3. It would be nice to be able to buy a poster again. I am one of the original fans. THANKS….

  193. Sara Dickerhoof

    1 for 5 lottos! I was lucky enough to score the Sumfro, which now has been given a different home. I would love a chance to expand my small collection. Spusta makes me happy…would love more happiness (:

  194. Andrew

    The last Spusta I got was the Eddie Vedder Australia 2011, or maybe the Furthur 2011. I don’t think these were lotteries though, pretty sure I’ve never won a lottery

    in addition I just lost my job

  195. Jo

    I have never ever hit a mini mystery pack! This may be my chance. My fingers are crossed. I would be super excited if a mini pack mysteriously arrived at my house. πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much for this opportunity. I have only ever hit a lotto/drop once total lifetime. The feeling was incredible & something I look forward to experiencing again.

  196. Richard

    Never won a lotto on your site out of 7 or 8 tries. I have gotten one or two prints on drops on the old site. Would love to start a collection of minis. Thanks for all you do

  197. Ryan

    I’ve won one lotto 4 years ago and enter every one. I’d love to have my luck turned around with a mini pack!

    Thanks so much for being awesome Marq! Really hope my luck changes.

  198. Bryan

    I have had NO LUCK at all in any of your lotteries. It has become quite frustrating, especially when I see prints that I desired to add to my collection & frame up show up on eBay or elsewhere within a matter hours or days. I’m not sure of the exact number but, if I had to guess, I’d say that I am 0 for 4 (Between my gf & I, 0 for 8). I would be ever so grateful for even the slightest chance at getting a “Listening” print (any version) because my girlfriend and I often sit and play our vinyl albums on the turntable for hours. That print has spoken to me/us more than any other artwork that you have ever created and it would be such a special keepsake for us. We have been keeping an eye out to try to purchase one but they have not been available anywhere. Thank you so much for doing this contest and giving us an opportunity to finally score something after all of our attempts.

  199. Chris

    Even though I think the lotto method is a good way of getting your art in more peoples hands, I have not done all too well. I got lucky with the WSP release and that was it.I remember trying to get “Listening” when everything froze up. Random drops are fun too.
    My Spusta lotto stats are probably 1 out of 10+
    Thanks for the chance Marq!

  200. Eric B.

    I’ve never hit on a lottery and haven’t hit a drop since WSP LA. Still looking for a Listening rock n roll variant to hang in the music room over the turntable… that Dark Side album cover is epic!!

    Thanks again.

  201. Cole

    Awesome plan Spusta folk! I think I am 0-4 in lotteries so far. (But I still think it’s the best way to get it out there!)

  202. Andrew

    Not sure how many I have entered (probably 4 or 5) but I know for certain my hit percentage is zero. Creature Caravan miss hurt the most.

    I agree with many of the above comments that this is still likely the most fair way of distributing the prints and likely gets them into as many different collections as possible.

    Appreciate another opportunity!

  203. Trey Edwards

    I have yet to win any prints from the lottery drop, try as i might it doesnt seem to be in the cards.

    i would love to score one directly from the source instead of hunting down that elusive print for double if not triple the cost.

    much love man and thanks for another shot

  204. Corey

    haha 0 -forever on the lotteries and this popped up after I checked the site for the last time yesterday. Excellent.

  205. Stan

    Lottery win? What is a lottery win?
    0 for never!! Read the post about the new site yesterday, made a new account, wake up today and there is a lottery. I believe there was a mention there would be nothing in the shop for a couple of weeks? I realize you can’t please everyone but it is frustrating!

  206. Sam ross

    I haven’t ever won, im buying minis from flippers on ebay, it’s the only way I can get my hands on your work…..please please pick me

  207. BBowen

    1/7 with the listening….wouldn’t know what luck is if not for bad luck…..scared to shop on the bay…would love to grow our Spusta family…thanks for the opportunity…..

  208. Ian

    Super bad luck blues! Not only have I not hit any other the other lotteries, but I missed this by a day too! Next time I suppose!

  209. Damon Lewis

    Terrible luck w/any thing from you Marq. Hopefully you can change my luck and hook me up w/my first Spusta. Thank you

  210. Artem

    I have won only one lottery posted this year, or ever, actually. Prefer the drops myself, but it was not an option for a while until now. Thanks for making it one, Marq!!! Can’t wait for an epic fail on the next drop πŸ˜€
    The one I won was WSP Las Vegas gold set. That is a great set and it was extremely exciting to get that email for the first time! Got a couple more this year’s releases on the aftermarket, but it ain’t easy and costs a fortune!

  211. Connie

    Hi Marq,
    I have been following your work for almost two years now and have never won a lottery. Hope this one is it πŸ™‚

  212. David Barton

    Saw this was still open so I thought I’d reply……I didn’t win any lotteries. I’m not sure if I’m in the system…maybe? I never got lucky on the drops either…tough being at work and looking for random drops…..but I try. =) And this next Wednesday I have surgery….alas….eventually one day….peace

  213. Anthony

    Probably too late on this as I’ve been offline for the past few days.

    Haven’t had any luck on your lottery drops but have been blessed with being able to purchase some items and even received some rare variants as bonuses along the way, so can’t complain!

    Not sure of the # entered, but definitely missed the WSP Vegas set, Caravan, Tasty Tears, Birds to name a few!

    Thanks for even caring enough to collect feedback. It means a lot!

    Not sure the

  214. Charles

    I’ve been a regular here for the past three or four years now and have lucky been picked in a couple of your lotteries each year. I mainly have been chosen for different gig posters and miss out on the art prints(hint hint). I just wanted to say thanks for making my day numerous times over the past couple of years and hopefully for many more to come.


  215. Jim

    I really have bad luck. When I read in the previous post nothing will be around for a few weeks I did not come back to the site until today. I have never won a lottery or have been quick enough to win a print in the store. Maybe my day will come soon!

  216. Jeffery

    I’ve yet to win one of your lotteries. I have managed to get a few micros from others that have been both lucky enough to get them and kind enough to share with the less fortunate! Thanks for sharing your awesome creations with us!!!

  217. Anna Petersen

    I have yet to be successful in the lotto! Dont want to let another Wednesday pass me by as much as this lotto has. I don’t believe in bad luck- hope I’m not too late!

  218. Aimee

    D’oh!!! I should probably stop stalking the mailman as I JUST realized I didn’t set up my new account (guessing our old accounts were deleted with the new system in place)
    Ahhh maybe something this week… ?

  219. Barbara Kielbania

    Still nothing. Will they be posted in the shop or e mailed with the lottery. I saw some people scored. Just curious these bugs are how i got hooked in first place. Please help a momma out. Clues, anything.

  220. Mark

    i wish I could say I’ve had great luck in the lotteries but alas I have only won one out of seven. I am really happy I won one though, just would love to have more Spusta on the walls!!

  221. Corey

    I used to buy everything from you, then you started this crazy lottery system where it seems the favorites get picked all time. I just wanna buy some prints of yours and not feel like I’m always gonna be overlooked.

    Hook a long time fan up!

  222. Javier

    I have never won a lottery. 0 for 5 I believe. I am probably too late but I figured I would just vent here. Looking forward to the new and improved shop!

  223. dylan

    this contest is probably over but I’ve been 0-7 recently on the lotto drops. i miss the good ol days! hope the new shop works out!

  224. Max cannalte

    New Spusta collector so have only entered into 2 raffles the creature caravan and Space mule

    I am 0-2

    thanks for the chance

  225. Matt

    Thanks for doing this. I’ve tried 10 times to order a print and this would be my first success with buying one of your prints πŸ˜‰

  226. Will Becker

    Thank you sooo much for the opportunity to get this print!

    My luck with the Marq Spusta lottery system has been pretty awful. My success rate is about 1 for 9. Sadly, I missed out on Sumfro, Space Mule, Creature Caravan, Tasty Tears, etc.

    I was incredibly luck to score the “Listening” print in the black variant color, and I have it framed in my office at work.

    Would love to add some more killer Marq Spusta work to my collection!!!

  227. Bradan

    shoot i dont even know…does that include the secret stash lotteries, having guessed a correct score/team… O for 4 idk!

    Thanks for the opportunity!


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