15 thoughts on “Dinosaur jr. San Francisco Poster

  1. Hightime

    you always seem to go above and beyond for J. and Dino Jr. posters, this latest creative beauty raises the bar yet again… eye love Spusta owls!!! – cheers

    1. Patrick Milstead

      The ones that popped up yesterday were $75 for the AE and $150 for the variants, if I remember correctly.

  2. Steve H

    Pretty bummed about not scoring Dino jr. Went through all three versions and continued to cart for a half an hour until the AE’s were gone. Just no luck. Looking forward to what’s coming next from Marq! Cheers!

  3. Zach h

    Steve there’s one on eBay that is the AE going for 85 plus 10 shipping that’s only 5 over studio cost πŸ™‚


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