18 thoughts on “Dead & Company – San Francisco NYE Poster

  1. Spusta Gnome Post author

    Thanks for the interest in this poster. We will likely have a very limited amount available through our Shop at some point later in January. Hop on the newsletter list (upper left) to get the scoop on this and future releases.

  2. Blake

    So glad you will have more up for sale !! Just signed up for your newsletter so I don’t miss it. I love this poster, but it was sold out when I went to purchase it at the show…

  3. Alan Maddox

    i was at the NYE gig but didn’t want to buy it outside on arrival. Turns out that was the only place selling it and they packed up before the end wasn’t allowed to go out and re-entry. Hoping I can pick one up…

  4. Blake Smith

    Ohhh this is so painful…I’ve been refreshing the webshop for 30 minutes and had one in my cart to check out…….if there’s anyone out there in the world that has an extra…please contact me at btsmith86@gmail.com


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