Thanks for all the great feedback on the Furthur – LA Greek Posters. I have received many correspondences from Deadheads wondering how to purchase these, other than at the shows.

There are a few from the editions of 280 here at the studio, but because of the overwhelming interest and extremely limited inventory, these will not be sold directly through the Shop, and certainly not through email inquiries. Instead, later this year, there will likely be a small lottery to select customers who are interested. The full information about the sale of the Furthur posters will be posted here, and announced to our email list. We predict the odds of getting one of these prints in our lottery will not be all that good, as our inventory is minimal compared to the demand.

To clarify – this is not a lottery post and these prints are not yet for sale – it just seemed appropriate at this point to let folks know about our plan with these. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.



8 thoughts on “Furthur Greek LA Poster Availability

  1. John Stephens

    Will their be any other editions like an artist edition released later or is the lottery going to be the only way to get this print at all in any edition? Thanks

    1. Spusta Gnome Post author

      John, thanks for the question. To clarify, there is an edition of 280 for each night and an triptych uncut edition of 120 on metallic paper. There is not a Artist Edition. There will be some of the singles and uncuts available in the lottery.

  2. george

    so dreaming of having this one!! really wish there had been an ae fingers are soo crossed!!! need more dead Spusta!

  3. Kathy Jacques

    Gorgeous artwork, the detail is amazing! Hope I am a lucky lottery winner when you announce….. keep up the great artistic work!


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