We are pleased to release a limited amount of the new Dead & Co. poster for their stop in Noblesville, Indiana on their final tour. The music and artwork of the Dead is a deep well of inspiration and it’s always a enjoyable quest to contribute visuals to their magic.

These posters were masterfully screen printed by Baker Prints, measuring 18″ x 24″ on Blue Raspberry stock in a numbered edition of 2790. The majority of the edition sold out at the show and now we have the remaining small stack to release to you fine folks. A large portion of our inventory was sold in our shop earlier, and the rest will go to random lottery entries here. If you didn’t hear about the shop sale, you should jump on our newsletter email list to be first to know about future drops (link to the upper left).

Poster is $100 + shipping. These are signed by the artist.

To enter this purchasing selection lottery for a Dead & Co – Indiana Poster, just reply to this post with a comment that expresses your interest in purchasing. Adding a little gratefulness can be helpful.

– Only comment once please and it can be advantageous to use an email already connected with our shop. Please note the prices will have $20 added in Priority shipping domestically, California sales tax and international shipping charges will apply. Invoices will start being emailed right away. We may send some straggler invoices in the days to follow as well.

-Yes, we are aware to the flipper/scalper shenanigans with this poster already. We really want to get our copies into the heads’ hands.

430 thoughts on “Dead & Co. Purchasing Lottery and Release

    1. Dave Busching

      +1 I would absolutely love the opportunity to own this poster! it would keep my Spusta show print collection going. Also it would be my first lotto win!! Either way, thank you for this opportunity.

    2. Diego

      I would greatly appreciate to have the chance to purchase this poster.
      -with love, Diego

    3. Jason doine

      Pretty please Marq. I looked and somehow missed the release!! Ahhh ! I love all your hard work buddy. I grabbed a Ferris day off and a nice Maurice fess o but no luck on the dead and co I need on the wall! Please pretty please with a cherry on top!

    4. John

      I would love a chance to purchase this classic print. I was working during the drop time.
      only six shows remain 😞

    1. Rafael Ortega

      I would be beside myself to own one of these masterclass tokens of art that captures so keenly the joy these moments of of music and fellowship brings. Marq is masterful of connecting art to these beautiful moments. This piece will be the most revered of the tour. Would love to get one on my wall. Thank you for the chance. (I posted but can’t find it so please forgive if I’ve inadvertently posted twice.)

  1. Matt Gibson


    I would be much obliged to enter the lottery. I too had it in the cart and lost it. Thanks!

  2. Kaya Betlach

    Total deadhead fangirl right now! This poster is sick! Hoping for lottery luck!!

  3. Owen O'Hora

    Do some really amazing work, would love to snag one of these bad boys missed out on the drop so here’s to hoping. Thank you much in advance either way and keep up the stellar work!

  4. David Kyer

    Would love to have one of these. This poster by far is the best tour poster of the tour. Would be forever grateful to own one of these.

  5. Sam Byrd

    One of my all time favorite Spusta prints! Would love the chance to get one! Thank you

  6. David Levy

    I would love this poster. You work is amazing thank you for all the time spent on color ways and different papers adding a unique aspect to most of your work

  7. Tim Vottero

    Carted it and lost it. ;-(
    Thank you, Marq and Gnomes for the 2nd chance lottery.
    So looking forward to landing one of these high-flying Bear Mobiles!!

  8. David Burger

    The last tour was amazingly This is a pay it forward to my friends who had their hometown show but couldn’t score a poster.

  9. Todd P

    Thanks Marq! Great illustration showing how to let your life proceed by its own design.

  10. Scott McPeck

    Sure do dig this . Thanks for giving real fans the opportunity to purchase!!

  11. John Duncan Powell

    I missed the drop, but want to keep on Truckin!!! Please allow me the honor to get one of these prints! They are not like other prints 🙂

  12. Tony Nelson

    Yes, please. Had it in my cart and was filling out my information, POOF, sold out. Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. Derek Hull

    Yes please! I’d very much one love one of these beauties!! Grateful for the gnomes!!!

  14. Michelle Batson-Spitale

    This was my last Dead and Company show.. originally did not plan on going but after not finding tickets for Saturday at Wrigley I was determined to go. had a hard time finding tickets but my cousin came up with some last minute. We were late for the show and with the long lines I didn’t think I’d have a chance at a poster. I would really love to get one now, I love your work so much!
    Thank you!!!

  15. Nathan Fitzsimmons

    This kind of poster art is really lost today. Such detail and passion! Love the work and supporting the artist.

  16. Shane

    These Posters are Awesome! Made the trip down to the show from Michigan and had an awesome time with my Fiancé. Missed out getting a poster at the show and had a poster in my cart on website but still lost it haha. Would love to make a frame for one of these!!! thanks!

  17. Michelle Batson-Spitale

    This was my last Dead and Company show.. I would really love to get one now, I love your work so much!
    Thank you!!!

  18. Blake

    Marq, thanks so much for the design. I LOVE this poster! Your art is beautiful! Was super bummed to not be able to get it in Indy but would love to have this on my wall.

  19. Kyle McDonald

    would love to get one. Deer Creek was my last show and the posters were sold out and I looooved this poster.

  20. Shreyas Bhargava

    It looks really good and I would like to put it up in my room! Thank you’

  21. Brandon Frampton

    This was by far the best show I have seen Dead & Co play at Noblesville! Getting my hands on one of these would make the memory that much sweeter!

    Thanks for the opportunity Marq!

  22. Kyle Simpson

    Would love to add one of these gorgeous posters to my collection! Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to buy one! Peace and love from Canada!

  23. ReBecca Fox

    I thought I had it and sold out before I could complete my purchase. Took my 9 year old daughter to this show and she danced her ass off. Would love to get this poster to gift to her. Grateful for the consideration!

  24. Raymond Shumway

    hello! I was so close I had it in my cart and was almost able to purchase but I had to update my address 🙁 if you choose me it would really make my week!!

  25. Mike

    Would love to be considered. Loved this poster the moment I saw it and was very bummed they sold out on lot. Regardless, great work here. Fantastic job

  26. Michael Huber

    I would love to purchase one of your posters.
    Your work is incredible and I would be grateful.

  27. Mike Curran

    Would love to get this poster, went to this show with my daughter and hope to frame it and give it to her to commemorate our trip up from KY to see them.

  28. Tony Palombo

    Hello! I would be truly honored to have the opportunity to purchase this Dead & Co – Indiana Poster. Their music has brought so much joy and peace into my life and being able to own this piece of art would mean the world to me. I deeply appreciate the chance you’re offering here and I’m extremely grateful for the effort you’ve put into making this possible. Thank you for considering my entry!

    1. Jordan Garcia

      So in love with this poster, would love for the opportunity to get one of these posters. ☺️

  29. Andrew Schmidt

    i WOULD BE SO GREATFUL for the opportunity to purchase this glorious print – largely as a reminder of all the trips I’ve taken with the Dead! Thanks Marq!!!

  30. Jackie Dix

    I’d love to surprise a friend who attended this show. Great work, Marq! Love spying your work on band art.

  31. Mark J Wellmann

    Best poster of tour some idiot bought 200 and is selling on ebay and I don’t want to support that jerk

  32. Todd Parker

    Great poster, I had one in my cart…Grateful would be an understatement if I scored a copy.

  33. Dillon

    I wasn’t able to make this concert with my father falling ill. He would have been there with me but his MS is getting bag. Would love to have this poster framed for him.

  34. James Battin

    Beautiful print and amazing artist! Blue is my favorite color and little dancing bears are my favorite animals! Super awesome print with great colors! Hoping for a chance at one of these and Wouid be my first of this kind.

  35. Nicholas Sheppard

    Was not fast enough today but would still love a chance. Thanks for the opportunity.

  36. Jenna Phelps

    The artwork on this poster depicts how it felt to be at the concert last Tuesday! Sailing over the countryside into the sunset with dear friends and good vibes and good tunes. Must’ve been the roses!

  37. Julie M

    I already have one but just here to say how much I love and appreciate your artwork Marc, and best of luck to everyone in the lottery!

  38. Kendall Einhorn

    What a beautiful piece of art! It needs to go next to my spusta widespread panic Vegas print set from 2015. They would be the best of buds. 🙂

  39. Alan Garcia

    These posters are my “Brown eyed Woman” 😉 I’d be ever so great full if I get a shot at including this to the collection!

  40. Eva Brizuela

    Big Dead head here. Unfortunate that my speed didn’t match the others. Would hubbly appreciate an opportunity to get my hands on this beauty of a poster.

  41. Marc

    Hello, would love a chance to own one of these 🙂 I have just the place for it in my den by the record player. Thank you in advance, love and cheers to you. ~M

  42. Getsemani Tapia

    Such an amazing poster, wasn’t fast enough today unfortunately. Would love to have this!

  43. Peter Washburn

    Hi Marq! Amazing work as always! I was at this show but never made it to the merch stand. Hoping I can score 1 for my wall. Please and thanks!! Keep on truckin 💀

  44. Dean Benedict

    Carted but lost!!!

    They are a band beyond description. Like Jehova’s favorite choir!!!! Please and thank you! ’

  45. Sodiq M.

    Couldnt compete with everyone else when it comes to this online check out thing but i loved the concert and would like to have this poster in my kids room. Thanks, have a good one

  46. Nikil Patel

    This poster is a must. I was almost there when they dropped but those were oos as soon as I clicked on Submit order

  47. Anthony Barela

    I would love to have another Dead & Company to add to my Dead collection! Thanks so much!!

  48. Victoria Mianulli

    Truly would LOVE to purchase one of these! Incredible artwork and will look amazing framed along with our others! We vended at Deer Creek and were among our family and truly want to remember this incredible night for us!

  49. Tin Huynh

    In in definitely in. I will not give up until this gets to my hands!!!🥺🥺🥺

  50. Nathaniel Kim

    The concert was just a small token of how I feel about this piece. It is truly a masterful work

  51. Trey Nelson

    Spusta and the Dead go together like peanut butter and banana! Always love seeing your new pieces and grateful whenever I get my hands on one :).

  52. Greg Eddington

    Thank you for the opportunity and I would be grateful to purchase one of these awesome pieces.

  53. Derek

    I was at Deer Creek 7/2/95. Grateful that they still come play this magical venue and that you got to do a spectacularly beautiful print for the show!!! Mahalo 🤙🏼

  54. Steven Gyory

    Absolutely love it! Would love a chance! Thanks for your kindness! Peace! 😁

  55. Amanda Mohrman

    We have the Fare Thee Well poster from Chicago 2015 (we got married on July 3 and the concerts made for a very entertaining weekend downtown 🤪🤩)

    Also have the blue Hollywood Bowl poster!

    Going to see them at The Gorge this weekend (wish you were doing this poster as well!)

    I actually managed to get one in my cart and it disappeared as I was changing my billing address 😭 Wishing on a star for another chance to add to our beloved collection!

  56. Corey Eiss

    Fire…. Fire on this poster! Lol… beautiful artwork… thanks for the opportunity!

  57. Jamal Robinson

    My wall would greatly appreciate the opportunity for your poster to be on it !!

  58. Cliff Wilson Jr

    I started with the Grateful Dead which l led me to Widespread Panic which is where I found you, brother. I need a miracle! THANK YOU!

  59. Andrew Cleaver

    Would love the opportunity to purchase one of these! Win or lose, thank you for giving the fans a fair shake at getting one after the shenanigans at Deer Creek! Keep spreading joy through your art!

  60. Peter Wallace

    I would love to put in a request for this one! I flew home to Indiana where I grew up and went to the show. The venue and the band both were a big part of me learning to fly. Thanks guys!

  61. Atrain Hostetler

    I would love a lottery win on this print. I have followed your art for many many years now. please and thank you for what you do

  62. Ben Gowaty

    I am absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to purchase the Dead & Co – Indiana Poster! The combination of their incredible music and captivating artwork is truly enchanting. I would be honored to own a piece that embodies the magic of their final tour. Thank you so much for offering this limited edition poster to us, and for taking the time to bring such beauty into the world. Your dedication and artistry are greatly appreciated. Fingers crossed for a chance to add this treasure to my collection!

  63. J

    Than you Marq for a shot at one of these! +1 if there are any left! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  64. Joshua Ryan

    This is one of the coolest prints I’ve ever seen! This would go to Furthur immediately. Love your work and would love to be considered. Thank you! – Joshua

  65. Matthew Penn

    Going through a pretty rough patch in life and would love to own this poster. I need something positive to happen and this would help brighten my mood. Breakup of 8 years blues. Thank you for the opportunity.

  66. Joshua Watchous

    +1 please, so glad you were able to do a poster for their last tour. Thank you for your consideration!

  67. eric olson

    A print for me would be nice to see upon my wall visually. I love the Grateful Dead and Marq Spustas artistic spread of loving colors, bears and all that’s there for me to stare. Upon my wall I hope it shall be only time will tell and we shall see but either way thinks for the opp or tune it T

  68. Rose Albert

    Please include me in the lottery to purchase this beautiful poster! Many thanks 😊😊😊.

  69. Nathan D. Goodman

    Oh Man, boy, what a awesome print, man, I would shit if I got one!!! Love you work Cheers, Nathan

  70. Will Tate

    Would appreciate the opportunity to be able to purchase such a beautiful pice of artwork

  71. Marc Sierra

    While this poster could never erase the bad taste left in my mouth from the last time I was at Deer Creek watching thousands crash through the gate, it would certainly be a great start!

  72. Jeff Wills

    Long time listener…first time customer. Would love to add this awesome print to my walls. Thanks ✌🏻

  73. shawn w mcintyre

    float one of those Dead Stealies into Philly…
    thanks Marq ….beautiful

  74. Adam Stephens

    Such an amazing poster Marc!!
    I would be Grateful if i could hang this one on my wall!!

  75. Melissa Wilson

    Yes please! 😍would love a chance to purchase this spectacular artwork! 🤞🏼☮️

  76. Jay Parsons

    Just another old head who saw Jerry at Deer Creek in ’95 and missed the print this year. Love the VW Bus!

  77. Mario Hiraoka

    WooHoo another chance at getting aSpusta. Hope they don’t send me another wet, smashed poster and never reply to any of my emails again…

    1. Spusta Gnome Post author

      Gosh, not sure we ever heard about this. There was a time recently our contact form stopped working on our shop page, and we were unaware….maybe your emails got lost during that period. But we are wanting to take care of situations like yours….sorry that happened.

  78. heather puglisi

    This artwork is such a great way to commemorate the concert. This print is also insanely beautiful and would love to add to the collection. Thanks

  79. Justin Robinson

    The final our and Marq nailed it. Love the print would appreciate a lottery spot. One love team Spusta!

  80. David Sauvageau

    This was my first time back to Deer Creek in about 15 years. I would love the opportunity to purchase this print! ⚡️

  81. Michael Baird

    Being a huge fan of you, and the guys, I really hope I score one of these. I have a spot for it n my living room. Please enter me and see y’all in SF!!!

  82. Russell G Arnold

    love your artwork and the dead. Been to several shows this tour and would love this print.

  83. Mark Brimberry

    Would love to purchase a poster. Was not able to get one at the show and missed the release on the website.

  84. Rachel

    Love the artwork! Went to the show and the person in front of me got the last one from the display poster. Would love the chance to be able to memorialize the experience I had, thanks!

  85. Scott N

    Would love to add this to my collection! Was at the Deer Creek show and these sold out right in front of me. Thank you!!

  86. Josh Voss

    I would love to purchase this. I am grateful for the print you did for Billy Strings and the Rolling Stones. it would go on my wall next to them. my favorite still being the Foil Billy print. it is a constant sunset/rise in my bedroom!

    thanks for everything

  87. Johnny B

    Hello Marq, hope you are well today, I of course love to have your poster in my collection. It is beautifully done. Reading the replies there seems to be some folks that really really need this piece. I have a sufficient number of Dead artwork from over the years. So if you get to your last one and it’s a tie between me and someone else, Let them have it. “I will survive “. Be well JB

  88. Leif E

    Grateful at a chance at this beautiful print. Deer Creek will always hold a special place in my heart, as I saw more Grateful Dead shows there than any where else.

  89. James Girard

    Hi I would be so grateful to have a chance to purchase this one in the lottery. Thank you so much for the opportunity second chance lottery and for this wonderful artwork. My fingers are crossed!

  90. David Deleon

    Wow this is An amazing piece would love it for my room of art work please let me have one of these beautiful pieces of art. Thank you even if I’m not selected

  91. Eric Sanchez

    These are all f^#*#^! Amazing! I would be the happiest human alive if I had a chance to purchase D e a d & Co – Main Edition of 2790 on Blue Raspberry stock.
    18″ x 24″ screen print. Signed by Marq Spusta

    Good luck to everyone!!!!!

  92. James Kinsey

    I hate that you’re art is getting bad publicity. You don’t deserve it and this art definitely doesn’t deserve it. Keep on keeping on. Thanks Spusta 🙌

  93. Rafael E Ortega

    I would be grateful to have one of these masterclass tokens of art that harkens to the greatest of human experiences of our time. Marq’s expression of the joy the moment and music brings is masterful in every way.

  94. Charla

    Deer Creek was my favorite and last show. Would love to have this to commemorate the night!

  95. cheryl shuman

    I love this poster and this show! This was s special show ….. as a last min decision to go I couldn’t make the mech tent. Thank you…..Balloons are the coolest!

  96. Andrew Charney

    This thing is absolutely beautiful Marq ❤️ I would love to add this to my vintage, repurposed wood home. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  97. Tyler Schweitzer

    Was jammin Alabama getaway today and thought about this poster. Fingers crossed🤞🏻

  98. Matthew Sniecikowski

    please add me in the lotto.
    thank-you so much for all the amazing work do.and this deadco print is the best ( in my opinion)even better then Owen Murphys Philly print,which is amazing.thanks for everything

  99. Brian Bennett

    Sick visuals on this one! Would love to put this piece up in my man cave. But… according to the bazillion comments I had to scroll through to get here, it’s unlikely. But hey, I guy can dream…

  100. Kenny Yeung

    Hello! I would be truly honored to have the opportunity to purchase this Dead & Co – Indiana Poster. Their music has brought so much joy and peace into my life and being able to own this piece of art would mean the world to me. I deeply appreciate the chance you’re offering here and I’m extremely grateful for the effort you’ve put into making this possible. Thank you for considering my entry!

  101. Jake T

    Long time fan, it’s been a while since I’ve made it up to TRPS, but I’ve been fortunate enough to have you do some doodles for me up there. I was also fortunate enough to score the sparkle version of the TRPS poster you did with Matt. Sweet collab! Glad to see your still doing your thing. Your work is distinctly yours. Keep going!!!

  102. Michele Kwan

    Wow, this poster is amazing. I love the different colors and how it blends so well. I need this for my room to bring it alive. It’s sad that I missed the chance to obtain one for myself. Let’s hope to see if I can get one! 🤞

  103. Jeff Holmgren

    Would love a print but luck always runs short lol … you do a great job of getting more out there though!!! Thanks you fir the chance .!

  104. Kenny kwan

    I though I had no regrets as of today until
    I realized I don’t have this masterpiece hanging in my room. One ice I saw it, I was captivated instantly.
    Even the brightest day can fall into darkness, or so it seems. I must win the lottery!!! GOOD LUCK to all.

  105. Garret Mercier

    I need a miracle!! I was so grateful to be at a couple of these shows and unfortunately the show poster sold out before I could grab one! They allowed someone to purchase a stack of 200 I hear which is unfortunate. I would be grateful for the opportunity to buy this from such an amazing artist and frame this bad boy! This print will 100% make the wall baby! Much love and thanks!!

  106. Alexander Trudon

    Best poster of the tour! Would love have this as a wonderful momento of the beautiful tour!

  107. Brad

    I’d be thrilled to hang this on my wall next to your other work for Widespread Panic, Ben Harper, Jerry Garcia, Black Keys, DMB, and others that I’ve been lucky enough to score in the past!

  108. Shash Chendamarai

    This poster is absolutely breathtaking! Would be incredibly grateful to have the chance to purchase 🙂

  109. Isaac Pollard

    These are lovely! I would be most grateful to purchase one. Thank you for the chance!

  110. Emmett

    Me and My Uncle and Mama Tried to get one in the shop earlier, but He’s Gone. Please add me to the lottery. Thanks

  111. Mark Timmonds

    so grateful that covid has settled and bands and artist are back to work. much needed release for all of us. thank you Marq and the Gnomes.

  112. John Durbin

    “Fare thee well now / Let your life proceed by its own design / Nothing to tell now
    / Let the words be yours, I’m done with mine”. Thanks Marq for the amazing work.

  113. Jamie Mai

    Love the poster. Wish I could off bought if for myself earlier, chance just got slim but not not over😌

  114. Eddie Mo

    I’m as enamored, visually, as I am, to music. Your..”brand”…and….your visions, to all things connected…They have a pattern…I fit in there, somehow…(I’m the bear that just opened the door….)
    Thank you. Keep on keepin on, regardless…I’m just glad to be be here, happy to be alive….(Wilburys…).

  115. Kevin Monk

    I would love to purchase this for my FIL’s bday. He is a huge GD fan. It looks great.

  116. Todd Stotts

    I would love so very much to be blessed with one of these! Long time fan and collector, and somehow I have zero of your Dead artwork. This would be a fabulous start. Fond memories I have of hot air ballooning as a kid…….getting busted, for spitting over the side with my brother. Somehow the crew on the ground knew it was us? Mysterious as it gets really. Gross, but boys will be boys. That was the beginning of the end. Thanks for the chance 🙏🙏🙏

  117. David

    Thank you for all your efforts to distribute these to the fans and not the flippers! We know it ain’t easy and you guys do your best! Love the art and I would love to display one at my place! Please and thank you!

  118. Michael Glykos

    I need this ASAP. I love how it blends so well. Hope I can be blessed for 1.

  119. Julie Kim

    Thanks for the opportunity for a chance to get this wonderful poster. Absolutely must have!!

  120. Alden Thornhill

    Pls was at Folsom and would love this to commemorate my wife’s first show

  121. Cholie (my GD paarking lot name)

    Deadicated to getting a print of this “one way or another’.

  122. Tony Z

    Would love a print please, missed the drop, went pretty fast! Forever Greatful 🙏

  123. Scott Clark

    sending alot of little greatfullness your way. much please. Wifey gives me extra loving when she knows spusta is on the way

  124. Tyler Gresh

    I’d love to snag one as a gift to my daughter’s caregiver as it was her first show and she’s from Noblesville and loves the town square detail.

  125. Eric Mayes

    Dear universe, I’m forever grateful for the ripple of serendipity that led me to this moment. Thank you for the timeless reminder to find gratitude in every twist and turn along the way.

  126. LB Farmer

    please universe, pick me for this beautiful print! And a big old thank you, Marq!!

  127. Andrew Rodriquez

    I think this poster is absolutely amazing. I love the colors used. It really blends nicely together.

  128. Jason

    Reminds me of the old, 1966 Grateful Dead artists’ liberation front free fair poster
    If there’s one for me I’ll take it

  129. Wesley Cocker

    This is just awesome. I would love to have something so appealing in my room. Also, shout out for make it a lottery for a chance to win it fairly

  130. Mark

    Hope it’s not too late. Just got back from the Boulder shows and saw this posting. Would love to snag a copy as I missed it at the show. 1st show was Deer Creek 95.

  131. Trip

    Hello, I would love to own a copy. The floating balloon perfectly captures my head space. Keep up the awesomeness.

  132. Sam Kong

    Thanks for the chance. Love the poster🙂! I definitely need it in my living room.

  133. Jewels B.

    Now I’ve seen it, and now I want it. I love all the details and colors it has. Please make your way to my house somehow!

  134. Luke

    Long time listener, first time caller. Would be very grateful for one of these beauties!

  135. wes southerland

    Marq I would love to add your dead and company poster art to my collection +1 if available

  136. Paula pisarek

    Thanks for the opportunity to cherish this piece of your art and Dead&Co band history in my own home!!! It is just such a Happy print, *squee*🌈 I love all the colors you used and the Dead bears are my favorite of all GD imagery😊🫶🏼 I’d be beyond Grateful if a miracle print came my way ☺️ Beautiful work Marq!!! ✌🏻❤️⚡️💙🐻🌈🎈✌🏻

  137. Caleb Neal

    I would love to get one as it would look awesome on the wall next to my NYE San Francisco 2019 poster

  138. Benjamin Rhule

    Marq crushed it once again I got all of the Poster for this D&C Run except this one ☝️ I would be grateful. 🙏

  139. Liz Williams

    I’m a little late to the party but I would be most grateful to be given the opportunity to purchase this. Beautiful work.

  140. Markus M.

    Really beautiful peace that remind me ony first ecounter with The Greatfull Dead.
    Great band, sadly found them way to late and would be happy for a chance to get a poster of their last tour.

    Your latest Goose poster was also pretty nice btw.

  141. Bradley Runkle

    Good morning brotha! 🤙🏻

    Your work is absolutely incredible! I was not able to attend Deer Creek this year, but I definitely need this print. I wasn’t able to get any fingers on a poster from either of the two nights at wrigley and it would be a friggen miracle if we can make this happen!? Thank you for your time 🙏🏻⚡️

  142. justin david eldridge

    +1 please, hope i did not miss this , thanks for the chance either way. I love my spustas!!

  143. Matt Southerland

    best print I’ve seen in a while! lived across the street from deer creek so I would LOVE this poster! thanks for all you do, Marq!

  144. Michael

    I was actually at the show and would love a copy to remember said good time! what a great show and a matching poster that is awesome to boot!!

    1. Michael

      I wanted to add that if I win, this poster is a lifer withe and will live a happy life framed and on a wall (acid free mats and uv glass of course) not locked away in a portfolio or flat file. I made some amazing memories that night and would just live to have something from the show to go with it.

  145. JB Sugar

    I would “like to fly” in this beautiful balloon (I know that’s a 5th Dimension not “Dead” reference, just seemed appropo).

    Best poster of the tour!

  146. Steve Shuff

    Would love a chance to purchase. So glad that this music is still being played after all these years! 💀⚘️

  147. Sam Adams

    I’m a Hoosier, born and raised right outside of Noblesville. Seeing every show at Deer Creek was more than a privilege, and to get to do it with my best friends was even better. I’d love a copy of this poster for the memories.

  148. Jim

    If I’m not too late, I’d be ever grateful to be included in the lottery! Thanks again for the beautiful work and all the drops yesterday!!

  149. Aljonis

    If I’m not too late, I’d be ever grateful to be included in the lottery! Thanks again for the beautiful work and all the drops yesterday

  150. Rick

    Love this print! Would love to have a copy of this to commemorate my last Dead and Co show at the same venue I saw my first GD show 32+ years before.

  151. Lauren Kahn

    Would love to purchase one of these for my bday show, my very last D&C show! Beautiful print and love anythingggg spusta!


    Hello Marq and Gnomes of brilliance.
    I have been fortunate to acquire scores of Marq’s inspirational works of art.
    My home is veritable Spusta art gallery.
    This latest creation transports me back to Albuquerque, NM and the balloon festival.
    Sugar Magnolia, blossoms blooming, heads all empty – but I don’t care.
    Saw my baby down by the river, wonder if she’ll come up soon for air.?
    I love you Marq and Gnomes. You are my favorite artist.
    I’m talking – desert island shit. I’m going to be on a deserted island and can only take one artist.
    I’m taking Marq! … and some good albums.

  153. Elizabeth Whitley

    Grateful for the band, art, and community. Interested in acquiring a copy for my daughter,Cassidy, who turns 1 this month. Child of countless trees and boundless seas.

  154. John Harding

    Thanks for the opportunity to grab a poster. I missed them at the show and really love this poster (as always). This will go on y wall if I am lucky enough to win. Peace, pot, and microdot.

  155. Hope Wigginton

    I would love to have the chance to see this beauty in my home everyday next to my framed Surmountable Steepness! Thank you!

  156. Michael Thorwegen

    I would love to be the lucky winner of this lottery. Love love love all Spusta magic. Thanks!

  157. Patrick Peterson

    Good day my friends… I would like a copy of this beautiful hand signed poster, also put me on the list for any hand signed dead art from this artist as I really enjoy his work

  158. Drew Moore

    This was my first (and only) Dead & Co. Show. I would love to get this poster to commemorate one of the best music experiences of my life!

  159. Natty

    Sooooo beautiful Marq!!!
    I would put this up in the boy’s room right next to Pepperland with such gusto and gratitude 🙂
    And I swear I’m not just full of hot air 😉

  160. Lance Kirk

    The second I laid eyes on you with all your wonderful color floating in the air with bears guiding you, I knew I had to have you. Sadly, you played very hard to get, but now I have another opportunity to meet you. I’ll do anything to be with you my beautiful love.

  161. John Howley

    Love this poster. Would be super grateful to be given the opportunity to purchase one!

  162. Kim Lessuk

    My boss is a huge Dead & Co. fan…and has many of your other works. I’d love to get this for him.

  163. Trevor Hain

    Thanks for this opportunity Marq. This is an amazing print that belongs on my walls with all the other prints from 2022 and 2023 tour dates. The Dead have always been influential in my life and thanks to Dead & Company for carrying that influence on so I could share it with my son. Thanks for all you do Marq. I wasn’t at this particular show but I was at many others. Thanks for this chance whether I win or not. Enjoy the rest of the tour!

  164. Lori Brownstein

    Stunning print that captures the show. We had such a great time enjoying deer creek. Your art will remind us of the great music played that night.
    Thank you for your beautiful art.

  165. Jeff Pearl

    I’m sure you already did the drawing but here it goes. We’ve been on dead tour since Cincy and just ended at the Gorge so life was wild. This is the only poster I haven’t snagged and as fate would have it the one I want the most. We have two buses a 69 and an 82 and this artwork just spoke to us. It’s an insanely lovely piece that would look amazing in our “dead room”. Keep up the great work and we’ll see what happens.

  166. Edward Mays

    Probably missed the ride but this is an amazing print that I would love to get in the lottery for and add to the collection. Keep up the amazing work!

  167. Ash Jones


  168. Kevon Watson

    This run of Dead and Co is quite a beautiful thing. I think the last time I saw them was the best dead show of all.
    And the artwork on your poster captures the beauty of it all and somehow acknowledges that it is floating away from us too.
    Love the details

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