This past week, Billy Strings played 3 sold out nights at The Sylvee in Madison, WI. It was the first time I’ve gotten the chance to create for this impressive band and it’s been a very rewarding experience all around. I’m glad to be tuned in and turned onto Billy String’s musical worlds.

While most of these limited edition posters have sold out at the event, we do have some held back for online sales. We have no inventory of the main edition of 350 on blue that were at the show, but we do have a small portion of the Foil, Champagne and Chloropyhll editions of the poster.

Of the Billy Strings posters we will have for sale, some will be sold here through this purchasing lottery (details below) and the rest of them will drop in the Spusta Studio Shop on Wednesday (3/9/2022) in between 9:30am and 9:40am PST. We expect the online sale to be sold out in a matter of clickety-click-click and that is why we’ve put up this lottery as an alternative method of selecting some customers for this poster as well.

These posters are for Billy Strings at The Syvlee in Madison, WI on March 3, 4 & 5, 2022. All versions are 17″ x 22″ screen print and are signed and numbered by the artist.

The three versions available here are:
Foil Edition of 150 for $150 + shipping
Champagne Edition of 100 for $150 + shipping
Chlorophyll Edition of 60 for $180 + shipping

To enter this purchasing selection lottery for a Billy Strings Poster, just reply to this post with a comment that picks one edition/version to enter for.

Champagne? Foil? or Chlorophyll? Pick only one in your comment
Feel free to also use your comment as your chance to plead your worthiness to this piece of paper. Can your love for Billy x Spusta not be beat? Did you try to get to Madison but your dog ate the neighbors dog, who had Covid? 37 characters or less please.
– Again, pick just one poster to shoot for, Foil, Champagne or Chlorophyll. You likely won’t be picked if you don’t make a choice. We don’t want emails, just comment on this post.

Only comment once please and it can be advantageous to use an email already connected with our shop. Please note the prices will have $18 added in Priority shipping domestically, California sales tax and international shipping charges will apply. Invoices will start being emailed right away. We may send some straggler invoices in the days following the sale as well.

Oh, without further ado, here are some photos of the different editions:

Close-up of Chlorophyll Edition of 60.
Chlorophyll Edition of 60 – paper changes from green to gold in different light.

1,807 thoughts on “Billy Strings – Madison Poster Purchasing Lottery

  1. Hightime

    I ain’t ate in seven days, I haven’t slept in three… please consider this my plea for the Chlorophyll variety of this AMAZING poster! Thank you kind sir, cheers

          1. Chris David

            Champagne edition is quite beauty. Dam right I like the life I live just went from negative to positive. I would sip this poster every dam day

              1. Nick Scholes

                Could really use a print from this run! Tried a couple nights and got shut out! I am putting in my bid for a Champagne variant! Thanks for the opportunity!

          2. Walt Bekker

            We packed the Bus
            Filled the tank, gas was Nutz
            Missed the show, thanks to MixLr
            Baked a psychedelic pizza
            Visions of Hummingbirds flyin
            Roaming herds of Goats
            Burst of Chlorophyll & Colors
            Help a Brutha out

                1. Brad

                  I love Billy Strings, I love Spusta, I love lamp, I need CHLOROPHYLL. Please and Thanks you!

              1. Stephanie Lethcoe

                New baby, birthed at home, wants this poster hanging over his dome! Chlorophyll 🙂

            1. Stephanie tullos

              Daisies are red
              Billy goats are blue
              Sputas makes me happy
              Add champagne too.
              Three hummers flight
              Along the smog
              Mother daisy stands tall
              In spite of it all.

          3. Clark Ragains

            I was at this show with the family and the lines for prints were insane! Not sure if my post went through but I’d be cool with champagne or chlorophyl!

          4. Nicole Krier

            OMG these are beautiful! Please throw my name in on a foil…🙏🏼🔥🤞🏼🐐BMFS

        1. James Winfrey

          Foil please. I admire that which is admirable and you sir have admirable work, consistently and with much due praise. This was a great show band extremely difficult to score your print, this attests to a lot!

      1. Dave Busching

        Ok, it’s actually my Birthday today, 3/8. I just turned 40. We had family and friends going to the show and we were supposed to go for my 40th celebration. My wife and I just couldn’t get off work. Die-hard Billy fan, Spusta, and art in general. What an amazing gift this would be! Champagne!!

        1. Rafael E Ortega

          +1 champagne please!

          Champagne because one late night I was drinking bubbles with Billy and Marq who were arguing about the Red Daisy growing on the hill.

          Marq wanted to believe the his soul wasn’t lost when the Red Daisy were covered in frost. Billy started crying and said a traveler plucked the Red Daisy from the ground.

          We all took a cheers to the red daisy and said we’ll miss its red crown.

      2. Ryan Dotson

        I won my first Spusta Caravan through lotto 🤞 I can score here too.

        Chlorophyll please gnome!

      3. Joe mortimer IV

        Late to the party but I’ll try anyways. chlorophyll or foil please. Thanks for the chance and keep up the Amazing work 👍✌🤘

        1. Andy

          Foil. There are no words to describe my worthiness. It can best be described by the philosophers by the names of Sir Wayne and Sir Garth. ” We’re not worth. We’re not worthy.”

        2. kmac

          Baaby 🐱 really wants a Billy Stings FOIL for her nursery!! IT’S So DREAMY!!! 😘💙 Thanx for the shot

      1. Gregg leavitt

        Thank you need one for the gf she missed out at the show stood in line for hours foil please

      1. Ryle DeMoura

        Clorophyll please I was waiting in line like dawg waiting for my chance to scoop this 5 course meal or a sweet and savory poster but when I scoot my little size 10 1/2 inch feet up there these dogs in the front of me were barking I went up there double cheeked up they’d had been swiped please oh God spusta give me the chance to purchase one of these fine piece of meat

          1. Creig Krier

            Wow!! I’d feel so blessed to put this in my wall!
            Champagne please ❤️☮️

    1. Trina Gallardo

      +1 champagne
      Long time Spusta collector and lover! This one here screams all that I love! Sunflowers,Billy (who I have loved watching grow throughout the years!!) & Spusta who is my favorite artist. 💖 such a beautiful print! Also this will be my first show print I go after that I did not attend.

      1. DJ

        +1 Champaign pretty please, I couldn’t attend because (insert lame excuse here) but this print looks absolutely amazing. ❤️

        1. Moneika Sweeney

          Chlorophyll- missed Billys’ show closest to us recently because covid knocked us all out for 3 wks. Im manifesting all the positive vibes for this chance to at your lottery. Amazing work as always, thank you Marq!

    2. Andrew Hendrickson

      Chlorophyll please !!! I would love to get my mits on this beautiful design! I have a good handful of your pieces and many billy print on top of that. I am one of a few admins for the billy strings print page on Facebook and I’ve been waiting for a few years now for you to collaborate with billy on a poster!!! PS I loved your Widespread panic , mission ballroom design a few months back. Cheers, and thanks again for your work! Keep crushing it!

    3. Duncan Ridge

      Missed the pleading part… Seen Billy 6 times this year, 7 next week and tickets for 6 more after that, and then whatever else I can get to. I’m a real fan and collector, not a flipper- this is a forever home. Please let me hang a Chloro

    4. Ryan Rhodes

      Billy said
      “ Goats I’ll make you lose your grip,
      With this tiny piece of paper I can make you slip”

    5. zac henske

      just bought tickets for my 1st billy show last week !
      longtime fan and collector of the man the myth the legend mr spusta. and who doesn’t love a little textured color change +1 chlorophyll please 😎🤙😎

    6. Neil Rinkach

      Champagne Edition. The combination of Billy and the poster says alot about what we are experiencing in the WORLD we live in. This would be my first Spusta studio Poster. I have an EMPTY spot on my wall that this poster would FILL. ROCK ON BILLY and SPUSTA!

    7. Steve Kiefer

      Champagne please! Birthday shows for a friend and I will gift her the poster! What a great time we had! Beautiful work!

    8. Justin

      Foil please! Went to the concert Thursday night but wasn’t lucky enough to scope one of these masterpieces. Give me some luck.

      Sign mine Billy

    9. Kevin marchal

      Daisy red daisy growing on the hill…sunshine-(chlorophyll) Fallin on her petals so fine…can’t wait for the two nite run this weekend in Cincy

    10. Bric Friesland

      I’m making mimosas in my mind hoping for a chance at that Champaign variant!!!

    11. MagicAndGlory

      Foil, pleas! What an amazing run! This poster made it that much more special <3

    12. Randall Rennau

      O had no chance of making the shows, if I’d been riding that Tennessee Stud I would have loved to purchase a a foil edition!
      Thanks and have a great day!

    13. Paul Weaver

      Without out Chlorophyll there would be no life! Without Life There would be no Sunflowers and Hummingbirds! I would be Grateful For Chhlorophyll in my Life!

      1. Loretta Baraona

        Wow this is like buying a house & having to appeal to the sellers feeling’s🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻. I have applied 3 places…I know the first option sent me to your website where I responded to your send comment….now I see this spot . Hopefully one of them gets me put in/ on the lottery for a FOIL. I love 💕your work and I love 🌻.

    14. Jeff Gleich

      Foil Por Favor Was at Night 1 with Wifey! Would look lovely next to dMb Alpine Cows!
      RIP Grandma Lois 3/7/22!

    15. Michael Inkrote

      I would love a Champagne edition done for an Art Print and not a gigposter. ❤

    16. Sean Marmora

      Chlorophyll edition is insane!! This will be my first Billy and my first spusta. Absolutely gorgeous print my friend, thank you for all you do.

      1. Anthony Rolle

        This guy asked me to get this for his birthday coming up. I wanna make his wildest dreams come true!

    1. Matt Creed

      I’d love the opportunity to own the Champagne posters, as I was at the show (Chicago local), missed at the show, and stayed any my mother in law’s house on lake Kegonza. +1 Champagne please!!!

  2. david levy

    I would love the foil version – ive been trying to make it to one of his shows for 2 years and ive been to 200 plus shows but never toa show you made the poster for.

    1. cody nass

      replied with last name below in case needed sorry to put twice just being clear thanks marq!!

  3. Jon

    Chlorophyll edition, please! This is the partnership we’ve been waiting for: SpustaStrings!

  4. Ariel Ostroff

    I would like a chlorophyl version of the poster. I love Billy he is all i listen to and he is so HOT.

    1. cody nass

      hey i replied above just being clear i only put this comment because i didnt have my last name didnt know if needed that thanks just being clear really appreciate it!!!

  5. Nathan Rodriguez

    Foil because I could go for a rainbow or two in my life right now! Beautiful.

  6. Zac S

    Foil papapalllleeeasee!! Going to see Tool tonight, not Billy Strings, but still epic nonetheless! Rock!!!

    1. Evan Marshall

      Just had a baby 1 week ago. FOIL prints always look good in the nursery 🙂 Thanks for a chance Marq!

    1. Kelly

      Missed the part about pleading my case- one of these must be in my family for generations, please cut out the flipper middleman! I type too slow to stand a chance at 9:30!

  7. Kevin Riebesell

    Awesome – Chlorophyll Edition of 60 – paper changes from green to gold in different light.

  8. Lance Ohnstad

    May I please have a shiny foil Billy Strings piercing my eyes as the shine is so bright even Madison will see it.

    (Insert pee wee seeing his bike for the first time gif)

  9. Mike

    Been waiting for the Spusta x Strings crossing!

    I’ll toss my hat in the Chlorophyll pot.

  10. Anthony Barela

    Chlorophyll all the way! I would so love to be able to win this lottery drawing! An amazing artist doing an amazing poster for another amazing artist. I hope the stars align and I can get this beauty. Thank you for this chance!

  11. Art

    I will let others explain why they are worthy of a pretty piece of paper, but I will enter for chlorophyll, please.

    Thank you.

  12. David

    Champagne edition please and thanks Mr Marq.
    Looking to Gift this to a hardcore Billy couple who missed the show.

  13. Jason Dickson

    Billy and Spusta is like Chocolate and Peanut Butter! Corn Flakes and Milk!! Chlorophyll is not boraphyl here!

    I’ve loved a Chlorophyll please

  14. Nick Confino

    Chlorophyll please! Just as Billy improvises and transcends moods with his audience under changing lights this Chlorophyll color-changing beauty will give me my “phyll” when I can’t make a live show! Congrats on a great collab and welcome to the Billy Strings fam ✌️❤️🐐

  15. wiliam wynes

    Finally, the genius of Marq Spusta is joined with the artistic mastery of Billy Strings!!! We would be honored to hang a Chlorophyll edition in our humble abode.

  16. Nathan

    Let go of the pain and hold onto the rhythm
    It’s consciously held back in you
    You’re drowning a sorrow that’s long been at rest
    The past is a hell, it can creep up inside you
    So let me remind you of this
    It’s the reason your troubles exist

    Chlorophyll Please!


  17. Kevin Hawkins

    Chlorophyll please, Mad City Zammy Troop represented well at the Billy Show!! Damn what a great time that was, my legs are still recovering from that dance fest!! Hope to see them again soooooon!!!!

  18. Phillip Esposito

    Champagne for the win, with Billy I did spin! Spusta prints are the real deal, so much appeal!

  19. Jason Shaffer

    Champagne Edition of 100 for $150 + shipping
    The gnomes were not in my favor, nor my wife’s for the run. She’s due in a week so I couldn’t leave her alone and get in line early. Good news is we had a healthy baby boy delivered at 2:45am this morning ❤❤❤

    1. Thomas Kilpatrick

      Chlorophyll to take the day away. I have a loving family that is not blood. We stand in line to wait side by side as the music flows along with the spirits. The spirits of young and old, the spirits of left and right, the spirits of all take flight.

    1. Cortney stoner

      Chlorophyll paleeeze. 💜💙💚

      Saturday was my boyfriend’s birthday and we tried SO hard to get a print to commemorate such a special day. And, failed each day. This would mean an awful lot to us.

      At any rate it is a beautiful peice of art. Kudos.

    1. Teresa Kraizer

      We love to move and move to love. This is the time, the time to share and receive love. Art expresses this in its entirety. Blessings

  20. Nikolai Kochurov

    Chlorophyll, please! Love your art and am not a scalper. Will go to a good home. Not eBay.

  21. Mike Suchocki

    Chroraphil por favor! Many great memories in Madison!! Love Billy & Spusta & birds!!

  22. Kathryn Chilcote

    I would love to be picked for that champagne poster. Thank you guys for the chance of getting this beauty.

  23. John Durbin

    Chlorophyll Please and Thank you!!!!! Keep up the AMAZING Work Marq!!!!!!!!😎🔥🔥🔥

  24. Jimmy Crump

    I LOVE this design, especially with the RAINBOW FOIL.
    I hate missing fire shows with FIRE posters.
    I’d LOVE one.

  25. Rod

    +1foil please! Print looks great Marq! Heading to London in 2 weeks to catch him. I don’t know if last comment went through. Please delete if so. TY!!!

  26. John K

    I’d like a chance at one of the Chlorophyll please!

    I would love a chance to grab one of these – would look great framed up by our flowers & plants!

    Thanks for the lotto!

  27. David Penny

    Big fan/long time collector of Spusta art and fan of Billy also. Only had a chance to see him live once but we’ll be seeing him again several times this August. Would love a chance to purchase a champagne edition for the private collection. Thanks for the chance and kudos on the great print! 🌻

  28. Byrke Sestok

    It’s enough to make a man stay humble
    Every Spusta drop is a new chance to stumble
    Ask for Champagne just to end up gone like everything else

  29. Todd Stotts

    I Love all of this! To add the first Spusta Billy poster to my collection is of upmost importance, and I love the print! The biggest reason I want it is the Sunflower! Peace in Ukraine 🇺🇦 and in the world! This print is a million times more important to me now because of this. I am going on a limb and assuming it was no coincidence that this poster has that flower. Chlorophyll pleas🤞✌🏽✌🏽🤞

  30. Paul Webster

    +1 Chlorophyll

    Well the old men said the great big apple
    Is rotten to the core
    With Wall Street skimming from the till
    While no one minds the store
    And how could someone get so low
    In a building so damn tall?
    How long until there’s nothing left at all?

  31. Sunny Brady

    I was a sunflower in a past life, and a music and Spusta loving hippie in this one! Foil edition pretty please 🙂

  32. Ryan D

    Awesome work Marq!

    I’d love a foil version pretty please!

    Thanks as always for the chance and happy tuesday!

  33. Justin Moore

    Chlorophyll Edition Pretty please! I have yet to own a Billy Strings print!
    This one is very beautiful! I’ve been a huge fan when I first discovered him on Pledge Music for the release of his first album Tinfoil And Turmoil as I have the pink pressing signed by him and handwritten lyrics to Meet Me At The Creek also signed! His touch to my favorite kind of music which is BlueGrass has been a breath of fresh air for me! He is that special once in a awhile rare gem to arise out of the blue from humble beginnings with no one knowing who he is to a mega star in the music world in such a short time! Pretty much like how Hendrix just showed up and blew the world away over night! We are lucky to have a gift in the form of Billy Strings to watch grow in the present!

  34. Angelo Messina

    Chlorophyll Edition

    Billy is on fire! Can’t wait to see him at Red Rocks. Hope you’re doing the prints for those shows.


  35. Chad Grill

    Long time Billy fan and of course full blown spusta addict hoping to score a chlorophyll edition! Thanks

  36. Geoff Strohl

    Chlorophyll Please.

    This is a needed nutrient for my plant like appendages. without it, my arms shrivel up like a man part in the cold water. No one should have to endure 2 limp sausages hanging from the shoulders.

  37. Keelie Rodgers

    Dear 8lb 6oz newborn Baby Jesus, don’t even know a word yet, just a little infant, so cuddly, but still omnipotent:

    Please let me snag one of these bad mamajama foil prints. I have 2 kidneys and am willing to harvest one (the better of the two – your pick!) for this masterpiece to hang in my girl cave.

    In Royal’s name,

  38. Matt Stenger

    Champagne edition please! Thanks for the opportunity as always Marq; you did Billy good with this design ☕️

    1. Steve Dekoker

      A toast for the champagne edition please!
      Keep on keeping on with the the great work. ,simply beautiful!

    1. Justin McNall

      Yes on the Chlorophyll all day! Please and thank you and this would be a gift for my buddy.

  39. Luke

    Chlorophyll, pa-leez! my neighbor’s dog’s sister ate the poster? did i do that right? 😉

    1. Sean

      Chlorophyll please!

      Having twins and would love to hang this beautiful piece in their room! Can listen to the shows and stare at the print during those late night feeds

      Top notch work!

  40. Joe Murray

    Foil edition of 150 please and thank you. I was there for all three nights! This is my home venue, and the prints sold out two people in front of me on Thursday night. I would love to put this in my son’s bedroom. Thanks!

  41. Daniel

    I am certainly not worthy to posses such a paper, but would be humbled for the opportunity to even look at a Billy Foil!! I would take this foil with me on all of my adventures and would treat it with love, kindness, and compassion! Thanks for the chance!!

  42. Andrew Desiderio

    Hi Marq, if I’m lucky enough this will be my first poster of yours. I’d be grateful for a Chlorophyll edition. Peace and love. – Andrew

  43. Lisa Boswell

    Please consider me for a chlorophyll edition. I live in the U.K., I love Billy Strings and sunflowers. I don’t own any Billy posters and haven’t been to any concerts yet, but I will be at all 3 London gigs. I love your art and would treasure this poster.

  44. Ric

    BMFS! Sad we missed the show but happy to see y’all making the poster. Would love a Chlorophyll print please.

  45. Adam Toutain

    Hello Marq and gnome team,

    May I please put in for the Champagne variant!

    I am also quite happy you and billy found each other! It’s a great collaboration 🙂

    Thank you and cheers!

  46. Beverly Flem

    +1 Chlorophyll please! My momma once told me if you don’t ask, the answer is always no! Thank you.

  47. Eli Bremer

    I love everything about the least weekend at the BMFS show. Wow. Champagne please baby Jesus!!

    1. Steve Kallsen

      Chlorophyll please.
      Dad and Daughter 1st Billy Strings show together. Riley’s first Billy Strings show. LOVED IT! LOVE this design. Hope to see many more shows and your designs for Billy Strings. Thx!

  48. Connor Bokum

    This is my official plea for the Champagne variant of this INCREDIBLE print made by a super talented artist for an equally talented musician. Saw all 3 shows that weekend but opted for a spot up front every night instead of waiting in the merch line as much as it pained me to do so. Hard to choose between the two sometimes. I’d kill for one of these!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  49. David Peura

    Foil. I would actually gift this to a dear friend that stood in line to no avail. Thanks Marq! You continue to drop fire!

  50. Tony Hillard

    So what’s the reason for this again?
    Right back where we’ve always been
    These excuses are wearing thin
    So, what’s the reason for this again?

    chlorophyll edition, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Dixie Ellis

    The chlorophyll would be my first pick but honestly they’re all wall worthy at my house. Huge Billy Strings fan and obsessed with all things spusta.
    Also humming birds are my favorite.

  52. Ralph Dorsey

    +1 on Chloro was at the show hour or two before each day and wasnt even able to get one for my girlfriend to celebrate the event =( Thanks for your considration would mean the world to me to be able to own a print for somewhat affordable! Best wishes

  53. Matt

    Both you and Billy are the GOATs of your crafts. This show poster is like having two of my favorite things in life in one spot. Please bless me with a Chlorophyll OR a Champagne.

  54. Craig Frizzell

    Foil Please!
    My wife and I spent the weekend seeing Billy for our Anniversary. 18 years. Can’t wait for 33!

  55. Seth


    I’ve been to 22 shows + 8 years of collecting your work = worthy

    Thanks for the chance

  56. Matt Kelley

    Foil please – The hummingbird is my spirit animal – no kidding. Also, this poster is amazing!

  57. Jeremy Doyle

    Champagne edition please! Missed the fall show in mke due to covid so was glad to be able to see him again. What a great weekend it was

  58. Jesse Lisiecka

    Was supposed to go to the show but my dog ate my kids homework and got Covid.
    Foil edition would be amazing!


  59. lisa Downing

    Foil please! I have dreamed of this match up and now my dreams have came to life. Please don’t crush this frontline worker, had covid 3 times, tired nurses dreams. I love it!!

  60. Tony Van Hart

    Champagne Foil please! Stood in line the first two nights and 3 hours before show time wasn’t enough. Would love to have one of these!

  61. Jared Johnson

    Champagne Edition. Missed the show edition due to traffic, and I’d love to add an AE to my collection. Thank you for the opportunity Marq!!

  62. Ryan Ayers

    +1 Chlorophyll please. Saturday was my 33rd birthday. The shows were hot. The poster is hot. Can’t ask for anything more. Nice touch using the local MG&E stacks to give it a little hometown connection.

  63. David Dwyer

    A beautiful Chlorophyll edition would make a my wall in a heartbeat. You knocked it outta the park on this one! I have zero luck on drops. Thanks for the chance

  64. Kristin Griffin

    Chlorophyll please! I have truly been looking forward to your first Billy poster <3 Sunflowers are my fav

  65. Michael Sullivan

    The chlorophyll edition is insane… all the different color papers accent the piece well, but the chlorophyll really gets that toxic smog sunset feel

  66. William Price

    I wasn’t at the show but I would love to get my hands on a CHAMPAGNE!! I would gift it to my friend who struck out at the show.

  67. Luke Leonard

    +1 foil please. My crew collectively went 0 for 3 at the show. Banger of a run! Great musicians, great poster art to represent and an awesome venue! Thanks to all!

  68. Timothy Yarnall

    Chlorophyll please!
    Honestly we’re all not worthy of the Billy Strings X Marq Spusta greatness. (Kneeling Wayne’s World style) “We’re not worthy, We’re not worthy” But you should still pick me because I got a leg cramp and need to stand up asap!!!

  69. Dani Arntz/Larson

    🌈Rainbow Foil✨PLEASE!!!!
    🎶I reach my goal at the end of the rainbow
    If the sun will shine on me once more
    If time don’t change my mind about you
    For me they’ll be no rainbow🌈✨

    1. Garrett

      Gotta be the foil, from the pics I’ve seen, it’s a stunner, love it! Billy is the man, have been waiting for you guys to get together on one!

  70. Nick Donner

    Marq, your art speaks for itself. Every one of your designs I’ve come across is unique and has the instant ability to make me happy and smile. I just get sucked in. Can’t wait to see what blossoms from this new partnership with Billy and the fellas. We’d be honored at my household to have the FOIL on our wall! Thank you!!

  71. Paul Gourdeau

    Would love a chance for the Chlorophyll edition. My wife hates concert posters but is in love with your work and we would absolutely love one to go on the wall of our new house. Much love and thank you

  72. Mark Bennett

    Chlorophyll is Brilliant, but any would be a gift. As a guitar player, Billy is a downright inspiration!

  73. JB

    Foil me please! To prove my worthiness, I will provide screenshots of me telling my friend that we needed a Spusta Billy print the week before this poster was revealed

  74. Ben Meyer

    I would love a chance for the Chlorophyll edition… I love this and BMFS. Thanks for the chance! Hope all is well!

  75. Emily Tepper

    Posters weren’t ever really my thing until I was tasked with purchasing your print at the Widespread Panic Tunes for Tots show at the Mission in June of 2021! That is the exact moment I fell in love with your artwork and my view on posters changed forever! I couldn’t stop talking about the artistry and how unique the print was. I am now a huge fan! I would love a foil of this fantastic print! All the love 💚 🤞🏼

  76. David Tillotson

    Foil edition, please. Billy is among the best of his generation; I need some current art among the old Dead posters and 70’s psychedelia handing on my walls . . .

  77. Sean Leheney

    I’ve got an open spot on the wall next to your 2008 and 2018 WSP posters for a champagne poster, they would look amazing next to each other!

  78. Kris lind

    Champagne please! I waited in line both Thursday and Friday, missing a shot to buy by 5 people on Thursday and 3 people on Friday.

  79. J L Somers

    Art and Billy Strings keep my cold heart beating on the bleakest of days. These two worlds together is a living dream! It would be adored and cherished for the entirety of my life. Thank you for the chance!

  80. Robert Bronson


    You just knock it out the fucking park every time I would love the foil.

  81. Casey Lindsay

    Casey Lindsay, i would love to get a Champagne. This would be my first Spusta. I would cherish it forever!!

  82. Chris Smith

    Champagne Edition
    I’d love to show my love for Billy and Spusta with this beauty on the wall.

  83. Javier

    +1 Chlorophyll
    because of work this will likely be my only opportunity to buy this amazing poster. Appreciate the chance!

  84. Dani Arntz/Larson

    🌈Rainbow Foil✨PLEASE!
    🎶I reach my goal at the end of the rainbow
    If the sun will shine on me once more🌈✨
    🥳Love Billy Strings and Rainbows!!!

  85. Matt McGovern

    Champagne, please and thanks. No sob stories coming from me. Just love the music and the art.

  86. John Mickley

    +1 Foil
    First of all, thank you for this opportunity, what a great way to show some love to Billy fans. Entering for a Foil, although all the varieties are awesome. Couldn’t make the shows but listened live and your artwork perfectly compliments the special vibe of the shows. Love the sunflower connection to Ukraine, intentional or not. Beautiful work, man.

  87. Luke Garver

    Chlorophyll? More like BOREaphyll…amiright?

    No that would not be right at all. That chlorophyll is so rad and would be my choice if I’m a lucky winner. Thanks for the opportunity!

  88. Amber Lee

    Chlorophyll, Pretty Please! I’d love to hang this next to my WSPanic Spusta!(The one with the Owl)

  89. Roland Bernardine

    Plus 1+ chlorophyll. I like paper that changes colors faster a taco bell poop. Thank you!

  90. Andrew Farrimond

    Foil, please and thank you!
    Billy and Marq is a combination that needs to be together for ever (or a long time at least)

  91. Dana Fleming

    Chlorophyll should be my preference and Billy Strings/Spusta is a killer combo! Thanks for the chance 💚

  92. John Wise

    +1 foil. Strings + Spusta = Some Special Stuff! I’d love to have a copy of that beauty to celebrate 2 of my favorite artists!

  93. Dustin Edwards

    Please for the love of god pick me for this lottery. I’ll be digging another trench tomorrow and won’t have the opportunity to try for one on the drop. I know this is a long shot but Pretty Please with Spusta on Top! ♥♥♥♥
    Did I mention I collect
    Chlorophyll 😉

  94. JonathanReznick

    1 foil would be greatly appreciated. I love that this print represents Billy but also the craziness going on right now. Great piece of art!

  95. Jonathan lebibe

    Chlorophyll Poe favor. Love me some billy (first show in Boston earlier this year, now seeing my 5th in mid march). And my love for marqs work is long-standing

  96. Neil

    Foil please. Thank you for doing a lottery and doing your best to keep these away from flippers. I don’t stand a chance of hitting a drop against the bots.

  97. Nat Bremer

    Never heard of Billy Strings, until my brother invited me to this concert in Madison this past weekend. Wow I’m hooked!! This was an amazing 3 days went all 3 never scored a poster, because I didn’t no the hype. Now I just want the chlorophyll to forever remember my first of many Billy concerts!! 🎶

  98. Troy troye

    We adore ol Billy. Thank you for the shot. If chosen I would love a glass of the Champagne if possible.


  99. Matt

    I sold my tickets for this run after catching Covid, would’ve been my 23-25th shows in the past calendar year. I’m also a spusta collector <3

  100. Kristen Hutchinson

    1 foil
    My friends and I went but were way too late to get a poster. This would be my first Spusta of a show I went to

  101. Chris MacCarthy

    My pick – Foil Edition.
    My reason – I was at the 3/5 show, having driven from Chicago, but all versions of the posters were sold out by the time I was able to arrive at the show and get to the merch booth.

  102. Russ

    Can’t win if you don’t try. Chlorophyll would make a great paper for this print. Thanks.

  103. Bill Attar

    I’m not worthy, but my wife is and she would frame and hang the Chlorophyll with love. It would make the perfect gift to surprise her. Thanks!!

  104. Adam leff

    Chlorophyll – I was supposed to go to these 3 shows but my dad took my tickets and went without me

  105. andrew mosio

    I wanted to WATCH IT FALL in Madison….. Unfortunately, my children are the GREAT DIVIDE and kept me AWAY FROM THE MIRE…..
    I would LOVE to pop a Champagne Edition…. cheers!

  106. Dylan c

    Would love a chlorophyll for my amazing girlfriend who loves billy ALMOST as much as she loves your art!!

  107. Jordan Sherman

    Hoping to secure a foil edition 💓…gorgeous work as always! So fun getting to see some of my favorite artists and all time favorite band work together

  108. Matt Southerland

    I would love a Chlorophyll! Most of us Billy fans and patiently waited for this day and now I hope to be a lucky winner! This will go directly on the wall in my office! Thank you!

  109. Wesley Weldon

    +1 foil please
    Thanks so much for a fair opportunity on this beauty. This would be our first Spusta( not for lack of trying)
    We are huge fans of Billy and love to collect posters and hang them. She is really into posters with birds so this would make us both very happy.

  110. Moiz

    Foil please.

    been a billy fan for 5+ years. a blessing and a curse that he has become so popular so fast.

    thanks as always for the chance.

  111. Chris roach

    I walked outside and my penis inverted. Now I pee insode myself. The only way to get erect enough to pee in a toilet is your art work. I’d love a foil variant to assist in hitting the toilet again like a big boy.

  112. Joseph Hall

    In my quest to own posters, this is indeed one. I would love to have the Chlorophyll edition, thank you very much.

  113. Suzanna Cecchin

    I’d love the Champagne version please! Home town show and all posters were sold out before I got a chance!

  114. Dan

    The foil looks beautiful and I’d love to have one on my wall. I’ve been following your work since GSBG show in 2018 and this would make a great companion on my wall! Cheers!

  115. dirk diggler

    this gives me hope of Spusta x BillyStrings x WidespreadPanic in the future!!
    much love
    Chlorophyll Edition please

  116. Ronald Freed

    “Champagne “ don’t make me crazy
    Reefer don’t make me lazy.
    Seen Strings way back when he was Strings& Jullian &
    First found about Sputsa through Dino Jr “Farm” which is still my favorite Marq creature creation

  117. Justin

    Foil because this is easily one of the best foil prints I’ve ever seen ~Thanks for the chance!

  118. Ann Hollins

    Foil has me bonkers… life’s not been the same since seeing Strings and King not once but twice at our local Rooster Walk Music Festival. Those boys went crazy feeding off each other. Shew…face melted! Anyhooooo Strings, Spusta & Sunflowers 🌻. Sexy as hell….

  119. Lost Sailor

    Oh, sometimes I get impatient
    But she cools me without words
    And she comes so sweet and softly
    My hummingbird, have you heard

    that Foil is poppin’!

  120. Mandy Odum

    Champagne please. I am not worthy of a beautiful Spusta 😍. But I will hang it and love it every day. It’s BMFS!

  121. Josh

    I would absolutely love the Chlorophyll. I did make it to all 3 shows. I can’t wait for more. This is the first of any shows I’ve been to, any artist, that Spusta did the artwork. I just want to have pretty things on my walls, while dealing with some unpretty things in life. Finally being able to dance again at this show was one of the best feelings I had in a long time. Too many more to come. Good luck to all!

  122. Matt

    Edited to add: Chlorophyll preferably but I’d love any variant

    I sold my tickets for this run after catching Covid, would’ve been my 23-25th shows in the past calendar year. I’m also a spusta collector <3

  123. Jason Turner

    “Chlorophyll more like boraphyll!”
    Every time I see that word I think of Billy Madison.
    Not boring at all! I love this print and BMFS!
    Keep releasing beauty to the world, thanks.

  124. Derek Gobble

    Like the great Wake Frankfield says in his song, that Billy Strings belted out during night 1’s show, “I’ll reach my Gold, at the end of the Rainbow”

    If I’m selected, I’d love to purchase a Rainbow foil print.

  125. Andy Freeberg

    I am entering my name into the drawing for a Champagne variant of the Billy x Madison x Spusta. I made the impromptu trip last minute when I saw that Marq had designed the poster. I have been enamored with Marq’s concert posters ever since Summer Camp 2009. I have a number of other Spusta gig prints framed in my hallway and am determined to add this beautiful piece to the collection. As a custom framer myself I can guarantee it will be treated with care and admired for years by me and my friends and clients. I just hope I am worthy enough to be chosen as one of the lucky few. Amazing work as always and thank you for the opportunity!!

  126. Josh

    I would absolutely love the Chlorophyll. I did make it to all 3 shows. I can’t wait for more. This is the first of any shows I’ve been to, any artist, that Spusta did the artwork. I just want to have pretty things on my walls, while dealing with some unpretty things in life. Finally being able to dance again at this show was one of the best feelings I had in a long time. Too many more to come. Good luck to all!
    Also Greenbay Packer colors!

  127. Greg Roehrs

    Champagne edition please! I’m a huge marq spusta fan and recently just had my bare branches print framed so fire 🙂

  128. Michael baca

    Foil please. Because I like foil hats, I need a new one and this should make a pretty cool hat. AND because banjos of course.

  129. Uncle Ebeneezer

    Foil please!

    I am so stoked for Billy x Spusta. Had tix for Billy in Tahoe but that got cancelled due to fire. So haven’t seen him in years.

  130. Adam B

    Foil please!
    Beautiful artwork for an amazing weekend of music. I hope to get lucky enough to get one of these so I can stare at it while drinking all the Thirst Monster Kolsch cans.

  131. Chris Myrick

    Chlorophyll please! Would love to have some art to put on the wall with that paper stock!

  132. Rand

    My entry and request for a chance to purchase the foil! Reason to pick me…1. I’m really testing out my 14 years of marriage as I purchase billy strings tickets and posters.
    2. I’m all about any flower prints, as my late Grandfather had a dahlia farm here in Michigan.
    3. In realty I like my wife/marriage…you can pick someone else!

  133. Jennifer Williams

    Chlorophyll, PRETTY PLEEEAAASSSEEE!! This will be my VERY FIRST Spusta!! And I have the perfect spot picked out to hang it!! 🤗

  134. Michael Martin

    Champagne 🍾, Please and Thank You!!!! Marq and Gnomes are the best!!! 🙏🙏 🙏

  135. Benjamin Burgett

    Foil me please!! I’m the sunflower guy! I need this print in my life! I love BMFS and I grow hundreds of sunflowers every year. I have a huge psychedelic sunflower tattoo on my calf! This print and your art is stunning! I will frame this print at Further frames in Denver, hang it on my wall and never ever resell it! ❤️🌻🐐

  136. Charlie Hunter

    FOIL! Saw the 3 night run was amazing! Missed posters all days and last day by one person! #BMFS#Ahargreaves

  137. Brian Will

    I would love to see the foil in person. Have not had the pleasure of seeing a foil spusta full size print in person

  138. Chris Barr

    Billy has cultivated an amazing community that brings music and art together. Thanks Billy! It is really appreciated. Would love to add a FOIL as a keepsake of such an amazing weekend in time & space!

  139. Sonia Lee

    The foil please and thank you ! Billy is an amazing artist and congrats on the best gig print of the year !!

  140. Steven Troxell

    Chlorophyll but I’ll take whatever if I have the opportunity to score one. Thanks and good luck! 🙂

  141. Abby Hammes

    A Champagne Edition please!!!! 🙏 so I can toast my first BMFS show 🥂. And I can add another beauty to my Spusta collection, of course!!! 🤩😎

  142. Ryan D

    Chlorophyll please! Went to all 3 nights in Madison and couldn’t get one… the flippers were thick!

  143. Bill Oswald

    Chlorophyll please! All my friends got to go to Madison, but I wasn’t able to. Asked them to grab me one, but they couldn’t 🙁 sympathy vote please!

  144. Dominic Tullio

    Huge fan of your work! I’ve never scored on one of your drops. I’ll take any available edition. I’d prefer a foil.

  145. Arnav Kamra

    Would love to have the champagne edition in the collection, never won off such raffles before but I have my hopes up for this one!

  146. Adam O’Connor

    Chlorophyll please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!

  147. Mike mcallister

    I stood in line both nights by 4pm and missed out both nights. Would love a foil . Please and thankyou kind sir

  148. Robert Wise

    Chlorophyll is my choice please. ————> Gotta Gnome ? 😉 . Poof I just farted .
    Did i win? Peace huggs and love from Oregon.

  149. Dustin Upton

    Oh the chlorophyll, would be my ask. Billy’s store and yours have been waiting to mesh together. And I’ve been waiting to! Congrats on a great poster

  150. Brad Evans

    Roses are red
    Grass should be blue
    I’d love a chlorophyll
    But if not, we’re still cool

  151. Evan Marx

    Thanks so much for offering these! You all are truly the best. Would love to throw my name in the hat for a champagne! Cheers gnomes and Marq!

  152. Michelle Morency

    Chlorophyll please!! Madison is my hometown, I lived there for 20 long years and I love the stacks in this poster so much, I want to frame it and keep the heart of the east side with me everywhere I go! We were there night 1 and 2 but missed out in the merch line both nights, still got to enjoy some amazing shows for my 13th billy show this year!!

  153. Doug Heck

    Champagne!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity. Billy is my absolute favorite! Huge print collector; but I’ve never had a Spusta. This could be the perfect time to start!

  154. Stewart Eiss

    Foil please !!!! Nicest gig print of 2022 !!!! Love how it looks on this paper !!!
    Thanks for the chance

  155. William sheets

    Chlorophyll!!!! Wow Marq so excited to see you doing posters for these guys now!!

  156. Ryan Kinney

    Would love to have a foil. I have a poster from every Billy show that I have attended. Didn’t get this one.

  157. Jason Lancaster

    This one’s for my little Girl She loves Billy and these flowers are her favorite.

  158. Josh Biggs

    +1 Chloroform please…..
    I don’t have any spusta full size prints yet…

  159. William Lee Stroud

    Chlorophyll, plz? I have a love of hummingbirds due to one feeding off my corsage when I was a pallbearer at my mothers funeral. I know it was her telling me I will be ok and was doing the right thing! BMFS🐐🔥also if I could get # 33 it would be amazing!!!

  160. Mandy Groves

    A chunk of ice flew off a pickup truck coming into Madison and smashed the front of our car. A champagne poster would ease my pain!

  161. Jay

    Please don’t foil my attempts to get one of the (foil) posters. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  162. Jeff stamps

    I would really like the chlorophyll or the champagene! Absolutely beautiful and thank you!

  163. Red Daisy

    I don’t have a better reason than anyone else for wanting a chlorophyll, but I can guarantee it’ll go on the wall! Great way to commemorate Hargreaves sitting in too⚡️

    1. Matt Cezar

      Champagne please! This print is a perfect marriage between your vivid imagination and beautiful music of Billy Strings. I would love to hang this on my wall for all to see. Thank you for the opportunity. Cheers!

  164. Rebecca baum

    Foil. Hoping to grab a gift for a lovely friend who has done soo much for me and my family over the years

  165. Cliff Wilson

    Foil please. I’ll put it up beside my WSMFP Tunes for Tots poster in my office in the Columbia County Florida Courthouse. Love the lettering that your kid did on the Tots poster!

  166. William Becker

    Spusta + Strings = Freaking Amazingness!!! Killer work, as always! Foil please!

  167. Robert

    I like bubbly so its gotta be Champagne for me. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone!

  168. Kelly Arnold

    +1 Champagne
    I LOVE birds & Billy Strings!! 😍 Your artwork is amazing!! March Fourth was my Birthday and I would love a chance to buy this print.

  169. Brian K

    Foil please! I need to look at my wall and be reminded of these 3 barn burners WITH A SURPRISE FUCKING FIDDLE every day of my life pretty please!

  170. Jason Allind

    Champagne please! Y’all are gonna have one of the biggest threads ever cause of the billy poster scene.

  171. Matthew

    Champagne please please please. After standing in the cold for over two hours in Madison and not getting a print I was heartbroken. This collab is a dream come true.

    1. Joshua Caudill

      Thanks so much for the chance. Would be a hell of a present right before these Cincy shows. WHO DEY!!
      Being a Bengals fan has been rough for so long. That’s gotta give me a better shot, right? 😂

      Foil please

  172. Evan Blum

    Foil please! This image is humming right into my living room with sparkle and foil!!

  173. Dave T

    Champagne please!
    As a fan of your art and Billy this would be welcomed in to my house and collection. It’s a beautiful print that I’d love to have.

  174. Barak Holtslag

    These shows were something special…The combination of Billy doing a Doc Watson set on Doc’s birthday, playing for the first time with Alex, and having your art to capture the magic of the weekend is something one speaks about to his/her children. Special, is the only word to encompass it all.

    Would love a Champagne please. Thank you, and even if I don’t get one, thank you for the Art

  175. Parteek Dole

    Would like to be able to secure any of them but would love a Champagne Edition. Thank you!

  176. C J M

    Foil- BMFSxSPUSTA is one i have been waiting for, but really didnt expect to actually happen. Amazing. Thanks for the opportunity.

  177. Jessica Fernandez

    We were at all three shows and missed out. A chlorophyll print would be amazing ♡

  178. Alexis Ledesma

    Would love a Chlorophyll edition to place next to my Tsang Philly uncut I bought at the show and next to my Landland uncut from St. Paul Minnesota. And next to my Weirbeard print from Billy’s first deja vu experiment. And next to my Todd Slater Billy Strings print. And to my future Billy prints from his two nighter at Red Rocks. And hopefully from his third Denver show at the smaller venue if I get in.

  179. Steven Bowman

    At all 3 shows and missed out. Was super bummed. A chance at a champagne print would be dope

    1. Brian G

      Workday done, Billy on turntable, Spusta on the walls, and grateful at a shot for a +1 foil.

  180. Pat

    I’d like a chance at the chlorophyll edition. It’s the one paper I collect and Billy is from Michigan, where I grew up.

  181. Mallory

    I would so love the chlorophyll version. Billy and Spusta are my 2 faves, and I have neither framed in my house. I would love to add to some of my bare walls as a newly single gal!!

  182. Linda Frigo

    Hi I’d like to enter for the Chlorophyll because I love the Botanical garden in Madison and always visit when I am in town. I really enjoyed the Billy Strings show and thought the poster was beautiful. I especially enjoyed meeting some new friends while I was in Madison, that will always stand out to me as a highlight of the trip. And this poster would be a good reminder of the great music and art conscious people I met in Wisconsin. Thanks for the opportunity Marq!

  183. Sharon

    Chlorophyll would be a dream come true. Thank you for the opportunity. Billy and Marq are the the best!

  184. Jason wells

    Love me some Billy and love me some artwork. I have yet to possess a Spusta and would be thrilled for this to be my first. I would love a chance at the Foil please. Thanks!

  185. T. Wilson

    Champagne! Missed out all three nights within about 15 people. I really need one of these to commemorate the amazing run. Thanks for the chance!

  186. Michael Pastuszek

    Foil please! The thought and work put into this art is outstanding and would love to have it hanging on the wall.

  187. Joe Matt

    A chlorophyll would do me good! I just build a wall in my house just for this poster and I don’t want to have to tear the wall down. 🙂

  188. Scott L

    +1 foil please. Great musicians get great artists to make great art 🙂 I listen to a lot of music new and old…but it was actually my love of poster art that introduced me to BMFS as I kept seeing killer posters from artists I love and follow. I have collected your work for some time now but haven’t been able to get a full size print of yours yet 🙁 I also have not had the chance to see Billy Strings in person but have streamed as many shows as I can and have a number of amazing Billy Strings prints… but none of them are signed Spusta… yet? 😉

  189. Lyndsay Blohm

    On Saturday I came close to purchasing one in person! Just as I thought third night/try was going to be the charm, I saw the ladder come out and knew it was over. That Champagne edition would make my day!

  190. Beth

    Chlorophyll would make this girls dreams a reality! I wasn’t able to get a main edition at the show.

  191. Larissa Affeldt

    I’d be thankful for any of the posters. Billy has helped me get through some of my darkest days and this poster has a lot of sentiment to me.

    Any poster would be grand.

    Thank you

    1. Robert McStrings

      alone with this spusta poster in my head, I feel so at ease there instead. Chlorophyll me to the rim!

  192. Kyle Woehrer

    Being from Wisconsin, these shows were Epic! The perfect print for the most amazing weekend. Chlorophyll all day!

  193. Dylan Brown

    That foil is pure sex! Nothing dirty just straight up meet me at the creek and dip your “toes”… if you know what I mean 😜 Miss your art Marq even if it’s hung in every corner of our house.

  194. Andrea Wilson

    It’s my 5th Anniversary free from Breast Cancer. I would love to have the FOIL to celebrate this anniversary.💗Than you!

  195. Jessica Owens Pastuszek

    Champagne, please! This would be my first Spusta and it’s absolutely incredible art that I’d be delighted to hang on my wall. Thanks so much! 🌻💛

  196. Scott MacCready

    My god that Foil is bananas! I love Spustaaaa! Killing it again my friend. Thx for the opportunity.!

  197. Jesse

    This is easily my favorite print I’ve seen in years! Absolutely love the foil. Thanks Marq!

  198. Andrew Butzine

    Champagne because I can’t spell the other. Hometown show. 1st Billy. 1st Spusta. Pop my cherrries!

  199. Rich Curtis

    I would love a chance with the chlorophyll variant of this print it is so sick thank you

  200. Neil Mullin Jr

    Chlorophyll please, I missed the shows and my pain I must ease. Those hummingbird eyes look a tad hazy, sunflowers are just as tasty as red daisies. If I win this poster my pockets will be less saggy but I’ll be happy with just a little dust in my baggie.

  201. Andrew Roth

    Champagne, please.
    I will pop a bottle upon arrival and relisten to some of my 3 favorite billy shows of all time. What a wild weekend and beautiful poster to match.
    Thank you

  202. Derek Janda

    Chlorophyll – Wish i were better with words but my math is pretty solid. Here’s a problem that went unsolved for 64 years. The sum of what 3 cubes equals 33?
    (8,866,128,975,287,528)³ + (–8,778,405,442,862,239)³ + (–2,736,111,468,807,040)³ = 33

  203. Andrew Schmidt

    I;d love to have a Chlorophyll edition as a 52nd bday present from Marq and The Gnomes. Thanks!!!

  204. Rob

    Please enter me for the chance to win a foil edition. No ruse here. I just LOVE the print and want to see it on my bedroom wall every morning 🙂 ❤️❤️

  205. Pat Hannon

    Champagne please!! Erin and I got engaged at the show during In the morning light!

  206. Charity Tamboli

    Ment to say. Hummingbirds are my spirit animal and being a Nurse the vibe makes me happy in this hard times. Thank you for all you do to bring joy!

  207. Erin Hawks

    Champagne please and thank you!

    “There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of Champagne.” Bette Davis.Nov 14, 2013

    paper will more than do for this lady

  208. Jonathon Gilbert

    Chlorophyll please 🙂 I’m currently working on a Spusta wall for my daughter due May 30th. This would be a wonderful addition to add to the planned exposing an elder, two birds and their egg, nurturing the next, lift off, and a couple good throggys thrown in for good measure. Thank you for your consideration.

  209. Charles Horne

    Hey Marq! Huge fan of both yours and Billy’s work! Would love the opportunity to purchase a foil. Please and thank you!

  210. Ryan Rhodes

    Billy Said “ Goats I’ll make you lose your grip,
    With this tiny piece of paper I can make you slip”

  211. Erin McGroovy

    Champagne, to cheers my engagement to my Fresh AF fiance Pat Hannon 😉 he proposed 3/4/22 during Morning Light. ⁹

  212. Rex Wiles

    Champagne addition has that sparkling magic like your artwork and the sound of Billy strings, much ❤️ great poster

  213. William yarn

    A foil would be kick a$$!! My name says it all too, would ya just look at it!? 😂😂

  214. Ethan

    Thanks for the chance! This was my first Strings show, hoping to add this gem to my collection!


  215. Manny B

    Chlorophyll Edition of 60 +1

    My fiancé and I went to these shows (she has 5000 pictures to prove it)!!

    Night 1 we were 13 people behind the last print

    Night 2 we were 6 people behind the last print

    Night 3 she sprained her ankle at the hotel n she WOULD NOT LEAVE EARLY TO WAIT IN LINE!!!

    This is the first show we haven’t scored a print from a Billy show… broke our heart.

    We will try to scoop second hand if this AP doesn’t pan out for us!!

    Wish I could add the picture of my 5year old in his tee shirt collection of yours!! Haha

    This would be front and center in our new house we’re buying!!!

    Love you xo lol

  216. Fred LaParo

    Chlorophyll +1, please – I figure either go big or go home! I was too distant to make it to Madison, so this is the best shot I will have at giving one of these Billy beauties a forever home next to some other Spusta buddies. Let’s get a Billy Spusta out to the Nutmeg State!


  217. Casey

    Champagne please!! Amazing print! Love the hummingbirds, can’t wait for them to come back to the Northeast.

  218. Amy Schmitz

    Foil please. Tried for posters, but no luck. Sunflowers are my favorite and remind my late Dad. This print would remind me the memorable weekend and lift my spirits.

    1. shawn mcintyre

      Oh God..foil please.Marq the colors are brilliant.Very uplifting poster..which we all need in our live’s right about now..thank you

  219. Wes Southerland

    Chlorophyll, because I would be honored to put it on display in a forever frame in a forever home. It is a great print on unique paper featuring two great artists. Spusta and Billy Strings!

  220. Brandi Potter

    Champagne is my choice. It was the first concert my husband and I have attended since the pandemic began. Thanks for the opportunity!

  221. Peter Majoros

    Chlorophyll please! I’m old, have bad knees and can’t stand in long poster lines anymore.

  222. Jason Birke

    Chlorophyll? Chlorophyll! Chlorophyll?! Was this one even at the show?!? It’s my pic for sure!!!

  223. Joel & Keni

    One big beautiful Chlorophyll, please!! 🙏🏼 Wisco’s gotta have the Green & Gold!

  224. Ian Quinn

    Chlorophyll Edition. Thanks for the chance! I was so bummed they went so quickly at the shows.

  225. Ben


    Saw Billy and the boys 7 times last year. Already have tickets for 9 shows this year. BLUEGRASS!!!

  226. Joe Philipps

    Chlorophyll por favor!!!
    Love local shows using local artists! The smokestacks and Madison influence in this print are undeniable! Please make another Billy x Spusta collab!

  227. Troy Vanco

    Foil please! I waited in line for over 3 hours and the poster on the wall got taken down for the lovely gal in front of me. The hurt has never been more real.

    1. Jeremiah Ulrich

      What an amazing run of shows! Stood in line all 3 nights an struck out all 3 nights. I guess my luck at the plate in Little League has followed me to the poster game!
      I did catch my first Pretty Daughter! Soo Amazing!

      Just like that FOIL variant!

  228. Christian F

    Foil please!! My birthday is March 3rd (3/3) so the numbers hold special meaning for me. Also a HUGE Billy and Spusta fan. Thank you!

  229. Chris Reott

    Champagne please! As someone from Madison who lives 10 blocks from the Sylvee and collects concert posters. I was shut out the day I went. I would love, love, love one. I would love for you to do a poster show here some time.. I would be glad to help with it. Thanks Chris

  230. Robert Hernandez

    It was an amazing 3 nights. First Billy Strings show that I wasn’t able to secure a poster, help me keep the streak alive. Gotta shoot for the top, one Chlorophyll please!!!

  231. John F

    My girlfriend of 20 years just left me for a convict plus my work is slow and all my back up broads moved away or done got married. Hook me up with a foul to ease all this pain and sense of being lost

  232. Rick

    Thanks for the chance – I know it’s just pretty paper but I really really need. Haha

    Thanks Marq

  233. Nicholas Bock

    I would love a chance to get a foil. Spusta and billy strings, what a combo for an awesome poster!! As usual the artwork is amazing!!

  234. Chuck

    Chlorophyll please! If Billy Madison were to have laid his eyes upon this he would have never uttered the words “Chlorophyll? More like Borophyll.”

  235. Jed

    Not worthy but a Chlorophyll Edition would be amazing to add to my walls of Billy Strings’ and Spusta’s prints already hanging!

  236. Oliver

    Thanks for marking this great art. I’m prolly not worthy but still worth a shot! My first Strings show and it introduced me to your awesome work! ♥️

  237. Dario Mariani

    I would love a Champagne edition!!!! It would look great in my gold/champagne collection. Thanks !!!!

  238. Matt Croke

    Please consider me for a Chlorophyll Edition. I would be donating it to a friend who has had a really tough few months. He has helped me stay positive before and he deserves the same.

  239. Andy Starr

    FOIL ME. As the great Chris Farley said “I can get a great look at a t-bone steak by shoving my head up a bull’s ass but I’d rather take the butchers word for it.” I know these are 🔥

  240. Barbara Jo Kehoss

    I NEED this because I wish to be the worlds best wife. My amazing most unselfish husband wants this so bad! How amazing would I be for surprise gifting him this after all he does for myself and our 3 children?! The ultimate gift for the most deserving human I know!
    Happy Husband + Happy Wife = HAPPY LIFE! 🌻

    Best of luck to everyone! 💛

    1. Max Thomaschefsky

      The old Blount St. power plant took all the water it could..Nothing left but memories , Of things I still can’t stand to see, There’s an empty spot in me Where my hometown used to be..although the Blount St. plant opened in 1902 I don’t think Chlorophyll was ever produced just the city’s gas and electric.! What an absolutely gorgeous homage to an even more beautiful hometown.state street is one of my favorite places anywhere in the world!

  241. Scott OConnell

    A foil would be fantastic! I’ve collected Billyprints for around 5 years and would love to add this. Thank you!

  242. Ted Oliva

    I love Spusta, Billy and Chlorophyll! All 3 together would be unbelievable. Pretty please with sugar on top.

  243. Paul Lucas

    Chlorophyll Edition of 60 – paper changes from green to gold in different light.

  244. Ryan Roberts

    Tried both nights to get any version for my daughter who loves Marq’s work and grooves to Billy on long car rides. I wanted to frame it and give it to her for her 12 th birthday which is on the 10th. Her favorite t shirt is seven birds and she wears it all the time. She’s also an aspiring artist and art collector. I’ll go for the champagne for the best odds.

  245. Evan

    Champagne edition. Sold out less than a dozen before me on Thursday. Will be framed in a forever home, no flipping allowed

  246. Michael Foley

    +1 chlorophyll please!!! What a weekend and what a poster taboot!!! Knocked it out of the park!!

  247. Christopher Skowronski

    Foil for the turmoil
    Wow! This might be the most entries I’ve scrolled thru in a while. That Billy kid is something special and so are Marq and ze gnomes. Thanks for the chance

  248. Brandon Helke

    I am from Wisonsin and now live in Denver. I had to cancel these shows last minute due to unfortunate circumstances. I’m hoping to hang a Champagne edition on my wall to cure my FOMO! Thanks Marq

  249. Tina Bemer

    Champagne for me please! I’ll even pop a bottle if I win this lottery. Thank you for the chance.

  250. Kate

    Thanks for the opportunity. Not sure what signifies “worthy” but I’m a good 🐐 looking to give this a good home!

  251. Noah Ford

    Chlorophyll – Flew in from Portland, OR to my homeland to get down with family and friends old and new; left with a full heart but empty hands! Would love this art to adorn my wall.

  252. Andy Cotton

    What’s up Gnomes and Marq? I would be delighted to have a chlorophyll version of the Billy print. Huge Billy fan and Spusta. No better combo. Anyway, thanks for the chance homie. Love it all no matter what. No flipper here. I’m not great at pleading my case. Ah well. Cheers – Andy Cotton

  253. Matt Adams

    Foil – wayyyyyyyyyy down the list and no chance in hell and yes I know no one will read this but you’re telling me there’s a chance, Mary? Level with me

  254. Sam Ross

    Champagne taste on a Miller lite budget. I did not get to go to the shows but a poster would be a nice consolation prize
    Champagne print for me please

  255. C. Brown

    + 1 champagne. Spusta and Billy…. “WE’RE NOT WORTHY!” But pleasassseee, o’ pleeeassseee. This isn’t a want, it’s a neeeeed!

  256. Cassidy

    Wow these are so beautiful. Would love to grace my home with any of these.



  257. Paul Scott

    FOIL please! And wow just my 2 favorite artists in the world Marq and Billy, not my head that is exploding over here 🤯

  258. Neil Rinkach

    Champagne Edition. I went all 3 nights. I missed out on getting a poster. Billy ROCKED my WORLD. I’ve got an empty SPOT on my wall that would look great with this Poster. The MADISON SLYVEE SPUSTA poster represents my EXPERIENCE with BILLY and our WORLD we are living. What a GREAT FEEL!

  259. Devon Oxford

    Chlorophyll edition is amazing. Thanks for the chance. Best of luck to us all!!!

  260. Brian


    Thanks for the chance, this would be immediately to the top of my framing queue.

  261. Jack Ament

    Chlorophyll for love and world peace! Thanks for doing this! Hope it lands my way!

  262. Brian

    Hospital never closes. Got called into work to cover shifts since we’re working so short staffed. Chlorophyll please and thank you.

  263. Molly

    Would be honored to make this purchase. I was there all 3 nights but unfortunately decided to hang with friends instead of getting a poster. Would really love a Chlorophyll



  264. Jacob

    Foil me wants. Billy has helped me grieve our loss of Jeff. It feels so good the energy he brings. Your art with the Strings fam is a great combo, been hoping for it for a hot minute. Cheers 🙏

  265. Susie Hoeger

    Champagne wishes and caviar dreams! Billy Strings may drink your whiskey and drink your beer (those are lyrics if you don’t know) — but I’ll be the first to drink your champagne!

  266. Samy

    Thanks for the lotto, great way to spread the love.

    Please mark me down for a chlorophyll

  267. Amanda Wolf

    Hi!! This is amazing you guys are offering this!! I do not have words for my gratitude. I’m in love with the chlorophyll. Would be grateful for the rainbow as well or any for that matter. We grow plants that attract hummingbirds every summer and we absolutely live Billy Strings. His shows bring so many amazing g people together and raise the love vibe!

    1. Amanda Wolf

      Ha! Now I’m a tad embarrassed 🙈 This is my first time doing this. At first this originally message did not go thru from my end. Once I reconnected to WiFi it went thru. I re-read your directions. I would love the foil rainbow. This poster holds deep meaning on many levels. Most importantly it’s the incredible art of Spusta combined with Billy Strings lifting the love and light vibe we all need so much in a world gone mad. 3 is the magic number. 3 hummingbirds… we grow plants specifically for hummingbirds. And the sunflower lifts my soul. 🎶3 little birds🎶 Thank you sooo much for this opportunity. I believe 4 messages came thru from me. I apologize for not being dialed in with this process.

  268. Michael G

    Champagne – 1-year anniversary present for my girlfriend and our 23rd show since we started dating. I pooped my pants on the way to the venue and had to turn around to change – please don’t make me regret that decision

  269. Steven Green

    Our little girl’s name is Sylvie we couldn’t make it to the shows but she jams out to Billy with us all the time! She loves chlorophyll would be amazing!

  270. Andrew Hess

    I would absolutely love the chance for a Champagne please! I had to go to Madison the week before the Billy shows for work and couldn’t swing back to back trips from Colorado! I’ve been fortunate to see Billy many times with the most recent being in Denver!

  271. Matt

    Would be thrilled to add a chlorophyll, thanks for allowing us the lotto chance! Was my 20th show and I’m in dire need to add this to my collection. Thanks for making this fun

  272. Kelsey Bennett

    Would love to bask in the glory of the beautiful chlorophyll!! For “This Old World” ❤️

    Thanks in advance for the consideration!!

  273. Ray “Not a Flipper” Gee

    Champagne. I love Billy and have seeing him since he was an opening act playing with Don Julin. Pick me so I can brag to my friends at the BS show tomorrow in Cleveland. Way than 37 characters sorry.

  274. Rob O'Brien

    Foil please. I said I would buy the first Spusta Billy poster. Here I am. Pretty please.

  275. James Palmer

    I am not worthy of this work, but my living room has a place on your wall for this piece.

  276. Shannon Lugannani

    I Love me some BMFS! Not as much as I love SPUSTA… The sunflower jives with solidarity for the Ukrainians that are weathering an incredible assault. I would cherish a foil poster, and you can drop it off at my brother’s house on Angelita avenue in Pacifica.
    Not travelling much for live music since the pandemic, but hopefully soon.

  277. Scott Dennis

    Champagne. My daughter and I made it to the Saturday show. It was amazing. Absolutely beautiful art. Thank You!

  278. Amanda Wolf

    I have always loved and appreciated Spusta’s art. Billy Strings has brought so much love and light into a world gone mad. The combination of these brilliant artists is an honor to be experiencing. We also practice biodynamic gardening and grow specific flowers to attract hummingbirds. 3 is the magic number. And sunflowers always brighten my soul. I would love the rainbow foil because of the beautiful colors that fill my heart with sunshine and daydreams. I was not able to stand in line do to my degenerative arthritis and bulging disc. If the rainbow foil is not available I would love the champagne style to celebrate with my friends.

    1. Amanda Wolf

      Thank you again for this amazing opportunity. Truly appreciate the aspect that you guys are looking out for the community and allowing people another chance to purchase Spusta’s incredible art for Billy Strings. Foil and rainbow highlights simply lift my soul.

  279. Jake P

    Not a good story about not making it…….other than having newborn TWINS as a slight accident which makes 4 kids under age 5 for us. Would love a CHLOROPHYLL to add to the vicarious collection

    1. Matthew Penn

      To plead my case on this poster. I love the meaning behind it. With the times that we are in with Ukraine and the positivity that Billy Strings brings to us people. This would be more than just a poster that is amazing. It would be a reminder to me to keep my thoughts positive and to remember that we have it so good in our country. The flower is so beautiful and I love nature. This is by far the best poster I’ve seen this year and the foil version gleams with the light which brings out even more of the poster. If I don’t get one, I’m ok with it but would get this framed as soon as I received it. I have a spot on my wall for this and wouldn’t even think about replacing it.

      Much love,
      Matthew Penn

  280. Justin Wynieski

    We watched the person 5 spots in front of me get the last display poster at the show. We really want this poster to frame for our baby’s room. We would be thrilled with any ed but Chlorophyll is our favorite.

  281. Chuck Retty

    Champagne would be most appreciated. I’m hoping for the best as I’ll be trapped on a plane when the sale begins. Wish me luck. Lol

  282. Shaun Glodowski

    I was blessed to see billy the first time ever at red rocks also my first time to red rocks. This kid is the second coming of music🔥 +my favorite artist =😍🙏 Chlorophyll would be incredible!

  283. Dustin

    Just a big Billy Strings fan, not much more to say than that. FOIL would just make my 2022!

  284. Willie Nelson

    I would like a champagne please. Love your work.
    Also very fitting that you got the Madison shows!!
    Thank you

  285. Nick Femal

    Champagne pretty please!!! I was at the 3/6 show but sadly wasn’t able to score a poster. I love your work and have a few pieces but would really be stoked to add this one to my collection. Madison is my hometown, and while I have several concert posters, none are from a Madison show, which would make it that much sweeter!

  286. chris tart

    Champagne plz!

    A British bulldog bit Billy badly, now nobody needs these 99 other nifty, nuanced knickknacks more than I =)

  287. Tom

    I would very much appreciate a Champagne edition of this print. I absolutely love your work. I was at these shows, and I would enjoy this on my wall as a good memory. Thanks

  288. Jon Eisenberg

    Foil please. Billy Strings x Spusta… this is what dreams are made of. Psychedelic, bluegrass dreams!
    Thanks for the chance Marq and gnomes. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  289. Brandon Jones

    Foil please! This is a beautiful piece and would absolutely love to have your artwork in the portfolio! This is definitely my favorite of 2021/2022!!

  290. jeff norris

    How far does it fall before rebirth?
    Like junkies hooked on fossil fuels heading for withdrawal
    How long until there’s nothin left at all?

  291. Chan

    This is my plea, for a poster maybe.
    With you you see, I could be complete.
    Because what I need is that Spusta to be.
    A Madison Foil for all to be seen.

  292. Lauren Kultgen

    FOIL please! Our parents had to bail on 3/5 to put their dog down and we miracled their tix. Would love to buy them this as they LOVED their first 2 show!!!

  293. Joe Lesh

    Hey Marq! I would LOVE to get my hands on a Chlorophyll edition of this print! I was supposed to be at these shows but had to give up my tickets due to starting my new job as an Operating Room nurse at a new hospital. Happy to not be a floor nurse after the last 2 loooong years! Thanks for all you do!

  294. Anna Leheney

    True story, can prove- my hubbys parents were on their way to see your concert with us . They live out of state. They got into a terrible car crash on the way, thank God they are ok. I think my hubby deserves Foil poster to give to his parents. We are all fans of yours, especially my hubby and my mother in law. It would make their day to receive that. Thank you for being awesome 🙂

  295. Seth

    The foot feels the foot when the foot touches the ground and this is why Chlorophyll is the choice I have found.

  296. Jack McT

    Foil for the win! I’d like this poster for my daughters room who is 5 and it was her first show, at her age however, there was zero chance of standing in line all day to score one of these and still watch the show 🙂 giddy up and get’er done for her! New email as you’d be our houses 1st long awaited Spusta.

  297. Dan

    Had a tough year and this would be a bright spot. Champaigne if available and thanks for doing this!

  298. Matty Ras


    Went up there for the shows but got side tracked by some keggers, MAD TOWN!!! hahaha

  299. Jeff Walter

    Foil would be my pick if I am chosen for the spoil. I just moved into a new apartment and it would really tie the room together man

  300. Lori Waters

    Chlorophyll Edition! So happy to see 2 of my favorite artists collaborating on one of my favorite Mediums to collect! Thanks for giving us a fair opportunity with this lottery! Crossing my fingers

  301. William Veazey

    Champagne Edition of 100 on a metallic light tan stock.
    I seriously doubt i deserve one.

  302. KurtHayworth


    Love these two talents, Billy for the ears and mind, Marq for the eyes and mind.

  303. Rhonda Bowlware

    Foil! Because those hummingbirds need to be hanging on my wall and if not for Covid, I would travel to concerts! ❤️❤️

  304. Brittney Zadoka

    Got in the poster line before my husband was done getting checked in. 2 gentleman were behind me and I politely asked if my husband could join me but we decided just to get behind them. All of a sudden their 2 gfs and 2 friends jumped in line with them. Guess who got the last foil. Not my husband 😢😢

  305. Bruce Walley

    +1 champagne!! Honestly, I don’t own a single one of your prints but I think it’s time for that to change. I’m a big Billy fan and hopefully this will be the way in for me. Thanks so much.

  306. Tracy Bowlware

    Foil pretty please! Because we should have been in Wisconsin and been there to get the hummingbirds

  307. MilehighBillyFan

    Foil here please. Big time Billy fan and print collector, but I still don’t have a Spusta. I never pay more than cost. Call me cheap lol. Principles. Thx for the chance!!

  308. Dan Zapfe

    Foil edition please.
    That thing is 🔥!
    Missed grabbing 1 at the show. Thanks 🙏🤪🤘

  309. Eric Cassman

    Foil entry. Just found out my dog has to have some major surgery today. Regardless it’s been a great ten years. As a wisconsin native and not a current Spusta owner I would love to have a foil. Naming my first daughter after my recently passed grandma from wisconsin too. Thanks for the chance!

  310. Ken Kreie

    Beauty! I’d like one in foil! I missed Billy last time he was in town as I had a higher calling that night. I don’t regret the choice, but I wished I didn’t have to make it.

  311. Julia Dancy

    Champagne, please. I’ve so been hoping to see a Billy Spusta collab. Blown away!

  312. Joe D.

    I saw Billy Strings play with Panic a few times before he blew up, I’m not like a crazy fan or anything. I would really like one of the foil editions because they’re pretty.

  313. Roman Russell

    Chlorophyll please. I was first one to get a lil to excited and comment on op. Only to go back and realize later there was a place to comment further down. Much love. Hope it’s worth a laugh at least.

  314. Kristen Cassman

    Chlorophyll 🤩

    Plz pick me so I can make my husbands dreams come true— we are about to have our first baby so concerts are off the table for a hot second but prints can be loved from home and last a lifetime 😉

  315. Brittney Hubert

    Foil Please n Thanks. Missed at show, this is my last chance. #33 Billy Boy #33

  316. Ryder J

    Champagne, this is such a beautiful piece of art! My 7yro son saw me looking at this piece and he absolutely loved it! He would love to have this framed and on his wall, and it would be an honor to hang your work in our house! Best print of 21’/22′!

  317. Thomas Mack

    Champagne Edition Please! Was present for Friday and Saturday, amazing shows and artwork!

  318. Andrew Dawson

    Chlorophyl- because of the opportunity to grow – I grooved with someone I love … even though we are no longer lovers. And that’s ok.

  319. James Girard

    I would love the foil edition. I am moving to Japan and my daughter just became a principal in a special needs school in Denver last month and bought her first home in January. I would love to have her hang this in her office at the school in Lakewood Colorado. She is a huge Billy Strings fan and loves sunflowers

  320. Chris J

    Champagne please🍾🍾!! Man this work is absolutely amazing! I’d love to be able to get this print due to having to miss the shows because my father passed. Collecting Billy prints was something we both loved I’d grab the print and he’d frame it for me. Hopefully I will be able to grab one of these beautiful pieces of work in memory of my Father.

  321. Dave liautaud

    Chlorophyll edition looks sick. Missed em at the shows. Good ol WI boy here needs a new spusta/billy poster

  322. Art Nurd

    Marq, I know I entered a lottery for a Chlorophyll around 6:30 yet I do not see it in the feed. 🙁
    I basically stated that my daughter and I attended our first show together but it must be too late…. 🙁

  323. Corey Stanley

    Well these are just mesmerizing.

    I’ll take any of them but the chlorophyll one is calling my name.

  324. ron kaminski

    I would love to purchase a foil if picked. This is an amazing print for an amazing run and the sunflower is so timely, important, and beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity.

  325. Patrick Harrell

    Would love a FOIL to remember that 19 minute Turmoil and Tinfoil from Friday night! Great print to go with a great run of shows! Brought some Colorado love to Madison!

  326. Matthew Penn

    To plead my case on this poster. I love the meaning behind it. With the times that we are in with Ukraine and the positivity that Billy Strings brings to us people. This would be more than just a poster that is amazing. It would be a reminder to me to keep my thoughts positive and to remember that we have it so good in our country. The flower is so beautiful and I love nature. This is by far the best poster I’ve seen this year and the foil version gleams with the light which brings out even more of the poster. If I don’t get one, I’m ok with it but would get this framed as soon as I received it. I have a spot on my wall for this and wouldn’t even think about replacing it.

    Much love,
    Matthew Penn

  327. Alexander

    Please enter me in for a foil print. The poster came out great and it would be an honor to own one.

  328. Ryan Williams

    Would love the Champagne! No more worthy than the next guy, except I’ve never sold a poster I’ve been lucky enough to go get!

  329. Ryan Olsen

    Champagne for me! Sweet to see Spusta and Billy Strings together at last. A match made in ‘sconsin.

  330. Lorena Morales

    For my love of purple… It stands out best in the foil, IMO! Way to go Billy Strings, you are both people to admire!

  331. Marcel Fontaine

    Foil, not many can say they still went to see Billy a month after cancer surgery and days away from chemo and radiation treatment but even though I gave it my all it was still a blast, 3 years later still love seeing Billy and missed out on 2 nights in Madison in scoring poster, nonetheless had great spots to watch.

  332. Rick Benner

    Cheers to your first round of Billy Strings prints. Would love a Champagne version!

  333. Jessica Brennan

    Champagne is where it’s at – 1 for me,pretty please! I hope you got to go see Billy in MadTown.

  334. Sue

    That foil is gorgeous – count me in! Bummed I missed the show, but grateful to be seeing him tomorrow in Cleveland with my grown kid 🙂

  335. Brian Kyle

    My hometown of Nashville is how I know of Billy Strings; “String the Halls”. It was a not so well kept secret for a small moment. His talent is undeniable, and I doubt there’s a person out there who could possibly disagree.
    Speaking of undeniable talent, I’d like to buy the foil version please and thank you.

  336. Chris Sthultz

    I have been on a plane all day, so late to the party, but I would just love to give one of the FOIL versions of this beautiful poster a forever home on my wall…right next to the Greensjy red rocks poster that is one of the prizes of my collection! Thanks!

  337. Sarah Elizabeth Danneman

    Foil please. Long time Spusta fan & collector, then Billy stole my heart in Peoria, IL at a drive in pandemic show with my sister. I couldn’t make it to Wisconsin, but my sister was representing! She got lucky & got posters at the show, only to have their poster tube stolen. Thank you for the chance Marq, it’s a beautiful print.

  338. Kyle McClellan


    Grateful for the opportunity and chance to own one of your amazing masterpieces. If I’m not one of the lucky ones to land this beautiful print, I can only hope it goes to a good home. I can guarantee you it would be going to a good home with me.

  339. Renee Bacha

    To be called Champagne you come from a unique prime real estate location in the world and you Sir are one talented and unique Champagne Artist in my eyes!!! 🥂💙🥂

  340. Sue

    The foil is gorgeous – count me in, please! Bummed I missed the show, but grateful to be seeing him tomorrow with my grown kid in Cleveland 🙂

  341. Todd Freiburger

    These shows were my Billy Strings anniversary shows. My first Billy show was 3/3/18. What a great time ive had watching and listening to this man and his band blast off the charts. I’d love to add this print to my wall.

  342. Joshua Bunney

    Would love a chlorophyll! My clicky finger sucks so this is my best hope for one! Thanks for the beautiful print that has us all so excited!