Hi there good people, hope you’re hanging tight. Here is a high resolution Flowers In Filth file for you and yours to color during these stay at home days to come.

As encouragement to share your finished colorizations, we are having a Flowers In Filth Coloring Contest over at Spusta Studio Facebook Page. (if you don’t have facebook, you can email us your entries at shop@marqspusta.com ).

We will be picking some of your colored Flowers In Filth entries as judges’ (Marq & his family) favorites and those winners will receive a never before seen Flowers In Filth 10″ x 14″ variant screen print. We will also randomly grab a handful of entries to receive Flowers In Filth mini prints. The contest will run for one week…let’s give it a deadline of 3/25/2020 at 12:01am pst. If you want to post a few entries, that’s fine.

That’s the main scoop. Feel free to share with others and share your colored pages elsewhere as well. Hopefully this activity can provide a bit of a relaxin’ distraction action.

We do plan on releasing the Flowers In Filth 10″ x 14″ main edition screen print very very soon….so look out for an email announcement about that.

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